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The Smutstravaganza Exhibition

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  Hello there! I’m WaddleBuff, curator and founder of The Black Penguin.

The Black Penguin is a collective of content creators who strive to improve and create quality content.


Our smut writers are no exception, and as such, we are always expanding and adding new additions to the smut gallery every Sunday, on top of having featured Showcases revolving around certain themes every few months. 


So here is a resource for you, our most valuable guests, to make sure you don’t get lost.


Click here to peruse through our special selection of Showcase exhibits.


Thank you for dropping by, and we hope you enjoy your visit here at the Exhibition!







 Exhibit List


Thinking with His Schwanz by WaddleBuff

 [Asuka, Kaji] Neon Genesis Evangelion

[older man/younger woman, multiple creampies/orgasms, dirty talk, anal, rough sex, blow job] [7500+ words]


After months of enduring her teasing, Kaji decides to indulge a little and accepts one of Asuka's many invitations to Misato's empty apartment. 

 ...just a little, of course. 



 A Carnal Sacrifice by WaddleBuff

[Rory, Itami] Gate: Jieitai Kano Chi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri 

[older woman/younger man, loli, seduction, doggy style, multiple creampies/orgasms] [11000+ words, sample]


Rory had always been a blatant, blatant tease, a minx with an unholy curse that makes her feel hot whenever the swords start clashing and the bullets start flying.

So when a covert op attacks during their stay at a hot spring, Itami finds Rory in her usual heated state...but with everyone asleep and nothing but two yukatas between their naked skin, will he be able to resist this time?



 The Licentation Virus by WaddleBuff

[2B, A2, OC's ♂] Nier: Automata 

[gangbang, dubious consent, multiple creampies/orgasms] [9500+ words]


Going rogue, 2B agrees to rendezvous with A2 to inspect a supposed anomaly concerning some strange Machine lifeforms.

But she has not an inkling of what awaits for her there, of what dormant forces lay in wait to ensnare her and A2, nor of what dormant pleasures rest within her body. In the ruins of Man, the two androids are about to awaken something inside them that they never knew they could feel.

And all it will take is a few helping hands.



The Princess, the Merger, and the Hot Spring by WaddleBuff

[Mari, OC ♂ ] Love Live! Sunshine!! 

[seduction, hot springs sex, multiple creampies/orgasms, rough sex, first time] [14500+ words]


All of her life, Mari Ohara has been groomed and pampered to become the princess of her father's dynasty.

But all of that responsibility and constant facade can make a young girl like her tense. Fortunately, she meets a man who could help her relieve some of that tension, a man who could make her forget that she's a princess, and teach her what it's like to be a woman.



 Free Loads by GuardianBell

[Lillie, Moon, Kukui] Pokemon: Sun and Moon

[older man/younger woman, bikini/swimsuit sex, seduction, couch sex, rough sex, creampie, first time] [4000+ words]


Being stuck with two freeloading teenage lodgers would usually be an inconvenient burden.

Luckily for Professor Kukui, his lodgers are Lillie and Moon, grateful girls who are more than willing to compensate their burden with their company, and eager to let the professor give them a few private lessons before school begins.



Afterparty Dessert by scribEye_Steak

 [Lyn, Robin] Fire Emblem Warriors 

[rough sex, blowjob, established relationship, multiple creampies/orgasms, clothed sex, table sex] [5000+ words]


Lyn and Robin; two warriors brought together by unforeseen circumstances

Shortly after the arrival of their time-displaced daughter, the two enjoy a long-needed night of afterparty passion.



A Little Too Physical by WaddleBuff

[Ann, Akira]  Persona 5

 [rough sex, multiple creampies/orgasms, deepthroating, skullfucking, established relationship, dom/sub] [4000+ words]


Wanting to try a little something more daring in their budding sexual acquaintance, Ann decides to seduce Akira during P.E. class, earning an entire day's worth of punishment.



 Some Vigorous De-Stressing by WaddleBuff

[Eli, OC ♂ ] Love Live! School Idol Project 

[older man/younger woman, stranger sex, rough sex, multiple creampies/orgasms] [9000+ words]


Eli Ayase is the perfect role model, the cream of the crop of Otonokizaka. But once the pressures of that life doubles up with the trials of her budding idol career, the girl has to find a way to de-stress. Just a mindless distraction to forget about all of that for a few hours at a time.

...and what better way to forget than to fool around with a tall, dark stranger?



Deep Cleanse by usermechanics

[Sena, Kodaka] Haganai

[bathing sex, multiple creampies/orgasms, blowjob, first time] [11000+ words]


They agreed on 7:30, but Sena wasn't ready.

A bit of improvisation never hurt anyone.



Terra Rapes Aqua by EndmostGekko

[Aqua, Terra] Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

[rape, non-consent, somnophilia] [5000+ words]


Terra rapes Aqua.



Overworked by Geist

[Caitlyn, Jayce] League of Legends

[friends with benefits, vanilla] [2500+ words]


Stricken by a case she cannot seem to solve, Caitlyn is consumed by the pressure of her job. With Jayce swinging by to check on her, she decides to relieve some of her stress.



Strawberry Beach Cocktail by GuardianBell

[Maki, OC ♂ ] Love Live! School Idol Project 

[seduction, stranger sex, older man/younger woman, beach sex, bikini] [2500+ words]


An attempt to get away from it all turns into a steamy affair on the beach with a certain shrewd, red headed idol. You don't exactly know who she is or where shes's from, but that ass makes it hard to care...



Relief by scribEye_Steak

[Celica, Saber] Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

 [older man/younger woman, rough sex, impromptu sex, shower sex, established relationship] [5000+ words, sample]


One too many stressful days has led her to her private bathing chambers...and to his arms.



Nyoom by WaddleBuff

[Rin, OC ♂ ] Love Live! School Idol Project

[race queen, multiple creampies/orgasms, impromptu sex, rough sex, car sex] [8000+ words]


He's watched his favorite race queen from a distance for too long. It's about time he shows her how much he appreciates her.



The Cherry Bomb Has a Short Fuse by WaddleBuff

[Sinon, Kirito] Sword Art Online

[cheating, multiple orgasms/creampies, anal, asseating, assplay, rough sex] [10000+ words]


Despite his commitment to Asuna, Kazuto can't stop thinking of Sinon. As Kirito or otherwise, his mind is filled with her; an itch he can't scratch. Fortunately, or unfortunately, she feels the exact same way, and it doesn't take long before the BoB victors come up with the simplest, most logical solution to their problem: they decide to fuck. A lot.



Malig Matrimony by scribEye_Steak

[Camilla, Husband] Fire Emblem Fates

 [blowjobs, clothing fetish, spooning, established relationship, titjob, multiple creampies/orgasms] [4000+ words]


The newly wedded princess Camilla shares the night after her honeymoon with her beloved husband.



Lost at Sea, So Deep by usermechanics

[Kanan, OC ♂ ] Love Live! Sunshine!!

[vanilla, multiple creampies, rough sex, wetsuit, shower sex, anal, squirting] [15000+ words, sample]


He came to Uchiura to relax, but instead he found himself at a dive shop.



Penis in the FRANXX by EndmostGekko 

[02, Kokoro] Darling in the FRANXX

[futanari, body horror, transformation, yuri, breathplay, non-con, ahegao, cum kink, comedy] [4500+ words]


Zero-Two wakes up to discover a penis.




Mystic Code of a Warrior by Shivern

[Altera, Reader ♂ ] Fate Grand Order  

[vanilla, costumes (nurse), massage, creampie] [1000+ words]


Altera is as dutiful as she is fearsome. She cares for her Master more than most, even going as far as to learn techniques and styles of attire to help them. Though, in some cases she can go a bit too far.



Taking a Ride on the Blue Steel Beauty by The Lady Crane

[Lucina, Captain Falcon] Super Smash Bros. 

[car sex, anal fingering, vaginal, cunnilingus, clothed sex] [3500+ words]


Captain Falcon takes Lucina on a ride for her birthday.



A Naughty Movie by Man of Shaq Fu

 [Kamito, Harem (6 members)] Blade Dance of Elementalers

[orgy, harem, aphrodisiacs, age progression] [8500+ words]


 Ellis Fahrengart buys a spirit crystal containing a pornographic films, and manages to get the rest of Team Scarlet to sleepover to watch it. Unwittingly, she serves them an aphrodisiac that came with the film. As such, the entirety of the team ends up having sex.


Making the Grade by usermechanics

[Tiffany, Audrey, Aiko] HuniePop & Huniecam

[ yuri, threesome, cunnilingus, vaginal fingering, rimming, anal fingering] [7500+ words]

After earning a B- on one of her tests, Tiffany seeks help in improving her grade.


Polishing the Blade by scribEye_Steak

[Mythra, Milton] Xenoblade 2: TGC

[outdoor sex, blow jobs, older woman/younger Man, cock worship] [2000+ words]

Mythra sneaks over to Milton in the middle of the night with her strang, insufferable cravings. But the Gormotti’s not going to take her least not quietly.



Party for Two by Neo

[Holly, Artemis] Artemis Fowl

[fingering, semi-public sex, drunk sex] [1000+ words]


Artemis throws a party, but only has eyes for one guest.



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