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(Re) Re_Birthday

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A boy woke up inside a cheap cupboard at his uncle's house next to his sister. He checked on the girl next to him, though he was still unsure whether that was his original sister he once knew, but he had been living with hope that she actually is, and hopefully remembers him miraculously somehow some day...

A little overview of his past, the very far past: The witch, Ma, was defeated. The world has been reset by a pair of twins. A new world was created, full of peace, but not stopping it from being full of evil either.

Reincarnation involved forgetting all about your previous life, so you'd experience the current life to the fullest. That is simply how it was, how it had been, how it will always be. With the exception of Irregulars, of course.

It wasn't to be. He would have laughed at himself for thinking that, if he wasn't experiencing the worst headache of his life. The memories of two lives half-lived burst through his brain, three identities quarreled, until finally, one of them rose to the surface.

Harry James Potter was who he had been, but still he would make sure that nobody would refer him as that. It wasn't him anymore.

He had reincarnated. Again. It obviously must meant his journey wasn't over, yet.

The boy who used to be Allen Avadonia fell back on his bed with a 'thud'.

George Weasley was his mother's fourth child, and his twin Fred was the fifth. They were funny children that everyone adored, but George had a slight problem. He liked to play with dolls, and he would only wear girl's clothes. Which was inconvenient, because the only girl was his mother, and later, Ginny.

He grew his hair long, and once he even stole a bow. He called himself Gretel, and his brother was Hansel.

When he was around two years old, he simply started saying simple words like "witch" or "Arte" or "Mama". Then he'd giggle softly, before his eyes would go all distant again.

While all of the Weasleys, past and present, had been fiery redheads, George wasn't. Neither was Fred. He had golden blonde hair. Furthermore, he lacked the freckles that spotted all of his family.

The oddest things however, was Fred and George's apparent obsession with the strange word "Re_birthday".

His parents had never heard it before, not until their toddlers started saying it over and over. When he learned his letters, it was the first word he spelled out. He wrote it over everything, carefully and neatly. Once his parents asked him what a Re_birthday was, George had smiled and uttered two words of utter nonsense: "Reset world".

By that point, his parents had accepted his crossdressing as the least odd thing about him.

So, George was a wizard- no, Gretel was a witch. And that fact didn't automatically make her evil. Now she felt bad for throwing Eve into the oven...just a little bit.

They weren't the only weird Weasley siblings. Their little brother Ron had somehow ended up with blue hair in a flare up of accidental magic. It had been amusing to see their parents trying to change it back to red, even more when they couldn't.

The boys were quick to think up which names to use. Who had been the ones with blue hair...

Gallerian wasn't it. Adam only brought a blank look. Carlos, not even a glance. It wasn't Karchess, or Kaspar.

He had answered to Kyle. When Ron called her Ney, Gretel had been elated.

If Allen ever met Germaine and Leonhart again, he swore he would give them a big hug. He had never been more grateful that he had had a family like that, now that he had to live with the likes of relatives like the Dursleys. They called him freak, and brat, and a whole lot of other names.

He wondered if Leonheart remembered. Maybe, if he could find him, he could convince him to adopt Allen again, this time with Riliane in tow.

Hayley had remembered her past lives when they turned five, but a day after Harry did. And she...she was livid. She had been Riliane Lucifen D'Autriche, a once brutal princess that had turned into a devoted and kind nun that spent the rest of her life praying that her sins would be forgiven, and even lived her next lives as a good kid! She did not deserve to be treated like this!

They didn't even give them proper clothes, only the discarded castoffs of their whale of a cousin (as soon as Riliane had money she was going to get proper clothes). They forced them to do chores! She was quite sure that even servant children didn't learn to cook when they could barely even reach the stove. They didn't even feed the twins often, but thankfully Riliane had learned to unlock the cupboard door when they were seven. And they had to serve the food to them!

If Allen had to be anyone's servant, it would be hers! HERS!

Aunt Marge was a woman the twins despised with every cell of their being. The boy twin was convinced she had to be possessed by a demon, as no one could be this bad. He had dismissed it after what they called the 'Ripper incident', when Marge's dog had chased Allen up a tree and the dog hasn't been pulled away and stopped from tormenting the boy until past midnight.

Allen didn't talk with anyone except her. She supposed it was the remains of his time as Harry. Silence had been a large part of Harry's life. It was what the Dursleys drilled into him. When facing pain, which he did on a daily basis, he should just grit his teeth and bear it. Or else, the pain would only get worse. Much, much worse, which he learned from experience However, Riliane did the complete opposite. Weird things would happen around them, most of the time.

Things happened when they were angry or scared. She spent years redirecting it to the Dursleys, after all, no one hurt her brother. If not, she would sing the Lullaby. "Lu li la lulila". One of the 12 variations of the Clockwork Lullaby. The healing variation. He had protected her once, now she felt it was her turn.

That wasn't to say she didn't have bad days. When they would chant 'Re_birthday' over and over. Could they still do it? Were they still Irregulars? She didn't know, but it was worth a shot. And that had been their lives, until the letter came.

Germaine missed her little brother.

Sure, she had many things to think about -apparently she was a witch now, and would go to a magical school- but she couldn't help feeling lonely. It wasn't uncommon for her, the remembrance of her past life had been slow and gradual, and it had sped up until, at nearly eleven years of age, she remembered everything.

It wasn't surprising, really. Hermione Granger was a bright little girl. She started walking, talking, reading and writing earlier than all of her peers. And now she could remember her past life.

She looked up from the book she was reading before sighing and going back to wondering where her beloved brother was. She hoped that if Allen, just like she, had regained his memories, that he was happy and well taken care of. She held onto the hope that Allen still remembered, and that one day they might be able to seek each other out.

Knowing Allen, if he indeed remembered his past lives, he would be miffed at having all his work undone. Dying in his sister's place, then spending the last 500 years as a soul and finally resetting the world. Only to remember again. Everything happens for a reason.

The thought of Allen carrying a sulk over with him into his new life made Germaine smile for a moment, before it slipped away. She got up from her bed and went over to her personal library. Her parents had gotten it for her after they realized she liked to read, which she was grateful for. Sure, it wasn't Leonheart -no one could compare- but it was, all in all, a pretty good life.

One of the ups of this life was that she was finally able to take up fencing without hiding! An image of her beating Allen and him sulking filtered through her mind, making her chuckle softly. Then she stopped, a twinge of pain and regret filing her.

Levia, she missed her little brother.

Maybe, with some luck, they would be reunited in Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.