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Out of Sunnydale

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Out of Sunnydale

By: PhoenixJustice

Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer is owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and other things that are not me. I only own this story and make no profit from this.

Warning: Rated M for language, violence, sexual situations, etc.

Pairing: Spike/Buffy Summers, mentions of past Angel/Buffy, past Angelus/William, etc.

Setting: Sequel to Out of Sight. Spoilers up season 10 of BTVS, season 5 of Angel, and Angel and Faith.

Summary: Amidst looking for a killer (and a place to host their wedding) Buffy and Spike run into some familiar (and not so familiar) faces...

A/N: Some lines taken from season 2 of Angel "There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb."

A/N2: Italics for thoughts and flashbacks.

Part Two of the Out of 'verse


Chapter One - Familiar Faces


"Are-are you sure about that?" Fred asks, a bit nervously.

"Trust me." Cordelia assures her. "Tacos everywhere - and - soap!"

"Yo, that portal jumping is a fun ride." Gunn says. "We sell it to a theme park, we could get paid!"

Angel pushes towards the front, excitement obvious in his face and body. "Okay. Can I say it? I wanna say it."

"Say what?" Wesley asks him.

He pushes open the double doors and starts to walk into the lobby.

"There's no place like-"

He stops when he hears something and holds up a hand for everyone to halt as well. Everyone, save Fred, instantly looks on their guard, whereas Fred looks fearful.

"Like I said, I just don't get why we're waiting here. 's obvious Peaches is still out an' about, so why don't we just-"

Spike. If he had been on his guard before, he was on it double now. Wherever Spike went, trouble was sure to follow. Last he had heard from Buffy, Spike was supposed to be 'safe' now, unable to attack humans or feed from them due to a Chip in his head. But if he had gotten it out...

He makes his way quietly inside and the others do the same.

"And like I said, he'll be back soon. Like really soon. I thought you trusted me?"

Spike snorts. "Don't even try that, pet. You damn well know the answer to that."

"Yeah, well, I-"

Angel stops.

As does Buffy.

She stares at them all with as wide eyes as they-especially him-had to be giving her. Spike follows behind her, not looking all together too surprised at seeing them there (despite his words just moments ago.)

"Who's...who's that?" Fred asks quietly.

"It's Buffy." Angel says quietly.


They hadn't even planned to be in L.A, originally. At least, it wasn't what he had in mind-

"Thinkin' something like Amsterdam. Or Prague."

She raises a disbelieving eyebrow at him.

"What?" He huffs. "I thought they were good choices. Not  too  bloody cliched, like Paris or shite like tha-"

"No," She says. "Not that. It's just...Prague? Really? After what happened there last time for you?"

He shrugs. "Wasn't  all  bad, besides that. And I thought...I wanted to make new memories with you. Guess it doesn't really matter where." He lets out a huff of an unneeded breath as she embraces him tightly. He smiles and hugs her back, feeling the lovely warmth of her.

"You're a wonderful man. You know that, right?" She looks up at him, smiling. She continued to surprise and delight him and she certainly never bored him. Her constant love and trust for him always humbled him. He had promised to himself to never give her a reason to feel like she made the wrong choice, coming back, choosing  him  to be with.

"Hmm...don't think I heard you right, Slayer." He raises a brow at her and grins, moving the brow up and down. "Think I might need to hear it again."

She rolls her eyes but leans up the small distance between them to kiss him. They both linger there for a few moments, until her need for air forces them apart. Her eyes are wide, her pupils dilated with obvious desire and he resists the urge to shag her right then and there against the nearest wall.

They were currently at their (her words) crypt, but the last few days they had been going between the crypt and her mother's house, which he couldn't blame her for; after everything with Glory, plus her mother's illness, it was no wonder that she wanted to spend some extra time with Joyce and Dawn.

('Plus,' she tells him later, in bed, after they're both pleasantly spent. 'It won't be long until we get our own 'official' place, so might as well get in as much free laundry and meals while we can.'

She gives him a cheeky grin and he loves her more than he can possibly say.)

"So." She continues their conversation, her cheeks pleasantly flushed. "Amsterdam, Prague...ooh, what about New Orleans? French Quarter?"

"Nah," He shakes his head. "Too well done too; that Anne Rice bird kind of ruined that place for most of us vamps. Too many dumb fledges-and humans, even-who think themselves Lestat. Gets annoyin'. Bad enough we gotta deal with Drac."

"Eh," She shrugs. "He gets better later."

He raises a disbelieving eyebrow at her.

"He  does ," She insists, hands running up and down his arms. "Though I'm pretty sure he's also like  super  in love with Xander-"

"Okay. After that brain breaking thought," He says, with a shudder. He, of course, had nothing against two men together (had been with a man-or vampire-himself, after all.) It was just the thought of  Dracula  in general.  Or  the boy... not people he wanted to imagine naked. "Maybe-"

"Hmm." She says, interupting him. "Maybe we should think of a place to have the ceremony and/or reception at first? I-I dunno. Never planned a wedding before..."

He eyes her, eyes narrowing at her pondering look.

"Uh huh..." He drags out. "You have somewhere in mind for this thing? Cause I already said I wasn't going to do a Chapel-"

"No. No a chapel or church wasn't what I had in mind..."

And he knows, without her even saying it.

"Oh  hell  no!" He barks, moving out of her embrace. She frowns at him. No, she  pouts . He points a finger at her. "Oh no you don't, missy; you know it's not fair to play that trump card."

"But, Spike," She protests. "It's like-super big. We could do the ceremony, the reception  and  the guests could stay there! Win-win! It-"

"Is  ran ," He growls. "By  your  ex and  my  grandsire."

"Not just  my  ex." She mutters.

His eyes widen. She didn't sound jealous, like she was jealous of the fact that others had been with Angel. No she said it like she knew that he and Spike had...

"You know about that?" He asks, in disbelief.

She shrugs. "Yeah, learn a few things over time." She didn't seem bothered at all by the fact that he and Angelus had slept together before.

"Yeah, but even so!" He exclaims, getting back on track to the original point of his argument. "You can't really think that he'd  ever  allow me to use the place to get married to  you , do you?"

"I-" She raises a hand and then lowers it. She looks at him with a sheepish look. "Okay, you're probably right..."

He lets out an unneeded sigh of relief.

"I'd still like to look it over though."

He groans.


Still, despite her words to him, she wasn't  that  set on L.A.  or  the Hyperion as place for their wedding and/or reception. They hadn't made any big plans about it yet (though her mother kept hinting that she'd like a bigger wedding, leaving a bridal magazine or two around her house with certain pages folded at the corners.)

In fact, being away from Angel for awhile was probably a  good  idea...until the time she needed to intervein with certain things (having knowledge of possible future events was a big bonus, sometimes.) Things like Connor's kidnapping by Holtz. She'd kill Holtz herself first if she had to.

Angel...probably wasn't going to take her and Spike's relationship all too well. There was so much twisted history between all  three  of them in different ways now (not even counting the things that  she  experienced later in a time that would no longer happen for either of the vampires) that it left things  more  than a little awkward at times.

For all that Spike disparaged Angel, he actually longed for his acceptance and friendship-things he never got when Angel called himself (called, not when he "was", for Angel was certainly Angelus and Angelus was Angel. One person. Angel just didn't see it that way, just yet) Angelus and Spike still called himself by his given name, William.

And Angel admired Spike's tenacity and wit, liked his poetry (for all that Angelus had mocked him for it) but felt ashamed of his own talent at art, having a hard time showing it to anyone.

And even besides that, the whole thing that they had slept together once upon a time made things a bit awkward for them as well. She still remembered (in her time, years in the future) when they had finally admitted how things had actually went between them and was surprised that she  wasn't  surprised at the news. It hadn't disgusted her, of course. Merely made her curious how the Angelus of then acted about something like that, raised Catholic boy he was (until made into a monster by Darla. Not because he was a vampire, but because Darla gave him the tools to become a monster.)

So going to L.A. probably would have been best to wait until later, at a time of need; get in, get out, and head back home before Angel even realized what really happened.

So of course something had to happen to change that.


"Ugh. Nasty business." Her mother says, shaking her head, putting her newspaper down.


"Murders." She tells Buffy, after checking the room to make sure Dawn wasn't around. Though Buffy knew Dawn heard words like that-and worse-more often. It wouldn't scar her to hear the word. "Apparently Los Angelus is dealing with a serial killer. Isn't that where Angel is? Shouldn't he be doing something about it?"

She shrugs. "Vanilla serial killers are supposed to be the police's thing, mom; don't really think Angel has the time to take on  all  of those plus all the  supernatural  killings and things as well."

Still, she's morbidly intrigued, despite herself. She picks up the paper and glosses over most of the page, until she gets to the bit about the murders.

And her stomach plummets to her feet.

This is the fifth killing discovered in the past three months.

All are females, all around the same age, though with different descriptions.

Police say they have a serial killer on their hands, because the killer leaves a calling card in the grip of every victim.

A clerical collar.

"Buffy?" Her mother asks her, in obvious concern. She touches her arm. "Are you alright?"

She starts a bit, looking up from the paper at her mother. "I-I'm fine. It's just sad, is all."

When she meets Spike later, after he spends the day teaching Al some things (he had protested about it, but she knew it was all bluster; she knew he was enjoying having someone he could teach properly. Not a minion, but someone more like a childe. Spike had never had that with a fledgling. Ford he only sired because he had promised him, he sired his mother Anne because she was dying (and that had turned out disasterous) and those others at the Bronze and the like (and that  really  didn't count because he was under control of the First and didn't want to sire anyone, but had been forced to) she shows him the newspaper.

"Yeah? Bad luck for the girls," He tells her, handing the newspaper back over after looking it over quickly. "Dunno what I'm supposed to be seeing here though."

"Nothing you're supposed to see in particular," She says, biting on her lip. "Just what  see there."

"Something you Know of then?" He asks, immediately getting serious.

She nods, frowning. "I'm pretty sure. A guy named Caleb. He's human-now, but he was...he was a huge problem in my time until we finally managed to kill him. He was working with the First Evil."

Spike whistles. "Shit. So big league then, at least later." She nods again. "What about now?"

"Now? Same as then, minus the big boost in power. He makes the biggest misogynist look like the next cover star of Feminist Weekly.  And  he's a serial killer to boot."

"So he's the one been doing these birds in, you think?"

"Likely." She mutters. "It fits his M.O. and the fact that he's leaving the's almost like he  wants  to be cau-" She stops at his look. "What?"

" M.O.  an' all," He says fondly. She flushes and looks away. "I like it. My girl's got brains on her to go with the rest of the  already  delectable package."

My girl . Hearing the words from Spike never failed to make her happy or to feel a warm glow of happiness, deep within her.

"So you'll help then?"

He eyes her. And sighs. "Yeah, yeah. You already know the answer to that, Slayer. ...Even if I have to look at Captain Forehead's mug, if necessary."

He pouts exaggeratedly and she laughs.


"You're  sure  you don't want any help?"

"No, but thank you." She tells him, sincerity in her thanks. "We got this. We just want to do it on our own. But thank you for asking, Xander. Really."

Considering he was talking about her upcoming marriage to  Spike  and willing to  help  just showed how much of an amazing best friend/brother he was and how much he was maturing already.

She felt a bit bad about not telling him-and the others-about the  whole  reason she and Spike were actually going to L.A. but she also didn't want to burden them with things they didn't need to be burdened with.

He nods at her and gives her a big hug.

"Oi. Hands off. S' mine."

They break apart and she rolls her eyes at Spike's flippant tone.

"Yeah?" Xander says, a brow raised. "Not supposed to be saying that in front of Buffy! What if she found out?!"

They all pause and Spike stares at Xander with as much shock as Xander stares at Spike. Xander had genuinely joked with Spike for the first time (first for the two of  them , anyhow.)

"Right. Well." Spike coughs. "Ready to go then, pet?"

"Yep. Already told the others goodbye." She turns to look at Xander. "Do me a favor?"

"Sure thing, Buff."

"Keep an eye on Al while we're gone? He's been good and it's not that I don't trust  him  but-"

"He's like a pup still." Spike finishes for her. She nods. "Pretty harmless though, all things considered."

"He could use another friend besides me and Spike." She explains. "He seemed to be getting along with you guys pretty well after the stuff with Glory..."

Xander shrugs. "He seems nice enough, I guess, for a're  sure  about him?" At her nod he seems to relax. "Yeah. Yeah, I guess I could do that. No offence, as I love all of my girls, but it'd be nice to have another guy around to hang out with."

"What am I then? Chopped liver?" Spike demands.

They have that little sort of freaked out stare down again.

She snorts with laughter and they both turn to glare at her. She smiles sunnily. "And with  that , me and Spike have to go. See you, Xan."

"Later Buff." Xander starts to turn to leave, but pauses. "Later Spike."

He's off before either one of them can react.

"Let's be off then, pet." Spike says briskly, but she can see how that small sentiment meant to him.


"Do you think we did the right thing?" She asks him, as they make their way into L.A. She had been too nervous to do much talking on the car ride to the city, but now that they had arrived, she finds the need to talk much greater, her nerves huge.

"'bout what?"

"Not telling them why we're going. If something happens..." She trails off, biting on her lip.

Spike stops the car in front of the hotel and turns to look at her. His kind, and intense, blue eyes stare at her with an intensity that always leaves her breathless. He strokes her cheek.

"I won't let anything happen to you, Buffy." He says softly. "I'd die first. I'd die to protect you."

"No." She says fiercely. He looks at her, surprised. Her eyes soften a bit. "No sacrificing. I've...I've already dealt with that enough of that in my life. If we go..." She swallows and looks away.

He places his hand underneath her chin, forcing her to look at him.

"If we go, we go together." He says.

Her eyes fill with tears. "Yes. Because I can't, Spike. I can't do it again. I can't lose you again. I lost you once and it nearly killed me. If I ever lost you  would  kill me."

"Not ever going anywhere, Buffy. Until the end and even after, right?"

"Forever?" She asks, tears falling from her eyes.


He kisses her.


"Like I said, I just don't get why we're waiting here. 's obvious Peaches is still out an' about, so why don't we just-"

"And like I said, he'll be back soon. Like really soon. I thought you trusted me?"

He snorts. She was trying to play  that  card?

"Don't even try that, pet. You damn well know the answer to that."

"Yeah, well, I-"

She stops, as does he.



I hope you enjoyed this!

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