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Bad Brother AU

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Today...was a good day.

Sans stared up at the ceiling, eyelights gone as he absent-mindedly cradled his broken, mangled arm. Toby whined, licking his face as the skeleton pushed the dog away gently with his unharmed arm.

"sorry, toby. no food today." The dog whimpered, its small, pink tongue hanging out of its mouth as it watched him, Sans sighing as he offered a few apologetic pats.

"i know...and i promise, i'll feed ya tomorrow. i...i'll ask pap, okay?" Toby snorted at the name as Sans bit his 'lip' unhappily as he glanced to the bowl next to him. It admittedly had a bit of spaghetti from yesterday, but he was so hungry...

The skeleton eventually gave in, pushing the small bowl over to the dog, ignoring the gnawing hunger he himself felt as he watched his pet instantly start to dig in. It was worth it.

" that better...?" Sans hesitantly asked, Toby barking cheerfully in answer as Sans smiled weakly.

"i-i'm glad..." He rolled over slowly, carefully minding his broken arm as he stared at the wall, listening tiredly to the familiar sounds of Papyrus washing dishes downstairs.

He could eat tomorrow. It wasn't a problem at all. He was sure Papyrus would allow him to eat tomorrow. Maybe.

Yeah; today was a good day.