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Call Me Hopeless, but not Romantic

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Draco Malfoy was never one to believe in romance. His parents were not only distant with him, but also each other. He could not recall any hugs between the two of them, let alone kiss. He could not recall them ever telling each other that they loved each other even. Therefore, Draco did not have any really good examples of what a loving relationship should be. He was always surprised when he saw Gryffindors and Ravenclaws acting as Hufflepuffs all over each other. Slytherins were never like that, as most Slytherins were purebloods and pureblood tradition dictated that they had arranged marriages.

Draco, before the war, would have never thought twice about this. Marriage was only for producing a heir, it never mattered if the couple really loved each other. The war changed his ideals though, for a few reasons. The first was that Lucius was killed by the Dark Lord. The second was that the person who he was supposed to marry, Pansy Parkinson was also killed, though this time in the crossfire of the battle, so it was unknown who actually killed her. These two things caused a change in Draco.

Since both his father and his betrothed were killed, it was up to him to choose a suitable partner. Mothers were never allowed to choose who the heir was to marry, as pureblood society was very patriarchal. Most of those who he could possibly marry were either dead, already set to be married, or would not be interested in him.

Draco still did not know if he was going to back to Hogwarts to complete his last year. The offer had been extended to all the seventh years who should have graduated but never did. Snape had personally come to visit him to tell him. Snape, himself, was going to be teaching Potions this year as well as a new post that he refused to tell Draco anything about.


Harry Potter was a hopeless romantic. At least, that’s what Hermione told him. Harry had never really witnessed a healthy romantic relationship until his was almost twelve and met Mr. and Mrs. Weasley. He could instantly in the way that they interacted, that they loved each other, and their children, very much. In that moment, he told himself that the wanted a relationship like that, with lots of children, and maybe a cat when he was older.

When he was sixteen and realized he was gay, a wrench was thrown in that plan. Being gay meant quite a bit in the wizarding world. While being gay did not mean that you were a social pariah, it was frowned upon. The surprising thing, though, was that it was the muggleborn and halfbloods who frowned upon gay relationships, not the purebloods. In fact, the purebloods were quite accepting, especially considering that gay wizards and witches could still have children. However, as Harry was the Savior to the muggleborn and halfblood population, he had to be appealing to them.

He had been aware, from a young age, that fame is fickle. He did not like his fame, but knew that it was necessary. After he finished snake-face off, the wizarding world was still not at peace. Rogue Death Eaters were still lose, new laws needed to be passed to alleviate some of the damage from snake-face, and many people were suspicious of everyone. Harry was seen as a beacon of light in these turbulent times, something stable that they could look to. Harry also knew he could use his fame to help pass laws that would undo some of the damage from snake face.

Harry already knew he had to return to Hogwarts for his last year. Him returning would show people that Hogwarts was once again safe as well as showing his yearmates that they should return as well. It would also get Hermione off his back about him not doing anything with himself besides going through old laws with Remus and Kingsley, drinking himself into oblivion, and repeating the next day. He knew Hermione was worried about him, but he would prefer if she just butted out of his business.