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Sterek Drabbles '18

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Derek whined mournfully as he padded silently towards his mate, remaining in wolf form despite the fight being over.

Stiles was resting against a tree, holding a hand against his abdomen. “I’ll be okay, big guy,” he said softly. “That knife wound wasn’t deep. It’s already bleeding less. See?” Dried blood was visible around his hand keeping pressure on the wound underneath.

Derek whined louder, laying down next to Stiles and starting to lick his face gently. He wouldn’t be satisfied until Stiles was getting proper care.

He perked up suddenly as the pack approached. Now everything would be okay.

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“How are you wooing me on this lovely Valentine’s Day? Gonna rip the heart out of some poor woodland creature and present it to me in some ritualistic ceremony?” Stiles teased with a smirk.

Derek rolled his eyes. “You’ve been reading too much fanfiction.” Then he actually blushed. “I’m packing a picnic for us to eat in a clearing in the preserve. Then we’ll come back to the loft and watch movies on your laptop and make love all night.”

Stiles’ jaw dropped, then smiled softly. “You are such a sap. I love you,” he whispered.

“I love you, too.”

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Derek waited anxiously for Stiles to finish the climb up to his treehouse. He wanted to hear what his new friend thought of it.

The younger boy looked around the small but well-built treehouse with wide eyes, his gaze lingering on the books that Derek liked to read and the pictures that he‘d taped on the walls. “Wow! This is so awesome!”

The praise made Derek puff his chest out with pride. “My dad built it for me, and I helped!”


Derek let out a relieved sigh. He could tell that theirs was going to be an amazing friendship.

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“Did you really come to watch me sit on the bench?” Stiles asked, grinning at his boyfriend on the other side of the fence separating the school from the preserve.

Derek looked like a deer in headlights instead of the predator he was.

“You did!” Stiles beamed. “Who knew Derek Hale was so soft!”

“Bilinski, get your butt back over here on the bench so we can start practice today, or you’ll be doing suicides for an hour!”

“Crap, I’d better go!” Stiles cringed, scrambling back towards the bench. “I’m coming, Coach!” he yelled.

Derek let out a velvety chuckle.

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The pet store was always fascinating. Stiles was currently watching a mouse running in its wheel. Then one mouse became two, running side by side. One suddenly stopped, spinning upside down in the wheel because the other was still running.

He jumped when a hand touched his shoulder. He spun around and saw his boyfriend. “Sorry, Derek,” Stiles said sheepishly, embracing him. “I love the animals here! I could just stay forever!”

Over Derek‘s shoulder, Stiles noticed a parrot perched on a branch in its cage. “Hey, check out this one!”

Derek knew they wouldn't be leaving any time soon.

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Stiles woke up alone in the big bed he shared with his boyfriend. Derek had long since left for work. He yawned and stumbled into their bathroom.

As he looked in the mirror while brushing his teeth, his newest accessory instantly drew his eye. Of course, Derek had picked a red one, a subtle indication of Stiles’ longtime nickname, Little Red. It would blend right in with the red hoodies that he’d preferred wearing since high school.

He ran a finger over the collar around his neck, a symbol of his boyfriend’s acceptance of him as his sub, and smiled.

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“Am I gonna die, Derek?” Stiles asked faintly as the werewolf carried him in his arms through the preserve.

Derek couldn’t help but roll his eyes at his ridiculous, clumsy boyfriend. “No, Stiles,” he answered in a deadpan voice. “It was only a little scrape.”

“So it‘s not the end for me?”

“No. All you need is some antibiotic cream, a band-aid, and to never go jogging off the trail again.”

“Hey, it was an accident!” Stiles protested. “Our lives are still quite the adventure, aren’t they?” he chuckled.

Derek nodded, definitely preferring this kind of excitement to the supernatural.

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Walking between classes, Derek heard a commotion coming from down the hall. He ran ahead to see what was going on.

“I can’t believe I was ever friends with someone like you, Stilinski!” Theo was taunting Stiles again. He grabbed the textbooks out of Stiles’ hands and dumped them on the floor, laughing uproariously.

Derek moved to go help Stiles when the other boy held out an arm and smiled pleasantly. “I’ve got this, boo,” he said, winking at Derek.

And with that, Stiles stepped forward and slugged Theo right in the face, knocking him down on his rear end.

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Stiles groaned. He hated when elevators broke down when he was inside them. It made him feel claustrophobic, and he’d eventually succumb to his fears. Every little sound the elevator made would make him whimper, and he’d think about how he was going to die there. Would the elevator cables hold out? Would there be enough oxygen?

He looked at his watch. Only two minutes had passed and he already felt his heart starting to race.


Derek’s voice immediately lifted away some of the panic weighing him down. His boyfriend would be able to fix the elevator.

Thank goodness!

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“This is the worst, Derek,” Stiles complained, following the werewolf through the preserve. It had rained last night, and the romantic atmosphere Stiles hoped for quickly deteriorated due to the copious amounts of mud getting all over his sneakers and probably himself soon enough.

“You’ll beg to differ soon enough,” Derek said mysteriously, sounding too much like Deaton.

They walked by a small lake, where a pair of ducks were swimming near the opposite bank, paying the two men no mind. “At least they’re having fun,” Stiles grumbled.

“And so will you.” Derek kissed him softly.

Stiles harrumphed, but smiled.

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Derek was so focused on Stiles’ heartbeat that he hadn’t even noticed his sister Cora’s arrival at the hospital until she spoke. He turned and looked at her.

“Is he going to be okay?” she asked quietly.

That was all Derek wanted, for Stiles to survive this. “I hope so,” he whispered.

Stiles’ heartbeat seemed to be growing stronger, and soon enough, the surgeon came out to speak to an equally anxious Sheriff. Listening in, Derek heard that Stiles had survived the surgery. He wasn‘t out of the woods yet, but he was healing, and that eased Derek‘s mind.

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Stiles recognized the boy approaching him and Scott. No, wait, the absolutely stunning man. It was Derek Hale, who hadn’t been seen since he and his sister moved after the fire. Thoughts flooded into Stiles’ mind.

Oh my god, he is so handsome now. Maybe he’ll go out with me? But he’s totally out of my league, and it’s not like Lydia’s ever noticed me after all this time. Just being able to look at him would make me happy. Maybe someday, he’ll fall in love with me!

“Hey, this is private property!”

Defending his land? I‘m so in love!

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Stiles whistled as he scrubbed a serving platter. That cherry sauce, while absolutely delicious, certainly made a sticky mess. The fine ring he normally wore hung on a simple necklace.

“You know you don’t have to do that anymore.”

Stiles looked up and saw his royal husband standing in the kitchen doorway, a fond smile on his face. “I know,” he said, drying the platter while leaving the rest to soak a little longer. “But old habits are hard to break.”

As they kissed, Stiles praised the day that the king and a poor kitchen servant had fallen in love.

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Stiles was on a date with Derek Hale, captain of the basketball team and practically high school royalty, while he was just the nerdy benchwarmer of the lacrosse team. And it was amazing.

The cocky basketball player was actually really shy and sweet when it came to romance. He’d brought Stiles candy when he’d arrived. He teased Stiles, but it was good-natured. He was smart and funny and he liked Star Wars and Stiles could go on forever about Derek’s good qualities.

And the best part of all was the good night kiss. Stiles couldn’t wait for their second date.

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Stiles was making out with Derek when the other man pulled back and searched Stiles’ eyes. “Are you sure about this?” he asked, still out of breath from their intense kissing.

Stiles looked back at him, Derek’s body hovering over his own, held up by his muscular arms. Stiles loved this man so much, and his looks were only the very tip of the iceberg of everything he adored about him. He couldn’t imagine anything more pleasant than to finally go all the way with Derek.

“I am so ready, big guy.”

It was going to be a fun night.

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Derek and Stiles were eating at the diner when Derek sensed other werewolves nearby. He struggled not to flash red eyes when he saw four foreign werewolves walking down the street, including another alpha. “Another pack is in our territory,” he said lowly to Stiles.

“Hopefully they’re not here to fight. Maybe they’re a new pack and didn’t know about asking permission from the local alpha,” Stiles said reasonably, shoving another curly fry in his mouth. “Want me to accompany you while you deal with them?”

Derek nodded, relieved that his faithful emissary and boyfriend would be at his side.

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Even on the weekends, Derek still woke up early, but it wasn’t so he could to rush off to work. No, on those lazy mornings, he got to watch his husband still lost in sleep, sometimes snoring, sometimes drooling on his beloved pillow, and always adorable.

He reached out and smoothed the hair from Stiles’ face, causing him to snuffle and smile in his sleep. Derek chuckled and shook his head.

After all these years, he was finally accepting that it was possible for him to have good things in his life, including a witty, loyal, amazing person like Stiles.

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Stiles adored the television channels involving food. His mother had let him help in the kitchen, and after her death, he’d learned to cook healthy meals for his father, and now Derek, too. So he was spending the night while Derek was working watching shows where the chefs had to cook with crazy ingredients or in crazy conditions, extreme cooking at its finest.

Stiles imagined himself making a dinner like the ones he’d just seen. He laughed, picturing the absolutely horrified looks from his father and his boyfriend.

But hey, he wanted his loved ones around for a long time.

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“Being anywhere with you is my Shangri-la,” Stiles said, his arms wrapped around Derek.

Derek smiled. “My walking dictionary,” he said fondly. “Less talking, more kissing.”

“It would be my pleasure,” Stiles practically purred, leaning forward for a kiss.

Derek leaned forward as well. Their lips were inches from each other, ready to meet and melt into each other…

And then Derek woke up, looking beside him at the empty space where Stiles normally slept. It felt wrong to be alone in the bed that was meant for him and his husband.

At least Stiles would be back home tomorrow.

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Derek was mopping his hardwood floors when he heard a key turn in the lock. He turned and saw Stiles coming in the loft.

“Hey, Derek, you’re never gonna believe what happened!” Stiles stepped forward and his sneakers lost their grip on the wet floor. He flailed around, trying to regain his balance, but before Derek could reach him, he crashed to the floor, limbs all askew.

Derek crouched down next to his clumsy boyfriend. “Are you alright? Do I need to draw pain?” he asked, panicked.

Stiles just gave him a goofy yet genuine smile. “I’m okay,” he said.

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“That was totally cheap and you know it!” Stiles cried out as he stumbled back to his feet and got back into his best fighting stance. Which was admittedly not a very good one, but that was why Derek was trying to teach him how to fight.

“It‘s not my fault that you fell over at the sight of me shirtless,” Derek pointed out with a smirk and sank back into his own fighting stance.

Stiles knew it was likely that he’d fall over again, but he’d never allow himself to block out that gorgeous man in front of him.

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“Derek Hale!”

Derek jumped as he heard his mother’s voice. He knew he was in trouble for running off. He looked down as he tried not to cry. He hated disappointing his mother.

But there was Stiles, standing between him and his mother, protective despite being younger than Derek. “Don’t be mad at him, Mrs. Hale!” he said earnestly. “He ran off because of me!”

Derek glanced at Stiles, then looked up hopefully at his mother.

Her expression softened. “Alright, I’ll overlook it this once,” she said with a smile.

Stiles definitely cared a lot about him, Derek thought happily.

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The beach was beautiful at sunset, but it was pretty much empty, except for two figures and some low moaning.

Why does this keep happening to us?” Stiles whined.

“It‘s Beacon Hills,” Derek answered, deadpan.

“I wanted to have a night at the beach with you! Instead, we have to fight a mini zombie apocalypse because a witch thought she’d be funny on Friday the 13th! What a waste!” Stiles groaned.

“We can have our night after we handle them,” Derek pointed out. “The others are going after the witch herself.

“Good,” Stiles smiled grimly. “Let’s snap some zombie necks.”

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“Stiles Stilinski.”

Stiles walked across the stage to the sound of cheering, thankfully not tripping and making a fool of himself, although that would admittedly be hilarious. After several years of researching and writing his thesis, he was finally receiving his master’s degree. He shook the university president’s hand, then looked out at the crowd.

He grinned when he saw his father and the pack cheering and waving at him. But best of all was seeing his husband sitting next to them, eyes shining with pride as he clapped.

He had never expected that his life could be so perfect.

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Derek walked into his office and stopped short in shock. There was a goat standing inside looking up at him.

Why is there--?”

“He’s mine,” an unfamiliar voice interrupted, walking in behind Derek.

He was tall and somewhat scrawny, but he had big, bright brown eyes and Derek could get lost in them for hours. Then he noticed the little stubby horns sticking out of his tousled hair. He had been told that a yeti was going to be joining the company today. This must be him.

“Update, I’m your new employee.”

Things were going to get interesting around here.

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Talia’s wolf senses alerted her that her son was coming home well before he entered the house. She went to greet him, but she stopped at the dreamy look on her son’s face. “I met someone,” he told her proudly.

Talia was so grateful to this mystery person. She hadn’t seen Derek look like that since Paige, and she’d moved away years ago. She wanted her boy to find lasting love. “So, who is the lucky person?” she asked conversationally with a wink.

“His name’s Stiles,” he said quietly.

“Ah, the Sheriff’s son,” Talia smiled.

“Yeah. I really like him.”

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Derek stood in the cemetery, looking at the graves of his deceased family. He hated that most of his family were long gone. He missed them all so much.

He heard a very familiar heartbeat and footsteps behind him, then felt Stiles’ warm hand on his shoulder, grounding him. Turning revealed his boyfriend smiling tentatively at him, and the Sheriff standing at another nearby grave.

The Stilinskis could never replace his family, but they were a new part of it, as well as their hodgepodge of a pack. And that left Derek feeling happier than he’d ever dreamed he would.

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Derek felt relief as he signed the treaty between the Hale pack and the Argents. Allison, as the matriarch of the Argent family, signed as their representative.

“Isn’t she amazing?” he heard Scott whisper to Stiles. “She’s like an angel. Now that there’s peace between us again, do you think she’ll finally date me again?” Derek could smell the adoration wafting off of Scott.

“She’d be crazy not to,” Stiles responded, patting his best friend on the back. Then he turned to Derek and whispered, “Can you imagine if we acted like that?”

Derek laughed while Scott yelped out, “Hey!”

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“Wake up, Derek! We’ve got lots to do!”

“Huh?“ Half-awake, Derek rolled over to face Stiles, who was already up and dressed.

“Come on! We didn’t finish all the Star Wars movies yesterday, so we’re continuing our marathon today!” Stiles said excitedly.

Derek frowned. “But we were up past midnight last night.”

“Yup, and nowhere near finished with all the Star Wars stuff that’s out now! We have so much more to watch! So let’s get some food to shove in our stomachs and get watching!” Stiles beamed at him.

Derek loved seeing Stiles happy, so he did just that.

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The door burst open and Stiles walked into the room where Derek was being held hostage, tied up with ropes made with wolfsbane so he couldn’t escape. Stiles was relieved that he didn’t look too badly hurt. “Let him go!” he said, pointing his gun at the two hunters. “He hasn’t hurt anyone.”

“What, you actually buy that crap about them not being killers? They‘re disgusting monsters!” one of the hunters snorted.

“Yeah,” Stiles said simply. “I do. In fact, the real monsters here are you hunters who don’t follow your code.”

Failure to rescue Derek was not an option.

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Derek had been holding in a howl for over a half hour while he drove home. He was almost at the renovated Hale house, and he couldn’t wait to finally let out his wounded emotions.

No sooner had he parked the Camaro than he let out a loud roar full of anguish. This never should have happened.

Stiles rushed out of the house to Derek’s side. “What’s wrong? Are you hurt?” he asked frantically as he checked over Derek’s body for any damage.

“Not me,” Derek said. “Someone hit my Camaro.”

There was a tiny nick on the black surface.

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Stiles was laying on a towel under his huge beach umbrella, an unattractive but practical accessory due to his pale, easily burned skin, and he certainly didn’t want skin cancer, thank you very much. That sun was strong. And in front of him was the best sight in the universe. Derek Hale in a short black swimsuit and nothing else.

“You know, Derek,” Stiles drawled, “if I was a writer, I’d write sonnets about that butt of yours.” He waggled his eyebrows suggestively.

Derek shook his head with a shy smile. “Seriously, Stiles?”

“What?” Stiles asked innocently. “It’s the truth!”

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“Mommy, look what I found!”

Claudia saw her son holding a wolf puppy in his small arms, careful not to mistreat it. She felt no concern because she immediately recognized the pup. And the wolf was far from terrified as it twisted around, licking the boy all over his face.

“I found him, lost and all alone! Can we keep him, Mommy? See, he already likes me!” Stiles turned pleading brown eyes up at Claudia.

“He already has a home, Mieczyslaw,” Claudia explained gently. “Let’s go bring him back there.”

It was time to pay a visit to Talia Hale.

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Stiles was only home for half an hour, enjoying a long weekend from college when Derek parked his car in the Stilinski driveway, looking forward to finally seeing his long-distance boyfriend again. When Stiles answered the door, they practically collided in their frantic attempts to get their arms around each other and kiss passionately.

They finally separated when they needed to breathe, grinning at each other. “Come on, babe,” Stiles said. “Let’s get this inside or else we’re going to give the neighbors quite a show!”

Derek understood, continuing to kiss Stiles’ neck while backing him through the open door.

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“Argh!” Stiles screamed. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to kick all the scrap metal around him or just sit and cry his heart out. He figured he’d do both. If he couldn’t find the parts to fix Roscoe, the Jeep would be pretty much dead, and Stiles just couldn’t handle that.

This was probably the hardest thing he’d ever faced in his whole life, even taking into account the supernatural. One of his mother’s most treasured possessions might never be on the road again.

Derek was there to give him a big hug when he got home that night.

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“Explain yourselves.”

Derek and Stiles had not one, but two angry mothers in front of them. Derek, still in wolf form, cowered at the alpha tone his own mother was using, but Stiles, little human Stiles, kept an arm wrapped around his furry back.

“We just wanted to play together,” Stiles said, bravely standing up to their moms. “So we went to the preserve! Derek protects me! He’s my friend, even when he’s a dog!”

Derek and Stiles’ moms looked at each other and smiled. “They’re adorable!” Stiles’ mom said. “But I think they’re still in trouble for running off!”

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The preserve was unnaturally quiet.

A small rabbit darted out from the underbrush, running as fast as its hind legs could propel it. Then a huge black wolf burst through moments later, tearing after it.

The rabbit was fast, but not fast enough, and the wolf pounced on it. Instead of attacking its prey further, the wolf merely laid down and started licking the smaller creature. The rabbit closed its eyes in pleasure.

After a peaceful rest, the rabbit looked up at the wolf and winked, then ran off again. The wolf whined, yearning to chase after its mate again.

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The Hales were a high society family with plenty of connections. Everyone who was anyone wanted to be associated with them. Having tea with the family was the highest honor.

Derek and his sisters quietly sipped their tea, but Stiles loudly slurped from his cup. “This is so amazing!” he grinned, now eating a freshly baked scone.

Derek was afraid that his sisters wouldn’t approve of his far from wealthy boyfriend. When Laura and Cora looked at each other, he feared the worst.

To his surprise, his sisters started laughing. “Don’t look so scared, Derek,” Laura grinned. “We like him!”

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“Stiles, wake up.”

Stiles groaned as he groggily opened his eyes. There was no light in the tent except for the flashlight in Derek’s hand. “Why’d you have to shake me awake?” he complained. “It’s too early! The sun‘s not even up yet!”

“Exactly,” Derek agreed. “The day is new, and we’re going to hike up the mountain to watch the sunrise.” The flashlight illuminated his hopeful smile.

Stiles nearly melted. It was a hardship waking up early, but he was willing to sacrifice his sleep to do something his boyfriend was clearly enthusiastic about. “Let’s go, then, big guy!”

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“This bacon burger looks amazing,” John mused, looking at the menu. “I think I’m going to order it.”

Derek raised an eyebrow. “I don’t think all that salt is good for your heart,” he said.

John sighed. “And here I thought that because Stiles wasn’t here, I could get what I want. But you’re just as bad as he is.”

“He just worries about you,” Derek said quietly. “We both do.”

John smiled. “I know. I have two good sons. Now,” he said breezily, ignoring Derek’s stunned expression, “there must be something meaty here that you two will approve of.”

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Stiles was absolutely miserable. He had the worst cold. His nose was so stuffed up, he had a giant headache from all the added pressure in his skull, and he could hardly breathe unless his mouth was open. At least his temperature had finally gone down to nearly normal, thanks to spending the past couple of days in bed, mostly just sleeping.

His boyfriend suddenly appeared, carrying a tray with a bowl of homemade chicken noodle soup. “You’re the best, Derek,” Stiles said, a dopey smile on his face.

Derek’s cheeks reddened. “You can always depend on me,” he said.

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Derek grit his teeth as he pressed on to his destination. The wolfsbane bullet lodged in his shoulder left him in pure agony, and the harmful thing needed to come out now.

Soon enough, the Stilinskis’ two-story house came into view, a light on in Stiles’ bedroom, and Derek relaxed a little. Lights were coming on downstairs as Stiles was clearly waiting for him.

How odd that the presence of a human teenager was what he needed right now. But that teenager always answered his phone and had proven that he was just as fierce and protective as any wolf.

Chapter Text

Years ago, while dealing with the whole kanima situation, Derek had thought that Stiles had been joking when he’d told Matt he was an abominable snowman. But now, it seemed natural to watch Stiles rub his tall, furry body against the bark of some trees in the preserve, making happy noises as he scratched an itch. Then, the yeti proceeded to flop down on his back and make a very tall snow angel. Stiles definitely flourished in the clean winter air.

Derek laughed and threw off his own clothes to shift into the wolf and join his boyfriend in play.

Chapter Text

A strange young man was dancing around the preserve behind the Hale house. He wore a white, flowing tunic and a flower crown sat upon his head. Wherever his bare feet touched, flowers bloomed. A beaming smile sat on his face as he moved to music that only he heard. His pale skin shone from the light rain that was falling.

Derek was completely captivated. He had never seen a male nymph before. He lingered outside until even his beard was soaked, hoping that it wouldn’t be the only time that the beautiful young man would be in the preserve.

Chapter Text

“Stiles, stop hovering over me.”

Stiles looked indignant. “I am not hovering!” At Derek’s raised eyebrow, he quickly amended, “Okay, I am hovering, but I can’t help it! You were hit by a pretty powerful spell, and I just want to make sure that you’re okay!”

He had been so terrified. Derek had been screaming for ages and and then hadn’t moved again once the spell had finally been withdrawn. He bit his lip and caressed Derek’s cheek with a soft touch.

Derek’s face softened. “I know,” he said, taking Stiles’ other hand in his own. “I’m okay, I promise.”

Chapter Text

Stiles watched in amazement as Derek carefully put some seeds into the meticulously spaced holes that he’d dug behind the new Hale house. “I didn’t know you were into plants,” he said, admiring the garden being created before his eyes.

Derek wiped his brow and looked up at Stiles. “This is nothing. You should have seen Mom‘s backyard. The landscaping was so beautiful,” he said wistfully. “And she was so proud of her crops, especially the corn.”

“She’d be proud of the one you’re growing now,” Stiles told his boyfriend earnestly.

A pleasant breeze blew by and ruffled Derek‘s hair.

Chapter Text

“Hey, Derek?” Stiles asked hesitantly.

Derek looked up from the book he was reading on the couch. “What is it?”

“I have something to discuss with you,” Stiles said, unable to look his husband in the eye.

He sat down next to Derek on the couch, who took Stiles’ hand in his. The simple contact gave Stiles the strength to blurt out, “I’m pregnant!”

It was silent for a few moments. Stiles couldn’t wait anymore and glanced up at Derek, afraid that he’d be unhappy. But the joy on Derek’s face made all the nerves that Stiles had fade away.

Chapter Text

“Scotty, what are you doing?” Stiles glanced over at his best friend as they played video games in Scott’s bedroom.

“Snacking,” Scott responded as he shoved another cookie in his mouth. “It helps keep me from being nervous.” He looked over at Stiles, his eyes widened in awe. “I’m getting married today, bro! To Allison! I can’t believe it! I wish it was time already! She‘s gonna look so beautiful, I know it!”

Stiles smiled as he patted Scott on the shoulder. Next year, that would be him, bouncing off the walls in excitement about his upcoming marriage to Derek.

Chapter Text

“It really is beautiful here,” Stiles said as he and Derek walked through the forest grounds of their rented campsite. “This really was an awesome place for a pack trip.”

Derek had been the one to find the campground a few hours north of Beacon Hills. He’d discussed it with the whole pack, and they had all agreed that it would be the perfect spot for their annual camping trip.

They could hear the rest of the pack happily laughing and playing in the nearby lake, but for the moment, they wanted to have a little couple time for themselves.

Chapter Text

“You’re a fool, Stilinski,” Kate Argent sneered at the younger boy. “Wanting to go out with a werewolf? Derek’s a monster, just like the rest of those Hales!”

Stiles saw Derek look distinctly uncomfortable behind Kate. Despite Stiles being just a freshman, he stood up to the senior girl in front of him and glared. “I don’t care what he is. He’s a werewolf? So what? Seems to me like you’re the monster. Now, if you’ll excuse me,” he added, pushing past Kate and taking a grateful Derek by the hand, “I have someone to take on an awesome date.”

Chapter Text

Stiles saw Derek stroll up in front of him, hands behind his back and looking even more nervous than he did before a big basketball game.

“Stiles,” Derek started uncertainly, then closed his mouth again for several moments.

Before Stiles could ask if everything was okay, Derek shoved his hands forward right in front of Stiles’ face. Between his hands was a necklace. It was simple without any jewels, but Stiles thought it was the most beautiful thing ever. “I love it!” he beamed. “Help me put it on?”

Derek’s smug smile as he did didn’t go away for weeks.

Chapter Text

There was a proper method to folding notes, Stiles had found. Fold the top right corner down diagonally until it reached the left edge. Then fold over what was left of the right side horizontally until it also touched the left edge. Then flip the note over and fold it up into thirds, forming a little rectangle. Then fold the little point into the pocket that was there, and voila, a perfectly sealed note!

He passed the note to Derek with a wink as they walked by each other in the hallway. Stiles couldn’t wait to get an answer back.

Chapter Text

While Stiles was at college, Derek spoke to him on the phone at least once every day, and he lost count of the number of texts he got daily. Despite this, whenever they visited each other, Stiles was still as talkative as a bird in the morning, jumping from subject to subject with the quick mind that he was blessed with. He never ran out of things to say, and he was as clever as a fox. Derek sighed happily as he listened to the river of comments coming out of his boyfriend‘s mouth.

Yes, Derek was so in love.

Chapter Text

Derek laid down on the bed and rolled onto his stomach, ready for the massage that Stiles had promised him. He heard things being shuffled around as Stiles rummaged through the nightstand drawer.

“Aw, crap. Derek, love of my life?”

He raised an eyebrow. “Yes?”

Stiles came into view as he sat at the head of the bed. “We’re out of massage oil. I didn’t think we needed another bottle,” he said, biting his lip.

Derek shook his head and wrapped an arm around Stiles’ waist. “It’s okay. Can we just snuggle instead?”

The smile Stiles gave him was blinding.

Chapter Text

Derek entered his loft and paused at the bizarre scene before him. “Stiles, what are you doing?”

“Setting a trap for dark pixies, of course!” Stiles responded, laying a simply carved pumpkin underneath a large birdcage hanging from a hook. “According to Peter, they play tricks on everyone, especially around Halloween!”

“Peter has no credibility,” Derek told his boyfriend with a sigh. “I thought you were smarter than that.”

Stiles snorted. “Oh, I am,” he said with an impish smile. “I just let him think I believed him. He has no idea about the trap I set for him instead!”

Chapter Text

Stiles was following Derek into the loft when he crashed into the werewolf. He wasn’t sure why Derek had come to such a sudden halt, but then he saw the complete disaster in front of them. Dirty plates and trash were all over the place, food splatters were on the walls, and there was various amounts of flour covering at least half of the pack.

Before anyone could say anything, Derek drew up to his full height and roared, “What happened here?!” His eyes flashed alpha red.

The pack all cringed and looked extremely guilty. Stiles was completely turned on.

Chapter Text

“It was my fault, Stiles.”

Stiles’ eyes widened as he shook his head. “No, it wasn’t! It was all Kate’s fault! She deceived you, misled you into thinking she loved you! It wasn’t you who caused the fire, or even knew about it! Every bit of it was all on her!” He gripped Derek’s arms and looked deep into his eyes. “Please believe me, Der,” he begged.

And for the first time since that horrible fire all those years ago, Derek finally started letting go of the guilt he’d felt for so long, and it was all thanks to Stiles.

Chapter Text

Stiles was stunned. When Derek had wanted to show him something in the preserve, he definitely hadn’t been expecting unicorns. There was a mother who had recently given birth and her foal, who still wasn’t big enough to try to stand up. They were a luminous white, subtly glowing in the shadows of the preserve.

Grabbing Derek’s hand in excitement, he watched as the little foal clumsily stumbled to its hooves, barely coming up to its mother’s belly. As the mother leaned down to nuzzle her baby, Stiles’ heart melted. He knew it would be a moment he’d never forget.

Chapter Text

Derek’s posture stiffened as he sensed the visiting pack approaching the preserve. “They’re coming,” he quietly told his own pack, then fixed Stiles with a glare. “Think you manage to be polite this time?”

Stiles gasped and put a hand over his heart like he was offended, but his smirk negated the effect. “Moi?” he asked. “I am innocent here!”

Derek snorted. Stiles was anything but innocent.

“And,” Stiles continued, “if this pack is coming out of friendship or because they want an alliance, fine. But I‘m not letting anyone come here and insult you! They can just keep out!”

Chapter Text

“Ugh, that was just awful!” Stiles moaned, following Derek out of the preserve. “Look at us! We’re covered in swamp gunk!” He paused in thought. “But at least those fae left in the end and no one died during our confrontation, so overall, I guess it’s a win.”

Derek rolled his eyes, but he looked fondly over at Stiles, which made his heart skip a beat.

“You know,” Stiles said, wrapping his arm around Derek, “in spite of the fact that we are absolutely filthy and tired from dealing with all that, spending a Sunday with you is pretty awesome!”

Chapter Text

“So, Derek,” Laura said slyly while their mother cleared away the dinner dishes, “I heard you’ve been hanging out with the Stilinski kid lately. Wanna tell your big sister about it?” She waggled her eyebrows in anticipation.

“No,” was the curt response she got.

Laura pouted. Big sisters were handy with good advice for their younger siblings. She only wanted to help. Maybe she’d ask him about it again in a few days.

But then over dessert, Derek whispered, “You just want to brag about having all the gossip on my new boyfriend.” And then he smirked.

Laura knew it.

Chapter Text

It was the middle of the night, and visiting hours at the hospital had long since ended. The Sheriff laid motionless in his bed, and anyone who passed by his open door would see no one else inside.

When the hallway was completely empty, red eyes flashed out of the darkness. Derek Hale crouched in the corner, watching over the injured patient while he slept. Stiles had wanted to beg the nurses to let him stay, but Derek had told him to go get some sleep and that he would watch over Stiles’ father and make sure he was alright.

Chapter Text

Stiles arrived to see Derek fighting several omega wolves alone, the stupid, noble martyr that he was. And he was losing badly, judging by the numerous bleeding wounds all over his body.

“Hey!” he shouted.

The wolves all turned to Stiles. “The human has come to defend his mate,” one of the omegas said, and they all laughed.

Lightning sparked between Stiles’ hands, and the omegas backed up, looking nervous. “I might not be fit like you, but don’t underestimate me! I love Derek, and I fight for him as fierce as any wolf!”

Derek gave him an adoring look.

Chapter Text

Derek stared down at the man’s sock that his cat Cassie had just brought him. Occasionally sweet as sugar, she had this unnerving stare that had him convinced that she could see into his soul. And some nights, she slipped into the alley next to Derek’s apartment building.

“Hey, where did you go, kitty?”

Face heating up, Derek rushed onto his balcony to see the guy in the next building that he’d been crushing on for months looking around on his own balcony several floors below Derek’s. Returning the sock was the perfect excuse to finally go talk to him.

Chapter Text

Derek was wandering through the forest far from home when he heard a soft whining sound. Curious, he followed the sound into the underbrush.

Lifting a low branch, he saw a little fox kit stuck in a trap. The poor thing was whining pitifully and looking up at Derek with big brown eyes. “Shh, I’ll get you out,” Derek said softly, then pried the trap open. Werewolf strength was so useful, even if he was still little.

Free, the fox stepped gingerly on its paw, then climbed onto Derek and scented him happily, making Derek feel like a heroic prince.

Chapter Text

Stiles was still half asleep when he felt a finger moving on his back. Eyes still closed, he murmured, “What’re you doing, Der…?”

“Did you know that the pattern of your moles makes them look like constellations?” Derek whispered reverently from behind him.

Stiles smiled sleepily and turned to face Derek, who was looking down at him with doting eyes. “You’re so cute.” He turned back and burrowed his head deeper into his pillow.

In the peaceful quiet of their room, the feeling of fingers tracing constellations mixed with kisses on his back lulled Stiles back to sleep within minutes.

Chapter Text

The wolf had been running through the preserve for so long. Sometimes he howled for his family, but never got a response. Being alone had left its mark on him.

While running near the edge of the preserve, he perked up. There was a scent coming from somewhere in town that was so incredibly enticing, the wolf was instantly drawn to it. It smelled like home.

He followed the aroma to an unassuming house with a Sheriff’s cruiser outside. The wolf took a deep sniff and finally felt content. This was where his mate lived, and he would never forget.

Chapter Text

“I wasn’t expecting to be this exhausted on a Monday,” Stiles wheezed out, dropping the barbells with a small thud on the gym floor.

“You’re not used working out, that’s why,” Derek told him, barely breathing heavier than normal despite lifting barbells four times as heavy as Stiles’.

“Well, whatever the reason, this is murder on my poor arms,” Stiles whined, rubbing his biceps. “I want to redo the day I decided to do this with you!”

Though Stiles complained, he really didn’t mind going to the gym with Derek. Any excuse to be with his crush was worth it.

Chapter Text

“You know,” Stiles said conversationally as he searched through the files on his laptop, “computer files are so much more convenient than those old VHS tapes from years ago.”

Derek merely grunted in response.

“Aha!” Stiles cheered as he found the right file and clicked on it. “Now watch your boo in action!”

The two watched the screen as Scott and Stiles played werewolves covered in fur in a silly shampoo commercial.

Derek raised an eyebrow. “Trying to out the supernatural to your English class?”

Stiles elbowed Derek‘s arm and smirked. “Nah, it’s obviously fake. Now if Scott was beta-shifted…”

Chapter Text

Stiles clutched onto Derek’s hand as the two walked into the Harvest Dance in the school gym. Lydia and her committee had been busy as bees. There were bales of hay scattered around the room covered with red, orange, and gold cotton tablecloths, along with some scarecrows. Cornucopias full of fall vegetables sat on some of the hay bales. And there was a large 3D harvest moon glowing orange hanging from the ceiling. A DJ was in one corner of the room, while there was a photographer set up in another one.

Stiles squeezed Derek’s hand. “So, you wanna dance?”

Chapter Text

Derek and Stiles giggled softly as they hid in the hay being carted to the village. They poked their heads out and watched the countryside pass by, cattle and horses grazing in the grass.

It was inappropriate for the young prince to play with a common child, even if he was going to be the apprentice of the castle‘s potion maker. But Stiles was fun and brought more joy to Derek’s life than any noble.

When Derek was king, he decided, he’d do away with that rule, because nothing was going to keep him from having Stiles in his life.

Chapter Text

“I want revenge on that witch!” Stiles shouted. There was a hardness in his eyes that only really came out when someone he cared about got hurt.

And Derek was laying in the bed behind him, horribly weakened from a witch’s curse. His heart ached at seeing the powerful alpha not even able to stand.

“Be careful with that tactic,” Deaton said in his annoyingly calm voice. “Killing a witch doesn’t necessarily mean that the curse dies with them. Derek could still die.”

“I’m a spark,” Stiles insisted, “I must be able to do something!”

“Perhaps if you believe enough…”

Chapter Text

“Did you have a good time at the Hales’?” Claudia asked her son as they walked to her Jeep.

Stiles beamed an adorably gap-toothed smile. “I had the bestest time with Derek!” he yelled.

Claudia laughed. “What did you two get up to today?”

“We played Legos, and watched The Little Mermaid, and Derek’s mommy made us cookies!” Stiles told her. “I love Derek, and I’m gonna make him an honest man one day!”

Claudia had a sudden vision of her boy all grown up and wearing a tuxedo and bow tie marrying Derek Hale. “I’m sure you will, sweetheart.”

Chapter Text

The preserve was silent at night except for the owls, perfect for Derek to think. Stiles was everything he ever could have wanted in a mate, but he’d talked himself out of confessing to the younger man for years. Derek hadn’t thought that he deserved something so good in his life, especially after Kate.

He could just keep burying his feelings for Stiles forever, or he could actually tell him how he felt. Judging by Stiles’ scent when he was around Derek, he could feel the same way.

Mind made up, Derek left the preserve and headed to Stiles’ house.

Chapter Text

Derek was horribly distracted. Coach Finstock had given his economics class a huge term paper to write and only a few weeks to finish it. He mindlessly walked through the halls trying to think of a topic when he felt a body crash into him.

He found a mole-spotted boy with long limbs sprawled on the floor in front of him, and Derek’s jaw dropped. The boy was beautiful, and he instantly wanted to get to know him better. Derek wondered if he should ask him out right there.

But all he managed to get out was, “Are you hurt?”

Chapter Text

The other pack consisted of ten betas and their alpha. They were about equal to the Hale pack in numbers, but were all werewolves. Derek really wasn’t looking forward to fighting them.

Suddenly, the other pack collapsed to the ground, snarling with rage as they were overwhelmed by some unseen force..

Stiles stepped forward then. “Consider this a warning,” he said ominously. “I’d suggest you run away, fast. I can do so much worse to you, let alone what the rest of my pack can do.” He looked at Derek then and winked.

The other pack chose wisely and ran.