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Queen in Rio

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Miranda Priestly is a woman that loves power and more than anything is aware that she is the queen of fashion since no one has her knowledge. She was just walking to her office, demanding Emily to do precisely all her tasks, when she hears Serena and Andrea.

“No, really Andy, you should go one day. It is so beautiful... - the people. The atmosphere in the city is unique. I wasn’t born or raised there but I went to some events and I never felt an energy so strong, anywhere else.”

“Serena, I really would like to go one day. I read a lot of this in the newspapers and have watched a bit here and there on TV. But is not like I can take an airplane tomorrow and go.”

“But Andy, you still have some weeks and well, it should be something that you as a journalist could do for an article. I am sure you would love it.”

Before Andrea could reply to Serena, a figure stood standing in the doorway caught her attention. Miranda had stopped there, trying hard to understand what made her Second Assistant, and the most efficient employee in the last year and half, forget about her duties to listen Serena.

“Oh, hi Miranda. … I mean, good morning Miranda...”

Miranda didn't say a word and her doubt could be seen in her raised eyebrow. Serena was suddenly very scared of the reaction and apologizing and ran away through at the other door. Andrea, remained quiet, only looking at Miranda, no reply could justify her mistake.

Andrea Sachs knows that Miranda Priestly is not an easy person and not a lot of people could, well, not probably even one single person, could survive her impossible demands and her constant icy temper. But she is one of the few, maybe the only one, apart Caroline and Cassidy, that is able to understand Miranda. Not the fashion icon, not the demanding and authoritarian employer but, the woman.

Andrea had tried to detach herself from the woman, but it was to late, her heart already belonged to Miranda. After Paris Fashion Week, when she had thrown her mobile in the fountain, Andrea realized that it was too late. In less than 24 hours she came back, asking Miranda to forgive her behavior and, surprisingly, the Editor-in-Chief accepted it.

Now, months later, their relationship had became closer, not as close as Andy wished but she couldn't push what they have. She was more than glad to have whatever it is.

Miranda looks to Emily and again to Andrea.

“Emily. Go. That's all.”

As Miranda walks into the small office, far from hers, Andrea took give two steps back. She never, except where work was involved, saw Miranda coming into another office. It is something new, unusual and scary but, she believes she could deal with any mood of her boss.

“Andrea, care to explain?”

Andrea smiled, that smile that made Miranda ask why on earth she was given this gift from Heaven, what she'd done to her prayers – or wherever name she might accurately use – be listening.

“Well, I was talking with Serena about the Brazilian Carnival. I have friends have been once or twice and they loved it. And well, I really would love to be able to go one day but is expensive; you know, that place...”

“Andrea, bore someone else about this Carnival nonsense.”

“But Miranda, I am sure you would love it. You are a fashion designer and the costumes are amazing...”


The tone of voice now did not leave any space for a further conversation that could be eventually shared. Miranda was starting to lose her temper and Andrea did do not want it.

“I-I'm sorry Miranda. I am going to my desk start the day.”

Miranda started to move to her office with her mind in a constant whirl. If Andrea's dream was to go to Brazil, to see the Carnival, she would do it. Not that she believed it was something important to be done or even seen.

“Why would someone want to go to a poor country to see people dancing on top of cars?”

As she entered her office, she called Andrea.

Andrea is not her usual confident self, with Miranda now. The older woman was looking very impatient and frustrated. A bit unsure of how to move in this new territory, Andrea tried not to be very close to near Miranda's desk.

“Move my schedule in 15 minutes and then, I expect Nigel. That's all.”

“Yes Miranda.”

As Andrea was waiting for something more, maybe a coffee run, maybe something new for the twins, no other order was given. Miranda now, looks almost furious.

“That's all.”

“Yes Miranda.”

As Andrea leaves the office and closes the door, Miranda open her Blackberry and scrolls to a number that she does not use anymore. The last time she used this service was when she tried to save her marriage to Stephen, four years ago, with a second honeymoon.

“Clarice, how lovely to hear you.”

Ten minutes later, Miranda's personal e-mail, holds details of a “Rio's Carnival, 10 days cruise ”

She looks at the information provided, giving it her full attention. Miranda was not someone who would enjoy a cruise, they are full of people, all of them who jumped into swimming pools without any class, drank as it was their last adventure in the world and spent money that they did do not have, in the casino's. It was a totally useless necessity in someone's life but, was aware too, that a lot of people consider a cruise a romantic event.

If she needed to go to Brazil, to this Rio's Carnival, that Andrea desired so much desire, at least, she would do it in a proper way. She could ask Donatella for her private jet but this would not be romantic and well, she wanted romance even if she was not be able to declare her feelings for her Second Assistant.

Miranda would excuse the travel by sea as an opportunity to study it for a photo shoot, maybe Runway could rent a boat for the one day...

“Yes, that will do.”

Smiling, she decided her very annual holidays would be coming soon and with the company of “her” Andrea...