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On March 9th, 1993 at 10:42 am, Min Yoonji was born. A happy baby girl in the arms of her two parents. She was the sweetest, cutest baby they could’ve asked for. She had the biggest heart, the most heart-warming gummy smile and the cutest habit of scrunching her nose when she liked something. She had her parents wrapped around her finger from the moment she had come into the world, raised as daddy’s princess and mommy’s miracle.


Despite never being particularly wealthy, Yoonji was always showered with love and affection. She was the centre of their world and was well aware of that fact, prided herself in it, even. She loved the way her parents would brag about her to their friends. They’d say how smart she was, how beautiful, how funny, how talented she was on the piano.


It wasn’t until she hit thirteen that Yoonji started feeling weird, until she started feeling things change in her. Her mother had told her she was entering puberty, but Yoonji told her that it wasn’t right. It wasn’t how things were supposed to feel. Instead of developing breasts, Yoonji’s shoulders began to broaden. Her mother had told her that it was okay, that some girls had broader shoulders than others, and the rest of her body would grow into it in time.


It wasn’t until her voice started cracking that both her father and mother became concerned. Their daughter was now needing to wear boy’s shirts to fit her upper body frame, and her voice was gradually but noticeably deepening. For the first time in her life, Yoonji’s parents weren’t looking at her like she was their princess, and that was when her world really started changing.


By the age of fourteen, Yoonji had been taken to the doctor about twelve times, and they’d all referred her to someone else, as if passing around a hot potato. She wasn’t receiving any insight on what was happening whatsoever, and was starting to become more and more distraught the deeper her voice got.


Finally, one day she showed up at the office of the endocrinologist she was recommended to and finally got the answer she and her family was looking for.


Well, I see what the problem is here. According to the blood tests, your chromosomes match that of a male. The deepening of your voice and the broadening of your shoulders is a result of testosterone, since, genetically you are a male. ” the doctor explained, and Yoonji looked confusedly at her parents. Her mother, whose mouth was covered in shock, as if she’d just heard her daughter was dying, and her father, who almost looked… disgusted?


But I- I have a-


Yes, I know… you see, Yoonji, there’s this rare phenomenon known as intersexuality. It’s when, an individual like you, is born with body parts that don’t necessarily fit within the guidelines of either sex, or match up with their chromosomes. ” he’d explained, looking into the eyes of a teary-eyed Yoonji. “ Sometimes their body parts may look completely normal outwardly, but on the inside, things aren’t fully developed. Sometimes, they are born with both male and female reproductive parts, and some people are born with any variation between. There’s no two intersex people whose bodies look the same.


So what does this mean? ” Yoonji’s mother had asked, voice breaking as the doctor looked up from the flushed face of their teen daughter. “She- she’s a he?”


Outwardly, the more she develops through puberty, the more she will resemble that of a stereotypical male, but her genitals will always be that of a female. It’s up to her to decide how she wants to identify, though, and if need be, she can do hormone replacements to make appearance feminine. ” the doctor explained, looking down at Yoonji’s sniffling frame. “ It’s okay, Yoonji, there’s nothing wrong with you.


Will she ever be able to have kids? ” her mother asked again, voice trembling now and her father gently holding the woman’s shoulders for support. Yoonji looked away, unable to keep seeing the disappointment in their eyes.


Unfortunately, in some cases of intersexuality, the process of completely forming one or the other sexual organs is disrupted and therefore leaves any options of childbirth impossible. According to the scans we took of Yoonji, she lacks a uterus or ovaries. Therefore, she is one of the cases where conception is not an option. ” the doctor brought up the ex-rays, putting them over the backlight for her parents to see. Yoonji could hear her mother sob quietly, biting into her lower lip as she closed her eyes in shame.


The ride home after that had been silent, leaving the girl to dwell within her own thoughts. The feeling of abandonment, knowing her parents didn’t see her as their little girl anymore, the feeling of isolation of knowing nobody else around her was going through this. Her parents didn’t look at her as much anymore, as if they were ignoring the mistake they’d made- the mistake of having her. Yoonji just felt as if it was her fault. She must’ve done something to cause this. Somewhere along the line.


By the age of fifteen, Yoonji was too far into puberty to even be perceived as a female by anybody who hadn’t known her previously, so she began to go by the name of Yoongi . Her pronouns were thus changed to he and him. It was an easy transitioning period, considering how his parents could hardly hear that deep, husky voice of his and keep a straight face while calling him their daughter .


Yoongi’s sense of self-loathing stemmed not from his condition but more from the way he was treated because of it. He didn’t care if he was a boy with a vagina- he technically always had been. It was whatever, but he hated that his parents became distant and cold. He hated that he felt like an outcast in his own family. He hated that they looked at him as if he killed the daughter that he once was.


There was always a sense of confusion surrounding his condition. He didn’t understand why, if he was a male, he wasn’t able to grow facial hair. Why he never grew pubic or leg hair. Why his skin stayed soft like a woman’s, yet his jawline was strong like his male peers. It didn’t make sense- it seemed absolutely useless to him- to be a guy with a pussy that didn’t even do anything. He couldn’t have kids so why the hell did he have to have it?


It wasn’t long after that that he’d been kicked out of the family home for pursuing a music career, and he found it easy to say goodbye to the parents that now felt like strangers. He hadn’t felt like he belonged in that family in a long time, since the last time he’d worn a pink ruffly skirt, and therefore the departure was more of a relief than anything.


Fast forward a year or two, and now Yoongi was on his way to doing what his parents had deemed impossible. He was a trainee at a small company called BigHit, on his way to debut with a group known as Bangtan Sonyeondan, and while he had originally hoped to be a solo artist, it was sort of a relief that he was surrounded by people who didn’t know of his condition. For once in his life, he was treated with respect.


He was a hyung now to five out of the other six members, the second eldest of the group, and he was accepted as one of them because to them , he was one of them. Maybe it was stupid that Yoongi hadn’t been upfront about it, because it was clear that the bond they’d all formed was strong enough to withstand something like it, but he just couldn’t help but keep it to himself.


They didn’t need to know what was in his pants. They respected him, they looked up to him, and that felt good. For once in his life, Yoongi felt like he belonged .


It did end up raising suspicions for a while when he’d refuse to shower with the other members, who were often forced due to their lack of money, and needing to conserve as much hot water as possible. He’d wait until they were all finished, showering alone, even if it meant sitting under the jet of ice cold water, teeth chattering and body begging him to get out. It had to be done, and he’d brushed it off as saying he was body conscious and didn’t want the others seeing his cock.


They’d believed him, thankfully.


Now was different, though. They were in a seven million dollar apartment, plenty of room, privacy and hot water to go around. Yoongi no longer had a problem with getting a nice hot shower, taking his time to let the gentle pulsation of the shower head massage his muscles after a long day of practicing.


Which was exactly what he was doing right now; he probably would have fallen asleep right there, all warm and droopy eyed and so, so relaxed. The only thing that kept him from doing so was knowing that if he did, he’d lose his balance, fall over and someone would rush in to help him. Or maybe not- since whenever he calls someone’s name nobody ever hears him- they claim it’s “such a big dorm, we didn’t hear you-” but really he knows they’re just very selective with what they hear.


He forced his eyes open again, yawning slightly and deciding to actually shower now, so that he could go lay down and let sleep overtake him. He grabbed a loofah and his body gel, pouring some on and lathering it before beginning to scrub himself clean of all the dried sweat. He specifically remembered his back being very sweaty during practice and he sincerely hoped that the water was doing its job of rinsing it away, because he didn’t have the energy to even try to reach back and clean it.


After what felt like minutes of going over the same body parts until his skin was pink, Yoongi reached up, detaching the shower head and beginning to move it over his body, watching the white foam of the bubbles run down his legs, down to the floor and disappearing down the drain. He sprayed his feet, back up his calves, his thighs and—


“Oh-” he cursed, cringing in pain as the very hot water reached between his legs to the sensitive skin there. “Fuck, fuck that hurt.” he cursed, turning around to turn the water down, wondering if maybe he shouldn’t take showers that feel like his skin was burning off. After feeling it cool down a bit, he finished rinsing himself until he was completely clear of all suds, about to hang the shower head back up before he paused.


He parted his legs slightly, looking down between them and back at the shower head as curiosity sparked through him. Yoongi, although completely comfortable with his body, was never very much of a masturbator. On occasion he had reached down and touched himself, sometimes because of being horny, sometimes just wanting to familiarise himself with it. It was a weird relationship he had with his vagina.


He didn’t mind it, he didn’t avoid it, but he didn’t actively pay attention to it. His whole life he could probably count the number of orgasms he’d managed to give himself on one hand, which, now that he thought about it, was kind of sad. He was a 25 year old virgin who had the wrong body parts and didn’t even know how to use them, was lucky if he could figure it out.


Yoongi’s brows furrowed. “Fuck it.” he muttered, bringing the shower head down his pale torso, further and further until- “Oh.” his eyes widened, lips parting in shock. That certainly wasn’t a sensation he’d ever been able to give himself. He brought it closer, feeling the powerful jet hitting straight against his little pink bud. “Oh, fuck. That’s-”


He swallowed heavily, lifting one of his feet to rest on the edge of the shower so that he had more room, his free hand traveling down to gently spread his folds. The tip of his index finger pressed against his hole, a soft hitch in his breath as the two sensations took over him at once. He could feel his cheeks turning pink from the new situation, sort of embarrassed that he was using a showerhead to get off, sort of because he was nervous to be doing something so new and weird .


Bringing the nozzle closer, he pressed it almost flush against his clit as he dipped a finger in, a choked moan rising out of his throat at the wave of pleasure it unleashed over him. “Oh my god, fuck, why haven’t I tried this sooner.” he whispered to himself, pressing his finger in deeper and curling it ever so slightly, his eyes slipping shut and his head falling back.


He’d never felt anything like this- never knew he could- but god did he regret ever ignoring his body before. If only he’d known how good his pussy could feel, he would’ve bought a toy or something way before now. In hindsight, he probably should’ve looked up how females masturbated, or followed along to what the girls in the pornos always did, but he just felt silly every time he’d watch it and saw no bulge in his pants that should’ve been there. He probably subconsciously felt like he didn’t deserve to masturbate.


A soft moan passed his lips as he pushed in a second finger, hips grinding forward against the showerhead as his fingers worked in and out, slow but steady. He could feel his breath beginning to pick up, pushing his fingers in deeper, the best he could at this angle, pressing the nozzle as close as he could. His stomach began to flutter as he simply ground back and forth, fucking back onto his fingers and then pressing forwards to let the warm water run right over his clit.


It brought him closer a lot faster than he’d ever been able to manage with just his fingers. Usually, it’d take ten- even twenty minutes of hurried fingering before he could feel any sort of release, and most of the time, the end result was a mediocre orgasm that lasted about five seconds. But now, with the coil that was forming in his lower belly, he could tell it was going to be a big one, a choked up moan passing his lips as he pressed his forehead against the shower wall. The stream against his clit was so strong it almost made him want to pull it away, but he was too close, almost there—


“Hyung! We’re going out for lunch!” Namjoon’s voice spoke as the door opened and a rush of cold air invaded his shower. Yoongi’s eyes flew open, foot slipping from its place on the ledge and down he went, luckily able to block his fall with his hands, but his knees hit the floor with a loud thud and a groan of pain. “Oh god!” the curtain was pulled back and Namjoon quickly leaned down to help Yoongi sit upright, “Hyung! Are you okay? I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to scare you! Hyung- why… why are you looking at me like that? What’s wrong?” The younger’s eyes were full of worry, brow furrowed with confusion at the horrified look on Yoongi’s face. “What– oh.”


His eyes followed Yoongi’s, which were settled between his legs, on the pink, flushed skin of his naked pussy, dripping with water. His breath hitched and he immediately let go of Yoongi’s arms, retreating with a look of pure shock on his face. He didn’t look disgusted or anything, but still- Yoongi wasn’t thrilled whatsoever.


“Hyung- I’m sorry.” he whispered immediately, seeing Yoongi still staring at his crotch, his expression in such disbelief and frozen like that. “I’m so, so sorry. Hyung?”


Yoongi’s mouth moved, sort of gaping like a fish before it closed again, swallowing heavily. Namjoon waited a few moments, attempting to see if Yoongi would say anything, but it was clear that he wasn’t going to.


“Hyung?” he asked, his voice pitching up in sympathy. Yoongi obviously was in shock, and he felt terrible because he knew this was humiliating. It was obvious by the look on his face that he was mortified and Namjoon wished he knew what to say to comfort him. “Hyung, please say something… I’m sorry. I just wanted- I thought you hurt yourself and I was trying to help.”


“I know that, Joon.” Yoongi said softly, his knees coming up to his chest and his arms wrapping around them. “I know you just wanted to make sure I was okay. I’m okay.” his voice was forced, groggy sounding, and Namjoon could tell he was fighting back tears. His heart sank as he watched Yoongi put his head down, resting it against his knees. “Thank you.”


“Hyung, please don’t- oh,” he sighed as he watched Yoongi’s body begin to tremble with a sob, reaching up to turn the water off before he grabbed a towel, putting it over Yoongi’s frame. “Come on, let’s get you dried and dressed hyung. Please.” he whispered, his voice soft. “I know it’s embarrassing but-”


“No you don’t!” Yoongi’s head raised up, eyes pink with tears. “You don’t know anything Namjoon! I’m not embarrassed that I have a vagina, I’m embarrassed because of how people react to people like me! As if it’s some deformity, as if I should be embarrassed.” he looked up at Namjoon whose mouth was agape, “Thanks, anyway. For that.” He stood up and wrapped the towel around himself, shoving past him and grabbing his clothes off the sink.


“Hyung- I didn’t mean- I didn’t mean that! I promise! You just- I meant- please, please don’t look at me like that. I don’t think any different of you, Yoongi-hyung.” Namjoon grabbed the elder’s shoulders, his heart hurting at the way the elder looked at him. It was different, it was as if there was hatred in his eyes.


Yoongi sniffed and pulled away. “Don’t give me that bullshit, of course you think of me differently.” he spat bitterly, “Don’t patronise me.”


“I don’t, hyung. I don’t…. I never cared what’s in your pants. I just- that’s none of my business, you know? This was just an accident, I didn’t mean to make you feel attacked or- or anything.” Namjoon put his hands together like he was praying. “I swear, I don’t care if you have a vagina or not. You’re Yoongi, you’re my best friend.”


Still pink from embarrassment and anger, Yoongi turned his head away and stared at the wall for a moment before he ducked his head. “I’m not going to lunch. You guys can leave.”


“Yoongi, I can't leave you like this..”


“Yes you can. ” he said sharply, grabbing the door handle and heading back out into his room. “Just leave me be. I’ll eat ramen or something.”


Namjoon watched as Yoongi threw his pyjamas on the bed, holding the towel up to cover himself as he pulled on his underwear before he let it drop and continued getting dressed as normal.


Namjoon just felt awful. It all made sense now. Why Yoongi never showered with any of them, why he never got embarrassing boners when they’d all watch a movie with a dirty scene in it. They’d never caught him jerking off like they did with each of the maknaes. It all just came together, and Namjoon wondered how Yoongi had managed to keep it in for so long.


“Hyung, please…” he watched Yoongi pull on a t-shirt, putting the towel on the back of the door and heading towards the bed. “Please don’t ignore me now. I’m- I just-”


“Namjoon-ah! Are you and Yoongi going or what?” Seokjin yelled up the stairs and he sighed, watching Yoongi climb under the covers and pull them up over his head, ignoring the call from their eldest member.


“No hyung! I think we’re going to stay here.” He responded, glancing at the bed before leaning out of the doorway. “Just bring leftovers back and I’ll have that!”


Seokjin responded with an alright and then the sound of the five other members barrelling out the door filled the apartment before the door shut. Namjoon sighed, looking back towards the bed at Yoongi’s covered frame. He didn’t know what to say, but he knew he had to say something. Anything.


Walking towards the bed, he lifted up the edge of the covers and wriggled his way under it, looking at Yoongi with soft eyes. The elder was curled into a ball, staring straight at him and even with the very, very small bit of light that showed through the comforter, he could see was pink-cheeked.


“You’ve got a hell of a nerve to interrupt my nap.” Yoongi said, voice quiet and gentle, lacking any resentment that had been there minutes before, and Namjoon smiled softly. He breathed out quietly in relief that Yoongi didn’t seem to be pushing him away again.


“You weren’t asleep yet.”


Yoongi rolled his eyes and pulled his legs closer to his chest. “Whatever.”


“Hyung..” Namjoon began quietly, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry for walking in on your shower… I’m sorry for maybe using the wrong words when I tried to make things better… I’m sorry I made you uncomfortable. You know I’d never ever think any less of you… hey, you even know that I’m supportive of the LGBT community, and the fact that you’re trans doesn’t make me-”


“Woah, woah, Joon, I’m not transgender.” Yoongi said, reaching a hand out to cover the other’s mouth. He laughed softly, almost in disbelief, “I was born like this.”


“No, yeah, I get that.” Namjoon nodded. “I get that you were born this way and there’s nothing wrong with that. That’s why-”


“No, Namjoon, I was born like this. Like, I’ve had a vagina since I was born and I’ve been a guy… since I was born. I was never a girl. Biologically speaking.” Yoongi sighed, lifting the covers off of them and giving them both some much needed fresh air, since both of them under the sheets had made it hot and stuffy. “I’m intersex.”


Namjoon’s brows furrowed. “Huh?”


“Intersex- it’s like- sort of being both sexes? Some people are born with both body parts… like a vagina and a dick. Some people are born with a vagina and a slightly engorged clit so it could be their penis, some people like… can’t even tell what it is- it’s like… all different ways that they could have their bodies being. When I was little it seemed like I was a girl because I had a vagina and so, that’s what I was raised as, but I’ve always had male chromosomes. They presented at puberty and that’s when… when everything changed. I got a deep voice and broad shoulders and started getting uncontrollably horny all the time, just no dick to- yeah, but… I’m just… a guy who got the wrong body parts. I never transitioned or anything because I’ve never felt dysphoric about it.” he shrugged, feeling Namjoon sit up next to him.


“I can’t believe I’ve never heard of it before. I’ve watched so many documentaries on the LGBT movement and I’ve never heard of intersex.” he said softly, looking at Yoongi who, despite being pink cheeked, almost looked like a weight was taken off of him. Calmer now that he’d finally told him.


“Yeah, we’re forgotten about a lot.” He chuckled slightly and laid back down, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath. “I still don’t understand it sometimes, but I mean- I don’t mind it. I just… get sensitive about it sometimes because it just reminds me of the way my parents reacted when they found out I wasn’t actually a girl. That’s all. I don’t hate myself or anything. I just don’t like being looked at like I’m invalid as a human being.”


“You’re not invalid, hyung. Not even in the slightest… that’s horrible that they’d make you feel that way.” He said softly and Yoongi nodded, whispering a small thanks .


Namjoon laid back down next to him, both of them staring up at the ceiling. Neither of them spoke for a moment, allowing themselves to take in the situation before Namjoon spoke up.


“I have- can I ask a question about it?”




“I- like, the reason I ask is because… I saw your vagina obviously, but like- it didn’t… it didn’t look any different than a normal vagina. That’s why I thought that you might be trans, cause- it doesn’t- god, I don’t know how to say it without saying the word.”


“Just say it, Joon, it’s fine.” Yoongi chuckled and shook his head. “It’s whatever. I’m fine.”


“Like, it didn’t look weird. It didn’t look like a mixture of two different sex organs. It looked like- just like- a normal vagina. That sounds so mean. I’m sorry.”


Yoongi grinned and shook his head. “I know you don’t mean it like that, it’s okay. In my case, I got a vagina and no penis… the thing that makes me intersex is that I don’t have any of the internal female sex organs. I don’t have any eggs or anything. I have a vaginal canal and that’s it. That, and I’ve got more testosterone than estrogen, which is why I look and sound the way I do. I’m literally just a guy with a vagina. That’s the simplest way to put it.”


Namjoon nodded and swallowed, relieved that Yoongi hadn’t gotten upset with him for the accidental use of the word weird, because he certainly didn’t think he looked weird.


“Can I ask another question?”


Yoongi sighed, but Namjoon could tell it was only playfully by the way he rolled over and looked at Namjoon with a slight smile. “Go on.”


“So like,” he started. “Have you ever seen a dick before then?”


“Of course I have.” he rolled his eyes. “I’ve watched porn, it’s not like I’m sexually inept.”


“I know but like- this might be too personal but I’m just so curious… have you had sex then? Like have you ever had a dick in your hand or inside of your vagina, then?”


Yoongi raised a brow. “No, I haven’t. I’ve never actually touched a dick before- and before you ask, no I’ve never touched another vagina before either.”


Namjoon’s mouth gaped slightly. “So you’re like, a virgin?”


“Yes, that’s exactly what I am.”


“Oh my god! I’m sorry, hyung, I just- wow! I always thought you had the most experience out of all of us with how you’re always talking about like- you know? Talking about your tongue in songs and everything…” the younger babbled slightly and Yoongi couldn’t help but laugh, shaking his head at his enthusiasm.


He shrugged, “I know, I guess that’s my way of overcompensating for my lack of experience. Fake it til you make it, you know?” he chuckled and Namjoon blushed slightly. “No, by in all seriousness, I’m probably just all bark and no bite. I don’t even know how to work this thing.” he motioned to his pants.


“Huh?” Namjoon sat up slightly. “You haven’t figured out how to masturbate?”


“I mean, like- I know how to I’m not stupid … it’s just… I don’t do it often enough to be good at it I guess. I’ve only ever masturbated successfully about… twice, maybe three times?” he looked up Namjoon. “Actually, if I’m being honest, I was about to - you know, when you came in.”


“Oh.” Namjoon’s cheeks flushed again. “That- that’s why the showerhead was dangling.”


“Yeah.” Yoongi nodded, his cheeks flushing as well. “It was the first time I’ve ever felt anything like- exciting down there so I just went with it.” he shrugged, scratching his neck shyly.


Namjoon huffed slightly, looking hesitant for a moment before- “I have- I have a um… a toy. That might- you might find helpful.” he said, cheeks turning an even darker shade of rose. “Like, don’t worry I’ve cleaned it and all, it’s just a little vibrator. But maybe it would help you like- you know.”


Yoongi wanted to say that it was weird and to just laugh awkwardly but, in all honesty, the idea did seem exciting. For him to finally have a good orgasm? To finally know the potential that was untapped inside of him. “Y-yeah, I could- that’d be cool. If you don’t mind.”


Namjoon looked surprised, as if he didn’t think Yoongi would be okay with it. “Oh! Um- I’ll go get it- like, now.”


He climbed off the bed, leaving Yoongi there with a fully flushed face, biting gently at his thumb in nervousness. He wondered if it was going to be weird between him and Namjoon now, that he was borrowing his best friends sex toy and- why did Namjoon have a vibrator? Could vibrators even be used on a penis?


“I wouldn’t know.” he muttered bitterly.


“Huh?” Namjoon asked, having returned with the small purple wand and Yoongi snapped out of his daze, looking at the object before reaching out and taking it in his grasp. “The switch is- yeah, right on the end there. It used to have a remote to control the intensity of the vibrations but I lost it so- it’s on medium permanently. Just.. okay, yeah, good luck.” he bowed and went to turn out.


“Hold on, hold on! Before you go I just- you’re sure you’re okay if I use this? Isn’t that going to be weird for me to give it back after it’s been covered in…” Yoongi cut himself off.


“Actually I just… figured I’d let you keep it.” Namjoon said softly, scratching the back of his neck. “I only used it like- twice and it- wasn’t all that great for me.”


“Right, about that- how does a guy use a vibrator? Like in your ass? Does that even feel good?” Yoongi asked and Namjoon laughed quietly, shaking his head.


“No- well, I mean I’m sure you could- but I used mine just like… pressed against the head of my dick. It didn’t do anything really for me though. It is a woman’s sex toy so I guess I can’t complain.”


He watched Yoongi flip the switch on and the soft sound of buzzing fill the room, the elder’s lips parting. He figured that was his cue to head out, to give Yoongi some privacy, but the elder just lifted the covers and his hand holding the vibrator disappeared under it.


Namjoon swallowed heavily as he watched Yoongi’s brows furrow, rustling around under the sheets for a moment before he assumed he’d removed his underwear. “O-oh,” Yoongi tensed up, lips forming an ‘o’ shape at the sudden sensation, the round tip of the vibrator pressed firmly against his nub. “Oh, this is pretty good.”


Yoongi’s eyes fluttered shut, biting his lip slightly as he dragged the toy down his slit and back up again, coating it with his slick before circling it around his clit again. The vibrations sent throughout his core only made for another soft whimper to pass his lips, making Namjoon twitch slightly in his boxers, the sound so sweet and pretty.


The younger couldn’t believe he was doing it right in front of him, couldn’t believe how turned on he was getting just from watching Yoongi’s hand move around under the covers, the pretty, blissed out look on his face. His own hand moved to push against his crotch, attempting to will his half-hard away.


“Fuck.” Yoongi gasped, arching his back slightly and Namjoon swallowed heavily, watching his mouth drop open with a silent moan.


“Wh-what?” he asked shakily, watching Yoongi’s throat bob and a soft gasp leave those pretty pink lips.


“Just pushed it inside- oh god, Joon.” Yoongi whined, “fuck, it’s so good. It’s s-so much deeper than my fingers have ever reached.” He licked his lips, gripping the end tightly between his fingers and beginning to work the toy in and out, clenching around it tightly so that he could feel every obscene drag. “Fuck, fuck .”


Namjoon pressed the heel of his palm against his cock, at a loss for words. It didn’t even matter that he couldn’t see where the toy disappeared inside of Yoongi, just the muffled sound of the vibrations under the covers and the look on Yoongi’s face was enough to get him overwhelmed. He knew he should’ve walked out, shouldn’t have been standing there letting his cock chub up at the sight but—


“Can- Hyung, can I see?” he spoke before he could stop himself and Yoongi- fuck- he just nodded and pulled the comforter off of himself, revealing his underwear hooked around his ankles, pretty pale legs spread wide with most of the toy buried inside his glistening pink folds. Namjoon probably could’ve come right there if he hadn’t pinched the head of his cock through his sweats to the point of it hurting, noticing now that his pussy was hairless and the prettiest shade of pink. “Fuck- it’s- wow. It’s so pretty, hyung.”


Yoongi’s hand sped up at the praise, pumping the toy faster in and out of his pussy, “It’s- it feels so good Joon-ah, fuck.” The toy glistened with his slick, making soft but lewd squelching noises. Namjoon’s mouth watered, feeling dazed, like he was tripping on acid or something and was hallucinating that he was in some kind of fucking porno.


He inched his way closer to the bed, knees finally hitting the mattress and instinctively, he raised them to get onto it. Yoongi didn’t seem to question it, too enthralled by the toy fucking into his tight little cunt, the pink bud of his clit so swollen and peeking out of its hood. Namjoon realised then, that no matter how weird the situation was, he wanted his mouth on that pussy in front of him.


He pulled Yoongi’s underwear from around his ankles, tossing them to the floor and putting his legs over his shoulders. “Can I give you head, hyung? Can I eat you out?” he whispered, watching Yoongi tremble at the words, hand reluctantly slowing down so that he could keep his impending orgasm at bay, and let Namjoon take over.


“Mmhm, b-be gentle.” he whispered, shuddering as he felt the younger’s soft hair tickle the insides of his thighs, warm breath ghosting over the slick warm folds. An animalistic growl emerged from the back of Namjoon’s throat and Yoongi’s body didn’t hesitate to react, clit throbbing and making him squirm.


“You smell so fucking good.” Namjoon growled, the musky smell of Yoongi’s arousal pungent in the air, smothering him in the best way. He couldn’t imagine how good the slick must’ve tasted, brushing Yoongi’s trembling fingertips away so he could grip the end of the toy, switching it off and slowly, carefully easing it out of him. It left Yoongi’s body with a wet pop and the elder blushed furiously, turning his head to the side to bury in his pillow. “Sit up.”


Yoongi complied, about ready to do anything Namjoon would tell him to do as long as it meant they’d continue like this.


“Open your mouth,” he directed, and Yoongi did just that, parting his little lips just enough to give Namjoon a peek at his little pink tongue, his cock twitching with need . How he’d never seen how hot Yoongi was before- he had no idea. “You’re gonna suck your come off this toy, baby. You don’t take it out til it’s clean.”


Yoongi whined quietly, but nodded anyway, tongue poking out eagerly and Namjoon tried to keep from coming in his fucking pants right there as he eased the purple toy between the elder’s lips.


“Now I’m gonna eat your pretty little cunt, yeah? Be good for me.” he said, watching Yoongi nod quickly, suckling on the toy gently and Namjoon couldn’t help but wish it was his cock, couldn’t help but imagine that hot little mouth stretching around his girth. “Fuck.” he hissed, lowering himself back down onto the bed, breathing in the scent of Yoongi’s pussy, so spread open and dripping.


He just closed his eyes and went for it . His tongue pressed flat and laved from the bottom of the slit up to the swollen bud, the tip of his tongue catching ever-so-slightly on the hood of his clit. He wasn’t sure who moaned first, him or Yoongi, but he knew it felt good with the way his head was suddenly squeezed between two thighs, both of Yoongi’s trembling hands gripping his hair. The amount of slick on his tongue was enough proof of how turned on Yoongi was, and he couldn’t help but moan into his pussy at the sweet, animal taste of it.


Fuck .” he growled, cock jerking against the bed where he laid on his stomach, his hands reaching around to grip Yoongi’s thighs roughly and pull them apart, exposing the beautiful pink flesh to him once more. “You taste good, don’t you baby?”


Yoongi gave a quiet whimper, tugging Namjoon’s hair gently.


“Fuck, you taste so sweet . I could eat your cunt all day.” he grunted, dipping down once more to lick a flat stripe over the exposed flesh, Yoongi’s thighs jerking in his grip, trying to instinctively close. “Yeah, s’it feel good?”


“Joon-ah.” Yoongi moaned around the toy in his mouth, making him glance up. His soft cheeks were the most beautiful shade of pink- well, second most beautiful, he thought as he smirked to himself.


“Maybe you should call me something else, baby… maybe oppa ? Wouldn’t that be better? Having oppa eat your little pussy?” he suggested, biting his lip as Yoongi tugged his hair roughly, eyes squeezing shut as he moaned.


“Op- pa .” he whined out, pushing his hips up to chase the younger’s mouth. “Please- please keep going.”


Namjoon smirked at how whiny Yoongi was becoming, licking the excess slick off of his lips. “Since you asked so nicely.” he nodded, pushing his head back down between those delicate thighs and gently tracing the tip of his tongue over his slippery little bud, relishing in the way Yoongi’s thighs trembled, soft pants escaping his lips.


He took his time, teasing the elder as he alternated between long, hot drags of his tongue and rough, hurried flicks of his tongue against Yoongi’s clit. The more he did so, it seemed the more of more slick Yoongi gushed out, coating his lips and tongue, his chin coming slick with it every time he pressed his nose against the nub and dipped his tongue into the needy little hole.


Yoongi was a wreck, sounding more and more like a broken record each time he sobbed out oppa, oppa, oppa while trying to push Namjoon’s head closer, like he wanted to suffocate him with his cunt and frankly- Namjoon wouldn’t mind going out like that.


“Give me the toy, baby.” he reached up, pulling it from between his lips and sighing in contentment at the pretty line of spit that connected from Yoongi’s swollen lips to the end. “God, you’re fucking sinful. You’re gonna be the death of me.”


Yoongi’s eyes fluttered slightly as Namjoon pressed the blunt head of the toy against his hole, clenching around nothing. “Please, please, please.” Yoongi whined breathily, rocking his hips down in an attempt, so, so wet that it could easily have slipped in all the way if Namjoon would just let it . “Please oppa, please, need it- need my cunt filled.”


A soft moan escaped the younger’s lips as he rolled his hips down against the bed, wishing it was his cock he was about to push into him. He imagined pressing his swollen head between the folds, feeling the velvet walls stretch around his thick cock, imagined Yoongi whining and sobbing at how full of cock he was. But it was too soon- this, what they were doing, was too soon .


Oppa , please. Fuck me.” he whimpered, breaking Namjoon out of his thoughts. “Put the toy away and fuck me, I know you want to. I don’t care- just- I need to be filled. Please, m’so wet for you already.”


And he really didn’t need much further convincing after that. He tossed the toy to the side, scooting higher up on the bed and shoving his pants down just enough to get his cock out before Yoongi’s slender fingers wrapped around it, a soft gasp escaping his parted lips.


“Feels weird?” Namjoon chuckled slightly, glad for the little break in their roleplay because truthfully, if they had continued at the pace they were at, he would’ve come the second his cock was even halfway inside of Yoongi.


Yoongi nodded, giving slow, experimental strokes. “Yeah. It’s- you’re really hard.” he said, looking up at Namjoon with glazed eyes. “I’m trying to imagine myself with one of these and it’s just- it seems so weird even though it’s the normal.” he laughed softly, making Joon hiss softly as he brushed his thumb over the little slit on the head, coating it with sticky precome. “Wow..” he carefully removed his hand from his cock, reaching it down and carefully spreading open his pussy. “Alright, m’ready when you are.”


Namjoon’s breath felt like it couldn’t go deep enough into his lungs, lightheaded almost as he took himself into his own hand, guiding himself towards Yoongi’s pussy. He grit his teeth as he carefully brushed the head up and down the seam of it, preparing the both of them before his head caught on Yoongi’s slippery rim. His eyes shut right then, having to keep himself calm, to restrain from pushing all the way in in one go and splitting Yoongi open.


“It’s okay, oppa.” Yoongi whispered, reaching down and carefully gripping Namjoon’s cock, bringing it closer and closer until it finally breached his hole, the head slipping in. Both of their breaths hitched, Namjoon’s eyes flying open to meet Yoongi’s which were widened just as much as his. He didn’t seem to be in pain, simply just shocked at the foreign feeling. “Keep going, slowly.”


Namjoon nodded shakily, any confidence he’d had before getting wiped completely clean as he pressed in deeper, Yoongi’s walls clenching around him. It was so warm and wet, Namjoon’s hands had to move to grip the elder’s pale hips just to ground himself, to stay calm or else he knew he’d just bend him in half and start fucking him like a fucking animal.


“Doesn’t hurt?” he asked, brushing his thumbs over what pretty skin he could reach, and Yoongi shook his head, hands moving up to grip Namjoon’s shoulders.


“It’s… weird. I’ve never felt so- like- full before.” he said softly, “So big, oppa.” he smiled teasingly and watched as Namjoon flushed, leaning down to hide his face in Yoongi’s neck. “Oh, don’t get shy on me. What happened to the Joon that was growling into my pussy?” he smirked teasingly.


“Baby.” Namjoon half whined-half laughed into his neck, biting down playfully and feeling as Yoongi stiffened, a soft, submissive whimper parting his lips. “Don’t say something you’ll regret.”


“Like what?” Yoongi asked curiously, a teasing edge to his voice that made Namjoon’s grip on his hips tighten. “Something like.. I bet you couldn’t fuck me hard enough to make me cry?” he suggested, feeling the younger’s teeth sink in deeper into the skin, so close to breaking the surface. Yoongi’s jaw clenched and he leaned his head back, a pleased sigh escaping his lips. “I bet you couldn’t.”


“We’ll see about that,” he snapped, and before Yoongi even had a chance to make a smart comment in retaliation, Namjoon’s hips slammed against his, bottoming out and making him scream out in pleasure.


“Fuck!” he felt like he was being stuffed too full too fast, but it sent a jolt of pleasure up each notch of his spine, making his head feel dizzy and his eyes roll back. “Oh god, Joonie, you-fuck, you’re so big-”


“That’s not my name, baby.” the younger pulled back before slamming back in and watching Yoongi’s mouth drop open again. “Do you want to be fucked or not? Address me properly.”


“Oppa! Fuck!” he gasped, feeling his pussy clench around Namjoon each time his hips pulled back, sucking him back in each time he pulled forward. He was hungry for it, hungry for the feeling of his cunt being stretched, Namjoon’s pelvis smacking against his clit with every thrust.


“God, you’re so fucking tight- so fucking wet for me babygirl.” Namjoon grunted, not even meaning to let the name slip but the way Yoongi’s pussy clenched, he knew it was okay.


“C-call me that again.”


“You like it, huh? Babygirl likes having her pussy stretched around a nice, thick cock?” He breathed out, grabbing Yoongi’s legs and lifting them up over his shoulders so he could press in deeper. Yoongi’s eyes fucking rolled back, a guttural whine emerging from somewhere in his throat as he moved his hands up to hold his legs there, helping to keep himself folded in half like that.


Fuck, yes, b-babygirl is such a slut for oppa’s cock.” he whimpered out, already feeling the tightness of his previous orgasm bubbling back up, wanting both so badly to come and to hold it in, to make this last as long as he could. Namjoon caught onto this quickly, smirking.


“Why doesn’t babygirl rub her swollen little clit for oppa? Look at it, so pretty and wet.” he pried one of Yoongi’s hands off his leg, putting it down against his stomach instead. “Come on baby, be a good girl.”


Yoongi whined quietly, his hand running down his stomach until his fingertips met the slippery little bud, gasping at the sensitivity. It was so swollen, so exposed that the slightest touch had him gasping for breath. He was being good for Namjoon, however, so he whimpered and bit his lip as he began rubbing his fingers over it in gentle, slow circles.


Namjoon was doing everything he could to keep his orgasm at bay, digging his fingernails into Yoongi’s hips- probably drawing blood- but neither of them were paying attention to that. “Oh, that’s it. Fuck, you’re so pretty like that. Such a pretty, tight, wet little cunt. And it’s all mine, isn’t it baby girl?”


“Y-yeah, s’all yours oppa. My pussy is yours to fill up.” Yoongi breathed out, his vision going blurry with each rough impact of Namjoon’s hips against his. “I-I think m’close, oppa, please can I come? Can babygirl come all over your cock?”


Namjoon hissed, his hips snapping against Yoongi’s roughly, the sound resonating through the room. “Fuck, yeah- yeah, get my cock all wet baby girl, let me see you come.” he grunted quietly, the roughness of his voice making Yoongi shiver, the edge approaching quicker and quicker with each thrust.


Yoongi’s eyes fluttered, fingers speeding up over his clit. “O-oppa- ah, oppa, oppa I’m coming, ah-!”


And then he was over the edge, and it hit him like a fucking brick wall, his back arching up off the bed as his pussy spasmed wildly around Namjoon’s cock, a cry of pure ecstasy leaving his lips before he could even stop. He felt like he’d left his body for a moment, the feeling better than all the orgasms he’d ever had put together, bringing tears of fucking bliss to his eyes.


“Shit, shit,” Namjoon cursed, trying to hold back but the feeling of Yoongi’s pussy milking him sent him toppling over the edge. He pressed in all the way to the hilt, balls constricting as he spilled deep inside of him, spurt after spurt of hot come filling Yoongi’s quivering little hole. “Oh god, fuck,” he groaned, finally letting go of Yoongi’s hips and moving up to rest against his waist, head against his shoulder. “Fuck. I didn’t mean to do that but- whatever.”


Yoongi’s chest heaved, eyes still closed as he wheezed out a laugh. “You just fucking came prematurely.”


“Shut up.” Namjoon laughed, nipping roughly at the elder’s skin and making him let out a yelp. “Not my fault when your cunt feels like nirvana and I haven’t gotten laid in approximately five years.”


Yoongi rolled his eyes, swallowing heavily and turning his head to nose at Namjoon’s cheek. “I was a virgin and I still asked for permission.” he crooned into the younger’s ear, hearing him growl quietly.


“Yeah, you just wait. Next time’s gonna be a lot different.” Namjoon muttered, turning to finally look at Yoongi’s face. The soft flush and sheen of sweat on his face, a sated, glassy look in his eyes and his lips bitten raw. Yoongi raised a brow as if to say there’s going to be a next time? and Namjoon just  chuckled. “Next time, you don’t get to come until I’m finished with you. Who knows, maybe I’ll go two-three rounds before you’ll even be allowed to think of coming.”


Yoongi hummed, smiling to himself. “I’ll believe it when I see it, Joon-ah.” he teased as the younger leaned back up, carefully pulling his half-softened cock out and catching the come that dripped out on his fingers, pushing them back into the abused hole. Yoongi hissed slightly, over sensitive and ready to just fucking sleep , but Namjoon just gave him an evil little grin, curling his fingers. “Shit! Oh my god- Joon-!”


“Found it.” he grinned to himself, pulling his fingers out and wiping them on the bed spread. “Bet you’ve never been able to find your g-spot before, huh? I’ll remember that for next time.”


Yoongi sighed and let his legs flop back down onto the bed, shaking his head. “You’re such a little brat, I swear. Go be a good dongsaeng and get a rag to wipe me clean, I’m not going to wake up to dried come on my thighs.” he waved towards the bathroom. “Go. If you ever want to fuck me again.”


Namjoon raised a brow challengingly, an amused grin painting his lips, “You’re really going to use your pussy as blackmail against me now, aren’t you?” he asked as he stood up off the bed.


Yoongi just gave him an innocent little smile.