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Love as Means of Conquest

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“Oh Akoya, so lovely,” Ibushi praises, taking in the boys before him.
He’s the most dressed in only a white button up, his sleeves already rolled to his elbows. He leans over his lovers on the bed, perched between Akoya’s legs, bent at the knees and parted for him. Ibushi cups the back of Akoya’s foot and kisses the ankle, taking his time to lay a long trail of kisses up Akoya’s inner leg.

Akoya moans out a “ more ,” still too coherent and rational for his taste at the moment.

“More, my Pearl?” Kinshirou whispers by his ear.

Akoya shivers with excitement at Kinshirou’s bedroom voice, he rolls his shoulders back against Kinshirou’s chest and lets out a delighted little gasp when Kinshirou gives a ghost of a hip roll against Akoya’s back. Akoya finding himself in Kinshirou’s lap with his legs framing Ibushi is a position he is quite enjoying.


“Kinshir- oh-” Akoya moans when Ibushi starts to suck a mark into his thigh- “Kinshirou...Kin...shirou yes.”

“How do you want us, princess ?” Ibushi breaks to ask.

“All over me,” Akoya answers through a grin, “cover me, touch and kiss me everywhere. Love me.”

Akoya was not shy with his partners.

“I think we can do that,” Kinshirou says, “hmm, Ibushi?”

“Yes,” Ibushi agrees, his smile loving enough to be just shy of wicked. His mouth hovers over the junction of Akoya’s leg and pelvis and gives Kinshirou a show of christening a mark into the tender skin.

“Yes Kinshirou,” he repeats as he sits up, “I think we can.”

He reaches to pull Akoya into him so that Kinshirou can move, taking the opportunity to kiss Akoya’s lips with the same desire and sentimentality he’d kissed Akoya’s lower body. Suddenly there are more kisses, on his side then arm and shoulder, Kinshirou’s kisses climb Akoya’s body as Ibushi lowers him to the bed and then snakes himself further down. They give Akoya trails of kisses running both up and down his body at once, Kinshirou’s lips at his throat and Ibushi’s climbing up his other side. Both of them are gently pushing and pulling him to lie on his side and Ibushi crawls behind him as Kinshirou settles him so that they face each other.

“So beautiful, Akoya. Lovely Pearl.”

His lovers are everywhere and surrounding him together.

“Our princess, so delicate.”

A hand reaches over his hip and between his thighs.

“So resolute, firm.”

Ibushi’s hand takes him in a pleasant grip as Kinshirou’s head slips further down. Akoya feels light and intoxicated at their praises, Ibushi’s touches and Kinshirou’s ghosting breath where he’s hard and aching.

“Tell us, beautiful Akoya, is this what you wanted?”

Ibushi bites and kisses the back of his neck, making Akoya answer him with a hiss.

“Yesss, I want you.”

Kinshirou guides Ibushi’s hand to Akoya’s cleft and kisses the tip of his erection, “like this?”

Akoya can only whine and nod fervently, adding an enthusiastic show of pressing against Ibushi’s hand then twitching his hips back towards Kinshirou’s face.

“Yes- oh- good .”

Kinshirou’s mouth is on him and it floods him with a warmth enough to endure Ibushi’s absence for a moment. Akoya registers but doesn’t pay much mind to the obvious sounds of Ibushi reaching through the bedside table.

“Kinshirou, ohhh,” Akoya keens, “yes.”

There’s a slight shuffling sound, more weight shifting on the bed behind him and then Ibushi, finally entirely nude, pressing into him, chest to Akoya’s back, hips aligned, making them both shudder with need.

“Let’s not rush him, Kinshirou,” Ibushi says, prompting Kinshirou to slow his movements.


It’s both torment and relief to Akoya when Kinshirou’s onslaught slows and he can think much too clearly. Which is why he understands Ibushi’s prompt immediately when he feels a hand, slick with lubricant reach into him. Ibushi starts slowly, gentle as ever circling Akoya’s hole with two fingers but starting with only one at first. It doesn’t take him long though before he’s whimpering under Ibushi’s touch and Kinshirou’s tongue.

“No...Kin..shi..r...don’t tease,” Akoya stutters, the same way his hips do. “I’ you should rush.”

Kinshirou speeds up again, occasionally pulling off to kiss around Akoya’s pelvis and murmur praises.

“Sweet Akoya, so good.”

Akoya’s breath catches when he feels Ibushi align himself, the tip pressing but without haste.


“Ibushi, yes ,” Akoya hisses, both exasperated and thrilled, even moreso when Ibushi slides into him

“Yes, good ,” Akoya echoes.

“Good,” Ibushi agrees. “ good...”

Akoya stutters again and reaches for the white hair between his legs.

“Kin...Kinshirou stop, come here,” he pants.

Kinshirou is quick to go to him and meets him in a desperate kiss, Akoya’s need for him apparently greater than his need to breathe.

“Close...” Akoya says. “Kinshirou, Kinshirou hold me.”

Kinshirou knows exactly what Akoya means. He helps Akoya to drape both arms over his shoulders and press into him while one of his own hands fits between Akoya’s cheek and the bed and the other slithers to hold the base of his erection as it threatens not to last.

“Don’t push yourselves too much,” Ibushi tells them, he props one of Akoya’s legs up and over Kinshirou’s waist, two birds, one stone , he thinks, having gained a new angle that makes Akoya all but sob with pleasure. The change lends itself perfectly to tangling his legs with Kinshirou’s and Ibushi’s patterned thrusts give him extra leverage to grind forward.

“I-Ibushi...ah- there- just- there , again .”

“Akoya, yes...oh...harder,” Kinshirou moans.

“Let go,” Akoya whispers, pulling Kinshirou’s hand from his base so that both hands frame his face and catch in blossoming pink hair.

“Kiss me again,” Akoya says, one moments of clarity between Ibushi’s thrusts letting him focus on grinding into  Kinshirou in just the right way. When Kinshirou moans again Akoya swallows it and readily lets Kinshirou take control and swallow him .


It’s Kinshirou who comes first, shuddering as Akoya kisses and strokes and caresses him through it. Ibushi has slowed down inside of him, following the pace at which Akoya coddles their lover.

“Ibushi, harder, faster ,” Akoya urges. “While I still have the strength to hold him.”

Kinshirou is awake but clearly not alert, even if he smiles each time Akoya kisses him and tries to kiss back.

In time with his more intense thrusts, Ibushi reaches to stroke Akoya, focusing intently on pushing him over the edge before he reaches it himself. He forms a pattern of stroking up and down Akoya’s entire length then repeating over his slit, trying not to let his thrusts go erratic and out of their pattern as well. He could push harder when his lovers wanted but he never lost his affectionate touch.

“Beautiful Akoya,” Ibushi breathes, he’s quite the multi-tasker, thrusting, stroking and showering Akoya’s back with kisses and light marks.

“You gem. A royal Pearl.”

It’s with Ibushi’s motions and words overwhelming him that Akoya grips Kinshirou tightly and comes between their legs.


He’s not really sure when Ibushi must have let himself come, or rest for that matter, given that he’s stopped paying attention to anything but Kinshirou. His Kinshirou, lying there in his arms, utterly defenseless, blissful and spent. Akoya is aware when Ibushi is hovering over them, wiping them both oh so gently with something warm, damp and very soft for terrycloth. He can tell Kinshirou is back to the present, it’s obvious when they both turn their heads to look at Ibushi above them.

“You two are just stunning. I love you both so much.”

The visual of Akoya and Kinshirou holding and gazing into each other, mirroring the satisfaction on each others faces, is one Ibushi will truly treasure. He can’t help but chuckle when they pull him down for uncoordinated but sweet kisses before he turns to sandwich Akoya between himself and Kinshirou.
“All cleaned up,” he says simply, “rest now.”