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Enharmonic Equivalency

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*user alif_lam_mim has connected*


alif_lam_mim: hi

alif_lam_mim: hello

alif_lam_mim: salaam

alif_lam_mim: as salaamu aleikum wa rahmatu ALLAH

alif_lam_mim: hey

alif_lam_mim: hey

alif_lam_mim: are you there

alif_lam_mim: or did you fall into one of your strange loops


Name_Redacted: argh

Name_Redacted: salaam asshole

Name_Redacted: i did

Name_Redacted: russell has me

Name_Redacted: i swallowed myself

Name_Redacted: my outsides are in and my insides are out. i am blinking in and out of existence and chasing my metaphysical tail.  i am gnawing on my toes like a latter day orobouros. i am a biological improbability.

Name_Redacted: this sentence is non-self-descriptive


alif_lam_mim: weve been over this before

alif_lam_mim: much set theory makes a man weary and there is no end to the making of books

alif_lam_mim: i am immune to self reference

alif_lam_mim: MU


Name_Redacted: yes yes now hush

Name_Redacted: while I propose

Name_Redacted: a proposition

Name_Redacted: proposition:

Name_Redacted: God is recursive


alif_lam_mim: ….

alif_lam_mim: go on

alif_lam_mim: no

alif_lam_mim: stop

alif_lam_mim: don't go on

alif_lam_mim: that cant be so


Name_Redacted: why not


alif_lam_mim: because God is the root

alif_lam_mim: thats the whole point of GOD Over Djinn

alif_lam_mim: hes all the roots

alif_lam_mim: root directory, root user, root node on the Tree of Immortality

alif_lam_mim: root chord of the angelic hymn

alif_lam_mim: root server of the Seen and Unseen


Name_Redacted: ....


alif_lam_mim: adem and hawwa corrupted the tree

alif_lam_mim: tried to take an extra parent node

alif_lam_mim: crashed the system

alif_lam_mim: man is the strange loop


Name_Redacted: let me try a different formulation

Name_Redacted: is the root part of the system?

Name_Redacted: does God contain himself?


*user alif_lam_mim has disconnected*