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Senshi’s List

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1. Trying to steal Mako’s cookies just after they’d been baked only results in a burned hand and a very annoyed chef —Usagi

2. My proper title is Sailor Jupiter, not “The Talented One”—Makoto

3. Not allowed to bring alcohol to Senshi Meetings—Mina

4. Not allowed to use said alcohol to start a campfire—Rei 

5. Never again shall I use any of the following to help set up any of my friends on dates: panda cosplay, hot sauce, an exploding karaoke machine, idol cds and/or inflatable pools—Mina

6. Not allowed to disclose secret identity to a crowd—Ami

7. Not allowed to end all my sentences with “according to the eternal flame”—Rei

8. Not allowed to challenge people to a race on foot or any type of vehicle—Haruka

9. No spoilers, so stop asking for them—Setsuna

10. Using extensive philosophical knowledge is not going to get me out of drinking milk—Hotaru

11. Not allowed to use catnip to sneak out and see Mamo-Chan overnight—Usagi

12. Must attempt not to seduce Haruka in public—Michiru

13. Not allowed to seduce anyone else to make Haruka jealous in public—Michiru

14. Don’t take the batteries out of either Usagi’s or Minako’s alarm clock (Even if said alarm clocks aren’t being used properly)—Ami

15. Must not make fun of Setsuna’s nickname—Makoto

16. Not allowed to make fun of Haruka-papa crying after the James Bond cars blow up again—Hotaru

17. Sending people back in time, while not illegal, is highly unethical and detrimental to the current timeline—Setsuna

18. The Mercury Computer is not to be used to discover the names of my academic rivals—Ami

19. Not allowed to tell people that they will be used in the next cake recipe as a threat—Makoto

20. Declaring you have a better manicure than Michiru Kaioh is unwise...—Minako

21. Not allowed to behave in a homicidal manner towards teammates—Michiru

22. I am not the reincarnation of Jesus—Haruka

23. I am not to bring alcohol to ANY senshi event—Minako

24. Not allowed to repeat anything my parents said while drunk—Hotaru

25. Must not use only Sherlock quotes during a Senshi meeting—Setsuna

26. “If you panic you will only die faster” is not an empathetic way to talk to people—Ami

27. Must not mistake Australian Wildlife for Youma—Makoto

28. Must not use crows against vandals excessively—Rei

29. Not allowed to try to “Spice Up” sailor fukus—Minako

30. Not allowed to cook curry unattended—Usagi

31. Minako is not to be used as a source of love knowledge—Makoto

32. Not allowed to “borrow” Rei’s stash of Yuri magazines—Ami

33. “A talking cat” is not the sort of reference I am allowed to use on my assignments—Hotaru

34. Must not kiss Haruka in front of Michiru—Minako

35. Must not suggest threesome after seeing someone else kiss Haruka—Michiru 

36. Creating a “dummy” study page so it looks like I’m working is not allowed—Usagi

37. Not allowed burn every copy of my school uniform—Haruka 

38. Setsuna is not a Grandmother, yet—Minako

39. Rudeness is no reason to use Burning Mandala—Rei

40. If I tell Haruka I wish for her to pose for a sketch, a sketch must be created—Michiru

41. Must not compare non- humans to my Senpai around others—Makoto

42. Not allowed to show Belladonna of Sadness as a sleepover movie—Minako

43. Not allowed to teleport away from awkward situations—Setsuna

44. Phone conversations with Setsuna now have a four-hour time limit—Ami

45. Must not flirt with opponents girlfriends before a race. Or after—Haruka

46. Not allowed to let Chibiusa in after 9pm—Hotaru

47. If a couple shares a bedroom: knock—Makoto

48. Screaming only makes a walk-in worse—Usagi

49. “The Plan” should not involve dragons in any way—Minako

50. Must not procure Sailor V doujinshi—Rei