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and we are held together by something fragile

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The topic first comes up in UA’s dorms, during a rare occasion where everyone is gathered together in the common room and not making a fuss about seating arrangements or movies. They’re arranged in what is more or less a half circle, and Yuuga sits between Midoriya and Kaminari, listening to the chatter of the rest of the class.

“Oh, are we talking about Strings?” Jirou asks, seemingly uninterested in the game she’d just been playing on her phone. She’s late to the conversation, but yes- they had been talking about the Red String of Fate.

There are several fated pairs in his class, and Aoyama is almost jealous. His sting leads him to somewhere far, too far for him to travel on his own, yet close enough that his string will move slightly on good days. The most it’s moved so far was at the Hero License Exam- it had gone wild, then, and Aoyama had tried to get a good look at his Soulmate but had ended up not seeing them at all.

“Yeah!” is Kirishima’s enthusiastic response. His arm is hung loosely around Bakugou’s shoulders, and the other student looks as if he’s halfway between angry and embarrassed. “There are so many pairs in our class, but what about our classmates who have soulmates in other places?”

Yuuga’s really glad they haven’t noticed him yet. Usually he complains about not having the spotlight, but this is one special occasion where he actually wouldn’t want it if it was handed to him. Instead, they’re focused on Todoroki.

“I know who my soulmate is,” the recommended student starts, “We’ve talked.” This sparks a whole flurry of discussion; people are talking over eachother to ask him things, but there’s one repeated question. Who is it? That’s to be expected. All of them are curious, even Iida, though Yuuga can tell he’s doing his best to hold in his inquiries.

“He’s from Shiketsu. I don’t know if you remember, but he’s the one with the wind Quirk.” Ah, Yuuga remembers. Hadn’t they fought, though? What a rocky beginning to their relationship. “We’re on better terms now than before.” That’s lovely to hear, then. It always makes Yuuga’s heart happy when he hears of a fated pair getting along well.

Their obsession over Todoroki’s soulmate continues for a while until Ashido’s voice cuts through the air with a question that Yuuga really hadn’t wanted to hear.

“What about you, Aoyama-kun?” she asks, and the conversation dies down quickly as heads turn to face him. He’s really not pleased at her for drawing the attention to him, but he can’t exactly refuse the spotlight now that it’s been put on him.

“Well,” he starts, giving a pause for dramatic effect. “I’ve never met my soulmate! But, I know something about them.” He stops there on purpose to add suspense to his confession, and it works just as he’d intended. People are all over him in a second, asking what he knows and how helpful it is to him. He laughs lightly, brushing off their questions with a simple wave of his hand.

“I know that my soulmate was at the Hero License exam!” he exclaims, and while there’s some disappointment, this seems to excite most of the room’s occupants. “It’s only a matter of time before we see eachother again, oui ? I have faith that we’ll meet exactly when we’re meant to.” Yuuga has always been a strong believer in fate working just beyond the strings. If the world wants them to meet, then they’ll meet.

The conversation shifts on to Kouda, who looks nervous beyond belief. Apparently he hasn’t yet found his soulmate either, which Yuuga finds very interesting indeed. His own soulmate may be forgotten to others, but not to him- the conversation registers as background noise to his thoughts, which cloud up his mind.

What if his soulmate doesn’t like him? It’s a very real possibility. While it’s true that most soulmates are drawn to eachother, and soulmates are naturally supposed to be compatible, it’s not necessarily a given that they’ll get along right away. Soulmate relationships, just like all other relationships, take a fair amount of hard work to keep stable.

He shakes his head lightly as Kaminari accidentally nudges him, effectively dragging him back down to reality.

The thoughts follow him to bed that night, though.


The day shouldn’t be that special, but for some reason it feels like it’s going to be. It’s been a few weeks since the initial conversation and his soulmate hasn’t been brought up since, but there’s a warning signal in his mind that tells him the topic might be brought up soon.

The students from Shiketsu are coming today- Todoroki’s soulmate is there, so there’s going to be a lot of gossip flooding the school all day, and hopefully none of it involves Yuuga. As much as he loves others to keep their eyes on him, he loves it even more when they look away from him at his weak points. He’d rather only show his virtues to the public, and his inability to find his soulmate is no virtue.

Still, he yanks himself out of bed and puts on his best look- something more natural-seeming, today. Ordinarily, he goes for makeup that’s more flamboyant and flashy, but for some reason he’s not feeling that kind of look today.

He gets to the common room before a lot of people, but there’s still excited chatter. What will the students be like? Is Todoroki’s soulmate going to be there? He doesn’t blame them for being curious, because it’s only natural. The idea of meeting other students formally and not in the circumstances of a fight is appealing to him, because there will always be another opportunity to show off.

He sits down in the middle of the group and contributes occasional comments, but he doesn’t take charge with a new topic. He’d much rather sit back and let others do that for him, anyways.

It’s time for school to start all too soon. Yuuga hasn’t even noticed the time passing, but suddenly Iida is shouting that class starts in five minutes, and nobody wants to be late, so they all rush to their classroom. Yuuga hardly catches a glimpse of the other students arriving via a bus, because he’s in such a hurry, but he’s sitting in his desk when he notes that his string is moving. Is his soulmate also from Shiketsu?

He turns to Ashido with a twinkle in his eyes.

“Ashido- my string is moving, I’m positive my soulmate is here!” His voice is hushed, but it’s also excited. There’s really no point in speaking quietly, though, because Ashido squeals loudly, gathering the attention of their classmates.

“Oh my gosh , Aoyama-kun!” Well, she seems infinitely more excited than he is. “You’re going to meet them soon, that’s so exciting!” All at once, the class is thrown into chatter again, but it doesn’t last long, because Aizawa has finally entered the room, sleeping bag and all.

His voice is quiet, but it still commands silence. “We’re having students from Shiketsu High to train today,” is all he says before promptly laying back down in his sleeping bag.

The classroom door opens to what Yuuga assumes is a teacher from Shiketsu. He’s definitely not a Pro Hero like any of the UA teachers, and he seems quite a bit nicer than Aizawa or Present Mic. Still, though, Aoyama figures he deserves respect.

“Hello, UA students.” His voice seems slightly hoarse. It’s interesting, but Yuuga doesn’t dwell on that. “I’m a teacher at Shiketsu High School, and I’ll be supervising your training with my students.” Despite being quite, he sounds oddly cheery in an exasperated sort of way. The change is odd, but it’s not unpleasant. “You’ll find that my students are in Gym Alpha, waiting for your arrival, so if you’ll all get your hero costumes on and head that way..”

He trails off, and everyone takes that as an invitation to get up, Yuuga included. He walks off with far more spring in his step than most other people, chatting with Mina until they reach the locker rooms, at which point he pesters Kaminari whilst getting changed. His chatter is mostly nervous- what is his soulmate going to be like? He hopes they like him, at least, that’s really all he can ask for.

Once they’ve all changed, the class filters out of the doors, once again joining up with the girls. There’s a quiet comment from Shinsou about how he’s being way too eager, but he ignores it completely in favor of squealing over his soulmate with Ashido, despite not having seen them at all yet.

Truthfully, there are so many things going through his head right now. He hopes they’re someone that he’ll like, but he likes nearly everyone, so that shouldn’t be hard. He wonders if they’re a first year like him or maybe higher than that, though it doesn’t matter to him either way.

He lags to the back of the group out of fear when they reach the doors. People notice, but nobody says anything. They must understand what it’s like to have to meet your soulmate so suddenly. It’s so much worse when you know it’s coming.

Bakugou is the one who pushes the door open, and Yuuga’s eyes immediately dart around to see if he can spot anyone with a red string. At first, he’s almost lost hope, but then-

There, in the middle of a fight against Yoarashi Inasa, is someone who has a red string tied around his finger. Time seems to stop for him as he takes in the student’s appearance. Lavender hair is falling over one of his narrow eyes. Other people might not find it attractive, but-

“He’s perfect,” Yuuga breathes, eyes locked on the other student.

And then, of course, Yoarashi notices Todoroki and comes bounding over to hug his boyfriend, inadvertently drawing the other student’s attention over here.

At first there’s no flash of recognition. The lavender-haired student hasn’t yet seen him, so he’s not at all worried. Still, the pressure is only building. Yuuga can’t sit still and bear this for much longer.

Just as he’s thinking his, the student locks eyes with him.

His eyes widen, and he immediately calls Yoarashi back over to him, whispering something to him once he’s there. Judging by the way they’re throwing glances back at him, Aoyama would guess the subject of their conversation is him, or the fact that he’s the guy’s soulmate.

He thinks that his soulmate might come and talk to him, but he’s wrong. The person that comes over is none other than Yoarashi, a huge grin on his face. It somewhat reminds him of Kirishima’s attitude.

“Hey, blonde guy!” His voice is booming, and it makes Yuuga jump slightly. He’s never met someone so friendly, yet so very intimidating . “Shishikura said he saw your string!” Ah , so his name is Shishikura. His family name, at least. That’s a nice name, in his opinion. “He’s kinda awful at talkin’ to people, though, so I thought I’d warn ‘ya before ya go an’ try!”

That’s good to know. Yuuga probably would have written him off as a jerk if he’d just waltzed up and been turned away. “Oh, but he’s not averse to talking, is he?”

“I don’ think so! Just don’ come on too strong an’ you’ll be fine!” That advice is reassuring, at the most, but it still frightens him. Yuuga should really be known as the king of coming on too strong, except usually when he does it it’s completely accidental. “Or maybe you should fight ‘im! Shishikura’s all about respect, y’know, I’m sure he’ll love ‘ya if you can beat ‘im!”

Somehow, he doubts that, but it’s the best thing he can do right now.

He makes his way over there a few minutes in, and Shishikura’s eyes are trained on him as soon as he gets close. It’s unnerving, but he won’t let himself be made afraid by something as simple as his soulmate’s glaring. “I’m Aoyama Yuuga- I was wondering if you’d like to spar?”

He sounds nervous. He knows he does, but he can’t exactly control it in times like these. At least he’s gotten past the point of avoiding confrontation altogether.

“I suppose it would be beneficial. Shishikura Seiji- a pleasure.” Shishikura’s tone comes off as harsh to Yuuga, but he can’t really bring himself to be upset, especially since he hadn’t been turned down.

A bright grin taking over his face, he got into his fighting stance, hoping the new modifications to his costume would come in handy.

(He ends up losing the fight, of course, but he leaves the gym that day with a phone number written on his arm in neat handwriting.)


It’s not really until two weeks later that Yuuga really gets to talk to Seiji for real. Sure, they’ve been texting back and forth, but their conversations are always short and to the point, much to Aoyama’s dismay. Today is special, though, because of the text he’s just received. It might be the longest text he’s gotten from his soulmate thus far, and it makes him light up while he thinks of a good response.



I sometimes wish Inasa would lower his voice, I’ve nearly gone deaf.



oh? i can’t say his shouting affects me too much, since i hardly know him, but you’ll tell what happened, right?



He was startled while I was next to him.

His speaking voice may be loud, but his yelling voice is unimaginable.

I’ve not a clue how I have managed to survive thus far.



that sounds like quite the problem!

unfortunately, the solution is on you. :p




I wasn’t asking you for help, I needed someone to complain to that wouldn’t tell him I said so.



awww, you care about his feelings?

that’s cute, seiji-senpai!



I wouldn’t call it cute.

Taking into consideration the feelings of a friend is nothing but common courtesy.



whatever you sayyyy~

while i have you here, you wouldn’t mind a real conversation, right?

i’m just ~dying~ to talk to you, you know.



I’m sure you are.



do you want to go on a date?



That’s certainly forward.



i didn’t hear a no!



We live far away. Planning would be inconvenient.



but hardly impossible!

if you didn’t want to, there’s no harm in just saying so.

i won’t be mad~



I didn’t say I was opposed to the idea.


Yuuga really feels like he might cry out of joy. He’d been so afraid to suggest something, but it turns out it had been that easy all along! Or, maybe he was right in waiting. Maybe Seiji wouldn’t have said yes two weeks ago because he hardly knew Yuuga. There was just no way of knowing.



i’m free next saturday!

it’s true that we live on opposite sides of the country, but perhaps you could come here?

there are so many places i’d ~love~ to take you!







I was checking my schedule.

I’m free.


Yuuga just about wakes the rest of the dorms up with how loudly he squeals.


It’s been the longest couple of weeks of Yuuga’s life.

On one hand, he absolutely has not been able to wait for his and Seiji’s date. It’s been one of the only things occupying his thoughts as of late. There’s also the added bonus that they talk more often since that first conversation, though Yuuga has learned that he needs to be the one to initiate conversations between them.

However, he’s also been extremely nervous. There are many, many what-ifs that have occurred to him. What if he messes things up badly? What if Seiji doesn’t like his overdramatic attitude? What if things just don’t go well in general?

He’s considered not showing, but Seiji will probably hate him more if he made him travel all this way just to be let down. So, he’s sort of stuck in this situation. It’s not really ideal, except yes, it is. This is exactly what he’s always wanted, so why is he so nervous?

It’s just a nerve-wracking thing, he supposes.

Seiji steps off of the train that has just stopped and Yuuga’s sure he’s just about lit up with how excited he is to see his soulmate in person again. The lavender-haired student hasn’t yet spotted him, but he ruins that in an instant when he runs over and comes to a stop right in front of Seiji.

“Seiji-senpai!~” His voice has a sing-song tone to it, a frequent occurrence right before he asks a question. This isn’t any exception to his usual pattern, as he follows up with, “Can I hug you, s’il vous plait ?” The French just slips out- he’s always peppered his speech with phrases from his native language, as a way of keeping in touch with where he came from. Seiji’s expression changes a little at it, but it’s not long before it shifts again, so he appears as if he’s considering it.

After a short silence, Seiji finally relents. “Fine.” He lets go of his bag, and opens his arm a little. He’s stiff and awkward, and Yuuga really couldn’t be falling for him any harder. He surges forward and almost topples them both over with his tight hug. Who can blame him, though? He’s a touchy person; he’ll do his worst if given the opportunity.

Yuuga feels a tentative return to his embrace and it’s almost as if he’s died and gone to heaven right there at the train station.


They don’t go anywhere special for their date. Yuuga will save that for another time, when he and Seiji are more familiar with eachother’s interests. Instead he takes Seiji to the mall and by the time they’re done with their date Seiji is smiling lightly, so that it’s just barely there. Yuuga really likes his smile.

He thinks that just maybe, this can work.