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When a Sentinel Hunts

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Chapter 1: It’s one bombshell after the other.  


Gibbs was a terrible patient and Tony had documented proof of the fact. He kept a copy of the AMA sign-outs when Gibbs wanted to make a comment against his own stupid stunts. He did feel some sympathy for Tobias as, right now, Jethro was definitely testing the guide’s patience. 

“What’s that look for?” Gibbs asked like he didn’t already know the answer.

Tony just stared straight back. He was never one to wilt under Gibbs’ glare and that wasn’t going to change anytime soon. “You know why. You are a terrible patient, Jethro, and you need to heal. You cannot begin to truly settle your senses until your body is healed. You know this.” 

Gibbs just grunted. “Hate being shot.” 

Tony snorted because truer words had never been spoken. “We never like being shot ... it's the downside to the job. And let’s not run through my catalogue of misfortunes because you’ll make Aaron grumpy. I do not deserve a grumpy guide just because you can’t let your wounds heal.”

Tobias actually chuckled out loud at the comment. He was never bored around Tony and Jethro, that was for sure. It was slowly sinking in that maybe he’d never be bored again. Truth be told, he was looking forward to the future. He was guessing that along with his daughter, he had now just folded in an adopted son. His instincts were already adding him and the Hotchner’s to his pride. 

Tony rolled his eyes at their antics. He didn’t hide his smirk as he had a plan to get his own way and it was fool-proof. “Anyways, I have a secret weapon that means you will stay oh so very still.” 

Tobias didn’t believe that there was a force possible on this Earth. However, he was well aware of Tony’s ability to pull miracles out of thin air. He couldn't wait to see what Tony had planned. 

“Jack - come here, kiddo.”

Little Jack Hotchner came into the room with a book in his hand and his baby hawk spirit animal visible on his shoulder. He looked so adorable and his pout was turned up to melting ice. “Will you read my story, Grandpaw?”

Gibbs glared at Tony over Jack’s shoulder. “You fight dirty.”

“I fight the way you taught me as an agent.” Tony finished sweetly.

Tobias snorted at Tony’s little victory. He knew it was time for Tony to cut and take the win. “Go do what you have to do ... I’ll manage Grumpy here.”

Tony nodded his thanks. “Good, I need to make sure the paperwork goes through for the SG sanctions regarding McGee and David.” He promised as that was his priority. He was pissed about their callous treatment of team members and next time it might not be someone as stubborn as Jethro. 

Gibbs grunted at the mention of their names. He hated how things had imploded but he loved Tony’s version of justice. He would have been well within his rights to have killed the defective duo but Tony’s justice meant their shame would linger.

Gibbs could tell that right now they hadn’t realised the full implication of the sanction yet, but it would soon sink in. It was nothing less than they deserved for their actions. They couldn’t work with anyone who employed sentinels and guides.


Tobias was at the moment serving as a guide-conservator but this was too easy. He couldn’t help but watch with awe at how easily Gibbs interacted with little Jack Hotchner. This was not what he expected but so much had changed in the last few months. This felt like the natural progression of things.

He sat in the chair and soaked up the warmth. As a guide in law enforcement, there were so many times where the emotions around him were all too bleak. You learnt to take the good moments and store them as a shield against the terrible ones. 

“Uncle Toby, you should help. He won’t do the voices.” Jack said sleepily.

Gibbs had a soft smirk on his face at the way Jack pulled Tobias out of his brooding thoughts. “Yeah, Uncle Toby, come on.”

Tobias was pulled onto the other side of the bed. He checked Gibbs’ shields and for now, they were as strong as they could be. He looked at the page they’d got to. “The elves of Lothlorien were...”

After the chapter was finished, Jack carefully hugged Jethro. “Thanks, Grandpaw. Now I can watch the movie at home.”

Gibbs could see the question in Tobias’ eyes so he explained. “Tony has a rule. He’ll watch as many movies with Jack as he likes but if it’s made from a book then he needs to read it first.”

Tobias was getting used to all the new sides of Tony; Alpha-Sentinel, Assistant Director of the FBI, husband to Aaron Hotchner, and now finally - the Dad.


Tony stepped into his office to find two of his favourite people in the world waiting for him… and who wasted no time getting down to business.

“You’ve had an interesting few days.” Jim Ellison remarked, deadpan as usual.

Tony snorted at the comment, knowing it was an understatement. “Hey, I played nicely even if my instincts wanted me to go for the jugular.”

“How’s Gibbs doing today?” 

Tony smirked evilly. “He’s adjusting to the fact he’s now online at his age. He’s giving his conservator crap ... but it’s likely that Fornell is his true guide. Well, at least according to Jack.”

Sandburg cocked his head to the side, contemplating that revelation. What a pairing . “I can see that actually. They certainly will be able to stand up to each other.” 

Jim chuckled because it would be a strong pairing once it settled. “Oh yeah, but woe betide anyone who tries to get in their way.”

Tony snorted as he’d seen that in action just at the hospital. He had many things to worry about but Gibbs’ bonding wasn’t one of them. “Agreed and I know they’ll make a great pairing. Their spirit animals are already smitten with each other.” 

“And how do you feel about that?” Ellison asked, aware of the complicated history between all the men.

Tony shrugged as it was yet another new thing to adapt to but he would, he always did. It helped that he actually liked Tobias. “I have a new step-guide-agent to add to the family. He was already part of the tribe anyway.”

Ellison understood that reasoning as he felt the same about his police friends. He chose to move the conversation onto another topic but one that was also more interesting to him. “So I heard you applied sanctions to two members of NCIS. In Erin’s words - it was glorious and justified.”

Tony laughed as Erin Strauss had been immensely helpful the previous day. “She was allowed to let her inner bitch out so I could keep control of my temper.”

“The intolerable sanction has been ratified and if they break it ... we’ll go on a hunt.” Ellison finished with a bloodthirsty smirk. It wasn’t an empty threat - it was a promise. Ellison and Sandburg were the Alpha Primes for the US but they would retire and when they did, Aaron Hotchner and Anthony DiNozzo would be taking their place. Although the two Alpha Primes intended to stick around to let the family pride grow and settle before they even considered retirement.

Ellison and Sandburg were sure that McGee, from his profile, would be smart enough to put his IT skills to good use and not break his sanction. The woman, Ziva David, they were seventy-five percent certain she would break her sanction.


Tobias woke up from a nap to hear Gibbs speaking into his phone once more. He only spoke with that softer tone to one person - Tony. 

He waited for the call to end before asking what he wanted to know, “What did your son want?” 

Gibbs didn’t deny the connection. “To say the paperwork has gone through but he believes Ziva will break the sanction.” 

“She can’t be that stupid, can she?” Fornell asked his soon to be Sentinel, knowing that the man knew the woman as well as anyone.

Gibbs didn’t shrug as it would cause pain but he didn’t hide his facial expressions. “She’s a spoilt daddy’s girl, who both loathes and desires Eli David’s attention above all else.” 

“Jesus, I can think of better role models.” 

Gibbs smirked. “You’re telling me. How are you holding up?” 

Tobias could have been surprised but he wasn’t. “You know, you’ve always driven me up the wall ... now we’re just gonna make it official.”

Gibbs had to chuckle weakly at one thought. “You know I kind of want to be a fly on the wall when Vance finds out I’ve also joined the FBI. SECNAV is going to give him hell.” The last part was said with no small amount of glee.

Tobias was shocked at the idea that Jethro was willing to come to the FBI. “You retired and got shot the last time you consulted.” 

Gibbs rolled his eyes. “You’re my guide and we both know it. There is no way you want to quit and besides, this way we can keep an eye on the kids.” 

“The kid is the Alpha Sentinel of the Eastern Seaboard.” Tobias reminded him dryly.

Gibbs snorted in derision because that hardly mattered to his instincts. “He’ll always be a kid to me, and I suspect to you too.”

Tobias was glad Jack was sleeping at Gibbs’ side. “Less so, after I watched him stake the Reaper to a wall.” 

Gibbs didn’t see an issue in what Tony had done before he’d come online. Now, he understood the inclination even more. “He protected his guide.” 

“You know I can protect myself.” Tobias reminded him pointedly.

Gibbs ignored the sarcasm. “So could Aaron. We’ll be two sides of the same coin, Tobias. You’ll protect me just as I’ll protect you.”

Tobias knew he must be getting old as that sounded just fine with him. “Okay, you win.”

Gibbs snickered in disbelief. “You are not going to be this easy.”

Fornell grinned wickedly. “No, but you’re injured so I’ll wait until you’re recovered.” 

“Looking forward to it.”


“Are you stupid?!?!” Eli shouted down the phone at his erstwhile daughter.

Ziva sighed because this was the last thing she needed, her father’s judgemental tone. “So you’ve heard?” 

“Heard!” Eli’s voice rose even higher. “You have gotten yourself internationally sanctioned. There is no way you can work in Mossad, or anywhere else for that matter.” 

“That is nonsense.” Ziva spat. She just couldn’t work with Sentinels or Guides. All because Tony was having a hissy fit. Gibbs survived so she didn’t see the issue. He was just overreacting like normal.

“Ziva, you cannot talk to any Sentinel or Guide, they’ve not just sanctioned you they’ve declared you intolerable.” Eli informed her, the disappointment audible in his voice. 

Ziva sat down in shock, she hadn’t realised that Tony would seek the highest sanction. This would ruin her, he couldn’t do this to her. She needed help, who would be able to help her? It would have to be someone who didn’t know about her circumstances but held a grudge against Gibbs. Oh, that was too easy and would be so simple. 

She could call Sergei Mishinev, he’d already called a vendetta on the killer of his half-brother. She could bend the truth and say it was Gibbs, and give him Tony and Tobias as the two people that would hurt him. It was a perfect plan.

The only trouble with best-laid plans is they oft go astray.


Sergei didn’t expect a call from Ziva but he was curious enough to answer it and find out what she wanted. “What do I owe the honour of this call?” 

“We’re practically family, Sergei, let’s not be formal about it.” Ziva purred.

“The last I heard you were fattening yourself up in America.” Sergei retorted, letting her know he wasn’t in the mood to play nice.

Ziva knew she could manipulate him with just a few words. “Don’t be rude to the woman who can give you Ari’s killer and the best way to get revenge.”

Sergei stopped what he was doing and actually paid attention as the conversation suddenly got interesting. “I’m listening.”

“Jethro Gibbs shot him and he is injured right now. I tried to kill him for Ari and failed.” She finished with a huff like she was most aggrieved by the whole situation.

Sergei rolled his eyes. “There is no revenge in killing an injured man but I won’t say no to it.” 

Ziva chuckled heartily. There was a reason why she’d kept in contact with Ari’s half-brother even if there was no blood relation between them - he was like-minded in so many ways. “Well, there is the man who he thinks of as a son, Anthony DiNozzo. He previously lost a child and mentally he would not survive losing another child.”

“I will be in Washington soon. I will send word.”

The call was over just like that - and Ziva had unknowingly sealed her own fate.


Tobias had done his day and instead of sleeping in his apartment he was finding himself collecting some things to head back to the hospital. He just couldn’t let Jethro stay on his own and he was surprised by the guests who appeared before him.

Diane was at the door with Emily. “Hello, Em. Diane, I’m just heading back to the hospital.” 

She frowned as something wasn’t adding up. “I thought you said Jethro will be fine.” 

Tobias snorted. “It’s Jethro. I don’t think a bomb could take him out.” He knew he’d have to start somewhere. “I’m going for me.” She was the mother of his child no matter what they felt between them now.

She narrowed her eyes at him. “Is this a guide issue?”

A Guide issue - what a way to explain their break-up in one easy phrase. When he’d come online as a guide she hadn’t trusted that a) he wouldn’t run away from her the minute he found his sentinel, or b) he would use his empathy to be intrusive and figure out her thoughts. Still, Tobias refused to be apologetic about who he was and answered her resolutely.  “More than you possibly can know. Now, I love Em and will happily take her with me to the hospital if that’s okay with her.” 

“I want to go see Uncle Gibbs anyway.”

There was unease in her countenance and you didn’t need to have a guide’s power to know that. Tobias watched as she tried to convince Diane that would be the best thing for her. “You should enjoy your anniversary dinner alone, mum. I’ll be fine with Dad.”

Tobias grinned and accepted the hug from his daughter. “I certainly have no objections. I love spending time with you, Em.”

Em was so relieved. “See, mum? I told you it would be no problem.”

Diane kissed her on the head. “You didn’t have to do this. You come first.” 

“I know, mum,” Em replied dutifully. “You should enjoy yourself. I will.” 

Diane looked doubtful but kissed her daughter goodbye. She was aware that something was wrong but knew if she tried to press Emily then she would get nowhere. She had to trust that Em would share the problem with her sooner rather than later. 

Tobias waited until Diane was well and truly away from his door before he asked his daughter. “So what is it?”

Emily didn’t look amused. She had her arms crossed over her chest, a perfect little Diane. “You tell me. I keep seeing this cat that no one else can see.” 

Tobias wondered if the bombshells would stop - just for the day. He hugged her close, knowing she would be struggling with the empathic output of everyone else. “You already know the answer to that. I’m going to phone a friend to help.”

Even as he explained this he was phoning Tony. “Hey, I need you to meet me at the hospital. Em is coming online.”

Silence reigned for about a second. “I’ll be right there. Welcome her to the family. You are not in this alone, Tobias.”

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Chapter 2: The Plot Thickens


Tony stepped into the hospital room and saw Emily cuddled between Gibbs and Fornell but still awake. Tony got the impression that this would be an often repeated scene. It was clear that the young girl was freaked out by something and sought comfort with her close family. Tony could relate as it was a favoured trick since he’d bonded with Aaron. He did smile at seeing the tabby cat lying at the bottom of the bed fiercely swishing its tail as a way of trying to protect his little pride. He wondered how big the cat would grow as Emily aged.

Tony chuckled as the spirit guide was just like its human - fierce yet adorable. He pointed at the little spirit animal and asked. “What’s she called?” 

Emily perked up and whispered.  “Isis.” Although right now, she wasn’t moving from between Tobias and Jethro. That was more than okay, as she was projecting a well of calm and contentedness that Tony could pick up in her scent pile.

Tony smiled softly at feline behaviour as he sat down in the vacant visitor chair. “A fitting name I think.” The cat certainly had a regal air. 

Emily smiled timidly. “So what happens next?” 

Tony answered her honestly. “Well, a lot will depend on you and what you want.” 

She looked startled by the idea and that saddened him. Tony got the impression from both Tobias and Jethro that Diane Sterling had a rather forceful and dominant personality. “Like?” 

Tony looked to both of the adults. He was talking directly to Emily but reminding both of the adults too of their rights. “Well, in the case of a minor coming online, the custody agreement is reviewed and takes into account the SG Centre’s report and your preference.” 


Tony looked at her seriously because that was said way too quickly and with a little too much relief for his liking. He was glad that Fornell and Gibbs had stopped feigning sleep. He got the feeling they were just as keen to find out the answer as he was. Tony asked the question he wasn’t too sure he wanted the answer to but he was the responsible adult. “What will it say, Em?” 

Em’ bit her lip, clearly nervous, and you didn’t need to have guide’s senses to know it. Tony didn’t force the young girl, he waited for her to clarify. He knew the danger of leading a witness in such a crucial situation.

“This sucks.”

Tony held his hands up because he couldn’t pretend to understand. He’d never had a close relationship with either of his parents. “Hey - no judgement from me. I just want to help you, little guide.”

She chuckled because she knew he was telling the truth. She could feel it empathically even though her gifts weren’t fully matured yet. “It’s weird. I’ve always seen you as a big brother.”

Tony smiled softly and pulled her in for a hug, sensing her need for comfort. “And it’s a role that will continue, only now I will be even more protective. I can’t help it ... it’s instinct.”

She sighed knowing that Tony could be as tenacious as her daddy when he wanted to be. She twisted in Tony’s lap to tell her Dad - having the courage to say it now on the Alpha Sentinel’s lap.  “Dad. Mum loves me but she distrusts guides and I hate it there. It’s all I can feel in that house.” Her voice broke on the last part and so did the hearts of the adults in the room. When her Dad put his hands out she dove from Tony’s lap into his arms once more. Tony was glad because he’d happily give her as many hugs as she needed but there was nothing that could beat a dad’s hug - or so everyone said.

Fornell crushed her into a fierce hug and even Gibbs managed to get up, wincing at the injury but that was secondary to his desire to comfort the young girl. Gibbs looked at Tony with anger in his eyes. Tony understood implicitly the anger and nodded. He would sort this - he would have done it for any young child guide but Em was family. He assured them. “I’ll sort it. No one is allowed to enter the room without me or Hotch as an escort. So you will not have to deal with her in this room while you all recover.”

Emily looked upset, thinking she’d caused the commotion. “I didn’t mean to cause trouble.” 

Tony lifted her chin up. “Hey, kiddo. You said I’m like your big brother, right?” 

She bit her lip. “Yeah.” 

“And big brothers sort things for their little sisters?” Tony asked gently, trying to get her see reason. 

She giggled as that was the stereotype. “Yeah.” 

So Tony gave her a gentle smile. “So that’s what I’m going to do. Do not ever think that you’re a burden or a waste of time. Your Dad and Gibbs adore you and so do I. Aaron and Jack will too, once they get to know you.”

She grabbed him in a fierce hug and Tony let her. He had to smile at the way Orso, his spirit animal, decided to get in on the action. He was such a cuddle slut when he wasn’t being all angry and gruff.


Gibbs looked at the exhausted girl curled up between him and Tobias. He’d always been fond of Emily but now there was more - she would be a child of his heart. He knew that bonding with Tobias was a formality. As his strength slowly returned, so were his senses aligning and they were all primed on the guide.

“Diane is going to kill us.”

Tobias chuckled as he moved a hair from his daughter’s face. “Nah, she’ll have to get through Tony and Aaron and I’m not above hiding behind them.”

Sentences he never expected to hear, and that ranked up there for Gibbs. He spoke softly as he had no intention of waking Emily up. “We’re not hiding behind my son.”

He’d long since stop denying his heart on the relationship between him and Tony - if anything, the current events had cemented that.

Tobias pouted at him. “Hey, you’re the one that taught him how to be a badass. He’s learned every lesson well.”

Gibbs did feel proud of the idea. “He was already a badass when I got him, I just built on it. Besides, don’t think that will change my mind. We have to face her head on. It’ll hurt Emily more otherwise and you know it.”

Tobias sighed. “I hate when you’re right.”

Jethro closed his eyes with a contented smile on his face. He knew that Tobias would win his fair share of the arguments so he was going to savour this small victory while it lasted.


Meanwhile, Ziva was planning her own revenge on the people who’d ruined her life. Her fury had not abated one drop. It wasn’t enough for Tony to take her job, he’d ruined her and all over a stupid joke. It was not her fault that Gibbs had got shot - how could she have predicted it? Step one of her plans was implemented by having got Sergei’s attention.

Mossad taught you to use any weapon available to you. Plus, if you could manipulate someone into doing your dirty work - even better. It allowed you a layer of protection.

They’d be on the lookout for her - they wouldn’t have planned for Sergei. He had more to gain and revenge was always a powerful motivator. It was certainly a good aspect to exploit in others, it had been so successful for her in the past. 

There was a call from a number she didn’t recognise. She answered it guessing it would be Sergei as he’d implied now was the time he’d make contact.

“Take a stroll in the park next to you.”

The call ended abruptly and Ziva bit back her anger at the rude manner. She reminded herself that she needed him in order to get her own revenge. It was just fate that their goals coincided. She grabbed her jacket and slipped several more knives onto her body.

It didn’t take her long to trackdown her brother’s sibling. “Hello, Sergei.”

“Tell me more.” He demanded gruffly.

Ziva didn’t mind, she wasn’t one for small talk. “About Gibbs or DiNozzo?”


She handed him a folder, she just forgot to add the part about Tony being the Alpha Sentinel of the Area. If he wasn’t good enough to find it out on his own, it wasn’t her job to let him know.  “Here is what I know ... they whisked Gibbs off to a hospital once he was discovered.”

Sergei had a razor sharp grin. “That was careless, wasn’t it ... letting him be discovered?” 

She threw her hair back. “I was aiming for not too obvious.”

He perused through the files and closed them. He glared at her.  “I will finish the job you couldn’t. Did you get Daddy’s dispensation through the academy?”

She hissed but there was no chance to reply as he’d already disappeared into the crowd moving through the park. She wished she knew just what Sergei was planning but then there would be no way she would have plausible deniability.


Tony was glad to be back home, he’d stopped by the hospital to let Fornell and Gibbs know what was happening. He’d dealt with more than one situation today ranging from the day job of FBI Assistant-Director to his duties as Alpha-Sentinel. “I’m home.”

Jack ran to greet him and hugged him. Tony definitely enjoyed the love of his stepson that was freely given. “How’s Grandpaw?” 

Tony smiled because his stepson was so concerned. “He’s sleeping under Uncle Toby’s watchful eye.”

“Good,” with a grin. “I made sure to ask him to read a story.”

Tony chuckled ruffling Jack’s hair. “Thanks, kiddo. Where’s your Dad?” 

And it wasn’t Aaron but Jessica, Haley’s sister, that answered. “He was called back to the office.”

Tony groaned because he’d made it explicitly clear that Aaron did not go to work without him unless it was a dire emergency. “Seriously, did he say who was stupid enough to countermand the order on both of our files?” 

“Victor FitzGerald, although Aaron actually used a more colourful variant.” Jessica replied and sadly that did explain everything.

Tony growled, rather like his spirit animal. “Stupid man, you’d think they’d learn not to screw with my guide.” In fact, Orso popped into view. Tony didn’t even blink as he ordered his spirit guide. “Go and keep an eye on our guide, detain anything that tries to hurt him.”

Jessica smirked, knowing someone was in trouble. “Well, I am here and I don’t mind staying.” 

Tony kissed her cheek and looked down at Jack. “Hey buddy, I gotta go and make sure Daddy’s safe. You’ll be good for your Aunty, right?” 

“Of course.” He said, highly offended at the idea he might misbehave for his beloved aunt. He wasn’t a silly boy knowing that if he did - she didn’t bake cookies and that would suck.

Tony waited until Jack ran off to wash his hands. “Hey, guards will be posted here as a precaution.”

Jessica nodded. “Go. We’ll be fine and I have the code for the panic room if needed.” 

Tony relaxed knowing that she had a good head on her shoulders. “Do what you have to do to stay alive.”


“Why has my guide been called into work without me?” 

The voice on the other side spluttered. “You work for me, DiNozzo, not the other way around.” 

Tony snorted amazed at the arrogance of the man. Once he’d dug down to the bottom of this he was going to make sure the Deputy Director understood just what a stupid position he’d put himself in. After all, it was only a fool of a man who would make himself an enemy of the tribe.

“If there is a hair out of my place on my guide’s head I will make what I did to the Reaper look civilised.” Tony promised calmly and all the more deadly as a result. He ended the call knowing he’d got nothing of use from Fitzgerald. He knew in his gut something was wrong - he just didn’t know what. He was pressing the Bluetooth activation on his steering wheel to make a call.

“Toby - are Gibbs and Emily secure?”

“Yes, Alpha. What is it?” Even Toby was picking up his anger and he was miles away.

Tony huffed and ground out. “Victor Fitzgerald ordered Aaron to the office without me and doesn’t seem to understand the implication. Worse, doesn’t care.”

Tobias paled and so badly freaked out that Gibbs woke up.

“What is it?” His own Sentinel demanded to know.

Tobias shook his head, focussing on Tony for the second. “Focus on getting to your guide, Tony. I’ll ensure there are agents here, and get Ellison and Sandburg on the phone. We’ll raise hell on your behalf.”

Tony snorted at the reply even though it did help to calm him down. “You know what? It’s like I’m talking to Gibbs.”

Tobias snorted. “Hey, we’re pairs for a reason. Be safe.” 

“And you. Look after Pops, and my new little sister.” Tony ordered, having had so little of a family he fought like crazy to protect what he had now. He considered Aaron, Jack, Gibbs and by extension Tobias and Emily, family. 

Tobias looked at the pair who were actually on the bed. Gibbs' eyes were wide open, intent on listening to every bit of information. “I will.” 

“Who is it?” 

Tobias shrugged because it was his least favourite action as an investigator. His whole job was about finding answers and right now, he had none. “We don’t know but Tony’s instincts are primed to full and he listens to his gut now.” 

“Good. There’s no one in the hospital I don’t recognise.” Gibbs remarked, straining to hear something in the distance. 

Tobias smiled softly. “Are you saying your senses are fully online?” 

Gibbs didn’t shrug as Emily was currently using him as a pillow. She’d been exhausted after the emotional upheaval of admitting she would rather live with Tobias than Dianne. He felt hunted and he knew this was his enemy coming after the tribe - he just didn’t have a name.

Across town, a gunshot rang out across the night skyline ...

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Chapter 3: Simmering nicely


Tony had heard the gunshot across town. The first thing he did was check on the heartbeats of Jack and Aaron, then the members of the extended family. He knew in his heart, some instinct or another, that the gunshot was relevant. He just didn’t know how. He was just glad it was none of his direct tribe. 

The news came in across the scanner, which he had primed to the local PD radio waves. He wasn’t naive like some of the law enforcement - and understood the value of cops especially as the first wave responder, as they often were when crimes were committed.

“Female shot dead, on the corner of 9th and 12th.” The radio operator announced.

Tony put his car into reverse and sped in the direction of the bullet. “Aaron, get to the shooting crime scene. There’s something wrong and our senses won’t calm until we figure out what.” 

Tony snorted at his guide’s response. “I don’t give a fuck about Fitzgerald. We’ll deal with him afterward. Or, I might just set Sandburg and Ellison on him.”

Tony wasn’t in a habit of getting other people to do his dirty work but right now, he had a lot on his plate. He had a relatively new bond with Aaron and Jack. He had a busy job, a newly online Sentinel and Guide just waiting to bond joining his pack. He now had a threat after his tribe, it had to be bad to set off his Sentinel so strongly. If that was the case, a pissant like Fitzgerald didn’t even rank close to the top of the priority list.


Tony had made it to the scene and saw the Police cordon. He flashed his ID to the LEO’s and they immediately waved him through. He recognised the one detective from some old case when the team he’d been on consisted of him and Gibbs.

Tony recoiled in shock as he knew who this was from just her perfume. This was Diane. Jesus, Emily had now lost her mother. This was a mess. What was she doing here? Why would anyone shoot her? The sad thing was it was more than likely she was shot in revenge against either Fornell or Gibbs - or both .

When he found the perp - they would be subject to Sentinel justice. Tony would love to say that he could be just arrested but his instincts were too primed - in his mind, this was an attack on the tribe.

The detective reported the facts as they had them, which sadly wasn’t much. “Sir, we don’t have the ID for the victim yet. Died of a sniper's bullet.” 

Tony rolled his eyes because even if he wasn’t a Sentinel he’d be able to figure that one out. “Sorry lads, this will be one of ours.”

The local officers had already figured with the appearance of a Sentinel AD of the FBI, they were unlikely to be keeping the case. What they didn’t know was with how twisted the case was going to come - they’d be glad it was taken off them if they knew the truth. 

Tony took in the scene, he would wait until Aaron got there to do an in-depth analysis of the scene. Still, he could run the rudimentary maths to figure the place of the sniper. “Have any of your officers checked that rooftop?” 

The Detective shook his head. “No, Sir.” 

Tony was running the problem in his head. The victim suggested a hit that was meant to hurt both Gibbs and Fornell. This would do it but did the perp know they’d just brought the whole tribe down on them? Why now? Did they know Gibbs was injured?”

Tony could scent something. “I need to go that rooftop. Walk with me.” 

They were back from the rooftop and Tony couldn’t categorise the scent. It was faint, too soft to truly find it. A car raced up to the kerbside with blue lights on. “Aaron - perfect timing. It’s Diane, Emily’s mom.” 

His guide felt Tony’s anxiousness to get to the bottom of this. “What’s the issue?” 

“Single gunshot wound to the head ... It’s a replay of Kate’s death down to even the location. It’s designed to hurt Gibbs and possibly Fornell. The only trouble is if it is targeting those closest to Gibbs - it’s not over.”

Aaron agreed. “It’s just beginning and you’ll be a prime target.” 

Tony snorted. “No, this person is a coward, and it’s reliving Gibbs’ worst memories. So unless they can get hold of the pneumonic plague ... I’m safe. The nest is up there and I know one of the scents but I was too far away to judge what it was over there.”

Aaron shook his head because there should have been no way his Sentinel could have recognised one scent, in a city, from over fifty feet away. He didn’t say it because he knew that Tony worked so well because he didn’t know about certain supposed rules. “Let’s go up there. You okay?”

Tony nodded. “I’m not as affected. It’s going to hit Gibbs, and Emily and Tobias.” 

Aaron winced because as timings go, an outpouring of grief like the family were going to be hit with wouldn’t be great. It could bind them together but it could just as easily tear them apart - and that concerned Tony. As a sign of how the couple felt, they were shadowed by Tony the tiger, and Orso the mountain bear. They walked up the stairwell that would lead to the rooftop that Tony suspected their sniper stood on.

Tony said it softly. “I’ll identify the body. There’s no need for Fornell or Emily to see that until they have to.” 

“You’re a good man.” 

Tony sucked in a breath. “I don’t feel like a good man. I want to rip the bastard apart for daring to attack one of the tribe. Her death was cold, calculated and ruthless - makes me want to answer in kind.” 

Aaron was calm as he stood by his guide. There was nothing his sentinel could say that would make him doubt his man. “Is that supposed to scare me?” 

Tony bit his lip, and as they were on the stairs leading to the rooftop he could be honest. “It scares me.”

“You’re my equal in every way, you were a lawman before you ever knew about your Sentinel ... So you will do the right thing whether it is easy or hard.” Hotch explained as if it was obvious.

Tony took a deep breath and pushed all his emotions and thoughts away from himself. He was going to catalogue the crime scene in a way to support forensics and to do that he needed to be focused. “You got the recorder?” 

Aaron nodded. This was the second time they’d done this. The team had been astonished by the amount Tony could glean from a crime scene by simply using his five senses. “Okay.” 

Tony stepped onto the roof. The scents were stronger and more obvious here. It wasn’t proof yet but Tony knew who they were looking for. His phone was in his hand. “Penelope, I need your tech wizardry. You’re looking for Sergei Mishnev and I want you to start tracking Ziva David. Oh, and while you’re at it, if you can discover the link between Victor fucking Fitzgerald and Mishnev then the agency just might end up with a new vacancy.”

Hotchner snorted because that would be a given. “You figure out a way to legitimately remove Fitzgerald and you’ll be a cult hero by the bureau. Even his own son hates his guts.” 

Tony smirked knowing that was the case. Fitzgerald had made no secret that he didn’t like DiNozzo, or that he’d come into the agency as an assistant director, especially as he was an uncivilised sentinel. Tony’s response had been a sneer, and that if he didn’t get out of Tony’s office he’d show him just how uncivilised he could be. “Well, there is your incentive, my lady. You will be the one known as giving me the information.” 

“Your will be done, my King.” She said with faux seriousness and Tony could already hear her fingers clacking over her keyboard.

Aaron looked to his sentinel. He could guess what was going on here but they needed to be smart and plan. They also needed to send a message about what would and would not be tolerated.

“Say it.” 

Tony looked straight in Aaron’s eyes. “I can smell Sergei Mishnev. I’ve met him before and he smells strongly of vodka and this weird aftershave. It is distinctive as hell, only, there is another perfume intertwined with it.” 


Tony huffed. “In one.” 

“So are you waiting for proof?” Aaron asked. He wasn’t asking judgmentally, just wanting to know which side of his lover was going to win. Like he’d said before - he was Tony’s equal and wouldn’t judge the actions that his sentinel needed to take to keep their territory safe.

Tony nodded. “I will be declaring a tribal hunt, so yeah, I want proof. I just know Penelope will find it. Jack’s with Jessica and has a full guard. We need to go to the hospital.” 



Tony and Aaron drove to the hospital in one car, ordering one of the junior agents to take Tony’s car back to their house. 

When they got to the hospital room, they saw the guard who he’d ordered to be posted there. The minute he’d realised who was dead, and who was more than likely responsible.

“Who was it?” Gibbs asked Tony straight up, knowing it was someone connected.

Tony saw Emily curled up in Tobias’ lap. “You know who it was. Emily can feel it in her heart. Correct?” 

Tobias looked sad but he’d also known, feeling the hurt as well. Whatever he and Diane were like now - she was still the mother of his child. “How?” 

Tony hated giving this news when it was strangers. Today it sucked even worse. However, he was the leader of this tribe, and he would deliver the news. “She was shot by a sniper. It was staged to look like Kate’s death.” 

“This is not over.” Gibbs said, certain of that much.

Tony didn’t give Gibbs any attitude because he was in turmoil. “Hey, I know who it is. I’m hunting them down and they will pay. Your job is to heal and settle this grief as a family in this room. Let me take care of arrangements.” 

“That is too much.” Tobias whispered.

Tony shook his head. “Hey, you’re family and that’s the end of it. The scene is engineered to make you too mad, that you snap and go off half-cocked. So I’m not letting you see the scene.”

“Why would Mischnev start now?” 

Tony sighed. “I have a theory and if it’s confirmed you need to be warned. Ziva. Her perfume was strong enough that I could still smell it on the rooftop so he’d been in contact with her in the last twenty-four hours.”

Gibbs snorted in disgust. “Oh, she's her Daddy’s daughter. She’s still using people as her weapon. Mishnev is Haswari’s brother. Simple enough to arrange a phone call. Meet, say I killed Ari, and that he can have his revenge.” 

Tobias looked up with anger in his eyes. “If that’s true...” 

Tony met his eyes with a glint. “Then Ellison and I will be going on a hunt. At the moment he’s focussing on Victor Fitzgerald because the bastard tried to separate my guide from me this morning and I find that awfully suspicious timing.” 

Tobias thought about it. “It would fit. Bastard. What have you said to him?”

Tony snorted. “I told him if Aaron had a hair out of place on his head then I was going to make what I did to the Reaper look civilised.” 

Tobias looked at his own sentinel and could see a matching smirk. “You two really are cut from the same cloth.”

Emily had woken up with all the talking. “They’ll pay.” 

Tony smiled sadly. “Nothing I do can bring back your mom but I can promise you that those who made it happen ... they’ll be found and brought to justice.”

His list of people to take care of was getting ever longer - good job he had people who could help. Ziva, Sergei and Victor were going to ever regret going against his tribe.

Chapter Text

Chapter 4: To fight the Tribe 

Aaron walked out of the room with Tony and noticed that there were three Sentinel pairs guarding the hallway. “Is that overkill?” Gibbs may be recovering from a gunshot but he would still put his money on Fornell and his In-Law.

Tony shook his head. “Nope, not really.” His instincts were primed to maximum and he didn’t care if it was over-bearing. It needed to happen so he could concentrate on the tasks in front of him. 

Aaron just rolled his eyes, knowing it would be futile to make any further comments regarding the guards. Instead, he had to ask. “Do you really think Fitzgerald is involved with Mishnev?”

Tony shrugged because if there was one thing he’d learned it was that people were never truly predictable. “Who knows?”

Aaron thought about it. He’d known Fitzgerald more than Tony because he’d been at the agency longer. Tony had only switched after the debacle of the Reaper and not being willing to be separated from his Guide. He started to think out loud. “What got him his promotion to Deputy Director?”

Tony shrugged because he didn’t know that one. Whatever it was it hadn’t gone intra-agency. “I wasn’t even FBI when that happened.”

Aaron wasn’t sure either but his gut said that whatever it was - would be the answer to their riddle. “Garcia will find the link for us.”

“Of that, I have no doubt.” Tony replied. “So we need to hunt down Sergei Mishnev and Ziva David.”

Aaron perfectly agreed with that assessment. “We go after Ziva and let the agency go after Sergei Mishnev.”

Tony sucked in a breath because he personally wanted to track down and deal with both. Yet, he was more than his instincts and knew that was less than likely to be successful. He couldn’t afford a split focus and he’d ensured that the main targets had massive guards set on them.


Sergei had recorded the crime scene wanting to see who would come and find the body. He was disappointed to see that Gibbs didn’t come himself. No, instead there was DiNozzo but this man was no clown. Ziva had painted him as an Agent Meatball but that was so wrong - she’d badly misjudged him.

He’d gone to his perch almost like he could smell he was there. The man with him was tall, imposing and screamed Federal Agent. He’d captured his image in order to get an ID and figure out if he was a threat to his plans, or, he could blend them into his plans to hurt Gibbs.

DiNozzo wasn’t just a Sentinel, he was a bloodhound. His element of surprise was gone, that much was clear. He’d ID’d him from his scent. 

He needed to step up his actions, he was going to worry less about trying to cause pain and would go straight to killing Gibbs before he lost the opportunity. He would have to utilise all of his skills to disappear once his objective was achieved. A wicked but perfect thought cheered him up. The little bitch had set him up so he had no problem in setting her up as the perpetrator and killer of Gibbs. 


Ziva hissed at the phone call as it was Sergei informing her, “Go to ground. You’re burnt and DiNozzo knows you were in contact.”

She hissed because there was no way he could know. “How?”

She’d deliberately engineered contact outside normal channels. She’d also taken care to avoid Quantico and places she knew that Tony frequented. 

Sergei started to rant because he knew he should have avoided her original call. “He is a motherfucking bloodhound, you stupid bint. He ID’d us from the scent on a tower where I’d been six hours previously. You are deluded if you think you can avoid him. You’ve broken your sanction so congratulations. Whilst I get to hunt Gibbs, you get to be the prey in a Sentinel Hunt.”

Ziva threw the phone away - there was no point in letting them find her electronically. She refused to be anyone’s prey. She wasn’t a Sentinel but she was Mossad and they were no one’s prey. 


Garcia had delved into the records and the case archives and now she sat reading the screen one more time. She’d done it, just like Tony had asked her. “Holey moley. This is huge.”

“What’s that, baby girl?”

Penelope whirled around from her screens to face Derek. She looked pleased but shocked all at the same time. “The Deputy Director is in bed with Mossad and has ties to shady shady people. Tony asked me to find the link and there it is.”

Derek looked at the screen and sighed as he made a call. “Hotch. It’s Derek. Fitzgerald took a phone call with Ziva David and Sergei Mishnev today. He’s marked the numbers as CI’s.”

Tony said something and Derek caught part of the curse and winced. He was pretty sure it was biologically impossible but a Sentinel would probably be the only one who could pull it off. Derek explained what was happening. “Garcia’s putting the evidence together and sending it to the Director. It might not be damning on its own but the bank deposits straight after are kind of bad.”

Tony growled. “Make sure he’s taken into custody inside the building. Tell him if he doesn’t go quietly I am more than willing to follow through with my promise.”

Derek had to ask because his curiosity was just too strong. “Which was?”

Derek might not be able to see DiNozzo but he could imagine the righteous fury on his face. “If there was a hair out of place on Aaron’s head I promised that what I would do to him would make what I did to the Reaper appear civilised.”

Derek had a nasty grin because he had seen what Tony had done. “How can we help?”

Aaron thought about it. “Head to my home. We need to know Jack is safe.”

Derek could imagine just what was running through their minds. The last time Aaron was suffering from a target it was the Reaper. “Consider it done. Rossi will secure Fitzgerald first and then join us.”

“Thank you.”

“Think nothing of it, Hotch. Just go and get the bad guy.” Derek said as his way of ending the call. 


Tony phoned Ellison. “We have evidence of Ziva David breaking her sanction. She tried to kill Gibbs and has harmed a guide’s mother just for petty revenge.”

Ellison growled. “Then I sanction a retribution hunt. I’ll join up with you. Where are you?”

Tony gave his location and took a deep breath. His hand found his guide’s. “This will end in blood.”

Aaron shrugged. “She’s taken lives and we both know her profile. She would choose suicide by cop over being taken alive.”

Tony sighed because it was a last resort for any of them. He hated when their hands were forced in such a way but he refused to allow a threat to society or their tribe stay alive. “I know. Sergei is going home in a body bag.”

Fornell was phoning him. “Gibbs wants to check out AMA.”

Tony took a deep breath because as much as he wanted Gibbs to stay into hospital it would make more sense to get to somewhere defensible. “Head to mine. Half of the BAU are already there.”

Hotchner snorted as there was no way any of the BAU would be left behind. “You mean all of them, don’t you?”

Tony smirked because despite the situation he could still appreciate irony. “Depends on how much Dave drags out taking down Fitzgerald.”


At Quantico, Dave was indeed heading to the Deputy Director’s office but he had a SWAT team and the Director with him.

“Isn’t it overkill?”

Charlie Andrews smirked at his agent. “It depends on your point of view. It will make a lasting impression I should imagine.”

Rossi shrugged as that was a subtle vengeance. “Do you want the honours, Sir?”

Andrews smirked. “I surely do. Are DiNozzo and Hotchner okay?”

Rossi snorted. “As I understand it ... they are hunting Ziva David and Sergei Minschnev.”

“Both of them? Isn’t that dangerous.”

Rossi smirked at his director. “Well, Tony is annoyed and requested a sanctioned hunt so Sentinel Ellison is with him. I almost pity the two.”

The Director nodded in understanding. He was more than aware that DiNozzo was a powerful sentinel in his own right, “Well if you choose to bring down the wrath of Sentinels you only have yourself to blame.” 

Chapter Text

Chapter 5: Yourself to Blame. 


Victor Fitzgerald stiffened seeing Rossi with the Director and a team of SWAT heading his way. That was a stupid amount of SWAT considering he was still inside Quantico. They were making a beeline straight for him and they looked grim. Had something happened to his son? 

Charlie opened the door and didn’t leave him in suspense long . “Victor, you stupid son of a bitch. You will follow these nice men or you will be dragged out trussed up like a hog.”

“What is the meaning of this?” He demanded to know, full of rage. 

“You should have hidden the payments better from foreign agents, you greedy amoral bastard. I’m going to have people audit your entire fucking life and charge you with everything I can make stick.”

Fitzgerald sneered. “I have friends in high places.”

Charlie let his smirk grow wider and it looked down-right evil. “You know what? I hope you do make bail as that will put you in the middle of a sanctioned sentinel hunt ... what was it that DiNozzo promised you again?”

Rossi piped up, enjoying the show immensely. “I can answer that. He promised to make what he did to George Foyet look civilised.”

Charlie just levelled an even stare at his former Deputy. “So are you going to come quietly or should Rossi make a call to his Unit Chief?” It was a vindictive checkmate but either way, the Director was going to be putting out an employment ad one way or the other. 

Victor knew when the game was up. He held his hands out to be handcuffed. He wouldn’t give them the satisfaction of any help. “You will never find them and if they die you have no evidence.”

Rossi snorted as that was a no-hope situation and he happily disabused him of the situation . “You forget who our tech analyst is ... she already had found enough to have you locked up, you idiot.”

Charlie handed him to the SWAT leader. “Make sure he’s detained ... book him in as under suspicion of aiding terrorism, treason and anything else I can make stick.”

Victor had been about to challenge his rights but knew the minute the word terrorism was uttered his rights went to none.


Mishnev growled as his routes of escape were being closed off one by one. “Why the hell am I suddenly persona-non-grata?”

His contact, a stalwart of the criminal underground, giggled. “You know you’re being hunted by the Sentinels, right? It was broadcast an hour ago. You and Ziva David will both find no rest or support from anyone. You have been declared an intolerable threat to the Pride.”

Sergei threw his phone in frustration. He’d assumed they’d go after Ziva. He hissed in outrage. It was the stupid bint’s fault. She was smart enough to use his need for revenge but he failed. 

And that was the most galling part if he couldn’t kill Gibbs. He needed a plan B - it would be the difference between life and death. Where would his prey have gone to ground?


Ziva was lying in her bed moping over the situation and hoping that Sergei would soon be phoning to confirm his success. The TV broadcast was overtaken by something. It flashed up the Sentinel and Guide symbol. 

As much as she hated them - she started to pay attention. Her mouth dropped open seeing her name was there right next to Sergei. “WHAT!?!”

She tried her phone but Tim didn’t pick up. Coward, she thought with a sneer. She tried Abby. 

Abby answered her. “Ziva. You are on your own. You hurt Gibbs.”

She screamed. “This is DiNozzo’s fault!” 

The only reply she got was a dead ringtone. 

She was without friends, without help. She had only herself to rely on. She started to pack a bag - she would have to get off the grid quickly. She had to hope that the city could help her evade the senses of the Sentinels. 

It might have if they were ordinary Sentinels but Jim Ellison and Tony DiNozzo weren’t ordinary by any definition.


Jim looked at the address of where they were heading. “Tony thinks that we should start at her apartment.”

They greeted Tony and Aaron as soon as they got out of the car. “Fornell, Emily and Gibbs have all headed to my place. It’s where the rest of our team is already protecting my son and his aunt.”

Jim smirked, knowing just how much firepower was waiting in that house. If someone was to attack that house - the question would be merely who got the killing shot. “I pity anyone who attacks there.”

Tony shook his head and added with a smirk. “Nah, if they are stupid then they should procreate. Talking about stupid; that sickly jasmine vanilla scent - that’s her.”

Jim shook his head. “You said she was Mossad and she didn’t change clothes.”

Tony broke into the apartment with a swift kick. “Nope, look wallowing on the bed, jumped up and ran out of the door, grabbing her go-bag there.”

“What did she expect to happen?” Blair asked most confused. 

Tony rolled his eyes. “What she expected was she could use her female ways to persuade Sergei Mishnev to do her dirty work.”

Jim snorted. “Well, that’s all kinds of stupid.”

Blair beat Aaron or Tony by saying it. “Revenge is never logical, or as we are seeing rarely ends in the bodies you suspect.”

Tony smiled sweetly. “As long as that toxic bitch can’t hurt anyone, I’m good.”

Aaron rolled his eyes as it was clear that his Sentinel had reconciled the two parts of his nature. Or, it was more likely she had now become a tangible threat to his tribe and thus needed to be put down. 


Gibbs had been reading Jack a story as that was the bargain struck for him to sleep. The agents watched as the big-bad infamous agent wrapped himself around his grandson and read. It seemed the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King was the book of a choice. 

Jack was sleepy but managed to hold out long enough to say. “Glad you’re okay, grandpaw.”

“Go to sleep, little cub, all your aunts and uncles will still be here in the morning. Hopefully, your Dads will have caught the bad guys.”

He had a smile on his face. “I don’t bet against my Dads.”

Gibbs saw the smile on everyone’s faces. “Neither would I, kiddo.”

Gibbs gently disentangled and moved across the room. “Look alive. Come on, Tobias, let’s go and show them what we do to uninvited guests.”

The BAU members were all looking at each other as they tried to figure out what he was talking about but no one had a clue. 

“Protect Jack. We’ve got Mishnev.” Gibbs offered as a few more guns and knives disappeared onto his personage. 


Tony and Jim had played bloodhound although they would probably kick the ass of anyone who described them that way. They’d stopped at a subway entrance trying to ascertain if she’d gone down. They could split up into two separate teams to follow up on both possibilities. 

“She would have stayed off public transport,” Tony replied. He was certain of it, she was rash but knew how they tracked criminals.

Aaron looked at the bin closest to him. “Pale attempt to throw you off the scent.”

Blair tilted his head to the side, he was more than aware that there was more than one way to skin a cat. “Where would she consider safe if we’ve burned most of her options?”

Tony smacked his head because he didn’t need to be a sentinel. She would always head towards home or as close as she could manage it. “The embassy. She would reach out and beg her father to intercede on her behalf.”

Jim Ellison smirked. “You mean I get to tell Eli David to fuck off today as well as hunt? This day just keeps getting better.”

Tony grinned crookedly. “I hope it’s a conference call.”

Aaron and Blair shared a long-suffering grin. Aaron pointed out reasonably in a bid to get them back on track. “We will need to stop her before she gets to the embassy.”

Tony knew there were too many entrances that she could exploit. “Let’s surround the embassy so she can’t get through. How many of us are in the local area?”

Aaron chuckled because it was going to be quite the sight to behold. The best part? Israel and Eli David would be unable to object as they would not be on their soil as they would form a perimeter around the block. “I like it.”


Gibb walked up the stairs of the house - Sergei was the type to snipe and he shouldn’t play games when he was ill-equipped to follow. He used the scope he’d grabbed off Morgan to check the surroundings. 

He stretched his senses and stood up intrigued. “He isn’t going to snipe. He’s too close.”

“What’s his play?” 

Gibbs shrugged. “Last gasp attempt to kill me before he gets taken out. He had a choice, he could have gone after Ziva and attempted to leverage her and he chose revenge instead.” He could understand the impulse but not if it was at the expense of his own life.

Fornell shook his head. “It’s like he’s begging for death.”

Gibbs snorted. “Maybe. Either way I’ll help him on his way.”

There wasn’t much that could be said to that as they were both on the same wavelength. Sergei was active on the street somewhere and Gibbs was beginning to love his new senses, and his spirit animal popped into existence. “Run him to ground for me, sweetheart.”

Fornell looked at his Sentinel and was pleased to see that he was embracing his gifts. “Okay, that was hot.”

He shook his head at his incorrigible guide. “Let’s see what she comes back with for us.”

By the time they reached the door, she was back. Tobias was surprised when she landed on his shoulder and communicated the images of her search. He snorted. “It seems the Johnson’s rented their house for the summer but really should have done a background check on their house sitter.” 

Gibbs smirked, heading towards the back door. There was no sense in making it easy on the bastard. “Let’s go to welcome him to the neighbourhood.”


Sergei was waiting but no one was coming out of the house. This was the house where DiNozzo had set up home. It seemed like half of the FBI was waiting in that house. It was too bad he didn’t have the hardware to take out the house. He had only his rifle and knife. He was pitifully underprepared for this disaster and that was just as embarrassing as the whole thing.

The door blasted in from the back and he spun around to be met by twin guns. “How did you know?”

Gibbs rolled his eyes. “Sentinel.”

“That is not on your file.”

Gibbs smirked. “It’s an adjustment,” looking at Fornell, “but not so bad.”

“You murdered my brother!”

Gibbs tilted his head to the side. “Is that right? You know you shouldn’t trust a single word out of Ziva’s mouth.”

“Why would she lie about her own brother?”

Fornell was the one to answer across his still aimed his gun. “You know she’s Mossad right - and deception is in their bones. If you wanted Ari’s killer you should have shot her when you had the chance.”

“No. He shot Ari. It is in the report.”

Sergei looked into the eyes of Gibbs and knew the truth. “Why?”

“Eli David wanted to off-load his deranged son and get his daughter into an American agency by saving a high placed agent.”

Sergei groaned seeing the plan fall into place. “She shot Ari. You felt grateful and covered it up in the report. She got pissed about something and then tries to kill you.”

Gibbs nodded and sneered. “Yeah, I chose Tony over her. It rankled.”

Fornell snorted. “She did not take rejection well and ensnared you in her plot. If it’s any comfort she’s currently being hunted down by the primes.”

Sergei did the one thing he swore he would never do. He surrendered. “If I get out of this I am taking out every last stinking David I can find.”

Gibbs personally thought those were goals to aspire to and had to make a decision whether he would call in a few favours for it to happen. Fornell was the one to step forward. “Sergei Mishnev - you are being arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and aiding and abetting of a sanctioned individual.”

Gibbs let go of the adrenaline he’d been holding in reserve as he called through the radio for a team to detain Mishnev. “I wonder how the kids are doing?”

Tobias rolled his eyes. “You left them with the primes. If anything it’ll be overkill on the hunt.”


Ziva had slipped onto the side block - she now had the embassy in sight. If she got inside, she could make an appeal to her father. It would certainly make it harder for those sons of dogs to kill her. 

She had done all she could to change her appearance quickly. Her locks were spiky and blonde under a cap, she’d also traded clothes in an attempt to evade their sensitive noses. She stopped cold seeing the end of the block. 

“You have got to be goating me.”

The whole building was surrounded by men and women. They were not all armed but it was an effective checkpoint. She wondered where Tony was and if this was his handiwork. 

She weighed the risk of inching forward with disappearing. She couldn’t believe that she’d been outfoxed. She was so sure she’d used all the evasion techniques that had been lectured about at the Academy. They’d failed. 

Jim spoke - not even bothering with a radio. He didn’t see the point as Tony would be able to hear him without one and thus making it an unhackable way to communicate. “She’s on the corner of fifth and avenue. She’s scowling and mumbling and seems surprised that we’d predicted this move.”

Tony gradually made his way around the perimeter using the cloak of the other Sentinel and Guides. He spoke softly. “Still there?”

Ellison responded from his makeshift perch. “Oh yeah. I think she’s looking for you.”

Tony smirked and looked at Aaron. “I’m all about giving people what they want.”

Aaron gave him a droll look. “She wants to kill you.”

Tony snorted because this was not an enclosed box - things had changed. “Yeah, about that. Jim, you tracking us with your weapon?”

They were on street level but Tony smirked at the response he got from Jim. He looked to his guide. “Jim is ready and willing to take the shot but feels I’m due the first shot as she has been such a toxic pain in my ass.”

“You can’t fault that logic.”

The street was fairly empty as you might expect. It was quite a sight to see a mass mobilisation of Sentinels and Guides in one area. It was obvious that someone who was a great threat was in the area - so they were all staying clear having no desire to be caught in the crossfire. 

Ziva froze, things were changing up ahead. She wanted to disappear but she had the impression that the chance was gone. Sure enough, five cars blocked the exits to stop her escape. 

“FACE ME!” She screamed, at least wanting to have her say if nothing else. 

Tony shouted from somewhere in the cordon. “Why should I? You’re nothing but a cowardly bitch.”


Tony stepped into the picture, trusting Aaron to have his back. It didn’t hurt knowing that Ellison was up in a nest either. There was a certain symmetry to her being sniped after the shit with Ari. 

“I’m here.” 

She watched him standing there, and he was so sure and secure in what he was that she wanted to scream. She opened her mouth to say something but was taken out by a bullet to her chest. 

Tony sneered. “She always did talk too much.”




People were once more at the Hotchner-DiNozzo home but for something a lot more fun - A family BBQ. Little Jack was buzzing around and he was in awe of little Henry who was too cute for words. 

The BAU was all there, so was the Director of the FBI as well as Fornell and Jethro. They were not the only guests considering Jim Ellison and Blair Sandburg were around. They were watching as little Jack Hotchner had the best and strangest pack of spirit guides all following him including 2 tigers, a bear, 2 birds and a snake.

“You know that kid’s probably the most protected kid in DC.”

Tony snorted. “Yeah, you gotta pity the poor person who tries to date him.”

Aaron groaned as the BAU snickered at seeing their leader blanche at the thought. “Not happening until he gets his first degree or training graduation.”

“That’s fine by me.”

Charlie shook his head,  relieved that the others had relaxed around him. “You say that like you’ll have a choice. He is a good kid - just hope he gets no one pregnant.”

Tony sighed. “Let’s talk about something less creepy. Who do you want as your Deputy?”

Charlie snorted. “You.”

The team watched as now DiNozzo was caught by surprise. “Huh?”

The Director snorted. “I am not a stupid man. You have seen to the last two deputy directors being removed for being derelict in duty. You are the Alpha Sentinel of DC and you are bonded to my BAU Leader, not to mention last time I checked - you are my assistant Director.”

Gibbs was smirking. “No good deed goes unpunished and you would be the one setting the rules so I’m sure you’re smart enough to figure out how to balance things.”

Tony huffed. “You are all going to regret this but sure, Mr Director. I’ll be your Deputy.”

There were cheers all around and celebration flowed through the house.

It turns out the only one who regretted Tony’s promotion were the criminals.