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Supply Shopping and Tree Climbing

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Rebecca and Paula are intently discussing a case when the conference room door swings open.

“Miss Bunch, may I see you in my office, please?” It’s odd because he always addresses her as Rebecca unless . . . oh.

“Nathaniel, I’m kind of in the middle of discussing my—“ The glare on his face stuns her silent, and she exits the conference room without another word. Yep, she’s in trouble.

She follows him inside and pushes the door shut gently behind her. The blinds are closed, which is a clear sign that he means business with her. It’s only a moment before her breasts are pressed to the wood and he’s holding her palms flat against the door.

“Do you get off on teasing me, Rebecca,” he hisses in her ear. “First, you come in wearing this very beautiful but very short dress.” His hand grazes up her thigh, and Rebecca shivers at his touch. “Then, I get a text from you not two hours later that you showed up today with no panties on under that dress.” The welcome caress underneath her skirt makes her moan audibly. “Oh, and that reminds me of the little show you put on eating that doughnut this morning. You’re just asking to get fucked right here, aren’t you?”

“Nathaniel, we’re at w—“ She’s about to finish her sentence, but his hand clamps over her mouth, effectively silencing any resistance she might have offered.

“No, you don’t get to talk now. Bend over.” Rebecca can’t help but listen when he talks like that. Something about Nathaniel when he’s in control makes her want him that much more. He busies himself with finding a condom, but after he does, he pulls her up for a moment and whispers to her. “What’s your word, babe?”


No matter how pissed off he gets, every time she says it, he smiles. He plants a kiss on the side of her neck before pushing her back to her previous position. It’s almost effortless the way he slides into her, and she gasps around the hand that returns to cover her mouth. Rebecca makes a small sound in the back of her throat, almost like a whimper, at the feeling of him stretching her like this. They rarely ever have sex like this, and despite the unfamiliar angle, it feels damn good. He pushes deeper inside of her, and she makes that sound again.

“Don’t give me that, I know you want this. I bet you were already wet when you came in here, weren’t you?” A long, quiet moan is his response, but that’s not sufficient enough. “Answer me,” he demands as he grasps her by her wavy ponytail. Rebecca nods quickly as he speeds up his pace inside of her. She’s so close to release that she could cry, and there’s a telltale tightness coiling in her stomach, and she’s ready to let go when she’s pushed onto her knees and turned to face Nathaniel.

He grips her chin and opens her mouth just before he releases, and she swallows around him, breathing shakily from the jarring sensation of almost cumming but not. After he cums inside her mouth and gives her a moment to breathe, he’s down on his knees with her kissing her softly and smoothing any stray hairs in her ponytail.

The throbbing between Rebecca’s legs is still palpable as ever, and she sighs in frustration that the gentleness of his kiss does nothing to satisfy the ache that remains.

“I hope you’ve learned your lesson, Miss Bunch.” She turns towards the door with an exasperated huff when his voice pulls her back. “Though, I do hope you’ll accept my apology. 10:30. I’ll come to you.”

He writes a thousand apologies between her legs later that night, and she gladly accepts each one.