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You make my heart smile

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“What are you thinking about?”
Phil’s tinny voice came through the crappy laptop speakers, startling Dan out of his reverie. He smiled sheepishly. You. what else? Dan shook his head, feeling his cheeks heat.
“Nothing. Just zoned out i guess.” Phil gave his “i know you’re lying but i am such a good friend i won’t comment” look.
“I was saying that Mew isn’t the best Pokemon, it has to be Pikachu.”
Dan snorted. Phil was hanging upside down from the edge of his bed, his head turned sightly.
“No way, its Charzard obviously.” Phil made a squeaking sound and rolled off his bed. Dan laughed, heart swelling with affection.
“What?! Dan?!” he crawled to his computer and stared at him through the screen.
“How dare you betray me like this? I thought you were my friend…” he stuck his lip out in a pout. Dan smiled.
“Sorry.” he found himself staring at him, his thoughts on how he wanted to kiss Phil’s pout away. Oh stop it you. He pulled up from his mind and Phil was looking at him with a concerned expression.
“Dan. what’s wrong?” his blue eyes were bright and warm. Dan could stare all day.
“I was just thinking…” could he tell him? His stomach flipped wildly and he had to press his eyes shut to keep tears back at the thought of rejection and abandonment.
“I was just thinking about how thankful I am for you.” not quite, but close enough. Phil’s face softened. He smiled and brushed his dark fringe back.
“So am I. You’re a really good friend Dan.” Dan’s heart ached. He wanted to. He wanted to so bad. It hurt him to not tell Phil how he really felt. But he couldn’t.
“It’s been the best thing to happen all year.” Dan felt his eyes grow wet.
“Are you crying?” Phil leaned in, his eye taking up all the screen. Dan felt a laugh bubble up and escape him.
“No you dork, I’m not crying.” Phil laughed, his tongue poking out. Dan rubbed his eyes quickly. He may like Phil immensely, but he wasn’t about to risk this for his heart’s satisfaction. He could keep it to himself. Phil began to talk about Mewtwo, and Dan knew he couldn’t for long. Not when Phil was like this.

Utterly and completely perfect.