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A Twisted Plot

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Female Narrator: With the help of her friends, Apple was able to right the wrong of freeing the Evil Queen.

Brooke Page: And as for Raven and her mother? Lllllet’s just say their relationship is still… heh heh… complicated.

New Narrator: No no no, stop it, stop the story!… Seriously … That’s it?!

Male Narrator: Uh? Another Narrator? Nobody tell us another voice was authorized…

N.N.: Yeah, well, clearly they should have! Do you really end it there? After everything you left behind?!

F.N.: Young man, are you trying to teaching us our own job?

M.N.:  Yeah, right! Every Narrator worthy of this name knows that not everything in a story can nor must be explained!

N.N.: But you essentially showed everything it does NOT work at Ever After High, you didn’t explore it and now you hidden it under a rug! Does this look like a satisfying ending to you?!

B.P.: Hey, he’s right!

M.N. & F.N.: Brooke!

B.P.:  Mom, dad, sorry but this time narration hadn’t been very… comfortable. Raven’s been through really too much, and all the guilty parts got away scott free.

N.N.: Oh, you totally got the point!

M.N.: It’s not up to us to judge a story. We just have to tell it.

N.N.: But it’s up to us to tell it FOR GOOD! So, let’s continue from where Dragon Games ended and see what exactly are the consequences!

B.P.: Oh, I can’t wait!

F.N.: Sure, have fun, as long it’s me and your father who have to deal with the man upstairs…

N.N.: Now, we left Raven during her visit to her mother…