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And In The End

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Four Voices: Autumn, 3018, by just_ann_now


There are a few more strands of silver in his dark hair, and he seems to walk stiffly, favoring that leg where he took the Southron blade. His face is more careworn, but when he smiles at me, I can feel my heart stop, just as on that first day.


His hair flows like golden silk, like honey; and he still moves with that catlike grace, unexpected in such a powerful man. He has changed not a bit: his smile lights up his face, and when I look into his eyes I am lost, just as on that first day.


They are so beautiful together: bright sun, dark moon. I cannot remember a time when I did not know of what they shared, though when I was young it seemed strange, unfathomable. Now I am a woman, understanding much more; and though I wish them joy, I envy them, too.

Like bright sun, dark moon

Their beauty dazzles, and yet

Their love mystifies.


I have always worshipped them, for they seem everything a man should be: courageous, loyal, steadfast in their devotion to their land and each other. In dreams, I follow them, until I hear an unfamiliar voice calling my name. They look back towards me, smiling, then disappear together into mist.