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Who Are You?

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Boffo carried a large bowl of popcorn into the living room one evening and smiled at his friends, who were scattered about the area. Please enjoy, everyone. He honked on his horn before setting the bowl down onto the coffee table.

“Awesome! Thanks, Boffo-dude!” 90s Kid cried as he dove for the bowl and quickly collected a good amount of popcorn in the bottom of his T-shirt.

*Thank you for making us such a delicious treat* Ninja-Style Dancer said with a nod to the clown as he reached for a handful as well. Linksano let out a small snicker.

“I must admit, I’m shocked to see you enjoying the popcorn, Ninja. Aren’t you worried the butter might make your hands too slippery to properly grasp things? I believe that was a major concern of yours last month during that epic Go Fish battle you seemed determined to win.”

More snickers arose from around the room while Ninja’s cheeks heated slightly, though thankfully his mask hid that fact from most of the team. *I admit my competitive streak is a bit strong at times, so I am vowing from this night forward to no longer seek victory at the cost of the other enjoyable elements of Game Night. Such as food. Or fun.*

“That’s a relief,” Harvey muttered as he took a sip of his water. “I’d hate for things to end up the way they did when we played Pictionary.”

“Or Trivial Pursuit.” Linksano added.

“Or mini golf.”

“Or Scattergories.”


*Yes, we have established that none of those events will be occurring tonight!* Ninja held up rather firmly before he started shoveling popcorn into his mouth in an aggressive manner.

I’m proud of you for being aware of your habits, Ninja, and I admire your desire to change them for the better. Boffo told him with a pleased smile as he sat down on the loveseat beside Linksano. Ninja seemed to relax at Boffo’s praise and continued munching on his snack more calmly in response.

“Thank you for once again inviting me to Game Night, friends,” Dan said cheerfully from his spot in a large armchair, 90s Kid perching on the arm beside him. “I would like to remind you all, though, that I have years of experience playing several fine board games, so don’t be too disappointed if I leave the big winner tonight.”

“Dude, we’d always let you join us, cuz you’re awesome to play games with!” 90s Kid reassured him. “I totally know that you and me are gonna kick everyone else’s butt!”

Linksano cackled a bit. “Haven’t we heard that spiel before, 90s Kid? I don’t believe that confidence did you any good when Boffo and I creamed you in charades mere weeks ago, did it?”

“Dude, you and Boffo totally cheat at that game!” Linksano threw a bit of popcorn at 90s Kid after such an accusation while Ninja shook his head amusedly.

*Boffo and I also make a very decent team at charades, as I’m sure you all recall. Of course, I’ve never resorted to cheating.*

Linksano smirked at him. “You mean aside from those stealth bits of sign language I saw you throw when you thought I wasn’t looking?”

Ninja scowled and was about to retort when Linkara finally walked through the front door, shaking the snow from his jacket. “Woo! It’s hell out there. I’m glad we’re all gonna be staying in for the night.”

“Good to see you home safe and sound, Kid,” Harvey said, walking over to give Linkara a kiss. “Now that you’re here, we can finally get down to the serious business of the evening.”

Linkara laughed and nodded as he walked over to retrieve his laptop from the desk. “I can see you’re all eager to begin so I won’t keep you waiting any longer. Now, seeing as I was the champion of the last Game Night two weeks ago, it is my privilege to choose this night’s game du jour. So, without further ado, I present to you...” Linkara trailed off and pressed something on his laptop, which caused a musical fanfare that sounded like the ‘Wedding March’ to blast from the speakers.

Linkara grinned widely at the others before realizing they were all staring back at him blankly. “Does no one watch the Game Show Network anymore?” he asked with a scowl before sighing and pinching the bridge of his nose. “Okay, fine, we’re playing The Newlywed Game. Jeez, people, try to brush up on classic television from time to time.”

“The...Newlywed Game?” Linksano repeated in a hesitant voice. “Um, Linkara, I’m not trying to cause a ruckus, but I can think of several reasons why this particular group of people is unqualified to play that game.”

“Yes, Linksano, I’m aware that none of us are actually newlyweds,” Linkara replied with a roll of his eyes. “But the basic premise can still apply to us. We divide up into teams based on our relationships, answer questions about our boyfriends, and see who can get the most matches!”

*Oh wow, you’ve surely thought of everything* Ninja held up on a card, a very annoyed expression now on his face.

“Indeed I have,” Linkara answered, still smiling. "Because you, Ninja, are going to be our gracious host for the evening!"

Ninja's eyes widened. *Host? You mean, I won't be able to compete tonight?*

“I thought it might be best to give you a break from competing...especially after what happened during the Uno competition last time.” Linkara finished with a frown.

Ninja looked down apologetically before nodding. *I understand. I must make up for my past behavior, so I will be the best host possible tonight and prove to you all that I can be trusted in future competitions.*

“I knew you’d see it my way!” Linkara responded, looking cheerful again once more.

“Well, this sounds dandy, Kid,” Harvey said with a grin. “Though I think we’re gonna be giving these turkeys a run for their money.”

Linkara giggled. “I figured I’d pick a game that we’d be best at, naturally."

Dan seemed amused by that. “Oh, I don’t know about that, Linkara. I think Kid and I could go toe-to-toe with you two any day of the week.”

“For sure! Dan and I are totally gonna rule at this, since we’ve been together for longer than anybody here!" Dan nodded in agreement while Linkara and Harvey started laughing.

“Yeah right, like you two could win. I don’t think any of the questions are about what your boyfriend likes on his pizza.”

90s Kid scoffed. “Chaa! They might be! Every couple should know that!”

Ninja rolled his eyes and turned to Linkara. *As much as I love romance, do you have the cards so we can actually begin this game?*

Linkara retrieve the game from a storage closet and handed it to Ninja so that he could read over the instructions. “Everyone get comfy, and remember, it’s just a game, so don’t get mad if we totally annihilate you guys.” Linkara said confidently, scooting close to Harvey.

Instead of enjoying the playful banter amongst the competitors, Boffo had instead been watching Linksano, who was twitching awkwardly and looking down with a dejected expression. After making sure that Ninja was still occupied with the instructions, he started signing to the scientist.

What’s wrong, Oscar? You seem upset about this game. Do you not want to play it?

“I…no, I’m not very sure I do want to play it.” Linksano hesitantly signed back. Boffo’s expression grew concerned.

Why not? Are you worried about how competitive everyone seems to be getting? I hope you aren’t worried about that, because it doesn’t matter to me if we win or lose, since having fun is the whole point of Game Night.

“But what if we can’t get many answers correct?” Linksano signed back with a slight look of alarm. “What if the others start to doubt our relationship, or start viewing it as some kind of a joke? I don’t think I could handle being teased about something that means so much to me.”

Oscar, that’s not going to happen at all. Boffo took Linksano’s hands and squeezed them gently for a moment while he smiled confidently at him. This is really just a fun game between friends. No one’s going to think badly about us if we can’t remember things about each other, like what our favorite colors are or something.

“The color of my eyes, followed by every color of the rainbow.” Linksano signed back immediately. Boffo’s face glowed with delight and he leaned over to peck Linksano on the cheek.

I knew you’d remember that. I don’t even know why you’re so nervous. We’re going to do wonderfully in a game like this. I believe that with all my heart. I think it will be really fun, Oscar, so won’t you please reconsider?

Linksano squeezed Boffo’s hands, his smile a bit goofy thanks to the kiss he’d received. “That was rather easy. Perhaps this game will be fun. Well, alright dear, if you’re willing to give it a shot then I am too.”

Boffo bounced up and down in his seat giddily. We’ll be sure to give them all a good challenge, Oscar! I just know we’ll do well!

*Hmm. Linkara, have you actually read any of the questions contained on these cards?* Ninja asked, shooting an amused look at the man.

“Nope!” Linkara proudly proclaimed. “I didn’t want to give myself any advantages in this game, so I have not looked it over at all!”

*I figured that.* Ninja held up one of the question cards for Linkara, and the rest of the team, to see. *So, are you prepared to let everyone know where’s the strangest place you and your partner have ever made whoopie? Or which body part you prefer to have kissed above all else?*

“W-what? Those kinds of questions are in there?” Linkara asked, eyes popping out of his head while his expression grew embarrassed. Harvey started laughing rather loudly and shared a quick glance with Boffo, who was also looking very amused.

“I-I patently refuse to answer any such questions!” Linksano quickly stated, his face almost perfectly mirroring Linkara’s. “Such personal information is not to be bandied about for the sake of such a trivial game! I’m sure everyone here will agree with me, right?” Linksano turned sharply to Dan and 90s Kid, who were smiling in a kind but strained way, and looking perplexed, respectively.

“Um, I got what the second question was asking,” 90s Kid said slowly, “but the first sounded weird. What does, like, make whoopie mean?” Harvey and Boffo had to turn their heads to hide their laughter while Dan quickly leaned over and whispered something into 90s Kid’s ear. The teen’s face was instantly crimson and he lowered his gaze. “Oh. Um, I...I mean, I c-can’t...”

“That’s right!” Linkara quickly proclaimed, his smile sliding back into place. “90s Kid won’t be able to answer any of those types of questions because he has absolutely no experience when it comes to mature relationships, so it wouldn't be fair to him and Dan to include them! Okay, so Ninja, it is now your job to remove all sexual and, well, let’s say kissing-and-touching-related questions from the game before we can start.”

*I understand completely* Ninja said, although he looked a bit disappointed as he selected several cards and tossed them onto the floor.

Linkara sighed with relief and wiped a bit of sweat from his brow while Linksano took several deep breaths and tried to calm down. 90s Kid, whose expression had hardened at Linkara’s latest proclamation, looked as if he wanted to say something, but Dan took his hand and squeezed it gently. “Don't worry, sweetie,” he whispered, “We’ll show them what’s what when we win this game.” 90s Kid relaxed and squeezed back.

“Totally, dude.”

*Done.* Ninja proceeded to pass out several of his note cards to each of the three teams. *Thanks to Linkara eliminating all the good questions, we are left with ten. I suggest we split the groups up by age, since gender is out of the question here, so will either the younger or older halves of each couple leave the room please?*

“The old folks’ll go first,” Harvey decided, standing up confidently. Dan and Linksano did as well, after offering supportive smiles to their boyfriends, and the three quickly headed upstairs while they waited for the first set of questions to be answered.

*Now that your partners are safely out of the room, I will begin* Ninja announced, looking down at the first card. *When and how did you kiss your partner for the first time?* All three men gave slightly relieved smiles.

“Oh, that’s an easy one,” Linkara said, looking very assured of himself. The other two remained quiet as they wrote down their answers, before each of them placed the cards face down on their laps.

*Alright, and now for the second question* Ninja announced, raising an eyebrow. *What habit of your boyfriend’s do you wish you could change?*

While Linkara started writing almost immediately, 90s Kid took a moment before writing something a bit hesitantly, and Boffo sat for a long while looking puzzled by the question. After a good few minutes of thinking, he finally jotted something down and rested the card on his lap. Ninja continued asking questions and once the boys were finished writing, Boffo honked his horn to let the people upstairs know that they could return.

The older halves of the couples came down the stairs single-file, Dan smoking a cigarette that had been offered to him by Harvey. “I hope you all haven’t had too much fun without us!” he joked as they all settled into their spots once again. Linkara frowned at the item in Dan’s hand but smiled when Harvey sat next to him, not noticing he held a cigarette of his own.

90s Kid could tell Dan was a bit nervous, so he slipped his hand into the older man’s and smiled in a reassuring way at him. Linksano, not one to smoke, had taken to fiddling with the ends of his coat as his nervousness began to rise, but Boffo wrapped him in a quick, gentle hug that almost caused the scientist melt into a puddle before he pulled himself back together. “S-so, um, w-who should be the first to answer?”

“I’ll give it a whirl,” Harvey volunteered, flashing Ninja a confident smile. “Hit me with your best shot, Twinkle Toes.”

*Question 1: When and how did you kiss Linkara for the first time?*

“Oh, that’s an easy one. The Kid and I kissed after he presented me with a gorgeous bouquet of roses and told me that he felt the same way about me as I did about him. It wasn’t long after that Halloween party your buddy Snob threw a while ago, Crockett.”

Ninja raised an eyebrow at him while Linkara happily flipped his card over to show he’d written the same thing. *That is correct, although I am still very curious as to how I did not recognize your budding romance until much later in time.*

“I guess ninjas aren’t always the most observant people around.” Linkara teased.

Ninja frowned. *I will ignore that one, but further digs at the host will cost you points. Now, Dan, it’s your turn to answer.*

Dan's face took on a quality of pure happiness as he answered. “I remember that moment so well. Sadly, it was during a time when Kid was unhappy, since that horrible hologram was around menacing everyone, and he turned to me for help. I wasn’t even sure if I was doing much of anything for him, but I was trying my best to help him feel safe and happy. Then one night he had this really awful nightmare. I felt so bad for him and I just wanted him to feel good again, and before I knew it I was kissing him. Now, I know that was not the ideal time to try any sort of romantic things,” Dan quickly said when he saw the look Linkara was giving him. “But Kid...he grabbed me and kissed me back and the rest, as they say, is history.”

Ninja and Boffo cooed in delight, finding the story adorable, while Linkara scowled. “Hmph. I don’t like that you were kissing each other that early, 90s Kid. I think Dan could have found a better way to calm you down from a nightmare.”

90s Kid frowned. “Hey, you were the one who kissed Harvey before-”

*Okay, 90s Kid, will you turn your card over to see if Dan’s answer matches yours?* Ninja interjected smoothly as he attempted to keep the game on track. 90s Kid complied and his frown quickly became a smile again when he was awarded a point. *Now, Linksano, shall we have your answer?*

Linksano paled but replied in a calm voice, “Boffo and I kissed for the first time on New Year’s Eve at that karaoke dive bar Finevoice is always dragging us to. Although the location could have been better, I fully admit that our kiss made for a wonderful end to our first date.” Boffo happily flipped his card over to reveal a matching answer before he pecked Linksano on the cheek, and putting a bit of color back into the scientist’s pale face.

*Okay, on to Question 2* Ninja continued as he turned back to Harvey. *What habit of yours does Linkara most wish he could change?*

The sparkle in Harvey’s eyes dimmed significantly and he took another drag of his cigarette. “I know that too, unfortunately. The Kid wishes I didn’t open up my pocketbook so much.”

Linkara frowned at him. “Well, what’s wrong with that? You know you have an issue with overspending.”

*Is he correct, Linkara?* Linkara held up his card so Ninja could award him the point, but he wasn’t through arguing.

“I don’t know why you have to react so defensively when I’m just trying to help you out, Harvey.”

“Maybe it’s because I’m a grown man who doesn’t need any help managing his own money, Kid.” Before storm clouds could start brewing between the two, Ninja turned to Dan, who was looking a bit apprehensive.

“Hmm. Well, I know that I haven’t been the best when it comes to my habits," he began, rubbing his beard. “If I had to pick one though...” Dan paused and stared into 90s Kid’s sunglasses, the only part he could see of the teen now that he’d lifted his cards up to shield the rest of his face, as if protecting it from something. After a moment of silence, Dan nodded. “I know what it is. Kid thinks I need to take better care of myself. Which I do, he’s totally correct about that point, and which I am trying to work on because I know it worries him so much. I’m sorry, sweetie.”

“It’s okay, dude,” 90s Kid mumbled as he slowly turned the card around. It read 'I wish Dan would sleep more and eat better stuff and be healthier'.

Dan nodded. “I promise I will, Kid.”

“Thanks, Dan.” They shared a quick hug before 90s Kid looked to Ninja. “So, like, does that count?”

Ninja nodded approvingly. *It is sweet how you look out for each other in this manner. I’d say that counts for a point.* Ninja looked to Linksano then. *Your turn.*

“Hmm, now that is quite a puzzler, since I’m sure there are many habits of mine that could do with some modification,” Linksano muttered. Boffo frowned and rested a hand on his shoulder but the scientist merely smiled at him. "It’s alright, Boffo. I know you are only looking out for my well-being and wishing that I would act in a healthier manner. That’s why I'm fairly confident that you said you wished I would not work so hard and would stop to relax and take care of myself more.”

*Is that what you said, Boffo?* Boffo looked down as he flipped his card over.

I'm sorry, Linksano. He honked when the words ‘I wouldn’t change any of his habits’ became visible to everyone. I just think you’re wonderful as you are and I couldn’t ask you to change at all just for me.

“Oh brother,” Linkara muttered, rolling his eyes at the two, while Linksano looked touched.

“You really mean that, don’t you?”

Boffo nodded. I love everything about you, Linksano. I don’t want to change any part of you.

“I wouldn’t be adverse to changing if it made you happy,” Linksano informed him before being the one to pull Boffo into a gentle embrace this time. “I know you only want what’s best for me.” Boffo’s face glowed at Linksano’s words and he nuzzled against him a bit.

*How sweet* Ninja sighed, earning another eye roll from Linkara.

“Okay, no points for them, so on to the next question!” Ninja sighed again, this time in disgust, before he turned back to Harvey.

*Question 3: If Linkara could go on an all-expenses paid vacation to any location imaginable, where would he go?*

Harvey’s eyebrows rose slightly as he tapped a finger against his chin. “Hmmm, now let’s see...the Kid’s more of a homebody than a jet-setter, but I know he does enjoy going to those conventions every now and then. I also know he had a real good time seeing his buddies at that one up north, so I guess I'll say Canada.”

“Canada?” Linkara asked in surprise. “I mean yeah, I like going there for conventions, but we’re talking about an all-expenses paid trip here. I wouldn’t waste that on a country I can reach if I took a long enough walk outside.”

“You wouldn’t? So where would you go?” Harvey asked, also looking surprised. Linkara flipped his card to reveal ‘Japan’ scrawled across it.

*A most excellent choice indeed* Ninja said with an approving nod. *Sadly that answer did not match Harvey’s, so no point for you.*

“Well, we don’t want to get too much of a lead,” Linkara said, still sounding confident as he tossed his card onto the floor. “This one slip up will give the rest of you a chance to really compete with us.”

*Indeed. So, Dan, where would 90s Kid-*

“Equestria!” Dan interrupted, looking very pleased with himself.

Linkara’s brow furrowed. “What? That’s not a place.”

“Dude, you totally got it!” 90s Kid cried, flipping his card around to reveal that ‘Equestria’ was his answer as well.

*That’s a point for you two* Ninja told them.

“What? No it’s not!” Linkara protested. “That isn’t even a real place!”

“I’ll have you know, my friend, that Equestria features heavily in several comic books-” Dan tried to explain, but Linkara cut him off.

“See, he admits it! That location is made up, so they shouldn’t get a point for it!”

Ninja glared at Linkara. *The rules state that the partners must have matching answers. This question did not specify that the vacation destination must be a real place on this planet. Therefore, their answers are valid and still earn them a point.*

“Oh, that is completely unfair!” Linkara hunched down in his seat, arms crossed and body tensed, while 90s Kid giggled at him.

“Dude, you’re such a bad sport. Maybe next time you should, like, be the host instead of Ninja-dude.” Linkara shot the teen a glare but wisely chose to bite his tongue.

*Linksano, your answer?*

“Well, I know that Boffo has often expressed interest in visiting Disney World, so I’ll say that.” Boffo clapped his hands and lifted his card to reveal that answer, causing Linksano to giggle a bit in happiness. “Ah, I seem to be doing better at this than I thought!”

I knew you would!

Ninja added another point for Boffo and Linksano before changing cards. *Question 4: Which celebrity does your boyfriend think you most look like? Harvey?*

Harvey chuckled. “I know I technically already am a celebrity, but I’ll be sure to give an answer anyway,” he quipped, causing several pairs of eyes to roll around the room. “As you know, I am a very stylish cat, and I modeled that style after one of my idols of the silver screen, Mr. Cary Grant, so I’m sure the Kid picked that.”

Linkara looked up, startled. “Cary Grant? What, really? You gotta be kidding!”

Harvey stared at him. “ didn’t know that?”

Linkara held up his card, which read ‘Frank Sinatra’. “I know you like Sinatra a lot, so I just figured you got your aesthetic from him.”

Harvey shook his head. “There can only be one Chairman, Kid. Frankie was a doll, but I didn’t model myself after him. He’s got his own thing goin’ on. Besides, I’m much better looking than Frankie – even in school I got told I resembled a young Cary."

Linkara tossed away his card and pouted again. “Jeez, fine, whatever. It wasn’t that bad of a guess, but let’s just move on.”

Ninja nodded and turned to Dan, who bore a large grin. “I also modeled my trademark jacket after one of my idols of the screen, Mr. Don Johnson, who played the unforgettable Sonny Crockett, so I hope Kid would say that.”

“Dude, that’s exactly what I said!” 90s Kid said, holding up a card bearing the words ‘The Guy From Miami Vice’.

“Okay, now that one can’t count!” Linkara protested. ‘90s Kid doesn’t even know his name!”

“But that’s totally who I meant!” 90s Kid argued back, this time fixing Linkara with a full-on glare. “Just cuz I don’t know his name doesn’t mean I didn’t know he’s the dude Dan looks like! Our answers are totally a match!”

“You can’t just keep playing fast and loose with the rules like this, 90s Kid!” Linkara hotly retorted.

“Dude, my answer is totally fair and square! You are just the most bogus sore loser ever!”

*Okay, let’s not lose our heads here* Ninja deftly interjected while Harvey and Dan tried to calm their respective boyfriends. *If there’s going to be a debate about this, why don’t we put it to a vote: who here thinks that 90s Kid and Dan should be allowed to have a point?*

Linkara was about to protest the show of hands coming from all around him when he realized that Harvey was also holding his hand up. The wind was promptly knocked out of his sails. “You’re not even going to take my side on this?” he muttered in a soft, almost pathetic voice.

“Come on, Kid, you and I both know that Junior and Crockett were thinking of the same guy, even if their words were a little wonky,” Harvey gently replied.

“Fine, whatever.” Linkara slumped down even lower in his seat. “Give them two points if you want. They’re still not going to beat us.” 90s Kid shook his head in annoyance but was satisfied with the outcome so said nothing more. Ninja moved to the third couple.

*Linksano, what is your answer to this question?*

“Um...” Linksano looked utterly perplexed and gave a shrug of his shoulders. “I really don’t think I resemble any celebrity so I have no idea what Boffo would have put here. I suppose I’ll take a stab in the dark and hope that he finds me as roguishly handsome as my idol, Mr. Bill Nye.”

Boffo once again lowered his gaze as he turned his card around. I’m sorry, Linksano. I didn’t even think about Mr. Nye when I heard this question. This was honestly the first name that popped into my mind.

Linksano read the name aloud slowly. “Matt Smith...who is that again?”

“Matt Smith?” Linkara popped back up, staring at the card in shock. “The Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith? Are you...are you serious, Boffo?” Linkara threw back his head and started laughing while Boffo’s whole face reddened.

I don’t know, he’s just such a cute and enthusiastic man, and he likes fixing problems and he wears bow-ties and he has many science-y gadgets and he travels to all these different worlds, like you have, Linksano...he just reminds me so much of you.

“Boffo, are you talking about that devilishly handsome man from Doctor Who?” Linksano asked, utterly stunned. “ find me as attractive as him?” Boffo nodded slowly, trying to lift the card up in front of his face now. “Well I...I’ve never been flattered,” Linksano stuttered, his face also flushing slightly. “To think that you find me to be that attractive...I...oh, Boffo, I love you.”

Ninja once again sighed dreamily as he witnessed the two share another embrace. *I only wish I could award points for cuteness.*

“Yeah, well, you can’t, so let’s get a move on,” Linkara said, wiping a few tears from his eyes now that his laughing fit had ended. “Next question, come on.”

“Kid, remember, it’s just a game,” Harvey said, squeezing Linkara’s shoulder gently.

“Yeah, yeah, and games are for winning,” Linkara flippantly replied.

*This is the last question for this round: What is something your partner always gets heated up about when they see or experience it?*

Harvey chuckled dryly and took a quick drag on his cigarette. “There’s an easy point for us. As I mentioned earlier, the Kid always flips his lid when he sees my credit card bills, even though I make more than enough to cover myself.”

“What?!” Linkara exclaimed, so loudly that Harvey jumped a foot into the air.

“What are you yelling for? You just said three answers ago that you wanted me to change that!”

“Yeah, but you know what the biggest thing to piss me off is! You’ve seen my show!” Linkara protested, holding up the card to reveal his answer of ‘One More Day’.

“Oh, you mean that Spider-Man comic?” Harvey asked, honestly a bit confused. “That was a while ago though. You’re still mad about that?” 90s Kid covered his mouth to hide his snickers while Harvey got an earful of exactly why One More Day was the worst thing to happen to comics.

“But I thought you said Countdown was the worst thing to happen to-”

“I’ve been reviewing crappy comic books for over five years and you don’t know which one gets me maddest?!”

*Let’s see if 90s Kid and Dan have better luck with this question* Ninja interrupted, having heard more than enough rants about that comic throughout his time living with Linkara.

“Kid gets very mad whenever someone slings insults against his favorite gaming console, the Sega Genesis,” Dan said, which led to 90s Kid letting out a pleased shout.

“Dude, we rock this game!” he announced as he held up his card, ‘Someone dissing the Sega Genesis.’

“That’s amazing! How on Earth did you know the answer to something so specific?” Linksano asked incredulously.

“Uh, well,” Dan said, glancing nervously to 90s Kid who suddenly pouted and looked down. “Let’s just say we had a recent...discussion about this very topic with my roommates.”

“Sometimes Dolly and ROB are not awesome friends,” 90s Kid muttered, earning a consoling pat on the back from Dan.

“He was the freaking devil!” Linkara cried, earning a chorus of groans from the group and a headshake from Harvey.

“Okay, okay, I give, Kid. I screwed up and forgot that your hatred for a cartoon character overwhelms everything else you might despise in your life.”

“Ouch,” Linksano muttered, since it was very unlike Harvey to take any shots at Linkara’s feelings regarding comics.

Harvey sighed. “Kid, I’m sorry-”

“Just save it,” Linkara replied, turning his head away from Harvey. “I’m sure you’ll need that apology when the bills come in next week.”

Harvey scowled but took another drag on his cigarette and slumped back against the couch. *Moving on* Ninja said as he turned to the remaining couple. *Linksano, what really sets off Boffo?*

“Oh, I’d have to answer children who are being mistreated or in pain,” Linksano responded. “Boffo is such a kind-hearted soul that just the thought of a child suffering, especially because of the actions of another, makes his blood boil.”

Thank you, Linksano. Boffo signed before he flipped his card over to reveal a matching response.

“You are very welcome.”

*Okay, so at the end of the first round, the scores are as such: Dan and 90s Kid lead the pack with 5 points, Boffo and Linksano are in second with 3 points, and bringing up the rear are Linkara and Harvey with 2 measly points.”

“Wait, we’re in last place?” Linkara's expression turned to disbelief. “I can’t believe that we’re losing. Well, I guess I should believe it since 90s Kid keeps getting all those unearned points,” he muttered before shaking his head. “That’s it, no more Mr. Nice Guy.”

“You were being nice?” 90s Kid asked, looking shocked to learn such information.

“It’s time to make a come-from-behind victory and show everyone just who the best couple is!”

Linkara, that’s not what this competition is proving to anyone. Boffo tried to reply, but Linkara had already leapt to his feet.

“Let’s go, Boffo, 90s Kid. It’s time for Round 2.”