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Statement: Greetings Meatbag

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HK-47 has managed to end up in some truly unlikely places and has made a sport of surviving situations that he had no business surviving only to resurface in some unlikely or convenient place. Why not resurface one more time?

A single point of divergence that leads to a VERY different galaxy as Anakin goes through life with HK's influence.


  1. This story is not to be taken seriously. Have fun, make us laugh, make yourself laugh while writing it!
  2. Point of divergence is Anakin using something containing HK's memories in the construction of what would have been 3PO.
  3. Enough of HK was left over to retrieve, repair, and propagate the rest of his memory through the new construct. In the end, HK-47 is back from the dead... again.
  4. HK meets R2... HK doesn't understand how such an inferior droid can be so effective in the ways of mayhem and decides to study him. They become the best of friends.
  5. I would suggest that the Jedi take Anakin in order to have a positive influence on him for fear of what HK might convince him to do.
  6. Shmi gets free. Because HK would not allow such an obvious weakness to his master's security remain.


  1. It was canon at one point that if a Droid stayed sentient long enough it would develop a limited Force presence and could potentially become Force sensitive; though, the later was never confirmed.
  2. HK is HIGHLY offended by Trade Federation droids and proceeds to... appropriate as many as he can for "correction." Long story short: he takes possession of said droids, he reprograms them, he retrofits them to his exacting requirements, and he will call them all "Minion."
  3. Qui-Gon lives. Why? Because HK is elated at the chance to fight a Sith again only to be somewhat disappointed when Maul fails to measure up.