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Fight For

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Bernie switched off her phone, and as soon as Serena had clearly finished her email, gently took the iPhone from her hand, and did the same with it. Carefully tossing both on to the armchair, she turned back to Serena.

“Where were we?” she murmured and drew Serena into her arms. She just could not believe she was finally holding and kissing the woman she had fallen so hard and so fast for. Serena began to run her fingers through Bernie’s soft, wavy hair. The blunt fingernails against her scalp sent shivers of desire through Bernie.

“Are you sure you’re real? This isn’t another dream I’m going to wake up from when you knock on the door, is it? Where I wake up soaking wet and aching for you?” Bernie gasped, before capturing Serena’s lips again.

Serena pulled away a little, breathless.

“Oh, this is very real, and I meant what I said about not wanting to wait any longer to take you to bed. If that’s what you want too, Berenice.”

Bernie glanced down at where her hand had disappeared up Serena’s top and was currently cupping Serena’s breast, thumb sweeping back and forth across her nipple, and laughed.

“Only pretty much since the moment I laid eyes on you! Your place or mine?”

“You’re the one with the king size bed Berenice, and I do like plenty of room to manoeuvre.”

“Shall I… shall I change the sheets first?” Bernie asked.

“Don’t be silly, they’re clean on. I only helped you change the bedding yesterday morning.”

“Clean-ish. I went for a lie down after my massage yesterday, before we had lunch, remember? And I was late for breakfast this morning, too.” Bernie blushed, and gave Serena a crooked grin.

Serena’s eyes darkened even further as the implications hit her. “There’s no point in remaking the bed when it is about to get very, very messy.

She disentangled herself from Bernie’s embrace, stood up, took Bernie’s hand and lead her into the bedroom.

At the sight of the bed, blanket clearly hastily thrown back and the pillow deeply dented, Bernie blushed slightly. To her eyes, it was clear what had occurred immediately before the occupant had left it.

“I see that you didn’t want to make yourself even later for breakfast by pausing to make the bed this morning, Berenice.”

Bernie went to pull her hand away from Serena’s, so she could straighten up the bedding and plump the pillow. Serena tightened her grip slightly, and tugged on Bernie’s other arm, to turn her to bring them face to face. She reached up, tangled her fingers in soft blonde hair and ran a gentle thumb across Bernie’s jawline.

“I can practically hear the cogs turning in your head, Berenice. Stop worrying so much.”

Serena gently kissed Bernie, before leaving a trail of tiny butterfly kisses across her nose, eyes and cheeks, ending up at her ear. Suddenly, in a contrast to the soft sweetness of her kisses, Serena nipped at Bernie’s earlobe.

“I expect you to demonstrate your strength and flexibility, and show me how far we’ve come together, Berenice,” she growled softly in Bernie’s ear. “I want to see you crawl your way up my body. You will balance yourself over my face until such time as I decide I have given you sufficient orgasms. Do you understand?”

Bernie gasped at the combination of Serena’s hot breath in her ear, her rough velvety voice, and the immediate mental image of Serena’s mouth intimately caressing her.

“If… if I’m to undertake such a strenuous workout, I think I’d better make sure I warm up very thoroughly, don’t you?”


Bernie reached under Serena’s top and cupped her breast. She swept a gentle thumb across it and felt the nipple tighten in response. She pulled the shirt and sports bra off over Serena’s head then bent her head to replace her hand with lips and tongue. Serena tangled her fingers in Bernie’s hair and arched into the touch, groaning at the scrape of teeth against her exquisitely sensitive nipples. Bernie ran her hands down the length of Serena’s toned back, down the back of her yoga pants and caressed her taut, firm bum. So many years of yoga had done amazing things to Serena’s backside. Bernie carried on pushing downwards, taking the remaining clothing with her, until Serena was naked in front of her. She gently propelled the silver haired vixen backwards, until she was lying on the bed. She feasted her eyes on Serena, who looked so much more amazing in her bed in reality, than the dream figure who had filled her sleeping mind for weeks on end.

“My god, Serena. You are so beautiful.”

Bernie quickly undressed and lay down beside Serena, who immediately reached out to pull the blonde into her embrace. Bernie’s breath caught at the feel of the length of their naked bodies pressed together.

Serena gasped as Bernie sucked on her earlobe, then kissed her way down her neck. She blazed a line of hot, wet kisses across Serena’s throat and clavicles.

“Serena, you’re absolutely magnificent,” breathed Bernie, before returning her mouth to one of Serena’s rosy pink nipples, while caressing the other with eager fingers. She had no idea how long she lost herself in the worshipping of Serena’s breasts.

“Berenice! You’re, you’re driving me crazy,” Serena panted eventually. “I need you to touch me.”

“What do you need? Show me.”

At that, Serena grasped Bernie’s hand and pressed the surgeon’s long and dexterous fingers into the aching heat between her legs. As much as Bernie wanted to continue caressing Serena’s amazing breasts, she was also eager to taste her way down Serena’s body to the feast that was awaiting her.

Bernie began to kiss and lick her way downwards taking her time to touch and taste every available inch of skin. She dipped her tongue in Serena's navel, making her shiver and giggle. Eventually, she parted Serena’s thighs and settled herself comfortably between them. Bernie breathed deep, savouring the scent of her lover’s arousal, she nuzzled her nose in the lush curls  and then smiled up at Serena.

“Natural and untrimmed, just like you promised me all those weeks ago.”

Serena’s breathy laughter was cut off abruptly as Bernie stroked down across hot, wet flesh to ease one, then two fingers inside. She began a steady rhythm as Serena writhed against her. Bernie rapidly flickered the tip of her tongue over Serena's clit before sucking it into her mouth. She alternated between the different sensations as Serena gasped and moaned. Bernie hummed in pure enjoyment and the vibration made Serena freeze for a few moments before bucking against Bernie’s mouth as a powerful orgasm crashed over her. Bernie stilled her fingers, but continued to gently kiss and caress Serena’s clit, while she twitched through the aftershocks.

After a couple of minutes, Serena reached down, grasped a handful of soft blonde hair, and gently tugged. Bernie got the message and moved back up the bed to lay next to Serena, who immediately wrapped her arms around her, and kissed her deeply.

“Give me a few minutes to get my breath back, then it’s time to hop on board, soldier.” Serena murmured, huskily.

“Yes Ma’am!”



Much later, they were cuddled together, fingers stroking up and down satiny skin, stealing occasional kisses.

“I think I fell for you the day you arrived, Serena. You were telling me off for using derogatory language, and all I could do was stare at how beautiful you were, and marvel at how utterly sexy your voice was. I didn’t stand a chance from the moment you walked through my front door. I found out today that Cass chose you for more than just your impeccable CV, you know. She always said I had a very specific type, and you… you are just my absolute perfect woman, Serena Campbell. Cass didn’t bargain on me falling hopelessly in love with you though.” Bernie froze, looking very much like a rabbit in the headlights, realising what she had just said.

“Oh I love you too, Berenice. I fought hard against it, believe me. Being attracted to a client was difficult enough, without being in love with her too. There was just no stopping it though. You proved too irresistible.”

“I tried talking myself out of it, dismissed it as attraction, as lust. After Alex, I didn’t think I would, didn’t think I could fall for anyone. You seemed to march right past my defences and there was just no denying it. That first hydro session, when I was watching you swim afterwards. That was the moment I finally admitted it to myself and accepted it. That was how quickly I fell for you, Serena Campbell.”

“So after you helped me out of the bath? You saw me in the buff, then fell for me?” Serena asked, with a raised eyebrow.

“Erm… Actually there’s something I should tell you about, Serena. In the interests of umm, of full disclosure. I did actually see you naked the first morning you were here. It was an accident, honestly.” Bernie winced and awaited the anticipated explosion.

“Berenice darling, I know. I saw you in the mirror over the sink. I’m not blind, you adorable idiot. I just thought it might embarrass you if I let on that I knew you were there. Things were already tense enough without adding that into the mix. Maybe that’s what inspired me to strip off and talk to you about my scars, the fact you’d already seen them.”

A slow smile blossomed on Bernie’s face.

“Oh believe me Serena, I hadn’t. My eyes were focussed entirely elsewhere”

“Really? And where exactly would that be, Berenice Wolfe?”

“Well on your tattoo of course. Where else?”





Re: Resignation


Dearest Serena,


I accept your resignation with the greatest of pleasure.


Warmest regards,



P.S.  Welcome to the family.