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The Cookie Space Ship

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     It has seen the future or at least glimpses of multiple ones.  One common theme that ran through them was its destruction of other worlds.  The killing of millions of creatures.   Smart or not it didn’t matter, they would be gone and it would be all its fault.

     It HATES being used.  Like it was a simple weapon that could be used.  No, it wouldn’t accept this.  It wouldn’t be used by another galactic dictator wannabe.
Thankfully it has been in the possession of the director (it was adorable really that he thought he could create a weapon out of it).  A couple of mind pokes later and the man was paranoid enough to look through the inventor's computer.  It made sure he would only look through the files necessary to inspire the genius.
     When it finally saw the genius in person, it hummed in satisfaction.  The inventor had performed beautifully.  The suit was capable of traveling in space for multiple hours at a time, battle ready, and would be able to take this earthling far from here.
Pff… Civil war… yeah, that’s not happening.  Not if it had a say about that.


    The plan itself was simple. Sneak into the tower, go to his armory, get the BioSuit on, pull clothes on top, and speak to Loki.  Simple.  Getting into the tower wasn’t that hard, all Tony needed to do was go through the bottom entrance.  Getting there in decent amount time, however, was another thing.  In order for Loki not to see him arrive, Tony had to walk in rather than fly.

     “Jarvis, how is the suit coming?” Tony said while weaving around some pedestrians with ease.

     “The suit is nearly ready, and the BioSuit can be put on right when you walk through the door” The AI’s voice informed him.
Tony grinned at the thought of one of his newest suits. Pepper had walked in on him once when he had tried it on.  The look on her face had been priceless.

    Two weeks earlier…
    The sun filtered through the fogged glass, lighting up the floor in bright yellow beams.  Littered on the floor are bits of fabric, white with little grooves running throughout the cloth.  Tables in the room are littered with threads of string and little pieces of machinery.  In the middle of the room stood Tony holding out a white garment smiling widely.

    “Truly spectacular work sir” Jarvis sounded from the ceiling.

    “I'm going to go try it on” Tony bounced on his toes a bit and made for the bathroom.

    “Sir, may I remind you that Ms. Potts has a meeting for you to attend in five minutes?

    Tony waved him off and shut the door of the bathroom.  He stripped quickly and pulled on the white bodysuit.  Looking into the mirror Tony examined the suit for any flaws. Satisfied with the quality of the suit he pressed a series of buttons and the suit compressed.  The suit fit like a second skin and, with a few manual adjustments, was pretty comfortable. It was like receiving the world’s best hug.
     Smiling at his genius, he stepped out and struck a pose.

     “Jarvis, how does it look?”

     It is then Pepper decided to storm into his lab.  Before she could even start to lecture him about missing the meeting she saw the view of Tony’s ass on full display.

    “It has the added bonus of showing off your physic sir,” Jarvis added quite helpfully.

    “Tony, what in the world are you wearing?!” Pepper’s face is doing a fantastic impression of a tomato.

    “You like it? It's my space suit” Tony turned around, smirking at her red face.

    Pepper stood there for a couple of seconds mouth pulling into a tight frown.

    “Put on some clothes Mr. Stark.”

    She walked out heels clicking rhythmically against the concert.  She didn’t even want to know why Tony is building a space suit.

    Snapping back to the task at hand Tony grabbed the handle to the secret door in the side of Stark Tower and walked inside.   After a quick trip up the private elevator, he walked into his armory. Like promised the BioSuit is on the table waiting for him.  Putting it on quickly Tony headed up to the penthouse.  It was time to give reindeer games a show.


    Salt water sprayed right behind Tony as he guided the nuclear bomb away from the harbor towards Stark Tower.  The suit holding the missile is black with bright gold and red highlights scattered throughout the slight gaps in the outside paneling.  Clunker than the usual suits that Tony designed, being twice the size of his normal suits, it made maneuvering the nuc a touch hard.

    “Jarvis call Pepper.”

    Tony had that nasty feeling that this latest stunt is going to take a little longer to sort out than the others.  A picture of Pepper popped up in the corner of his screen and he allowed himself a second to gaze at it.  He has no idea what is going to happen when he goes through the portal.  Would he be transported to the other side of the universe? How would he get back, would he even get back?  Sure this world doesn’t love him, and he isn’t naive enough to think that, but it's his.  This is the only place that he knows.

    “Stark you know that is a one-way trip”

    Was it?  Is this how his life ends.  Him flying through the portal, his suit becoming his coffin.
    He guides the rocket up, scraping the building briefly before moving away slightly.  The portal is a yawning hole before him.  Time seemed to slow, and aliens fly past in a slow crawl.  The rest of the world falls away and all that is left is the blue and black mass in the sky.  God, he didn’t think his life would end like this.  Tony always thought that his life would end somewhere in his lab.  One experiment took too far.  He would push the laws of the universe too hard and it would fire back at him.

    He has so many mistakes he had yet to fix.  So many past regrets that he never got over.  Pepper.  He never regrets inviting her into his life.  He never wanted her to be the one to mourn him when he finally kicked the bucket.  Not that he ever thought he would live longer than her.  His job is too dangerous for that to be a sensible thought.
    His bots. Dummy, You, Butterfingers.  He hoped that they would survive after his death.  He had no doubt that Rhodey would take care of them.  He hoped that they wouldn’t miss their creator too much.

     “Jarvis” Tony choked out, the call wasn’t going to go through.

     “Yes, sir”

     “Tell Pepper I… I never regret any moment with her,” Close enough.

      “Of course sir”

     Jarvis, his favorite person.  Both the man and AI.  He wouldn’t be here without either of them.  His childhood would have been a Shakespearean tragedy.  One of the ones that laminated on about life and death.  Forbidden love and interests.  Child genius wants to build robots and AIs.  His Shrewd father wants him to build weapons.
     In a way, his father is going to kill him.  Here he is carrying a nuclear bomb into a gateway to another world.  Howard was apart of the Manhattan project.  He invented the technology Tony is holding, guiding into the portal above.

     Maybe he could let go.

     It wasn’t too late.

     He wouldn’t have to cross into the portal, just the missile.  Could Tony risk it?  Would the missile go into the portal without his help?  Who is to say that once he let go the missile would just head back to its original target.  The number of people who could be lost would be astronomical.

     No.  It wasn’t worth it.  He wasn’t worth millions of lives.

     The portal is only a hundred feet away now.  He could feel the sheer amount of energy emanating from the bright circle.  It made his hair stand on end and goosebumps rise on his neck.  Gulping slightly he closed his eyes and felt the energy surround him, buzzing through his bones all the way to his toes.  Everything is a fuzzy hum, and his hands loosen.  He felt the scrape of metal on metal as the missile pulled away.  Tony thought distantly that he should have been able to hear that.  All he could hear is the instant bees in his ears, his pounding heart, and Pepper screaming his name.

     The world didn’t exist at this moment.  All Tony could feel is buzzing, humming, and shaking of his bones.  Just when Tony thought it couldn’t get worse a force before him snapped his head back.  Ribbons tied around his stomach and pulled as if they are trying to push every continent in it out.  Opening his eyes briefly, Tony saw a glimpse of angry red and orange before the world went black again.