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Leap of Faith

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Where the hell had they come from?

Lorne ducked back down behind the low wall that ran along the edge of the control room steps to avoid an energy pulse fired his way.

What the hell did they want?

The energy blast slammed and crackled out against the wall behind him. Their rate of fire wasn't particularly fast, so he had a small window of opportunity; He popped up and fired back. His bullets seemed to simply ping off the armoured shell of the humanoid alien hostile who was firing at him. Its arm twitched, and he ducked down again as another beam of fire sizzled past his head, this time shattering the large stained glass window behind him with an ear-popping thud-crack-sizzle. Instinctively Lorne twisted his body and face away from the exploding shards.

They had simply appeared out of nowhere.

One minute he'd been having lunch in the mess; the next the city was on full alert and he'd been summoned to the control room along with Sheppard. Glass pieces rained down all around him, and when they stopped he twisted to look back and make sure that nobody had been hurt by the flying shards. A small fighter buzzed past the balcony outside, releasing a volley of fire at some unknown target.

In the control room behind him, Lorne hears Sheppard yell at the technician on duty about the jumpers, but when Lorne spares a moment to glance their way he only sees the technician shaking his head. Seems there's no air support available. Lorne can't hear the response, but it doesn't matter. If he needed to know, Sheppard would broadcast it on the military channel. He returns his attention to firing at the armed figures that are attempting to breach the gate room on the far side.


The invading force had flickered into existence in the atmosphere, just beyond the city shield. The only advance warning they'd had was a weird pulse that had looked like a warped version of a hyperspace signature. The pulse had been noticed by alert eyes, and the technician on duty had erred on the side of caution; he had triggered the battle stations alarm and had immediately raised the city shield. Nearly simultaneously a moderately sized spacecraft about a third of the length of the Daedalus had shimmered into existence.

It had slid right through the city shield as though it didn't exist.

The enemy vessel had pulled into one of the gaps between the piers, hovering just above the water, pulling in as close to the base of the central city cluster as it could reach. By the time Lorne had run into the control room, sensors had indicated that the alien ship had breached the city structure at several points. Lorne had popped out onto the control room balcony for a quick visual. The ship was mostly visible through a gap between the buildings.

It was elongated, shaped somewhat like the old Earth space shuttles but with a more rounded body and less 'wings', and sported a shimmery grey colour with the occasional red panelling and green lights. Lorne popped back inside and reported to Sheppard that several umbilicals had been deployed. They're boarding Atlantis. Sheppard had immediately deployed the on-duty ground forces to engage, had initiated a security lockdown for all civilian personnel, and had alerted all off-duty military forces to muster for combat.

The intruders had clearly known how to work the transporters, because seconds later radio reports had started coming in that several groups of intruders had been spotted in various locations throughout the city, and there were multiple civilians down in labs and corridors. Not everyone had made it to a lockdown zone yet, what with the security alert only going online less than four minutes before. Sheppard orders the citywide life signs detector to be engaged, but they had barely looked at it when the assault on the control room had begun.

Lorne had immediately taken up a defensive position by the main steps, grateful that he'd already been in full gear, P90 included, in preparation for an off-world mission set to leave right after lunch. There don't appear to be too many of the intruders in the group attempting to take the control room, but they're all wearing heavy suits of armour and are equipped with an array of energy weapons that appear to be set to a very heavy stun with a nasty punch.

The alien ship had immediately launched a half dozen small fighters units which were currently attacking the city in seemingly random fashion. They buzzed around the buildings in pairs, two dogging the spire like flies, darting back and forth, changing direction repeatedly, and firing haphazardly. Two soldiers had taken up position on the balcony and were attempting to take them down with small arms fire but had little success so far.

Sheppard had slid down the rear stairwell as Ronon, who had followed them up from the Mess Hall when the first alarm sounded, covered him as he retrieved a weapon from one of the first security team personnel to go down. He had made his way up the stairs again and was holding position in the control room near the bridge from where he could both shoot and issue orders because there was no way in hell Sheppard would leave the fighting to everyone else while he sat around chattering on the radio.

Five minutes was all it had taken to go from lunch to a full-scale firefight in Atlantis.