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Bad Brother AU

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Sans stood outside their house, hands shaking as his breath came in short, unnecessary gasps. Why was he so scared of entering his house? It was his own house, for stars' sakes! This fear he felt was ridiculous. Papyrus loved him. Papyrus would never hurt him unless he'd done something wrong.

With that mindset firmly replaying in his head, he inhaled softly, teleporting into his house before nervously glancing around the darkened living room. Nobody was here.

Letting out a sigh of relief that Sans hadn't even known he was holding, he called out for his dog, Toby zipping down the staircase to greet him with cheerful licks.

The skeleton laughed softly, patting the dog as he cooed to it quietly while entering the kitchen. "y-yeah, i know, you're hungry. i-i earned a bit more money today, so i bought you a new bag of kibble."

He absent-mindedly held a one-sided conversation with the fluffy white canine as he poured some of the dog food into the little silver bowl, painstakingly ignoring how his own hands trembled from lack of nutrients and starvation. He could eat tomorrow, and anyways watching his pet dig into the food filled him with enough joy to ignore his own gnawing hunger.

As Toby finished up his food, Sans picked the bowl up and started to wash it while shooing the dog away. "go o-on, toby. upstairs now." The dog shot him a dubious look- sometimes he swore that his pet was psychic-, but bounded up the stairs obediently anyways.

He heard the front door open and nearly dropped the dog dish, his soul suddenly pounding in terror as he quickly shelved the dish in the cupboards.

"Sans? I know you're here." Sans gulped, quickly moving towards his brother subserviently as Papyrus looked him over critically.

"Today was your payday, right?" When Sans nodded quietly, Papyrus held his hand out demandingly in a silent order to hand it over.

Pulling the small bag of gold out of his inventory, the small skeleton watched Papyrus count it with a quickly sinking heart. He had worked so hard to earn that much...

"Here." Papyrus threw a few gold pieces at him, Sans scramblng to catch it. "That's for your animal. Now get out of my sight."

Sans quickly rounded the corner, teleporting upstairs once he was out of Papyrus' line of vision as he sighed, sitting on the edge of his mattress and sagging. The amount of money left wasn't nearly enough to buy food for him tomorrow.

When Toby whined, Sans gave the dog a small, painful smile. "i-it's okay, tobs. i-i can go without food for a b-bit longer." The dog yapped angrily, leaping onto him and licking his face.

Sans laughed weakly, hands automatically running through the canine's soft fur as he pet the outraged animal. "i-i know...i-it's really okay...i-i'll just e-eat in a few days...s'not so b-bad..."

Toby shot him a frankly incredulous look, which made the skeleton giggle slightly, closing his eyesockets as he curled up under the thin, ratty sheets. "i-i'll raid the t-trashcans or somethin', yeah? i promise you i'll eat something tomorrow."

The dog seemed slightly more appeased by that, snuggling into Sans' arms as the monster stroked it gently. "s-sleep now. i-i'll find some way to eat tomorrow, don't worry."

He didn't honestly know why he was talking to his pet. He bet the animal didn't even understand him. He guessed he just wanted a friend to talk to. Sans sighed, slowly drifting off to sleep.

He dreamed of a world, a better world where Papyrus hugged him and loved him, where they were on the surface and the humans were accepting, with the gorgeous daylight and the mysterious, enrapturing night.

He dreamed of a world where he was loved.