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Delphi wasn't a city neither big nor small in comparison to the other Greek cities, it could be even considered normal if you just looked at its size and population, it's commerce or richness. Like all Greek metropolises, the city had its own character, its own rules and government. The Spartans loved war, Athens loved arts, Olympia sports…Delphi however was the center of religion. The city was governed by an assembly of elders who met every month in the central square and debated the so-called democracy, there was a theatre, there was an army, but in reality, they all abided to the decisions of the temple. The temple of Delphi was famous for its oracle and for being one of the few temples that had a real god living in it.

Although Law didn't believe that much in religion.

In general, Delphi was a good place to live. There was a certain equality between men and women, food was never lacking on tables, and they hadn't gone to war for years. As long as you had money and a little bit of social power, everything was fine. Children were educated at a young age in the arts and sciences, and when they reached their twenties they were all presented in the temple to the god in a ceremony of maturity. Then, in front of the assembly, and after passing some trials, they chose a job that suited them, and they started to work as a full citizen.

Law thought about the options he had ahead of him for the tenth time. You could be selected to be part of the military, or a politician if you liked to discuss about absurd stupidities. Then there were the artisans, potters, crafters, painters, sculptors… if your parents were also in the fields and they had taught you since childhood the difficult and impossible crafts. You could also serve in the temple to the alleged ridiculous God, be a doctor, food provider…or military, and more military.

To be true, it hadn't cost Law a lot to decide what he was going to do when he grew up.

Closing the medical book in his hands, he devoted himself to watch his two brothers train in the backyard of the huge villa they lived, a small extension of land surrounded by olive trees and rough terrain. The sun was high and warm in the sky, the salt of the ocean scented the air, and the slow summer day was starting to get more boring than usual as his brother shouted at each other.

Ace and Luffy had decided they wanted to enter the army. Like all the children in the damn city. Soldiers were what all the children dreamed of being, with their shining armor, proud figures and epic stories. They flighted heroically for the city to protect them all. Like Alexander. Like Aquiles. However, the entrance tests done before the god and the assembly on their coming of age ceremony, were complicated and only a few managed to enter. That's why Ace and Luffy had been training for years in the arts of war: wrestling, fencing, riding ... Sometimes Law joined them, after all, it was good to do a little exercise, and it never hurt to know how to fit a couple of punches or make someone cry.

He was pretty good at it thought. Ace had tried to convince him a few years ago that his vocation was really the fight, the battlefield, that he should join the army with them. Law however had laid out his heavy arguments against it all and Ace had left the room wondering if he also really wanted to end up getting into the army.

"Law," yelled his little brother -a little punk of barely fifteen years old, to skinny to do what he was doing with a sword, and with a smile to big and pure to face a battlefield- when he saw Law closed the book and got up "come train with us"

"Not today, I want to go talk with the old man" he told the panting boy with a serious tired look. He didn't like training, he didn't like the physical exercise, why did they keep insisting?

His other brother, Ace, a copy of Luffy but with longer hair and bigger muscles, took advantage of the minor's distraction and slammed him into the ground in a quick movement. Luffy whined. Ace smirked. Law had no doubt that both would get into the army easily.

Slowly he entered the house and walked through one of the decorated halls of the house. The place was big, one of the biggest houses of the city, the walls were made of stone and decorated with paintings of battles, games and daily activities, the floor was covered in fine mosaics, and wild plants grew over the columns and windows. As Law entered into the inner courtyard he felt his brother Ace following him after probably leaving a sulky humiliated Luffy in the yard.

"Why are you going to see the old man?" Asked the freckled man as he wiped the swear from his forehead. Law watched him from the corner of his eyes. Ace had changed a bit in the last months, gained musculature, matured, left the soft lines of his childhood to enter adulthood. He was turning into a quite an attractive man, Law had already seen a few glances follow him as they walked through the village.

Well, Ace and Luffy weren't really his brothers, the grandfather of the two boys had adopted him when he was barely three years old, and had been starving and injured in the ruins of his old city. The old commander had found him huddled under a ruined house, and without hesitation, he had taken him with him.

Law could never be grateful enough. He knew that if it had not been for him, he would have ended up as a slave or starved to dead in less than a week.

"Today they decided the date of the ceremony" Ace started again with an old nervous look in his eyes as Law kept his silence "Do you think he knows…"

"Yes, he knows, that's why I'm going to see him" Law answered just as tense but doing a much better job than his brother at hiding it. "He should have arrived by now"

Both walked in an uncomfortable and hard silence to the old man's office on the other part of the courtyard. The old commander normally needed a long time to get to the house from the training camps after the day's practice, but neither of them could wait any longer, and the old man knew it. He would arrive earlier just for them.

They both turned twenty that year and both would have to attend the maturity ceremony in a few weeks. The ceremony was held in the Coliseum and it was a general holiday in the city so everyone could celebrate and have fun. All the people congratulated and drank on their honor as they were exposed half naked as another entertainment for the populace while performing the tests.

It was shameful and demeaning thing, but it was something they all had to do. It gave a warm and memorable feeling to the elders, and a nervous and tense one for the participants. It was just a crazy thing.

They entered the old man's room. A small place filled with long low sofas, wooden desk and different art pieces. It was the place where they held meetings with other members of the city, celebrated parties or just worked in peace. A luxurious but comfortable place.

"Are you nervous?" Ace asked as he followed Law inside.

Law just glared eloquently at him sitting on one of the fancy sofas and opening the book of medicine he had carried from the training yard.

"…Yeah. Sorry" the freckled man sighted and ran his hands through his dark black hair.

Law just closed the book annoyed and looked at his brother freaking out. The ceremony was extremely important to them both, their future would be decided there, the assembly would decide what they should do based on the skills they showed in the tests. Normally they tried to choose something that the boy wanted since it used to be very obvious, but many times they committed a mistake and the young man would end up doing something he hated. Those storied didn't usually have a happy ending.

"Ace, for fucks shake, relax, it will all be ok" he grunted, urging the other boy to sit next to him on the sofa. His pacing was slightly getting on his also worried nerves. He was also taking the test, his life was also going to be decided without his opinion.

Ace however just looked at him with a frown.

"That's easy for you to say, you genius" the other growled sitting down next to him despite his protests "It's clear that you will end up as a student of Kureha, but it's hard to get in the army, and despite gramps job…"

Law sighted. Ace had always had such a low self-esteem and confidence. Law just couldn't understand it. He was great, one of the strongest and more capable boys of the city. He would get into the position easily.

So Law just put an arm around his brother shoulders in a patronizing and arrogant way.

"Do you remember that incident in the temple with Luffy's meat where you had to fight the three soldiers?" He commented, making Ace quickly blush at the memory "Or the slavers chasing that girl when were five? What about the ship escape? The bath's pervert?"

Ace glared at him. Their adventures when young had been many. Not all of them honorable or admirable. Most of them needed to be forgotten and left in the past.

"Where are you trying to go?" Ace said in a deadly tone.

"You have always saved our ass. Even against trained soldiers, Ace. Do you think a stupid test would be able to stop you? Even the old man recognizes you"

Ace frowned at him, as if not yet convinced. Law sighed, at punched his brother on the arm.

"Just go kick their asses and make us proud" he said in his last resort. In one of the military mottos.

That made Ace finally smile and punch him back affectionate. Law knew that he didn't usually showed much affection to his family, he was rather cold, but he still worried about them. Ace had been more than tense the last months of training and Law was starting to worry. Just seeing him smile, even for just a minute, it kind of calmed him a bit, the older boy had matured too quickly in the last year, he now didn't smile as often.

This smile didn't last for long thought.

A few steps were finally heard in the hall coming in their direction and Ace jumped in the air as if burned. Law wondered about mocking him, but a look into his brother's face made him reconsider. Standing too, more calmly, more elegantly and controlled, he observed two figures covered in golden armors and carrying weapons enter the room.

Law recognized his grandfather, Monkey D. Garp, an old gray-haired man with deep eyes who stared at him curiously as to what they were doing there, but still he smiled with the warm expression of a man who have adopted a lonely child years ago. Law however had never seen the other man before.

"What are you doing here boys?" said the old man approaching a table where some spiced wine was exposed next to some vases.

"We were wondering if you-…"

"Do you know anything about the date, old man?" Ace said interrupting him, still with his pale face and his serious dark eyes looking terrified.

Garp looked at them with a knowing smile, the glass in his hand still empty from the wine, and looking forgotten in favor of the entertaining scene he had in front of him. The redhead strange man however only stood at the door in a ready position, with his hands behind his back and looking at Law with eyes that made him uneasy.

"Mmm, I think so" the old man said mysteriously, humor coloring his voice.

Both boys tensed at the same time and instantly, the old man had both young boys attention. Garp laughed low making them both frown at their own eager reaction.

"They decided to make it in five days, coinciding with I don't know what moon cycle" he murmured shrugging, finally filling the cup and sitting in one of the sofas and taking a ship of the expensive wine with a pleasured expression.

Ace in front of him just paled even more. Law frowned imperceptibly.

"Isn't it too soon?" Law finally commented since Ace seemed to be left speechless. Normally they gave the boys presenting a few weeks to prepare and mentally be ready. Ace and Law didn't even have one. Law had hoped to have at least two weeks to review all he knew about medicine, but in a week, he couldn't even read Hippocrates works.

Garp again shrugged calmly. Law wanted to scream at him. Military were so carefree sometimes. But suddenly, the redhead next to the door moved slightly and his armor tinkled capturing everyone's attention.

"Who is he?" Ace finally asked, as if needing to change the topic in order to stop freaking out.

"Oh, yeah I think you do not know him yet" said the old man turning and gesturing to the redhead to come closer "This is Eustass Kidd, my new general, just promoted him a week ago" the man murmured giving the general a pat on the arm when the man got closer, as a father proud of a son.

The redhead man simply smirked arrogantly at the boys.

"Nice to meet you. Congratulations for the position" Ace murmured after a silent pause, his voice sounding slightly in awe.

Law rolled his eyes.

'Great,' he thought when hearing his brother 'Another personal hero' Seriously, what happened to the people with the army? All boys dreamt with becoming soldiers, to reach the general position was like a wet dream, like the ultimate orgasm. Ace looked as if he could drool over the arrogant man, and the man looked as if he knew it as well.

Law frowned and observed the redhead more closely.

He looked solid, a strong man who didn't look much older than him, but that still was several inches taller and broader than him. The golden armor outlined his chest muscles and it stood out against his pale skin making it look as if he was made of marble, weird for a soldier who spent hours under the sun, but not uncommon. He also had two dark leather bracelets that protected his forearms and gave him a threatening appearance that matched his red wild hair and the simple sword at his hip. The typical short skirt of the army he was wearing, left nothing to the imagination showing his strong thighs and long legs that ended in the high sandals also used in the army.

However, what intrigued Law most was the arrogant and confident smile he man had, characteristic of someone who always got what he wanted. Law could guess why, the man was handsome, the most attractive man he had even met, and by the wicked look in his eyes, he looked also pretty smart and mischievous.

Dangerous. Attractive. Smart. Girls and boys would fall at his knees. Law kind of hated him.

Suddenly the general turned his gaze and returned Law's gaze intensely, widening his smile even more and looking kind of proud. As if he had been waiting for Law to look at him and cheek him out. Law just broke the eye contact feeling pissed.

"From now on, he will come to our house often since we will have to deal with some work. Be nice to him and try to help him. He is still learning about his new duties" said the old man making the two young boys nod, one eagerly, the other reluctant "Now, if you could leave I would like to discuss certain things with him"

Both young men got up obediently and left the room in silence. The two men inside the room looked at each other, and if a switch had been turned, they began to talk about military practices and the latest news they had received from Athens about the Roman's increasing power, and what they should do.

Outside the room, both young men walked silently through the corridors. Ace was still pale, the emotions of meeting a new general disappearing as he remembered what they would be facing. Five days was nothing. They would have to start preparing and thinking about how to face the test. They needed to train harder, study harder...

"I am going to my ..." Ace began completely lost in his thoughts, signaling the training field where Luffy shouts could still be heard.

Law nodded and in turn began to walk towards his own room. He was nervous. Worried. Or starting to fall into shock. Five days. He needed to reread the volumes of Galen and Aristotle and ... When he got to his room he just felt into his books with more desperation that he wanted to recognize.


Time passed quickly and before Law realized it, night had fallen. Yawning, he decided to leave his hermit and find some food if Luffy had left something for once. It was always the same, he stayed late studying, and his family already used to it, left him some food on the kitchen for when he finished. Luffy however, seemed to find said food before Law, and normally ended up demolishing it. Law didn't care, he sometimes forgot to eat, Ace and Garp however…

Law smiled just remembering Luffy's terrified screams.

The raven boy walked in the deep silence of the night down the dark corridor that took him to the inner part of the house where the kitchen was. Thanks god, the summer night lowered the temperature and a soft breeze filled the house with cold air and the scent of olive trees. It was so pleasant that for a moment Law forgot about the test, about how he still needed to practice dialectics and math, and how to...

Suddenly, he felt someone grab him by one of his arms and slam him against one of the painted walls of the corridor abruptly. Law grunted in pain and surprise, but two arms quickly rested on either side of his head, trapping him and cutting off any escape route.

Eustass Kidd looked at him with his reddish eyes inches away from his, and with that arrogant smile still on his thin lips. Law looked at him confused and a bit mad. What the hell was he doing? He was his boss' son after all, there were some limits the other shouldn't cross. Smashing him against a was certainly one of them.

"What are you doing?" He asked slightly out of breath thanks to the proximity, but quite pissed off, making his tone sound sarcastic and annoyed in consequence.

Kidd's smirk turned predatory. A strange gleam appeared on his eyes.

"You are Law, aren't you?" Asked the redhead in a low voice that made Law's hair stand on end. It was the first time he had heard him speak. He had not been prepared for it. Low, husky, it seemed to suggest all kind of dark pleasurable things.

"Maybe," Law replied slightly uncomfortable and angry with himself at his own reaction. What was happening to him? Who was really this man?

The other seemed to scrutinize him in the gloom of the night with the strange and intense red eyes. Law glared back at him, showing no submission, no weakness. He had dealt with a lot of military in his life, he knew how their brain worked, they respecter courage and honor before anything, if you wanted to get rid of them you couldn't show them weakness or they would munch on it.

The redhead however just nodded and then he moved away releasing him. He seemed content for some reason. Law looked at him without understanding a thing, but thankful for the increased distance between them.

"I have made up my mind" the general said as he started walking away down the hall with the arrogant smile on his face and his sword tinkling against the armor.

Law looked at him go puzzled "What?"

Kidd turned around and looked at him with a serious face that looked thoughtful. The predatory and dangerous gleam coming back to his eyes.

Suddenly, he walked back to him and before Law could do anything or understand what was happening, the other grabbed him by the hair on the back of his neck and pulled, forcing him to raise his head to save the height. His body pushed him back then, against the wall, cornering him again, while the other hand rested next to his head and one of his exposed legs made its way up between his own, to caress a certain part of his anatomy.

Law opened his eyes in shock. What the fuck?

"You're going to be mine," the man announced in a serious, commanding voice. The voice of someone who would not admit a reply. Of a general. Of a leader.

Law gasped incredulous as Kidd squeezed him against the wall even more, pressing him painfully against it, letting him feel his whole body and his desire. Leaning over him with starving eyes. So powerful. So strong. So fucking dominant.

"Really?" Law said, suddenly smiling at him falsely, dangerously, with a needy weak voice that caressed the other's lips so close to him now "We will see about that, general"

And he kicked him. With all the force he could. In the crotch.

Kidd instantly separated from him, doubling and writhing in pain. Law glared at him with hate, considered kicking him again, but instead he just began to walk down the hallway back to his room. Apparently, that day, he would skip dinner.

However, before disappearing through the corridors and go back to his room to prevent himself for murdering the man, he could clearly hear the last words of the red-haired general.

" I'm starting to like you more and more, boy"

Law opened his eyes in anger, clenched his fists, and accelerated his way to his room. Murdering was a crime. Murdering was a crime.

Once he arrived at the room he stood there in the middle of it all with his heart beating a thousand times an hour. What the hell had just happened?! Well, he wasn't an innocent and weak little girl who did not know what a kiss was, he had already had a series of experiences on that subject as every other adolescent. But his experiences went back to a series of disastrous moments with some boy as inexperienced as him, or the odd night of drunkenness with Ace that had gotten out of hand and had ended with both of them puking on an empty road and with a blurry memory not at all instructive.

He had never given importance to that subject. He had never bothered to look for anyone like other boys his age did to sing cloying sonatas at the foot of the balcony. That was stupid as fuck. If he ever had any need he simply satisfied it himself.

'You are going to be mine'.

That had pissed him. A lot. Who did the other think he was? The king of Athens? Nobody gave him orders or forced him to do anything. He slept with whomever he wanted and the redhead had just entered his blacklist the hard way. How can someone be so arrogant? He was his boss' son!

The man was also a fucking general, one of the big ones. Why on earth did he want him? Garp could kill him for that, and Law was sure that the redhead could have anyone he wanted in his bed with that smirk and with that dark aura. Fuck, only god would know the experience that the redhead would have on that subject.


That thought heated him completely, especially as he remembered how dominant the other had been. Surely, he would be an animal in bed, sure he would like it hard, make his lover writhe with pleasure while torturing him for hours without letting him finish, while he tore out needy screams from his lover, until he begged him to fuck him once, and then the redhead would mock him with that arrogant smile and ride him till he fainted, while...

He hit himself mentally trying to decrease his pulsations.

He didn't want stupid problems, much less now, barely a week away from the ceremony. Besides, he didn't think that, with the redhead, a quick encounter of one night would satisfy him, and he didn't trust him either, he was too arrogant. Fuck, they had just met, he wasn't a damn bitch who opened his legs to the first one who insinuated himself.

"Or ordered it," he recalled with rage. He definitely needed to stop the other for real.