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Italy Veniziana's Story

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The song mentioned in the story -


     Little Italy was cleaning the floors of Mr. Austria's piano room, the last chore of the day. She was happy to finish it because after this she would be able to use the kitchen to make some sweets. She was going to make some strawberry tarts for the return of Holy Roman Empire from the Thirty Years' War. She hadn't been told the details yet, but she heard from her trip to the market a few days ago that the war was over, and that meant that Holy Roman Empire would be returning to her. He promised his return, and she promised him lots of sweets.

     Ita had been worried because she hadn't been getting any letters from her love. They would keep in contact by sending each other at least one letter a week by way of carrier bird. Italy even learned a song that she could sing while she saw the bird off with well wishes and poetry. It also described how the little one felt since she couldn't go to his side.

     Not anymore, though! He would be coming home today, and they would get to eat yummy tarts under a shady tree. They'd catch up with each other and talk about how big they have each gotten. Italy did grow some! She looked like a ten year old girl now. With economy growing thanks to Mr. Austria and Mrs. Hungary, little Ita was no longer a chibi nation.

     Just as she finished her sweeping, Mr. Austria walked in with his sheet music. He stopped for a moment and inspected the room before giving an nod of confirmation to Italy. She gave a short happy cheer and ran in the direction of the kitchen with her newest deck brush. A small smile appeared on Austria's face and he set his sheet music on the stand and sat at the grand piano. The song he was practicing was one of HRE's favorites, perfect for the boy's return.

     Italy raced into the kitchen and just about rammed into Hungary had the older nation not swerved in time. The green eyed woman giggled and bent down to the younger's height. "You are very excited today, aren't you sweetie?" The younger nation giggled and nodded enthusiastically.

     "Si, Mrs. Hungary! He's finally coming home! I have to make him lots of sweets so we can go to the shade tree and talk until it's time to sleep~" Italy then quickly walked in to the kitchen and took out the ingredients she needed. Naturally, it took some time and effort in the body of a ten year old, but Feliciana was determined to do this right and make the most beautiful strawberry tarts HRE would ever see.

     A few hours later there was a knock on the door. Hungary and Austria answered the door before Italy, with her basket full of tarts, could get to it. Their shocked faces stopped Italy a few feet away from them. She decided to listen before surprising whoever was at the door. Hungary was the first to recover. "France! What brings you here? Are you going to try to bribe us into selling you Italy again? Because I have a frying pan with your name on-!" Hungary stopped short of her sentence and her face went from angry to worried. "France? What's wrong? Here, you can come in. I'll serve some tea." He must have looked bad if Hungary was inviting him in and Austria was gently guiding him into the dining area.

     Italy quietly followed them all and hid behind an open doorway so she could listen more. After Hungary poured them all some tea Austria spoke up. "So, what is the matter, France? What has you so down?" France looked up from his tea, catching both of their eyes, before glancing back down. It was silent for a few more moments before the flamboyant man let out a deep sigh. Italy's heart went out to the pretty boy nation. He looked so sad, like he was about to cry at any moment. Finally, France looked up and directly in to Austria's eyes.

     "The war is over, but it did not go in his favor. I'm afraid that. . . Holy Roman Empire. . . Is no more."

     Italy's heart stopped beating. HRE is no more? What did that mean? Did he have a different name now? Was he captured? Austria must have been confused as well for he asked France what in the world he meant. France closed his eyes and shook his head.

     "I mean just what I said. The Holy Roman Empire was not just defeated during the war, it was destroyed. And it's personification is. . . he is dead."

     Breaking  the silence that fell once again over the trio was a patter of something dropping. They looked in the direction of the noise and their eyes widened. There was Italy, basket of tarts on the floor, amber eyes wide open, and silent tears falling from her face like a waterfall. Hungary stood up and called for her, but the little nation already bolted away. She ran through the house as fast as her legs would take her and burst through the doors to the outside.

     The young nation's head flooded with memories of her beloved. Running away from him due to her fear, running after him due to her curiosity, him secretly bringing her food as apology for her punishment, her teaching him how to paint, and lastly the kiss they shared before his departure. Italy only stopped running when she reached that very field. Only there did she allow herself to fully break down and grieve for her first love. The kiss she shared with him here was their first, and it seemed that it was also their last.

     Two hours later, Italy woke by being shaken. She weakly opened her eyes and saw her big sister, South Italy, shaking her with a worried expression. The younger Italy sat up, confused as to why she was outside and why her face was sticky, but as her memories came back she began to sob yet again. South Italy held her little sister and didn't even complain about getting wet from the tears, snot, and drool coming from Feliciana. Lovina herself began to cry for her sister's loss.  Austria, Hungary, France, and Spain were all gathered a few feet away. N. Italy's sobs were so purely heart broken and full of despair that there was no dry eye between any of them.

     He promised his return, and she promised him lots of sweets.


     I hope you Lovelies enjoyed this chapter. It was revised from the original I made last year, but I hope the changed I made are an improvement.  Ta ta~