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At KCON 2014 in Los Angeles, Girls' Generation was one of the headline acts. That year, OGN brought League of Legends to KCON for the first time, inviting CJ Entus Frost and Cloud 9 to play at the event, and C9 has photos with IU, Teen Top and VIXX to prove it. This gave me the idea to do a story based around C9 meeting SNSD as well and leading into the 2014 World Championships.

Disclaimer: I own no trademarks related to Girls' Generation, Cloud 9, SM Entertainment, Riot Games or  League of Legends .

Major Characters
-So Nyuh Shi Dae (SNSD / Girls' Generation) – entire OT9:
Tiffany (Stephanie) Hwang / Hwang Miyoung
Jessica Jung / Jung Sooyeon
Kim Taeyeon – Leader
Im Yoona
Lee Soonkyu (Sunny)
Seo Joohyun (Seohyun)
Kim Hyoyeon
Kwon Yuri
Choi Sooyoung

Below – Girls' Generation at KCON 2014. 
From left to right: Taeyeon, Yuri, Hyoyeon, Sunny, Tiffany, Jessica, Seohyun and Yoona (Sooyoung was absent due to a drama filming, and this is mentioned in the story)

-Cloud 9 League of Legends
Actual Players:
Hai Du Lam – Mid Laner / Captain
Zach Scuderi (Sneaky) – AD Carry
Will Hartman (Meteos) – Jungler
An Van Le (Balls) – Top Laner
Daerek Hart (LemonNation) – Support

Original Characters:
Phillip Carlo Santos – Top Laner (my character)
Caroline Aurora Lea – Support (based on a friend of mine who plays League, and the only Canadian on the team)

Below – All five actual Cloud 9 players as they looked while actually meeting IU at KCON 2014. 
From left to right behind IU: Meteos, LemonNation, Balls, Sneaky and Hai

Additional Background
Ahead of Cloud 9 playing at All-Stars (now divided into the Mid-Season Invitational, or MSI, and All-Stars) 2014 in Paris, not only is Hai  hospitalized with a collapsed lung, but LemonNation is also hospitalized after a freak accident breaks his arm. As stand-ins, Cloud 9 calls up two players who have played on their Tempest sister team in the Challenger Series: support Aurora and mid laner Carlo, both of whom are also K-Pop fans. The team shocks all comers and wins the All-Star  Invitational, and as a result, they elect to have Aurora and Carlo become starters for the NA LCS Summer Split, with Carlo swapping to top  laner and LemonNation also becoming a coach in addition to a substitute. When the team is invited to play at KCON, they hold first place in the NA LCS and are tipped by many to win their third straight championship.

Korean Terms In This Story (Note: if there's something not on this list that you want clarified, don't hesitate to message me!)
Noona – boy to older girl
Unnie – girl to older girl
Oppa – girl to older boy (can be used to address a boyfriend)
Hyung – boy to older boy
-ah/-yah – for someone the same age or younger (affectionate)

General Terms
Annyeong haseyo – "Hello" (formal)
Yoboseyo – "Hello" (phone conversation)
Saranghaeyo – "I/we love you"
Mianhe – "I'm sorry"

Trailer – Published July 10th, 2017 by the one and only AlexStarAlvarez on Wattpad!