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Gangsta's Paradise

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Things were going fantastic.

Their date at Mountain Tim Horton's was a casual get-to-know-you-better, which led to a meet up and make-out session at the theater for the newest James Bond movie, and then a date at a mysterious tea shop run by a kindly Egyptian man. It was safe to say they were going pretty steady. And now, a week away from Halloween, Mista found himself looking through his seventh Pinterest board across from his gorgeous blond boyfriend, who was sipping from a 75% sugar 25% coffee latte, in the booth of the tiny cafe wedged into the Hierophant Bookstore.
It, like everything in this town, was bizarre. Between its maze-like layout, pastry items that all had cherries (no other fruit), and the weird... artifacts on the walls and high up on shelves it made for an interesting experience. The blond in question had asked to meet him here though, for supposedly very important business.

The important business turned out to be a brainstorm session for a couples Halloween costume, which Mista was both super flattered that Giorno wanted to do with him, but was also kind of confused at the significance. Halloween was apparently incredibly important to the blond, so much so that he had gotten mildly offended by Mista's lack of enthusiasm.

Moving on to the eighth Pinterest board link Giorno sent, the gunman gave a slightly hesitant, "so uh, what exactly am I looking for here?"

"The most impressive costume you can find. We need to look good for this."

"For like a party or..."

"Both. My papa has a party every year, and I'd like for you to come."

"Isn't he gonna hate me though?"

"Hmm? No, I doubt he could hate anyone. He's a very gentle and caring individual."

"But, didn't you say your father would loathe me at one point?"

"Yes, my father will, but my papa won't."

Mista's mind was struggling to comprehend, "you- do you have two dads?"

Giorno cocked his head slightly, "yes. I could have sworn I had told you at some point."

"I definitely woulda remembered if you did. How does uh, that even work?"

Giorno chuckled, "it's rather complicated, but I can assure you, he is quite more amiable than the other one. You'll have a lovely time and I can show you off to the better half of my family."

Mista blushed a little, "you wanna show me off?"

"Mhm so pick something good. We'll go trick-or-treating beforehand too, so keep that in mind."

"Hehe, okay. You know, I didn't think you'd actually be much for trick-or-treating."

Giorno had carefully set his drink down, straightening his back and leveling his eyes at a now intimidated Mista. Dramatically steeling his gaze and placing a hand above his sternum.

"It is imperative that we capitalize on this holiday. People will be handing out candy, for free, and in great abundance."

He was taking it this serious for candy?

"Especially so, because the street leading up to my Papa's manor is rife with houses that give you more sweets based on the intricacy of your costume. Full length candy bars, Mista, and multiples of them. We must make all the preparations possible."

"Halloween is in like, six days though?"

Giorno brushed it off, "the costumes are of no concern, as I have someone for that. Just find a set that can impress even the most surly person."

"Uhhh, sure, okay."

Returning to the website, Mista continued to scroll down. This one was dedicated to power couple costumes; some nerdy ones, some hilarious joke ones, some cringe-worthy joke ones, about seven Disney ones, until about halfway through he had to squint. Weren't these two from an anime? And if he remembered right, it was one he had walked in on Fugo, Narancia, and Bruno watching and crying over. Mista chuckled and kept scrolling, filing it under a solid maybe. Scrolling past a few inappropriate ones, a Frozen one, a Doctor Who, and a few more, Mista suddenly paused.

"Giorno," the blond gave a hum in acknowledgment, " how familiar are you with Disney movies?"

"I've seen every one of them at least twice. Even the obscure ones."

Perfect, "so would this work?"

Holding the phone and enlarged image up for the blond to inspect.

Blue eyes widened, "absolutely!" Life seemed to fast forward to the day before Halloween and Mista found himself at Giorno's apartment for the first time. It was nice, first and foremost, in a nice neighborhood and building and he even had a welcome mat. Half a year ago the doorknob to Mista's apartment was stolen, and the blond was able to have a welcome mat outside his door. Prying his eyes away from the floral patterned mat and feeling oddly out of place, the gangster gave a pair of brisk knocks to the painted navy door.

Distantly, he heard the patter of feet, before the door opened up, the blond smiling at him. "Guido, you made it here earlier than I thought, come in?"

"Ah, yeah, thanks," pulling off his high boots at the door and shucking off his jacket.

"You wanted me to try on the costume?"

Giorno's eyes were bright, "yes! I think they look wonderful so far, but I want to make sure it fits okay," daintily stealing away his jacket to drape it across his couch.

He'll need to keep an eye on it, as Giorno had already stolen a hoodie and every dessert he'd gotten so far. The blond had a knack for petty theft.

"It's such a simple costume, but ingenious all the same."

Mista could only chuckle, "I did get it from the internet."

Surreptitiously looking around, the first thing he noticed was green. There were flowerpots all over the front room; on end tables, hanging from the ceiling, on the windowsill, all meticulously kept. He also noted the large ornate birdcage with a couple of tweeting song birds and a parakeet. It was so very... Giorno.

"Make yourself at home while I go get it, okay?"

"Sure," as the gunman gingerly sat on the couch.

God, it was a really comfy couch with... was this suede? Damn.

Mista's couch was something from an old grannys house with vintage floral patterns in nauseating colors. He couldn't even remember where he got it. Honestly though, Giorno's apartment was... really nice, so much so that it left him feeling something. Inadequate, maybe. Before he could dwell too much on the leagues of differences between them, Giorno was back, in his own costume and holding a bundle of fabric.

"You do have black shoes and a black belt, yes?"

"Yeah and this looks good on you!" It really did, he looked perfectly in character, red shirt and everything.

"You think so?"

"Of course, I've never seen your hair down before."

"It's strange for me too, but here, try these on for me."

The blond hadn't even waited for a go ahead before he was forcibly helping the gangster out of his clothes, brushing aside squawked, blushing protests. In the end Mista was left standing in costume, out of breath and slightly wobbly, as Giorno surveyed his handiwork.

Together they were a perfect set of Miguel and Tulio from the Road to El Dorado.

"He really does do a wonderful job. These almost perfectly suit us too. Magnificent, really."

Mista quirked thick eyebrows, inspecting the costume "they do match up pretty good. You uh, think I look good though?"

"Oh, absolutely," the blond practically purred, wrapping pale arms around the others tan neck, "tomorrow will be fantastic. Although I'm not much for this ship..."

Large hands gripping soft hips, and then slipping down to cop a squeezing feel, Mista pressed into Giorno capturing plump lips half-parted. He really did have a nice ass. The blond eagerly opened his mouth, giving a soft hum as fingers tangled in the short hairs at the base of Mista's neck.

He had just slid a thigh between the blonds legs, who was in the middle of removing the gangsters top, when Giorno's phone rang.

It was... some sort of weird guitar riff, but it had the blond scrambling to answer. Mista couldn't help but tip his head back in frustration as Giorno gave an angry "pronto?" into the mobile.
Pinched up scowl lightening with a sigh, "I understand. I'll be in shortly."

"Gotta go?"

"There's a shortage at the hospital, so I'm needed to come in."

"Bummer, I'll meet you tomorrow?"

A small smile, before pink lips were on his, "I can hardly wait."

Mista reluctantly left the blonds apartment, costume in hand, as a notification sounded on his phone. Followed by a dozen more in rapid succession. Finally getting to a stopping spot at his apartment, he checked his messages.

Gucci Gang Group Messaging
From Boss Bruno: As a reminder, the Passione Halloween party is at 8 PM, at Nero's place. Costumes optional, but encouraged under penalty of harassment. Take care. Ari Ari Arividerci.
From Problem Child: neros place is trash
From Problem Child: why is it always his place
From the Gremlin::'D
From Boss Bruno: His place is large enough and very well decorated. His commitment to Halloween is impressive. Ari Ari Arividerci.
From Hot Topic: I love it more.
From the Gremlin: :O
From Problem Child: abbas dedication is better
From Hot Topic: Thank you.
From Boss Bruno: Regardless of anyone's dedication to the holiday, the party is in an hour and a half. Ari Ari Arividerci.
From the Gremlin: ;)
From Problem child: fine b there at 9
From Boss Bruno: The party is at 8. Ari Ari Arividerci.
From Problem Child: i know

Mista had forgotten all about the gang Halloween party. Always taking place before the actual holiday (to allow for people to go to other parties on the actual day) it had been a staple for years. The host, Risotto Nero, ran a Passione owned body mod shop, and was generally an interesting guy. He took his image very seriously. He also took Halloween very seriously, pretty much designating the entire month of October to it. As such, to not come in a costume, and a good one, was almost sacrilegious.

Vinegar Doppio didn't have one last year and Nero slammed his head into the punch bowl, which almost led to a full on civil war, saved only by the careful timing of the bosses daughter. Unless he wanted to be the next victim, Mista would need to scrounge up a costume. He could use Giorno's, but quickly scrapped the idea. This was something special, between him and the blond. Plus Giorno would kill him if anything happened to it before they went out tomorrow.

Last year Mista had gone for easy and low input; dressing up in a tacky set of cheap wolf ears and tail and using his natural hairiness to his advantage. Nero had commended him on his creativity, for some reason, and he got away with his it somehow. The guy remembered every costume ever though, so repeats were out of the question. He had an hour and seventeen minutes though.
Digging through his closets, boxes, and drawers Mista came up with a faux fur coat he never wore, two pairs of aviators, a pink feather boa, a crop v-neck with a bedazzled tiger on it (he'd been looking for this for years!), a few capsules of dried fake blood, the wolf ears and tail, a set of handcuffs (he wondered if Giorno would be into them...), some sheets of fake flower and rainbow tattoos, a gaudy fake gold chain, a gaudy pink chain (from Fugo, probably), a belt buckle with Hello Kitty on it (wait, this was Narancia's), and a pretty princess tiara (where did this come from).
His options were... a princess with strange kinks?

A... oh shit. He knew what he could be.

Mista arrived at Nero's house at approximately 8:05. Approximately because he had originally arrived at 8:04 and had to freak out on the sidewalk for a little bit until a minute passed. For a body mod guy, Nero was hella loaded if the multi-story sprawling manor was any indicator. The house was also completely covered in decorations. It was startlingly impressive and a tad bit overbearing. The man loved his spooky holiday. Dodging 3 animatronics (and only squealing once), a few odd hanging plastic spiders, and an inflatable mummy caught by the wind, Mista managed his way up to the front entrance, hand raised to knock only for the door to open immediately.

Risotto Nero was ridiculously tall, serious, gaunt, and had modded his eyes so the sclera was black and his pupils a nice blood red. He also had no facial expressions. Last year, he had a very convincing Jack Skellington costume, but got mad when people tried to get him to sing. He must have sworn off fun characters after that because this year he was a full scale demon. It was really a great costume, really well done, so much so that Mista only startled a little bit.

"G-great costume, Nero, really detailed, you outdid yourself this year."

"Thank you," oh man, Mista forgot the monotone too, "the Diablo games are my favorite."

"Oh yeah? Hehe, didn't know you were much of a gamer."

"Yes, I like Dead Space, Doom, and Stardew Valley too. You should add me sometime."

Wait, was that last one?

"Mista! You bastard!"

Finding the owner of the voice, Mista gaped, "Narancia, what the hell!"

"What the hell yourself! What's the big idea, stealin' my costume idea!?"

"You can't steal somethin' you don't know about, besides I definitely pull it off better."

"You do not! I'll cut you up if you don't change!" The shorter man pulling out his switchblade for good measure.

The two were now in front of each other and... both dressed like pimps.

Fur coats, gaudy jewelry and feather boas, but Narancia had a hat and cane, while Mista had just styled his hair slightly and wore everything he owned with a tiger on it. Fugo had stepped out of the kitchen, in an absurd amount of fishnets and leather, sighing and hiding his face.

"I knew this was a dumb couples costume."

"Are you supposed to be like a prostitute or somethin'?"


"Hey, I'm not sharin'! Go find your own!"

"What the hell does that even mean!?"

It was around 1 in the morning when Mista finally left, slightly buzzed and with a small baggie of candy and... weed. He'd need to get rid of that before he gave the sweets to Giorno as the blond would not be amused. Prosciutto was really pushing for sales this year. Bruno dropped him off at his apartment complex with a 'drink lots of water before you sleep' and a light wave before zooming off.
Stumbling through his front door- so he may have been drunk rather than buzzed- Mista shucked all of his clothing on his way to get a shower. He was covered in sweat, alcohol, fake fur, and glitter. Freaking Pesci, always bringing glitter to things. The hot shower only helped make him sleepier, but he was at least clean enough to be able to sleep in his bed and not have to change the sheets in the morning.

Gracefully nearly tripping out of his shower and bumping into his couch, a coffee table, and two door-frames, Mista fumbled for his phone and headed to bed. He had a message from Narancia ("sry i called u a bastard but dont u ever steal my ideas again!"), a message from Bruno ("remember to take some tylenol in the morning :) Ari Ari Arividerci), and two messages from Giorno ("Meet me at my apartment at 6 PM sharp tomorrow, in costume please!" "Have fun with your friends, hope I don't see you at the ER tonight").

Oh man, he was so excited for tomorrow! He was gonna go hang out with Giorno, and go to another party, and meet his dad! Oh shit, he was gonna meet Giorno's dad! Mista was now both excited and terrified.

He fell asleep almost immediately.

It was 5:45 and the day had passed in a blur after he had worked off his hangover and prepared for the evening. Which had left him standing in full costume back outside of Giorno's apartment about 15 minutes early. The blond had never really seemed to care too much though, so he went on ahead and gave the door a light tap, which opened almost immediately.
"Mista, you are right on time," the blond was also in his full costume which... damn he looked really good.

Pulling the gunman in, the blond greeted him with a kiss... that was really itchy.

"Giorno, that fake facial hair you got on is really scratchy, what is it?"

"Oh, I had bought it at the Halloween store, so probably something awful and cheap. I can't seem to actually grow any of my own though..."

"Hey, that's alright. You'd look weird with a beard anyway."

The blond rolled his eyes, "thank you, Mista. Are you ready?"

"As ever. Let's go get your sugar fix."

Instead of heading towards the parking lot, the blond led towards the crosswalk with an "I live rather close by."

True enough most of the buildings on this side of the complex had evened out into a suburb full of old houses and older money. Giorno lived in such a high class area, it made the gangster nervous about possibly having him over at his own less than stellar place at some point.

The first few stops were at homes owned by very old people, who had no idea who they were but thought they had 'such lovely outfits' and handed them a few peppermints and saltwater taffies. Passing kids would suddenly find their bags missing some chocolate, replaced by unwanted treats.

The next house had a middle aged woman dressed as a fairy who absolutely lost it at their outfits.

"Oh my! Giorno, such a great costume, from one of my favorite movies too! Jotaro, come look!"

"You have a wonderful costume this year too, Mrs. Holly,” the blond said, preening at the praise.

As the lady stuffed handfuls of Snickers and KitKats into their candy buckets, an absolute monolith appeared from behind her.

The blonds eyes narrowed, "Jotaro."

Holly continued puttering around them, offering snacks and treats, which Mista took in Giorno's stead as he seemed preoccupied with staring down the mountain still trapped in the house.
After several incredibly tense minutes, Giorno turned away with a "see you at the manor, take care, Holly." Receiving a grunt and a myriad of farewells in response.

Moving on to the next house, Mista couldn't help his curiosity, "so uh, what was that about? Also I saved you a cupcake."

The blond managed to inhale the treat with a surprising amount of manners and finesse.

"He's my great grand-nephew."

Mista's brain was struggling to follow.

He was only good at actual math, family math had never been his strong suit, and "what is up with your family tree?"

The blond tugged them towards the next stop, "It's complicated."

Shrugging, Mista allowed himself to be pulled along to a few more houses by the blond, buckets rapidly filling with more large candy bars, expensive treats, and holy shit was that Godiva? Eventually they reached the final house on the street, completely barren of any sort of festive décor, but Giorno made his way up the short walk regardless and briskly knocked. The door to the undecorated house was opened by a very gaunt fellow who wasn't actually in costume either. Did... did he know it was Halloween?

"Ah, the second least annoying Joestar."

"Hello to you too, Rohan-sensei."

"Hmph. An homage to Disney's Road to El Dorado, released in 2000, hm? It's impressive, I'll give you that,” accompanied by crossed arms and a mildly irritable huff as several king-sized candy made it's way to their pails.

Giorno looked beyond smug with his haul.

“Thank you. Will you be attending the Joestar Hallows Eve party with Josuke this year?”

“Maybe. Possibly. Later I suppose. I have a lot of manuscripts to finish.”

Giorno chuckled, “I believe Ms. Higashikata made a cake this year, and Mrs. Holly provided some of her home cooked-”

“I'll go. But only for a short while, and strictly for research material.”

“I'll see you there then,” as the door was politely slammed.

So it wasn't just Giorno that was loaded, his entire family must have been rolling in cash given the size of his dad's Victorian style mansion at the end of the street.
Mista had really only seen this type of place from the outside or in movies, never actually having been in one before. It was impressive and a bit intimidating, but the eager blond pulling him along had awe melt into nervousness. He was going to be meeting Giorno's family for the first time. He was going to meet one of Giorno's dads. He might throw up.

Led up the stone stairs leading to the front door, passing the really tame but heartfelt decorations in the yard and on the door, the blond simply opened the door and walked in like it was his birthright. It actually probably was though, to be fair. The inside was posh and riddled with... stuff. What looked like junk from a museum, art, and taxidermy of all manner of animals littered the interior, interspersed around cartoonish and silly Halloween decorations. They were greeted almost immediately by a blond lady sticking her head out from an adjacent room. She could honestly have passed as Giorno's mother, and was dressed like Cinderella.

"Giorno! You made it! How wonderful, who is your friend?"

"Good evening, Erina. This is my boyfriend, Guido Mista," as the gangster dutifully waved and gave a hello of his own.

The blond lady clapped her hands together in delight, turning her head back into the side room she popped out of, "Jojo, Giorno is here!"

This summoned a hulk of a man, who practically barreled around the corner. Jotaro had nothing on the sheer size of him. He was also dressed in the most cliché vampire costume on the market.

"Papa, I brought my boyfriend, Guido, with me."

Wait, this colossus was Giorno's dad!?

The eyes were the same, as was the nose and dimpling smile, but the size difference... it was almost unreal. Would his cute, slightly shorter and much less muscle-bound angel eventually grow into his body builder genetics? The flashing image of a buff Giorno had him frozen as the father and son exchanged pleasantries beside him.

"It's wonderful of you to come and celebrate with us!"

Mista was snapped out of his dayterror just in time, giving a "It's nice of you to have me uh-"

A large hand came and rested on his shoulder, "Jonathan Joestar, and it's good to meet you. Please, make yourself welcome!"


Wait... the Jonathan Joestar? Millionaire philanthropist archaeologist who did all that stuff with Speedwagon? Media darling who owned half the city and generally all around famous guy Jonathan Joestar, was one of Giornos dads? Holy shit, Mista had heard of an impressive pedigree, but this was almost... cheating.

“You know I really did love that movie! I just love movies about historical civilizations, and they took such care with many of the details and while I didn't quit approve of the motives, it was so entertaining!” Jonathan looked like a kid in a candy shop. A very large kid in a candy shop.

“You have an interesting costume this year too, Papa.”

“Thank you! Vampires are quite fascinating, as many cultures have some sort of similar mythos! But, they are quite silly in concept,” with a hearty chuckle that sounded similar to Giorno's but much deeper.

The beefcake Giorno image was beginning to resurface in Mista's head.

The sound of the doorbell caught Jonathans attention, shuffling his bulky frame over to go and enthusiastically greet the trick-or-treaters at the stoop.

"Come, Mista, let's go meet the others,” Giorno was pulling incessantly at his arm.

"Uh, yeah okay."

The- holy shit was this a ballroom- was lined with couches, love-seats, assorted other chairs, and several long tables full of foods, treats and more cute Halloween decor. It was also packed with people.
There was a truly impressive Indiana Jones costume worn by an older gentleman who was talking to another older gentleman in a Monopoly man costume. A guy dressed as a sailor talking to... how was Jotaro here? And where was his costume? Did he pass them at some point? One guy with bear ears and yellow shorts carrying another guy with a bunch of red feathers stuck all over his body with blue pants on.

Wait he knew the bear guy, he was an underground doctor and assassin.

And he recognized Anasui and Weather across the room standing next to that Jolyne, head of G.D.S.

Holy shit, half of Giorno's family was in or affiliated with a gang.

A red solo cup of something made it's way into his hands as Giorno flitted to the nearby stack of adorable ghost marshmallow cakes and gracefully shoved a few in his mouth. Boy loved his sugar. And boy did he love this boy. Mista took a swig of his mystery drink marveling at how damn sweet it was. And alcoholic.
This was going to be a fun night.

When he finished his spiked probably-punch and Giorno had finished mauling the eclairs, he was immediately whisked away to meet the family and their respective invitees.

“Mista, this is Joseph, I call him an Uncle but it's kind if the reverse,” As Indiana Jones greeted him in return.
“Wait, what-”

“And this is Uncle Speedy, and you've already met Zeppeli,” no time for a greeting as he was given another cup of punch and was whisked away with a polite farewell.

“You've already met Josuke and Okuyasu, but this is Koichi and his fiance Yukako,” They had a very convincing Power Rangers group costume going on, short one Ranger because 'Rohan is an asshole and Mikitaka can't be trusted'.

Mista downed his cup in lieu of a real reply, giving a wave as he was dragged over to- “This is my cousin twice removed, Johnny.”

“Cazzo! What the hell!” Gyro Zeppeli frowned at the same time as Mista exclaimed “Gyro! What the hell?”

Giorno was still all smiles, Johnny rolling his eyes, as the two criminals bickered lowly in Italian. Eventually the blond pulled Mista away, third cup of fruity alcohol finding it's way into his hands. This time Giorno drank it all, but was swiftly replaced with a 'I probably should have gotten my own, but there are a few more to meet'.
How much family did he have!?

Their next stop was at Jotaro and the sailor, the former giving a chilly unwelcoming glare that was unnervingly similar to Giorno's.

“Jotaro,” a pause and a staredown before, “Gappy, this is Mista.”

Jotaro stared as Gappy(?) shook his hand, before smiling.

“It's good to meet you,” ah, so that's why he was called that.

Giorno then bid them farewell with a polite wave, dragging Mista with him to the punch bowl where he then chugged several cups of punch. Mista joining in, because why was everyone in this family intimidating and gorgeous.

“Last but not least, Jolyne,” wobbly tugging Mista over to oh shit, it was Jolyne.

Mista once heard a rumor that she beat up someone so bad, they could only remember three things at a time. She was also smoking hot. And wasn't that the nurse who gave him food that one time standing next to her?

Mista needed another drink.

“Giorno, is that your boy,” she asked with the widest shit-eating grin.

“Mhmm,” the blonds lips curved up in a smile, “Guido Mista- would you believe he asked me out while dying from being shot in the chest?”

Jolyne punched him in the arm, in what was probably meant to be a playful tap but felt like a tank, “oh you dog. You two are disgustingly adorable together.”

Mista could only scratch his head and blush as Jolyne practically cackled. Anasui looked pissed again, held back by Weather's hand on his shoulder. Oh god, was he gonna die?

After more pleasantries with more people, a lot more punch, and one last trip to the cupcakes, Giorno was practically leaning on him. It was nearing midnight and everyone was starting to trickle out. Finding his father, the blond bid him farewell, the mountains massive arms practically engulfing his son in a bone crushing hug as Giornos arms barely got around his sides. It was both stupidly hilarious and really cute.

Making their way out into the cool night air, pale hand wrapped solidly around his tan one on the way back to the blond's apartment, Mista was preparing to say his goodbyes as well.
“You should come home with me,” The blonds cheeks were flushed, his eyes a little foggy.

“But I'm uh, we are already at your home?” Mistas inebriated brain was barely functioning.

“No, as in, stay the night with me,” Giorno was practically pouting and holy shit- was he... drunk?

Mista was definitely drunk, but the blond was too and it probably wouldn't be good and god it sounded like a good idea.

“Uh- I mean, are you- but we're all, that punch was spiked? And are you sure-,” words were hard.

Giorno rolled his eyes, before straightening- kind of- and summoned that haughty and intimidating attitude that had Mista pretty much doing whatever he wanted, “Mista, I want to have sex with you. I wanted to for weeks. Indulge me.”

Well shit, no helping it then, “well shit. Okay, uh if you want.”

The blond immediately wrapped his arms around the gunmans broad shoulders, fervently and messily kissing him. Somehow they maneuvered their way into the apartment, barely detaching on the trip to the bedroom, at the blonds behest. The costumes were stripped by wandering hands until both were left in just loose pants. Pale hands raking through the coarse hair of Mistas stomach and arms as the other fumbled with the buckle. Abruptly, the blond paused, going wide-eyed and grasping the gangsters wrists.
“Mista- wait,” Giorno looked panicked for once.

The gangster immediately stopped his miserable attempt at unbuckling to give a worried, “what's wrong? What's- you okay?”

Panic turned to serious, the kind that had Mista in a nervous sweat, “You must promise me something.”

Mista's hands were shaking slightly, “uh- a-anything?”

“You can't laugh. No matter what.”

“Giorno, what's-”


Mista's brain was struggling, and the alcohol had his mouth working before anything else could catch up. Oh god, Drunk Mista was holding the reins and was slurring some words together, something that would either end very well or very poorly.

“Giorno, you're my pretty apple in my heart and you're the first person to make me wanna eat ass and I could never laugh at you. I don't care what you got in your pants- 'cause I like your heart pants more, and I think I love you.”

Giorno went silent, and Mista began to get nervous. That was a hell of a... heartfelt... confession of love? Baby blue eyes were shining slightly, lower lip trembling, and the flush around his cheeks had deepened. Oh god, he fucked up, he fucked up so bad.

“You really mean that- that you love me?”

Uh, “'f course I do.”

A soft smile broke through, as the blond moved his hands to cup Mista's jaw, pulling him down for a chaste and sweet kiss. The gangster was more than happy to oblige, deepening and nipping as he was propped over the blond, eventually moving a hand to roam over the blonds soft stomach and around a hip.

“I still don't want you to laugh,” the blond whispered.

“I won't, I promise,” Mista breathed into the blonds ear, getting a shiver in response.

Sitting back up , Mista went back to unbuckling and depantsing Giorno, who moved an arm to cover his eyes. Triumphantly flinging the offending garment somewhere else, Mista looked back only to pause.

“Giorno...are these-”

“Yes, I forgot I was wearing them tonight.”

He was wearing My Little Pony boxer briefs, Fluttershy looking up at him.

“Josuke- he introduced me to the show... I like her, she's the best- best pony... he has Rainbow Dash ones...” Giorno was beet red from under where his arm was poorly concealing his face.

“I don't really need to know which ones he has, but thanks,” Mista stared downwards.

Yeah, he couldn't work with these- abruptly sliding them off the blond and tossing them away, leaving him spluttering and naked.

“Sorry Giorno, but I don't wanna have a pony watch me suck your dick.”