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Of Lust and Hook-ups

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Tenya Iida never thought this was how it was going to go. He imagined that his first time would be a more traditional affair, with his future wife during their honeymoon.

A cramped janitorial closet was the farthest thing from his expectations

When the gorgeous Shiketsu High student took his hand and led him to the fated location, he offered no resistance. She was the one pinned to the wall, getting delightfully ravished. His literal and metaphorical engines were revving up hard in anticipation. Evey deep thrust he took was rewarded by a low, breathy moan spurring him further and further into ecstasy. When he stopped to take a breath, his companion gave him a sultry look, eyes half lidded

"C'mon Iida, harder!" she thrusts her hips forward to punctuate her words and to give him some bait

Iida's cock swells with impetuosity and he steadies his hands and grabs her hips softly. Iida takes a stance that ensures that he doesn't lose his balance. Despite the events that are happening right now, Iida still considers himself a gentleman and wants to ensure that he does not hurt her. He draws his hips back and plunges directly into her.

Camie back arches as she lets a soft yelp. Iida couldn't help but let a satisfied grin settle on his person as he witnesses her face displaying the sheer rapture that she is feeling. He wonders if she is aware of just how amazing she feels. The way her velveteen walls are just able to enrapture his throbbing member and bring him over the edge. He noticed Camie draw her breath to speak and at that point Iida realized that he had barely spoken to the woman that was driving him mad with ecstacy. He waited in bated breath, wondering what angelic words would spill out of her mouth

"Like, Iida, your cock is totally lit fam!"

...Well, it wasn't what he was expecting to hear but it was still nice to hear that his technique was deemed satisfactory. "Give yourself're quite the bewitching beauty, Camie. You're the one who's giving me the confidence to do this"

In response to his kind words, Camie captured his lips into a passionate kiss. Her luscious lips were easily able to silence the one who was giving her the time of her life. The kiss, coupled with the amazing sex (if they had to guess, this was probably the greatest occurrence of closet sex in the history of the world) were threatening to drive them both past the point of return. Somewhat regretfully, Iida pulled out of his companion and handed her some paper towels to help clean herself off. Even though she wanted to bitch at Iida for ruining the fun, she knew that he was right and it was best to stop now. His entire class took a trip here to visit her school and it was almost the end of the day, he was going to leave soon.

After making sure her skirt was properly secure, Camie gave Iida a rather forward request

"Yo, let me get your number! That shit was mad lit!"

Iida chuckled "certainly, maybe we can do this again…"

The ride back to school was a pleasant one for all the students. While most of them were happy that they gained new friends, Iida was happy for an entirely different reason.

"Yo four eyes, where the hell were you all day. I thought you would be all over representing our school to every one of those extras?" it was strange that Bakugou of all people was inquiring him about his whereabouts.

He panicked, how could he explain where he was? He had all but disappeared while the rest of the class mingled "Well...I, uh…"

Bakugou cut him off "Just kidding, I don't give a fuck what you do." the blond slumped back to his seat with a cheeky smirk on his mouth and took out his phone to text a certain someone

"So I guess you're the reason why four eyes was missing?"

"Yeah, OMG. Thanks for telling me about him. I thought you said he was a nerd tho? His dick game is strong AF( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) "

"Don't ever tell me anything about Iida's dick ever again."

"But srsly, thanks for being a based wingman"

"It's no problem"

"No rly, maybe i could help?"

"What the hell can you possibly help me with?"

"Maybe I can help you ask that gravity chick out?"

"Fuck off"