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Once upon a... 90210

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Welcome to Beverly Hills. A family just moved in. It's the Seashore family. Married couple Triton and Athena have seven daughters. The youngest one, Ariel, is just about to attend the 2nd grade of "West Beverly High".
First day at the new school Ariel is very excited. She quickly befriended with two girls: Mulan Woo, sitting on her left, and Aurora Rosewood, blonde and beautiful cheerleader on her right. She was frightened by one of the professors, prof. Ursula Tentacles, who teaches chemistry. After class, Aurora and Mulan took her to a bar named "Peach pit", where Ariel noticed that one of waitresses is the girl who was in their class.
- Wait a minute, Aurora, isn't that...
- Esmeralda Gypsain? Of course! She's a gypsy. She must work. I think that's the way she pays her scholarship. But she probably starves because I don't know how could she afford some food.
- She's so thin! Why don't you take her to cheerleaders?
- A gypsy? No way.
Then Ariel realized Aurora was not that good and nice. She was full of prejudice. If the girl was beautiful and nice, is it important she's a gypsy? And way to go for her because she's working to pay for school. That's good investing in her career. Ariel didn't like Aurora that much anymore. Tomorrow morning, while she was heading towards the classroom, she heard from the loudspeakers:

"'Morning, WBH people! Gossip girl here! We have some newbies in school, and all from the Seashore family. But the most interesting is the youngest one - Ariel. One of my sources says she's been spotted last night with Mr Potter in late hours. Well, welcome to Beverly Hills, Ariel! I see you got well with sightseeing. So much for now!
You know you love me!
Gossip girl!"

Ariel was surprised. Who is Gossip girl? And who is Mr Potter? She ran into classroom and sat down to Mulan and Aurora.
- So, little Ariel, you got Potter, ha?, said Aurora.
- Who?
- Harry Potter! Third year. You're not that naive. Gossip girl just told us.
- I heard that, but who's that Gossip girl? And what she said is not true!
- Yeah, that's right, that's why she is "gossip" girl - maybe it's true and maybe it's not, said Mulan.
- Come on, Mulan, enough with the yin and yang stuff. Everything Gossip girl says is true. Everybody knows that.
- Oh, yeah? And maybe it's you, Aurora!
- Me? Gossip girl? Where did you get that?
- Will someone explain? - yelled Ariel.
- Listen, honey, no one knows who Gossip girl is, but she gossips about the students and professors. Some professors were so angry that they searched every inch of school to find her office, but they didn't find anything. Seems like she's operating from outside. She just gets into loudspeakers, said Mulan.
- Horrible!
- Ahhh, here comes Edward Cullen. He's sooo handsome, said Mulan.
- Weirdo! Like the rest of the Cullens, said Aurora.
Ariel was thinking for a long time about Gossip girl, and decided to ignore her. If that's possible.