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I Hate my Date

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"Jimin? Jiminie~ My Favourite baby~"

"Jiminieeeeee~" Jimin's door opened widely with his own mom dancing on her way to him smiling like she won a jackpot price in a raffle promo.

"Can you go back to your normal self and stop what you're doing?" He asked and his mom just grins at him and help him to button up his black long sleeve shirt. Jimin hates it.

"What do you mean baby? This is me your lovable, kind and caring mom~" She said and make Jimin snorts.

"Lovable, kind and caring my ass" He mumbled but enough for his mom to be heard, he received a smack at the back of his head as a respond. Jimin end up glaring at his mom.

"I wasted an hour for this hair!!!!!" He shouted and his mom just shrug and ruffles his hair then move to his bed and pick up his white suit..



"Please be kind and don't do anything bad to this suit, I really beg your uncle to finish this as soon as he can. He will really kill you if your will ruined this one, he said he need this on his shop after"

"It will be your fault mom, I don't even want to go but you, Tae and Hoseok hyung really agreed without my consent."

"As if you don't like your date, open!" His mom said and he open his arms so she can put the suit on him, his mom move in front of him and smiled.

"Aweeehhh, my baby is so handsome who would have thought you will attend your ball tonight with a date" She said.

"I never attend this event ever since I enrolled at the university mom"

"Can you just shut-up and let me enjoy this? You ungrateful ki-"His mom got cut-off when their door bell rang followed by three knocks. Mrs.Park started to jump leaving his own son stunned and face the mirror to check herself.

"Do I look okay?!" She asked.


"Shhhh... No need to answer that sweetie, I know I'm beautiful you got your looks fom me" She said making her way to open the main door like the most elite woman in the world and Jimin swears he really hate this.




"Ohh. Thank you very much, you are so sweet Jungkook-ssi~" Jimin almost puke on his suit when he heard his mom's fake sweet voice. He saw his mom smelling the bouquet of flowers Jungkook gave her also holding a box of chocolates.

"Mom" He called and the two look at him, he watch how his mom fake her reaction too like he didn't see how Jimin a while ago and also he noticed how the other widened his eyes. Jimin smirked but just for a second, he look at his date who is now walking towards him with a bunny smile offering the bouquet. Jimin accept it after raising his right eyebrow for a few minutes more like 5minutes.

"I don't know what flowers to give you or even the chocolates you like to eat so i just bought all the chocolates i like and ask the florist to make something from that." Jungkook said touching his hair its his mannerism when he is nervous. Jimin didn't say anything and just stare at his date. His date who is wearing something expensive Jimin is 100% sure of that, his date for tonight. His date that he hates so much, Jeon Jungkook.

"Thank you. We should go now, Taehyung and Hobi hyung is waiting." Jimin said and Jungkook nods, he bow to Mrs. Park and bid goodbye and went outside. Jimin walks towards his mom.

"Keep this, and please don't do you dare take one of them mom i already count on how many chocolates there is" He whispered and his mom just smirked and take the bouquet away from him.

"Yes my prince, now go don't let Jungkook wait for you!" She shoo her own son of out their house. When Jimin step out, he gasped.



"What the f- Really Jeon?!"

"Well, Taehyung told me you love fluffy stuff toys so- You don't like it? I can just leave it here and take it back home with me later, Jin hyung lik-"

"Take it..... Put it inside our house, tell mom put it on my room later." Jimin whispered he can feel how his cheeks is burning now. He is ready to kill Kim Taehyung his best-partner-in-crime friend really knows Jimin's weakness. Flowers, Chocolates and Bears. Jungkook smiled again when he notice how Jimin is looking at the bear on his car with a little smile, the expensive dinner date for Taehyung and Hoseok is really worth it. He pick up the giant bear and take it inside Jimin's house. Jimin is smiling, maybe just maybe he don't hate his date that much.




"Oh come on Jimin! It will be our last ball before graduation!!! You never experience-"

"I did, during highschool" Jimin cut Taehyung's words. His best friend huffed and pout.

"It's not the same as college ball it will be our graduation ball too and also it will be on  Valentine's Day! Come on Jimin! Hobi and I will be there too. Oh also Namjoon hyung invites Jin hyung and Yoongi hyung being the guest will be there too maybe with his girlfriend. Come on, Jungkook will not go if you don't!" Taehyung begs and start to act cute in front of him.

"That's why i don't want to go. Three couples in front of me? Not to tell that a giant bunny asshole will be there too, if he will not go of i don't then fine with me" He said taking a bite of his sandwich, Taehyung glare at him.

"If you will just say Yes to Jungkook, you will not be alone. Why don't you just give him a chance and agree to a date?" He asked.

"I don't like him, he is so full of himself."

"He is our friend, Yoongi hyungs step brother. How  can you talk about him like that?"

"Still I don't like him" He shrug and eat again.

"You will regret it soon Jimin I swear"


Jungkook has been courting Jimin for almost  2 years now. Ever since he saw Jimin during Yoongi's graduation he never take his eyes off the older, he even enrolled to the same college and department where Jimin is, luckily Jimin and Jungkook both like Music and Arts so it will not be a problem to Jungkook. He starts to be friends with Jimin, Taehyung, Hoseok and Namjoon soon Jungkook confess to Jimin only to be rejected by the older. Jungkook almost give up after the second try, but Taehyung said Jimin is just really hard headed and a brat he promise that he will help the younger saying: "That brat should experience love and relationship, he always inside the dance studio or with his arts materials in his room. I will help you Jungkook, don't worry i know Jimin he is just being a brat!".

Jungkook believe him, they will plan things to get Jimin's heart together only to be rejected over and over again. Jungkook wants to give up, he stop talking or seeing Jimin for a week to check if Jimin will miss him. A week turns into 2 weeks soon turns into a month, Jimin didn't even ask for him more like notice his absence. Jungkook ends up crying and clinging to his Yoongi hyung when he saw Jimin at the cafe near the school with one of the dance team Lee Taemin.

"Maybe this time I need to give up now hyung"

"Jungkook, we really don't know about Jimin and Taemin being together. They were friends you know?"

"I'm his friend hyung!! Why doesn't want to go out with me too? Why with that Teamin? I'm more handsome, smarter than him, richer and I can do all the sports or even singing or dancing! There's a lot of boys and girls wanting to date me! I just don't get it why does he dont want too?! "

"Jungkook-ah, Do you even know why Jimin doesn't like you?" Yoongi asked and Jungkook frowned then nods.

"He said that I'm so full of myself, but hyung-"

"Then stop being like that. If he want you to be humble and be down to earth then go. Your'e not even the guy he have on his mind you know. You are my brother i know your'e not that kind of person, so why?"Yoongi asked.

"Well Tae told me Jimin likes people who can do everything, so I join every club that I know i will be accepted specially the basketball, taekwondo and the soccer team. I was about to join the dance club but he said he will leave the group if i will be there so i just joined the music club instead. I study well to be smart so he can see my name on top every time the results of the exams will be posted on the board. About being famous and reach, i inherit it from you and this family you know i don't even want to be like that but i don't have a choice." Jungkook explained he sigh while Yoongi just listen to his brother.

"You really like him that much? It's been what? One and half year?"

"One and 8 months hyung, and no i don't think this is still "like" and I'm tired. Maybe i just need to give up" Jungkook said and his hyung frowned because of his words.

"That's it? Just give up? No one in "Min" knew how to give up-"

"I'm a Jeon"

"We have the same father so you are Min Jungkook"

"Then what should i do?" Jungkook asked his hyung, waiting for some good advice.

"Ask him to be your date to the ball"

"The fuck?! You know he never-"

"Just try, if he will say yes then give a one last shot if not.... then maybe you have the answer" Yoongi said and ruffles his younger brother. Yoongi remind himself to have some talk with Jimin.


Jimin don't like Jungkook he even swears that liking the younger will be the last thing he will do a day before he dies. Call Jimin a bad person but he will never like Jungkook he always made it clear to the younger. Jimin doesn't even know why Jungkook never give up. He even use his best dance mate Taemin just to make Jungkook give up but the said man is in front of him now asking him to be his date for the ball.

"I told you for the nth time i will not go to that event! I have a research to do for finals, don't you have one too were on the same class right?"

"I'm almost done with mine I will be able to finish it by tomorrow. If you want I can do your research! Just be my date Jiminie~ I swear if you still don't like me after the ball I will stop pestering you. Mom and Dad asked me to go with them to US and help them with the new business.-"

"And how does it concern me?"

"My decision will be depending on your answer, hyung." Jungkook said with a sad tone that Jimin is sure he never heard from the younger. Is this why Yoongi called him and said just give his brother one last chance? Is this why Taehyung said he will regret everything? But why does he feel something burning when Jungkook left him alone at the soccer field?


"You did what?!" Jimin keep on shouting for maybe 20 minutes now. He is just really mad at the three person in front of him his mother, his best friend Taehyung with his boyfriend Hoseok. Jimin just found out that he will be going to the ball and will be the date of Jeon Jungkook.

"Jimin! Jungkook will leave after so what's the problem?"

"Mom! Jungkook is the problem!!"

"Just come to the ball and enjoy!! Maybe make it as a celebration that Jungkook will leave you the fuck alone after this ball! Jimin, Jungkook really like you why can't you see that?!"

"No need to ask him Hobi. Jimin is a brat, no idiot! I told you soon you will regret it and now look! Jungkook will go to US after graduation! He already agreed to his own parents!" Taehyung yelled and Jimin widened his eyes looking at his best friend.

"He said he his decision depends on my answer" He mumbled.

"Do you even give an answer?" His mom asked and he shake his head. Jimin can't talk he doesn't know why?

"Well that explains when Jungkook told me everything. You can decided Jimin if you will go or not, I can just give Jungkook another date or I can ditch Hobi for a night. I don't want to talk about this now, I'm so disappointed with you. Let's go babe, Mrs. Park we'll be going now. See you when i see you Jimin" Taehyung said and leave the Park's residence. Jimin heard his mom muttered something but he did not hear it clear, the next thing he knew he is alone sitting on the couch.

End of flashback.



"Jimin, this is our table" Jimin snap our of his own paradise when he felt Jungkook tap his shoulders. He sit down and look around, the school organizers really did a great job with the interior. Jimin is thankful that the seat is not covered in white because he doesn't want to part of the chair, he look around more and saw some of his classmates and friends talking and drinking some were just flirting, he look around more and found his best friend.

"Tae!" Jimin called and Taehyung give his boxy smile to his best friend and waves back. They laughed at each other when Taehyung and Hoseok found our that their table is the same with Jimin and Jungkook as well us Namjoon, Jin, Yoongi and his girlfriend. The night is okay typical college party the deans will talk here and there an intermission number from the students and a special one from Yoongi who is famous under the name "Agust D", they eat some delicious foods from appetizer to desserts.

"Jimin hyung?"

"Y-yeah?" Jimin stuttered he don't know why but when the host said that the dance will start he got nervous. All the couples went to the dance floor at the center leaving the awkward pair alone. Jimin heard the slow song plays and Oh lord he is so nervous now.

"Can I-"

"Jiminie! It's good i found you, come on let me be your first dance! I really waited too long for this please!"

"Uh.... Taemin hyung I.." Jimin is shocked to see Taemin here specially when he said he will not attend the event, Jimin look at Jungkook who looking at them too with sad eyes and just grab his glass and drink his wine.

"Go hyung, you should enjoy the night" Jungkook said and stood up leaving Jimin shocked "He didn't stop me?" he thought. He looked back to see where the younger is only to be pulled to the dance floor by Taemin. Taehyung is not the only one notice the new pair, he is ready to yell at his idiot best friend but Hoseok stop him and just enjoy his night.

The dance continues, change of partners and songs but Jungkook never comeback. Jimin is anxious he doesn't even know why. Yoongi got at text from his brother and about the excuse himself and his girlfriend to get home with Jungkook early, Jimin stop him and ask where the younger is.

"Hyung, I need to talk to him. Tell me where is he? Please."


"Hyung I.... I don't know, but i know i need to talk to him and.... and... say sorry?..I don't know hyung but i need to talk to him!" Yoongi saw the desperation in Jimin's eyes so he told him where his little brother is. When Jimin left, Taehyung and Hoseok is already planning on their expensive date courtesy of Jeon Jungkook while Jin is busy lecturing Namjoon on being clumsy and Yoongi smiling hopping for some good news after this night.



"Kook" Jungkook look up only to look down once again, "Why is he even here?" Jungkook is jealous yes of course who will not be when your supposed to be "date" is dancing with someone. When Taehyung told him that he will help him one last time and promised to make sure that Jimin will be his date for the ball he is happy yes but he stop himself for getting his hopes up. Jungkook is ready to just give up and the only things he wants to do tonight is enjoy because starting tomorrow he will move on. So seeing Jimin in front of him is not really good.

"Why are you here? Aren't you supposed to be inside? Ready to get your crown?" Jimin don't want to sound sarcastic but he end up sounding like that and he really wants to beat himself when he notice the younger flinch and starts to play with his own fingers.

"Why are you not answering me? The last time I check you were always trying your best to get some attention from me right? So why are you being so quiet?" He asked again only to received a silent treatment. He really wants to talk to him, one more try will not hurt right?

"Jungkook-ah, I heard about you deciding to go..... Go with your parents. Is.... Is that true?" Jimin look at the younger "maybe he will talk or just nod or something right? Why do i even want to know? Why does it hurts to ask?" Jimin thought. He gasped when Jungkook look at him with glassy eyes, Jungkook smiled and nods and stand up ready to leave. Jimin felt it, his heart is burning and it hurts a lot.

"Can you not go?" Jungkook is not sure of whats happening but he is 100% sure he heard that so he look at Jimin and gasped when Jimin starts to cry. Jungkook kneels down in front of him not knowing what to do. He didn't sign up for this.

"J-Jimin, why are y-you? Stop crying"

"Kookie don't go, don't leave... Please?"

"W-what are you? Jim-" Jungkook stop breathing when Jimin throw himself to Jungkook face buried on the youngers neck. He keeps on begging Jungkook not to go and Jungkook can't do anything but hug him back to comfort him.

"I don't want you to go, I can't do that. Please, I don't know why i want to stop you but please. Please stay, Kookie please" Jkmin is a complete mess is voice, his make up, his white suit and his heart.

"Jimin, I already give up... I know you will not like me back, I decided to move on an-"

"DON'T DO THAT?! DON'T MOVE ON!! DON'T GIVE UP!!! I'm here now Jungkook, I'm not going anywhere I will not reject this time please just don't do that please. I think I... I... L-like you t-too, I'm sorry for being so idiot keep on believing how bad you are and forgot to listen to this please forgive me" Jimin said grabbing Jungkook's hand then placing it to his left chest where his heart is. Jungkook smiled when he felt it, Jimin's erratic heartbeat. He cupped Jimin's face with his other hand and Jimin leaned to his touch.


"Shhhh... I'm not going, not giving up, not moving on. I will never do that, not when i know your heart beats like this for me" He said and pulled Jimin into a hug again both were crying, but not minding how their tears ruined their make ups. Jimin pulled away and kisses Jungkook's nose then snuggled into Jungkook's neck again. The younger just chuckles and exhaled then move a bit to kiss Jimin's head that earned a giggles from the other.


"So? You will now accept my coffee?"

"Ask me properly kookie, I will not say no"



"Will you go on a date with me?" Jungkook asked while his forehead is attached with Jimin's while swaying side by side at Ed Sheeran "Perfect".

"I would love too" Jimin said fixing his crown (No Jungkook's) on his head he leans in to kiss Jungkook's cheeks the hide his blushing face to Jungkook's neck. Jimin can imagine how Taehyung, Hoseok, Jin is now squealing beside them and almost heard how Yoongi snorts.



"Happy Valentine's Day"

"Happy Valentines Day too Kookie" Jimin is enjoying the night. Jimin like his date. He like it so much.