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Love has No Boundaries

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The gunshots were loud, like thunder. Nick’s ears still couldn’t handle them after all this time as a cop. He and Daryl were crouched behind the police truck, with their guns held close to their chest. The two cops were caught in another drug bust gone very wrong. The Latino gang who call themselves Los Asesinos pulled out their AKs and opened fire once they saw the lights on Daryl’s truck flash blue and red. Ward had whipped the truck behind a large garbage bin beside the fence. He and Jakoby climbed out of the truck and just like that, the gun war started. Daryl and Nick jumped up and shot another round at the gangsters before they sank to the ground again.
“Aren’t ya glad you’re my partner?” Daryl asked, breathing out an exhausted laugh.
“In moments like” Nick said honestly.
“Aw come on, you know you love me.”
“Only when we’re not being shot at.”
They both laugh.
The gangsters started shooting at the truck again. And Jakoby winced. “Why don’t you ever wait for backup?”
“Because I got this. Aight. On three, when they reload, we get in the truck and run their sorry asses off the road.” Daryl said.
“That sound like a horrible idea…but I don’t have a better idea, so…okay.”
“Kiss for good luck?” Daryl asked.
“You mean incase we die?” Jakoby said, leaning forwards anyways.
“We aint dying, stop being so melodramatic. You’re bringin’ my hype down.” Daryl said before reaching for Jakoby and pulling him into a heated kiss, not minding when Nick’s tusk nipped his upper lip. Daryl pulled back. “One.” He said when the gun shots quieted.
“Two.” Nick counted.
“Three!” They both scrambled to their feet and swung the doors opened and jumped in. Daryl quickly started the truck and ripped the seat belt down and buckled in, in case the ride got bumpy. Nick quickly did the same. Daryl put his foot on the gas and shouted as the tires squealed, and truck flew down the street. Some of the gangsters scurried out of the way but the Boss, a man who calls himself El Diablo stood firmly in his spot, firing his gun at the truck. As both Ward and Jakoby knew from previous encounters, the windows were bullet proof. Some bullets hit the window and bounced off leaving a scratch. By the time Diablo knew that his bullets were doing nothing to stop them, it was too late. The truck collided with his body making a sickening thumping noise. His body rolled across the top of the truck and flew off the back. Daryl swerved the truck in a complete 180 degrees and put his foot on the breaks. He and Jakoby shared a look, when nobody moved to fire at them. The rest of the gang members slowly gathered around Diablo’s body lying in a jumbled mess on the ground. Their all powerful leader was reduced to broken bones and internal hemorrhaging.
“This can’t be good.” Jakoby said, shifting in his seat and clutching his gun. “We really should’ve waited for back up.”
“Oh will you chill out, Nick. Seriously killing my vibe.” Daryl snapped.
“Sorry. I just don’t want to die today. Forgive me if I’m feelin’ a bit anxious.” Nick mumbled.
“Nobody’s gonna die, you hear me?” Daryl said seriously. “I aint gonna let that shit happen.”
“Okay.” Nick said quietly but it didn’t convince Daryl.
“Okay?” He asked forcefully, like he really meant it.
“Yeah. Okay. I believe you.”
Ward nodded, “Aight. Let’s arrest these Mexican punk bitches.”
“Yeah.” Jakoby and Ward opened the door and aimed their gun at the crew.
“Aight, imma give yo asses one warning and one fucking warning only! Put the god damn guns on the ground and put your fuckin’ hands up!” Ward shouted. “Back up in comin’ but I fuckin’ promise you, I tear yo asses up before they get here if you try anything!!”
“I’m not trying to ‘kill your vibe’ Daryl but how are we gonna arrest them with two, maybe three good handcuffs between us and one vehicle?” Jakoby said, but the scowl he got from Daryl shut him up.
When some of the members dropped their guns and put their hands up, Daryl slowly started to round the door he was using as a shield. “You try anything, and a whole swarm of cops are gonna come down on yo asses so hard you won’t even know what hit ya. There won’t be nowhere to hide, I promise you!” Daryl continued his threats, approaching the gangsters. Jakoby followed close behind, aiming his gun at those that didn’t completely drop their guns.
“Down, motherfucker! Now!” Jakoby demanded. “It’s over.”
They all lowered their weapons and put their hands up. Jakoby kicked away their guns so they can’t pick them up again. Which would suck because their truck was a few yards away. Mowing down gangsters wouldn’t be as easy anymore. When all the guns were a good distance out of the way, Ward pointed his gun down. “On the ground, assholes!” He shouted. Reluctantly, they did as he said, slowly sinking to the ground and laying on their stomachs.
“Pat them down, make sure they aint packin’.” Ward said to Jakoby. The Orc nodded and searched one half of them while Ward searched the other. But something caught Nick’s attention. A slight gleam in the darkness. Any non-Orc wouldn’t have noticed it. But his eyes, as well as his nose, was very keen. It was a gleam of metal, behind a car all the way across the street. If Jakoby didn’t know better, it looked like a gun. But he does know better. It was a gun. And it was aimed at Ward.
“Ward!” Nick shouted. His hands were already sweaty since the first bullet was fired but now his heart banged against his sternum with vigor. His breath got caught in his throat. Ward turned to look at him with a raised eyebrow. Jakoby couldn’t speak. Words couldn’t come from his throat for some reason. All he could do was run. And he ran straight towards Ward, no questions. Just then he heard a bang that echoed through the empty streets. Jakoby tackled Ward to the ground and a sharp pain ripped through his skin. They fell to the ground, Jakoby landing on top of Ward.
“Ow.” Ward groaned.
Nick was breathing heavy, looking down at his lover. “Y-you okay?”
“Yeah but you’re heavy.” Daryl said, then looked around, “what was that?”
Nick, just realizing their was a live shooter out there, rolled off of Daryl and grabbed his gun that fell on the concrete road. He picked it up and started firing in the direction the gunshot came from. Just then two police cars sped down the street and stopped close by, lights flashing. Four cops got out of the cars and approached them with guns drawn.
“God damn it, Ward! You didn’t wait for back up you son of a bitch!” Teller said, a middle aged cop from Chicago.
Daryl sat up with a wave, “what took yo ass so long?”
Nick hissed from beside him. Daryl looked over and saw Nick clutching his left arm with a pinched face. “Hey you good?”
“Um…I should be okay. But I’ve been shot.” He said.
Daryl’s eyes widen and he leaned over to look, moving Nick’s blue hand away from the wound. The bullet went straight through his bicep but it didn’t look nasty or life threatening. Daryl sighed. “Okay. Put some pressure on it. We’ll get you patched up.”
“Okay.” Nick said, clutching his wound again.
“What happened?” Daryl asked as the other cops started arresting the gangsters and putting them in their cars. They said something about a dead shooter by a Nissan, which Nick was sure was the shooter.
“There was this shooter across the street, aiming his gun at you. I saw it…I didn’t really know what to do. I sort of…panicked. And I got you outta the way. But I got hit.” Nick said.
“So you saved my life…?” Daryl’s eyebrows narrowed. “Nick you could’ve died, you dumb ass!” Daryl snapped.
“Me?” Nick looked at him incredulously, golden eyes narrowing. “YOU coulda died!” He hissed. “If saving your life makes me a dumb ass, then yeah…I guess I am the biggest dumb ass then.”
Daryl gave him a look, between fondness and seriousness, “yeah you are.”
Nick just rolled his eyes. Daryl stood up and offered him a hand. “Here.” Nick looked up at him before taking his hand. He heaved the Orc to his feet. “I’ll drive you back to the station and the Doc will fix you up, aight?” He said softly.
Jackoby nodded, “yeah okay.”
“Hey. Thanks. Seriously. You had my back, back there.” Ward said honestly. He looked a bit embarrassed by admitting that but Jakoby knew he truly meant it. The Orc tried to stifle a smile so his human wouldn’t be further embarrassed. They started walking back to their truck when Teller came up behind them, “hey, I need you to tell me what happened here.”
“We’re headin’ back to the station, I’ll let you know when we get there.” Daryl said. Teller nodded and let them walk off. Once the Human and the Orc got into the truck, Daryl leaned over and kissed Nick. Nick kissed back and as much as he wanted to grab his partner to deepen the kiss, he couldn’t. One arm had been shot and the other was keeping himself from bleeding too profusely. He made a noise in the back of his throat and Daryl pulled back and looked down at his arm, “right. The station.” Nick breathed out a laugh before Ward started the car and pulled off.
When they got to the station, the doctor stitched up Jakoby while Ward gave his statement and filed the paperwork. Ward met up with Jakoby in the infirmary when he was finished. The doctor was helping his orc slip on the button up police shirt. Daryl felt a swell of affection in his chest at the sight.
“Hey I got this, doc.” Daryl said, waltzing into the room. The Doctor looked at him oddly but didn’t say anything, instead she stepped back.
“Is he all good? He needs meds or somethin’ for the pain?” Daryl asked as he helped Nick’s arm into the sleeve. He started to help his partner button the front of his shirt.
“I’ve given him a bottle of a few painkillers. As you know, Orcs have a significantly higher pain threshold than humans. So I didn’t need to give him anything strong.” The Doctor, a brunette with glasses, explained.
“Thanks Doc.” Daryl said before she nodded and left.
“Daryl…” The Orc started but Daryl crashed his lips against his. They shared a passionate kiss. It was a kiss of love and appreciation. Nick had a free hand this time and firmly gripped Daryl’s hip and dragged him closer for more. Since the Orc was sitting at the edge of the examination table, his legs were spread and Daryl was moved closer between them. Daryl held Nick’s blue and pink face in his hand and the other went to unbuttoning Jakoby’s work shirt. Nick made a noise in his throat and pulled back. They were both panting and Jakoby breathed out a laugh.
“That’s a little counterproductive.” He said watching his lover undoing his shirt.
“Talking is counterproductive.” Ward retorted, kissing him again. Daryl was growing more aggressive with his movements. He was all tongue, exploring his Orc’s mouth. He tasted his tongue and teeth and licked at his tusk. Nick moaned, getting hard in his pants. The Orc sucked his tongue and his hand shot up to Daryl’s neck and held him firmly in place. Daryl finally got the last button undone and pulled away. He pushed Nick down on his back against the table. He pulled open the shirt and ran his hands over the Orcs blue splotchy skin. Orc’s skin was supposed to be thick, almost like callous, but not Jakoby. His skin was smooth. Thick, but smooth. Daryl kissed is forehead and then down his cheek and under his chin. He licked a strip over to his ear and sucked the spot behind his pointed ear that makes Nick’s knees weak.
“Oh! Daryl…” Nick purred. His cock was so hard right now that it was embarrassing. Daryl didn’t even do anything yet. He chalked it up to the adrenaline he’d been experiencing since the shoot out. “Daryl…” He moaned. He realized Daryl wasn’t in a much better state, judging by that hard thing pressing against his inner thigh.
“Fuck!” The human hissed. He sucked hickies into Nick’s throat and his fingers trailing down his chest and circling around Nick’s blue nipples. Nick arched his back and pumped his hips up into Daryl’s hardness. They both moan deliciously. Daryl brought his lips to Nick’s ear while he rolled Nick’s nipples between his fingers. “You like that?” He asked huskily. Daryl’s voice got so low and sexy when he talked dirty and it sent a shiver down the Orc’s spine.
“Jesus!” He hissed. “Yeah. F-fuck Daryl.”
“Gonna fuck you so good. Right here, on this table.” Daryl groaned in his ear. They were both so frantic and horny it was driving them crazy. There was a small part in the back of Nick’s head that told him not to do it in here. It was very risky. But for some reason that made him more excited.
Nick was breathing heavily, ignoring the twinge of pain in his arm from all the moving around and frantic movements. He really wanted to be fucked by Daryl right now. He’d do anything for his cock at that moment. With his uninjured arm he reached down to try to unbuckle Daryl’s belt.
The human noticed what Nick was doing and pulled back to watch him. His bulge was prominent through his slacks and Nick gave up messing with the belt to stroke the man through his pants. Daryl groaned low in his throat and rolled his head up to the ceiling. Nick kept stroking his lover, loving the way Daryl’s Adams apple bobbed every time his thumb rubbed against the sensitive head.
“Fuck. We don’t have time for this.” Daryl reached down to kiss him quickly before ripping the belt off of Nicks slacks and tossing it on the floor. He frantically pulled the Orc’s slacks and boxers down to his ankles. He pulled Nick off the table and flipped him around and bend him over the examination table.
“Jesus.” Nick gasped, feeling exposed. Daryl had on all his clothes while Jakoby only had on an unbuttoned t-shirt. The air was cool against his bare ass but it just made him harder- if that was possible at the minute. His enhanced ears picked up the sound of Daryl’s buckle being removed and a zipper being undone. Daryl moaned, leaning against his lover, his cock sliding between the cleft of his ass. Nick moaned and pushed his hips back. “Fuck. I don’t have any lube. Or a condom.”
“Please.” Nick’s voice was higher, more breathless than before. He begged again, “please just fuck me. I need this, Daryl. Jesus.” There was no way he could possible deprive him of a good fucking when he was begging like that. Fuck he loved this man so much. And that’s why Daryl asked, “are you sure? Don’t wanna hurt you.”
“Fuck, Daryl, I’m not a girl. Please. Please.” He pushed his ass back further as an incentive. It was all Daryl needed. He spit on his hand and stroked his dick with it. Once his cock was coated even just a little, he lined the tip of his dick with Nick’s hole. He slowly started pushing in. Nick groaned, letting his forehead fall against the examination table. Daryl hesitated a bit but when Nick growled, demanding Daryl to keep going, he did. Once he bottomed out, Daryl moaned loud. He was too far gone to care about how he sounded to Nick. But Nick was no better, he was mewling and whimpering, pushing his ass back into Daryl’s dick. Yeah. He definitely loved his Orc. The wet, snug, trembling hole wrapped nicely around Daryl’s dick. He swears Nick was made for his cock. The wetness would start gushing later on. Being that Orc’s- male and female- can have children, self lubrication was pretty normal. They’d only get wetter the longer there was a cock in them. But Daryl didn’t dwell on that for long anyways.
Daryl pulled back and pushed back in. They set a fast pace. The sound of skin slapping can be heard throughout the room but neither of them cared. Daryl buried his face into the back of Nick’s neck, groaning into his sweat soaked skin, and Jakoby was whimpering and moaning and repeating ‘Daryl‘ over and over like a mantra. “Fuck! Daryl. Harder. Mm. F-fuck me ah harder! Please.” Nick moaned, arching his back. Daryl pulled himself up, gripping Nick’s pink hips roughly. He pulled all the way out to the tip and slammed back in. In. Out. In. Out. The sudden change made Nick gasp. He had to slap his hands against the examination table, to steady himself. He clutched against the matt. Daryl lifted one of Nick’s legs up against the table. The new angle had Daryl impaling his prostate just right, sending electricity through his body. Nick yelped. He slammed a hand over his mouth to keep himself from screaming. Fuck. Daryl’s thick, smoldering cock was filling him up so good, opening him up in such explicit ways.
“That better, baby?” Daryl said between heavy puffs of air. “Like Daddy’s cock so deep in you?”
“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck!” Nick muffled a loud moan into his pink hand. He nodded vigorously. “Y-yeah.”
“Say you like Daddy’s cock. Tell me how much you love it.” Daryl breathed.
“I love Daddy’s cock. Ah! I-I…I can’t get enough. Give it to me, please.”
Daryl moaned, hearing Nick talk like that. It went straight to his cock. They both had a sheen of sweat on them. They were both getting close. Daryl felt it low in his belly. It didn’t help when his balls kept slapping against Nick or when Nick subconsciously tightened his ass around his cock. Daryl’s nails were digging into Nick’s blue and pink skin. He was getting close. He could tell Nick was too, by the way his body trembled and how wet he was getting.
Nick brought his hand down to his cock and started stroking. He used his other hand to clutch at the table for dear life.
“You close baby? You ready to come all over the place?” Daryl asked him. He reached around Nick and swatted his hand away. He took over, stroking and tugging and pulling at his pink and blue dick. It was veiny and healthy and large. Fuck he loved Nick’s cock. Nick shuddered and slammed his eyes shut. “I…Daryl…I…”
Daryl fucked him wildly at this point, almost to the point of hurting him. He was just as close. It was so good. So wet. He just needed to come badly.
“Oh god. Oh my God! Oh.” Nick was trying so hard to stifle his moans. But fuck! He just wanted to scream.
“That’s it baby. Give it up. Just like that. Oh fuck!” Daryl cursed.
Nick was teetering over the edge. It was all too much.
“Let go, Nick. Let go. Come for me. Come on.” Daryl urged and just like that. Nick choked off a scream, hand covering his mouth. His eyes slam shut and he creamed all over Daryl’s hand and the examination table. He’d never come so hard in his life. His release made his hole tighten up. Daryl nearly sobbed. He kept pounding into that tight, wet hole, so ready to come. He didn’t think he could pull out. He didn’t have that kind of will power.
“Daryl…fuck….come inside of me. Please. L-let me feel y-you.” Nick managed to say through another wave of his orgasm.
That’s all Daryl needed. He slammed inside, as deep as he could go and let loose. His thick, white seed filled Nick’s hole. He dumped load after load inside of his Orc. It ripped a cry from his chest and he curled over his lover from the force. Nick rolled his hip, fucking himself on Daryl’s still hard cock. It wrenched another wave of come out of him, continuously filling Nick up to the brim. Fuck. He didn’t even know it was possible to have this much come. But Nick was milking out every last drop with the move of his hips. Yeah. He was going to marry this Orc. Nick on the other hand, loved being filled by his human. He felt so complete. So full. So owned. It just felt so right. He worked Daryl’s cock until his human whimpered and rested a hand on his back.

“Fuck baby. Stop. Too much. “ He panted. Daryl leaned forwards and rested his sweaty forehead against his shoulder- not that Nick minded.
“Sorry.” The Orc whispered, completely drained and sated. “Mm I love you Daryl.” He said sweetly.
“I know, baby.” Daryl mumbled, kissing his shoulder. “I know.” He never tells Nick that he loves him but that didn’t mean he doesn’t. They both knew that.
“We have to get up, don’t we.” Nick whispered.
Daryl cleared his throat, “yeah.” He slowly pulled out and they both made a sound. Daryl used a napkin to clean them up the best he could until they can get home to shower. He helped his injured boyfriend get dressed before he worked on himself. They looked thoroughly fucked, even with clothes on. Nick pulled Daryl into a kiss before pulling away. “Come on. I need a shower.” Daryl said.
“I second that.” Nick breathed out a laugh. “I’m going to be very sore in the morning.”
“Good.” Daryl grinned, slapping his ass and walking out of the room.
Nick winced. He rolled his eyes and followed his lover out. “Sometimes I really hate you.” He grumbled.