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Special Night

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“Not tonight, Dobby. I'm tired after getting Grawp situated in the forest. First thing in the morning, yeh?”
The tiny elf crossed his arms in disapproval. They never went a night without their usual sex routine. Dobby had a strong sexual drive, and Hagrid knew it. If the half giant couldn't provide Dobby with what he needed, then the house elf would have to find someone else to satisfy him.

“Fine! Dobby can go to Hagrid's brother tonight! Dobby can handle a bigger size. It will pleasure Dobby greatly!” With that, the elf turned around and walked towards the door. Hagrid knew that Grawp would literally rip Dobby in half, so he agreed to continue with their nightly routine.
“Dobby wait. I'll, er, I'll make it extra special tonight if yeh stay.” The elf’s ears pricked up at that, and he walked back towards Hagrid. He sat down on his lap and looked up at him.
“How special?”

Hagrid grinned and picked the elf up.
“We'll start out how we always do.”
Hagrid then removed Dobby’s pillowcase and threw it across the room, towards where Fang was peacefully sleeping. He then placed his right thumb inside of Dobby’s mouth, getting it properly lubricated. Once it was drenched with the elf’s saliva, Hagrid leaned Dobby forward, his little butt in the air, and inserted his thumb up the elf’s warm and tight hole. Hagrid then raised the elf up, with his thumb still in place, and started to move his arm up and down, as if he was lifting a weight. Dobby enjoyed this very much. After each lift, his tiny elf penis would get harder and harder.

“Yeh like that, Dobby?”
“Oh yes! Now add another finger inside Dobby, another finger!”
Hagrid obliged, and inserted his index finger. After a few seconds, it made his hand ache, so he switched it to his middle and index fingers. He lifted Dobby up and down again, his fingers sliding in and out after each rise.

“Dobby is ready now! Dobby is stretched enough!” the elf screamed with joy. His favorite part was about to begin. Hagrid slid his fingers out and licked them clean. “Mmm, Dobby, yeh eat potatoes today? Tastes delightful!” He then inserted them back inside the elf, and rotated his fingers around, making sure he got all the excrement he could. After feeling around for about a minute, Hagrid slid his fingers out again and shoved it inside Dobby’s mouth. “Look, taste.”

The elf sucked the man's hairy fingers until they were clean again. Smacking his lips, he said, “That tasted better than Dobby’s lunch!”
Licking his lips, Hagrid longed for another taste. “Lean over again, Dobby.”
This wasn't part of their usual routine, and the elf was excited as to what was about to happen.

Dobby leaned down, his butt facing Hagrid, and he closed his eyes in anticipation. The elf felt his cheeks being separated, and then felt a tickle as Hagrid moved his face towards him.
Giggling, Dobby reached backwards and tried to feel Hagrid's head, but his arm couldn't reach. As he put his arm back in the floor, Dobby felt wet pressure against his orifice. “What's that Dobby is feeling?”

Hagrid only let out a grunt and he pushed his tongue inside the elf, moving it side to side. Dobby moaned loudly, and screamed for more.
Hagrid then pushed his face against the elf, as far as it could go. The aroma turned him on, and he soon removed his pants while still tasting Dobby. He slid his tongue in and out. It was a new thing for him, for the both of them, but the strength and length of his tongue made it easy for it to slide inside the tiny hole.

Hagrid began to suck it after his tongue got tired. The suction made all of Dobby’s feces fly inside of Hagrid's mouth. The different sensations the elf was feeling were beyond anything imaginable. The suction made the elf’s body shiver as he climaxed. The elf could also feel the poo being emptied out. It slid out with ease as Hagrid ate it right up.
After nothing else would come out, Hagrid moved his face away and burped.

“I'm so thirsty, Dobby. Come forward. I'm sure yeh need to relieve yourself.”
The elf stood up and Hagrid raised him up to his shoulders. Dobby balanced himself, and aimed his urine inside of the huge man's open mouth. Jiggling his penis to get all the drops out, Dobby caressed Hagrid's face as he swallowed the mouthful of pee.

“Thanks Dobby.”
Hagrid lowered him to the bed and sat down next to him. “What awaits Dobby now?” the elf asked while bouncing with excitement. Hagrid had promised to make this night extra special, and he didn't really know what to expect. He was still bouncing on the bed when Hagrid grabbed him and held him still.

“Now, Dobby. I will let yeh do something that we have never tried before.”
The elf’s eyes gleamed, and a smile was planted on his face. Hagrid noticed the anticipation, “I will let you penetrate me tonight.”
Dobby let out a scream of joy, but then frowned. “But Dobby is too small. How can it be possible?”
Hagrid eyed the elf and said, “My ear canal. Yeh will penetrate it. I'm sure it's small enough.”

Dobby’s eyes widened, and he nodded, wanting to start right away. “I'll have to make yeh hard first.” Hagrid inserted his pinky finger inside of the elf’s mouth for lubrication, and then shoved it inside the tiny hole again. Sliding it in and out until the elf’s penis was hard and stiff. “Dobby is ready!” the elf said a little too excitedly.

Hagrid positioned him on his left shoulder, and told Dobby to begin. The elf was unsure for a moment. He had never penetrated Hagrid before, and he wasn't really sure how to do it. Hagrid must have felt the uncertainty, because he then turned towards Dobby, and planted a sloppy kiss on him, the tiny penis going inside his puckered lips. “Ooh, that felt good!”

Hagrid raised his eyebrow. Maybe he didn't have to use his ear canal, Dobby seemed to like the closed lips. Hagrid braced himself and puckered his lips again, as tightly as he could. Dobby then mounted Hagrid's face, thrusting so aggressively, that he broke Hagrid's nose. In and out his penis went, an occasional gasp and moan escaping the elf. This was the best thing that Dobby had ever sexually felt. Hagrid's lips were just rough enough to create the right amount of friction, but wet enough to let the elf enter with ease. Dobby’s toenails were scratching Hagrid's neck, as he continued to penetrate the puckered lips. Feeling close to climax, Dobby moved faster and harder. Jerking his tiny body during the release, he finished inside of Hagrid's mouth. Dobby then let out a moan so loud that it woke Fang up.

The dog howled and Dobby turned towards it. “Dobby has a new request!” he said while climbing down from Hagrid. “Oh no yeh don't. Fang is off limits!”
“Fine! Dobby will go see Grawp then!”
Knowing that if he let his half brother have a hold of Dobby, he'll surely be killed, Hagrid had no choice but to allow an exception. “Fine, but only this one time!”

Dobby hugged Hagrid and then ran towards Fang, who had gotten up as he saw the elf run towards him. The dog wagged his tail, hoping that he was going to be taken out on a walk, but he yelped as Dobby quickly climbed up and inserted his elf penis inside of him.

Dobby eased in and out of the dog, who now started to run around the hut, trying to get the elf loose. Dobby grabbed onto his fur, and continued to penetrate him. The run made Dobby’s cock much harder, and he pushed himself deeper and deeper into Fang. The ordeal lasted two minutes, as Fang still ran around with Dobby still attached to him. Once the elf finished inside of him, he climbed off, and pet the dog on the head. “Fang did great! This is part of Dobby and Hagrid’s nightly routine now!”

Dobby walked towards Hagrid, who had been pleasuring himself while the elf was mounting his dog. He didn't think it would turn him on, but as soon as Dobby had slid inside of Fang, Hagrid’s cock got hard as a rock. There was semen all over the floor and walls, and Dobby went to clean it immediately. The elf licked it all off in a matter of seconds, that being his favorite snack.
Once everything was cleaned, they both climbed the bed and snuggled for the night. “Dobby loves Hagrid,” the elf whispered. Kissing Dobby’s ear, Hagrid responded, “I love yeh too.”

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After the couple’s special night, Dobby had been getting hornier. He asked for more every day. There was only so much Hagrid could do in the bedroom to please the little elf. He tried thrusting with the speed of a thousand winds, but Dobby still wasn't satisfied.
“Dobby needs something bigger than Hagrid! DOBBY NEEDS TO BE PLEASURED THIS INSTANT!”
Hagrid knew that if he didn't come up with something soon, the elf was going to seek out Grawp. Since the giant was isolated in the forest, he had no one to have sex with. Hagrid was sure that if Dobby wanted Grawp, Grawp would be more than happy to oblige. It seemed physically impossible for a giant and an elf to have sexual intercourse, but Hagrid had seen how wide Dobby can stretch. With some lubrication, Grawp could slide right into the little elf’s butthole.

Trying to not think about that possible encounter, Hagrid tried to think of ways he could please Dobby. His penis wasn't big enough, according to the elf. Which was odd, since the first time that they made love, Dobby had gasped at the humongous size of it. During their first time, Hagrid had removed his pants, revealing a very muscular, veiny, and toned penis. The small elf had seemed like he was going to faint. After the initial shock though, Dobby lunged towards the erect cock and began to mount it. Making squeaky sounds every time his little cock slammed with Hagrid’s gigantic one.

Now, Dobby was asking for more. He had already taken Fang for a ride, and that was enough to make Hagrid jealous.
“Dobby is waiting. Dobby’s butthole is pulsing with a great need! Dobby needs to be filled up within the next minute if Hagrid wants this marriage to work!”
He was out of time. Hagrid needed to do something quick. Grabbing his wand, he pointed it at his cock and mumbled, “Engorgio.”
Hagrid's dick started to swell until it was nearly three times the normal size. The sudden weight of it almost caused him to fall down, but he grabbed the table to steady himself.
Dobby’s eyes nearly bulged out of its sockets.
“Much better! Dobby is begging for Hagrid to enter him!”
“Wait a second, love. We don't know how it'll look once it's erect. We’ll have to-”
The elf, now really impatient, ran towards Hagrid and started to stimulate him before he could finish his sentence.
The penis was twice as long as Dobby, which seemed to excite him even more. Dobby stroked it with his thin, long fingers. Seeing no effect, he then hugged the large penis, and started to rub his whole body against it. As he was rubbing it, the cock started to rise, revealing it's true size.
It was now about three times as long as the elf.

Hagrid wondered how he was going to fit it all into Dobby’s little body.
Seeing the hesitation in Hagrid’s face, Dobby got off of his dick, and whispered something while pointing at his tiny little ass.
“There. Dobby has expanded himself! Anything can enter Dobby now. Hagrid needs to place his delicious cock inside of Dobby. DOBBY CAN'T WAIT ANYMORE!”
With that, Hagrid grabbed the elf, and turned him over. Noticing that it wouldn't be possible to penetrate him if he wasn't strapped down, Hagrid placed Dobby in the table and used a sticky charm to hold him in place. Dobby’s butt was in the air, swaying in anticipation.
“Yer ready?”
Not waiting another second, Hagrid guided his massive cock into the tiny hole. Teasing the elf, Hagrid brushed it just against the opening, feeling the warmth that was being emitted.
Trembling with frustration, Dobby yelled, “ STOP TEASING AND START FUCKING!”
“Yeh have so much anger. I'll fix yeh right up.”

Hagrid now slid his penis inside the elf. Entering slowly since he wasn't sure how Dobby’s enchantment would feel like. Applying pressure, Hagrid got his tip nice and cozy inside of the elf.
He then began to push himself farther inside, looking at how his cock easily penetrated the excited elf.
Feeling more confident, Hagrid began to thrust. He had to pull out much farther since his size was insanely huge. Every time he re-entered, Dobby would gasp and moan in delight.
“Yes! Give it to Dobby! Dobby likes it rough! HMPF OOOOHHHUHHH!”
Hagrid was now speeding up, fucking the elf so intensely, that you would've thought there was a earthquake going on.
Dobby came all over the table. It was the shortest he had ever lasted. It was usually Hagrid who finished first, but clearly the size had an effect on both of them.
Hagrid didn't stop. He kept fucking until he felt his climax coming near.
“Brace yerself!”
Dobby had little time to react. The man discharged a massive amount of semen into the little body. Some of it started to spill out of Dobby’s mouth. The force in which it shot out was enough for it to travel through the organs and up the throat. Coughing, Dobby tried to keep it all in. Swallowing everything he could, and licking what had spilled into the table.

Pulling out, Hagrid let Dobby free from the table, and slumped down on the bed. The small elf soon followed. Walking ever so slowly, with his legs far apart. Reaching the bed, he laid down near Hagrid’s head. Dobby kissed Hagrid sweetly, and snuggled up.

After a few minutes of silence, Hagrid grabbed his wand and was about to say the counter spell to get his penis back to normal, when Dobby cried out, “Stop! Not yet, please!”
Hagrid smiled at him as Dobby slid down towards his now erect cock. A wide grin on both of their faces.

That night, Hagrid found out that not only could Dobby’s butthole stretch, but so could his throat.