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Seconde Possibilita

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The menu today was an omelette, along with a side of hash browns and peaches. Rick had assembled the plate himself. He did every day, three times a day. He went through the same routine at nine, noon and six. Now that there was peace, he had time to devote to this tedious task. He walked the same route each time, out of his house and down two blocks, food in hand, rain or shine.

He used a pair of keys to open the door and stepped inside, balancing the food in one hand to close the door.

“Rick! Top of the morning to you!”

Negan stood with his long arms wound through the bars of his cell as he grinned at Rick. He was always awake, always waiting right there for Rick’s arrival. His cheerful attitude was a little perturbing to Rick. But by now he was used to it.

“And what’s for breakfast on this fine day?”

“See for yourself.” Rick simply grunted.

He waited. Negan knew the drill. Rick wouldn’t open the cell door unless he stepped back. And oddly enough, Negan always obeyed this rule, moving back toward the cot pressed against the opposite wall. Only then did Rick retrieve his keys again and unlock the cell. Rick stepped forward, setting the plate down on a small table by the door. He pulled a bottle of water from his back pocket and set it down as well.

The whole time Rick can feel Negan’s eyes on him. When he first started doing this, he had come armed, convinced Negan would jump him and attempt to escape. But nothing like that had ever happened. Still, Rick never left his home without his Colt.

“Oh, Rick, you sure do look mighty fucking fine today. Your ass looks damn good in those jeans. How'd you find a fit that good in these trying times? Huh, sweet thing?”

Rick had no reaction, just setting the meal down and trying to get out of that cell as soon as he could. He closed the cell door as he stepped out, turning to lock it. Negan took this chance to get close, still grinning.

“Come on sweetheart,” He called, even as the bars separated them. “I can’t even get a smile?”

This question was ignored as Rick walked straight toward the door. He was halfway out when Negan cried out, “Wait!”

Rick wasn’t sure why he stopped. Maybe it was out of curiosity. He made the short few strides to come back inside.

“What? You better be dying.”

Negan licked his lips and for a brief moment, something passed over his face, like he really was in pain. But then it was gone and Rick was sure he’d imagined the whole thing. Negan looked fine anyway. As if to prove his point, the other man gave him a wink and a smirk.

“How about you bring a little something nice and you and me can have a lunch date?”

Rick let out an exasperated sigh and disappeared out the door, closing and locking it behind him.


The next time Rick comes, he’s carrying a tray that contains a chicken sandwich, beans and apple slices. He let himself in again and wasn’t surprised to find Negan was in the same position as he’d been in that morning. He smiled upon seeing Rick, eyes raking over the other man just like they always did. But Rick noticed something was off. Maybe it was the way Negan was holding himself or the droplets of sweat he could see beading on his skin. And his scent, normally strong, almost exuding the confidence exhibited by the man, seemed off. Rick couldn’t quite figure out what exactly he was sensing, but he decided not to question it. It was Negan after all, so he wasn’t about to be concerned when the man looked well enough.

He went about the same routine, waiting until Negan moved back before entering the cell and leaving the food. Only this time, when he did, Negan reached out and tried to grab ahold of Rick’s hand.

The former sheriff had spun around in a matter of seconds, pressing the barrel of his Colt against Negan’s temple.

“What in the fuck do you think you’re doing? You know how this goes and you touching me is not part of it.”

Negan’s eyes darted up to meet Rick’s. He was breathing a bit heavily. But nonetheless, he retracted his arm and put his hands up in a gesture of surrender.

“I meant no harm, sweetheart.” He said and did not offer any other explanation.

Rick glared at him for a long moment before he carefully lowered his gun and stowed it back in its holster at his hip. He walked out of the cell and turned to lock it. As he left the room, he muttered, “Just don’t do it again.”


Today’s dinner consisted of meatloaf, mashed potatoes and green beans. Rick sighed as he walked to where Negan was kept. He’d been thinking about his odd behavior ever since it had happened. Negan never tried to touch him. Sure, he stared and leered and mocked, but that was normal for him. But trying to break the boundaries between them and get himself shot? That just didn’t make sense. Now, he might have tried that before he’d been captured but not in his current situation. Or maybe he’d just been biding his time all along, and this was his way of figuring out a way to get free. Rick just didn’t know. Negan was many things, including unpredictable.

As soon as he opened the door, Rick knew something was wrong. The smell in the air was unmistakably sweet, so unlike Negan. It almost stung Rick’s nose it was so strong. Immediately he felt arousal spike in his stomach.

He swore loudly, slamming the door closed and almost tossing the food aside. He knew what this was, what it meant. Now the way Negan had been acting seemed to make a lot more sense.

Inside the cell, Negan lay on the cot, shivering and sweating profusely. He’d shed his signature leather jacket, but refused to strip down further. He smelled Rick before he caught sight of him and immediately let out a whimper.

“Fuck, it’s good to see you, sweetheart.”

Rick growled, anger boiling behind his growing lust. “You motherfucker, you’ve been a goddamn Omega this whole time? And you didn’t even bother to mention it?!”

Negan let out a weak chuckle followed by a moan. “Honey, it’s been so long since I’ve been in a heat, I didn’t even recognize the symptoms when they started.”

Rick rolled his eyes, baring his teeth. “How can you fucking forget what you are?!”

“You gotta understand somethin’, sugar. I’ve been playin’ Alpha since I was sixteen. My daddy didn’t exactly want an Omega for a son. And I got lucky, I’m built like an Alpha should be, so with suppressants it wasn’t so hard. Even as a Savior, I got lucky again. We found a big stockpile of the shit early on, so I never went without. Until now, that is.”

Rick’s eyes narrowed. “How the hell are you even alive? That long on suppressants should’ve given you cancer or something! You should be dead by now!”

Negan shook his head and closed his eyes, a tremor traveling down his spine.

“I’ve always been a dead man walking, Rick. You should know that by now.”

He carefully pulled himself up into a sitting position, whining when he felt a rush a slick soak his clothes. “You gotta help me, Alpha..”

“I don’t have to do anything.” He hissed, grabbing the bars of the cell in tight fists.

But Negan could smell him, smell the rut beginning to start. The longer he was here, the more impossible it would be to resist.

“Come on, sugar, don’t be like that. You know no other Alpha is going to come down here and help me. It’s been so long..I ain’t gonna be able to handle it myself and all I got is my fingers, I don’t even have a toy to help it along..”

As it was, it was taking all his self control not strip down and fuck himself on whatever object was closest. But maybe, just maybe, if he continued to play his cards right, he could have Rick instead.

“That’s your problem, not mine. I’m strong, you won’t make me go into a rut.” Rick insisted, baring his teeth again.

Negan shook his head. “You really believe that, Rick? You think you can just walk out of here and forget? You’ve already got my scent.”

He smiled faintly. “Your eyes..they’re already turning red. Face it, you can’t stop it. Even if you went and found someone else to be with, it wouldn’t be enough. You need an Omega in heat, you need me.”

Negan wasn’t lying. Rick’s normally blue eyes were now glowing red. His knuckles had turned white where he was gripping the cell bars as he watched Negan.

“You think I would fuck you, knowing that you could get pregnant? Then you’re mistaken. And no, I ain’t about to run off and find a condom either. So I guess you’re just going to have to lay here and suffer.”

Rick slowly uncurled his fists and stepped back, trying desperately to fight the urge to open the cell, push Negan down and mount him. He was already hard, cock pressing against his jeans. He knew Negan could see but he honestly didn’t care.

“You’re the one who said I should be dead from the suppressants. So if I’m not dead, but at the very least, I’m infertile..nothing to worry about.”

Negan shakily stood up, slowly stepping as close as he could get to Rick with the cell bars still between them. “What do you want from me, Rick? Do you want me to beg for it, is that it?”

Rick clenched his jaw and his hands became fists once again. He was breathing heavily, eyes a bloody red.

“Yeah..” He murmured, voice rough. “That is exactly what I want. You need me to help you? Then beg for it, Negan.”

The Omega shifted uncomfortably, swallowing around the lump that had formed in his throat. It was in his nature to please, but he was also used to playing the part of a strong, confident Alpha that bowed to no one. It set off a war of emotions inside him but in the end, his need to feel an Alpha inside him won over all else. Negan bit his lip before sinking to his knees.

He took a deep breath, feeling more slick soak his pants. He felt so warm, the smell of sweat and pheromones clogging the air.

“Please Rick..Alpha...I need you. I need you inside me. And fuck, I know you want it too. I know you haven’t got anybody, I know you’ve gotta be lonely. So here I am, presenting myself to you.”

To emphasize his point, he turned his head, baring his neck as a sign of total submission. “Fucking knot me, Rick.”

All was quiet for a long moment. Then a growl tore from Rick’s throat and he surged forward, unlocking the cell.

“You are going to do exactly what I say, when I say it or this doesn’t happen and I gladly leave your sorry ass here to writhe in pain alone. Got it?”

Negan nodded, keeping his eyes trained on the floor. “Yes, Alpha.”

“Now get up, strip and get on the bed, on all fours. You said you were presenting yourself to me, then do it.”

Negan obeyed, standing up and beginning to rid himself of his clothes. It felt good, to finally get rid of his shirt and pants and everything else. They all felt so tight and uncomfortable on his overheated skin that being naked was a welcomed change. He shivered slightly under Rick’s harsh gaze before moving to the bed. He moved like Rick had instructed, first kneeling then bending over and placing his hands on the cot. He bowed his head again, spreading his legs, presenting his hole for Rick. He was positively oozing slick now, dribbling down his balls and thighs. It was as though his body sensed it was going to get what it craved.

When Rick didn’t move, Negan let out an impatient whine. “Alpha, please..”

Finally, Rick did something, coming in and turning to close the cell door behind him. He almost couldn’t believe the sight before him, but decided not to dwell on it. His cock was aching tremendously and he just wanted to get this done and over with so he could think straight again. He came to kneel on the end of the bed, hands carefully undoing his belt and then his jeans. He pushed them down his thighs along with his boxers, freeing his stiff cock. He gave it several firm strokes before he came up behind the other man, letting his member slide between Negan’s cheeks.

The Omega let out a pleased sigh, pressing back against Rick’s cock. Rick hands weren’t so gentle as they reached to push Negan down by the neck. He continued to tease Negan’s hole, playing like he was going to slide in, pressing the very tip inside, only to pull back out before Negan could get much of anything. Beneath him, Negan protested by trying to squirm back beneath Rick’s grip, needing his cock more and more.

“Stop that right now. You aren’t getting anything if you keep trying to take control. You’re not an Alpha anymore Negan, I am and you will do what I fucking tell you when I fucking tell you.”

This was met with a whimper but Negan did as he was told and went still. He’d spent so much time in charge of others and giving orders but at his very core he was an Omega and eager to please.

Rick exhaled sharply. It was taking all of his self control to not give into his baser instincts and simply fuck Negan until he was howling. But he was enjoying this, having this man at his mercy.

“Spread yourself for me, right now.” Rick demanded.

Panting heavily, Negan reached back and used both hands to spread his cheeks, exposing his weeping hole. Rick let out a deep growl, shoving three fingers in without warning.

“Fuck! Alpha!” Negan moaned loudly, unable to help the way he pressed back on the digits. Rick roughly spread them before beginning to fuck Negan’s hole.

“Maybe this is all I’ll give you, huh? Oh, it might satisfy you a little but it’s nothing like the real thing, nothing like what you want. But it’s what you fucking deserve! I should let you lay here in your own sweat and slick! Should let you rot in here all by yourself!”

Shivering, Negan groaned, pressing his forehead against the mattress. “Please Rick, Alpha..I’ll be good, I promise. But please, don’t leave me. Need this, need your cock, need you..”

Rick growled, squeezing Negan’s neck. “You do what I fucking say. You try anything, I don’t care if I’m balls deep inside you, I will stop and walk right out the fucking door. Am I fucking clear?”

Negan nodded quickly. “I’m yours, Alpha.”

Rick seemed satisfied with that answer. He pulled his fingers free, wiping the slick off on the bed. The Omega let out a soft whine but otherwise didn’t protest. Rick stilled then for a moment, clearly turning an idea over in his head. He got up and quietly retrieved his belt from the floor. It was hard to concentrate, his brain focused on one thing and one thing only, but he wasn’t sure if he could let this happen without this precaution.

“Arms out, now.” He ordered gruffly, waiting until Negan had offered up his arms before wrapping the belt around his wrists. Surprisingly, Negan offered no resistance, letting Rick bind his hands together with the belt. The Omega’s eyes shined gold as he looked up at him, filed with obvious lust and desperate need.

“Please fuck me. I have no choice but to behave now. So for fuck’s sake Rick, put your cock in me!”

The former sheriff resisted the urge to retort something nasty, knowing it was getting neither of them what they wanted. Rick merely tilted his head, murmuring, “Ass up, now.”

Negan obeyed, keeping his head down and once again spreading his legs and presenting himself to Rick. Rick settled himself back behind Negan, shivering as his cock slid through his slick. Gritting his teeth, he let out another rough, possessive growl and shoved his cock inside, burying himself deep.

Negan let out something between a sigh and a moan, some tension visibly draining from his body. He resisted the urge to move, to fuck himself on Rick’s cock, not knowing if the other man would allow him to. He felt grateful when Rick finally began to move.

The Alpha snapped his hips forward, pleased with the sound of skin on skin and Negan’s subsequent groan. He pulled back out, only leaving the very tip inside before thrusting hard again. He was quick to set a brutal and punishing pace, barely giving Negan time to breathe. Beneath him, the Omega whined and whimpered, raising his hips to meet each thrust, pleased when he wasn’t reprimanded.

“You like this, don’t you? You like being my little bitch.” Rick reached to wrap his hand around Negan’s throat, pressing the his face into the bed. When the only response he got was a muffled groan, Rick took his other hand and landed a smack on Negan’s ass.

“Answer me! I wanna hear you say it!” He demanded, stopping his movements.

Negan whined loudly, shifting his hips to try and get the attention he wasn’t receiving. Rick growled, a hand going to hold Negan’s hips in a bruising grip so he couldn’t move. The Omega whimpered, turning his head slightly so he could look at Rick.


“Then do what I fucking tell you, when I fucking tell you! I ask you something, you answer me dammit!”

Negan nodded, “I’ll be good, Rick, I’ll be good for you.”

Rick scoffed. “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

Negan let a soft purr come from his chest and he looked at Rick with earnest golden eyes.

“I like being your bitch.” He declared.

Rick’s eyes flared blood red and he squeezed Negan’s neck a little harder. Finally he muttered, “Good boy.”

It wasn’t much, but Negan was going to take whatever he could get. He soaked up the praise, the purr he was making getting slightly louder. He kept his eyes trained on Rick.

“Fuck me, Alpha. Tear me apart.”

Rick flashed his fangs, manhandling Negan onto his side. He laid behind Negan, wrapping an arm around his leg to raise it. He quickly shoved himself back inside, snaking his other arm beneath Negan to grip his middle. Negan gasped quietly at this new angle, unable to do much else but hold on for the ride as Rick began to pound his hole once again.

“Don’t wanna be let go, do you? You like being here in this cage, you like being tied up and at my mercy!”

Negan nodded eagerly, feeling the urge to use his bound hands for the only thing he can use them for at the moment and that’s to touch his neglected cock. But he was determined to obey the Alpha and Rick hadn’t given him permission. So he did the only thing he could do.

He ran his mouth.

“Love it, Rick. Love being fucked like this, love having your fucking cock inside me. Wish I could have it all the damn time, morning, noon and night. Nothing but your dick splitting me open.”

Despite the fact that Rick knew it was mostly bullshit, it still played to his Alpha instincts to hear Negan talk like that. It spurred him on as he chased his orgasm.

Negan’s hands twitched in front of him. “Alpha..fucking shit, let me touch myself, please.”

Rick’s growl sounded almost feral as he pulled out, shoving Negan onto his back and clambering between his legs.


He promptly pushed himself back inside, enjoying the strangled cry he got from Negan. He relished every single obscene sound that came from the Omega’s mouth, despite whether he wanted to admit it or not. He was getting close, dangerously close. He could feel his knot beginning to swell. Part of him almost wanted to pull out before that happened, didn’t want to be tied to Negan for any amount of time. But he found he couldn’t stop, couldn’t slow down, too caught up in the pleasure of it all and his drive as an Alpha pushing him.

Beneath him, Negan was squirming, unsure what to do with his hands since he wasn’t allowed to touch where he wanted. He looked between Rick and his dribbling cock.

“Please, Rick, fucking please..”

Rick finally took pity on the other man.

“Touch yourself, get yourself off with my dick inside you.” He hissed, watching as Negan used his bound hands to form a fist and roughly began to stroke himself in time with Rick’s thrusts.

“Cum in me, Alpha. Fucking knot me.”

Negan wasn’t afraid of the venom in Rick’s voice or in his eyes. He far preferred it to the look of absolute blankness that Rick usually leveled at him. He clamped down, intent on pushing Rick over the edge. He was so desperately close himself, but he wanted to see the look on Rick’s face when he was overcome.

Rick let out an utterly animalistic moan, hands gripping Negan’s hips hard enough to bruise, hips stuttering as he emptied himself inside the Omega. Negan was determined to milk Rick of everything he had, wanting to be filled completely. He groaned as he felt Rick’s knot swell and tether them together. It didn’t take much more before he was spilling all over his hands, eyes trained on Rick the whole time. The Alpha regarded him silently as he shook and shuddered. His eyes were much less red, dulled to faint hue. Negan couldn’t decipher what Rick was thinking, his expression not necessarily blank but still unreadable.

Negan spent the next few minutes catching his breath, still very much aware of the thick knot inside him and Rick’s apparent unwillingness to say much of anything about it.

Finally, he got tired of the silence.

“You just gonna keep staring at me this whole time, sweet cheeks, is that it?”

Rick let out a noncommittal grunt. “I don’t have a damn thing to say to you.”

Negan rolled his eyes. “You fucking suck ass at pillow talk, Rick.”

The Alpha bared his teeth, hand shooting out to grab Negan’s neck and squeeze. Not hard enough to do any damage, it was done more as warning.

“There is no such thing going on here. This is not happening. You are going to shut the fuck up until my knot goes down and then I’m gone.”

Negan felt rage flash through him like lightning, a trait he couldn’t shake even in the submissive position he was in. He grabbed Rick’s wrist and jerked his hand away, anger simmering just beneath the surface.

“You do not get to treat me like that.” Negan growled, “Just because you fucked me, does not mean you get to treat me like shit.”

Rick continued to bare his fangs but said nothing and retracted his hand. Negan sighed in slight exasperation at the other man’s behavior but didn’t comment further.

Instead he asked, “How long does this usually last?”

Rick had put on his usual blank mask by now, which distressed Negan a little, though he refused to show it.

“Not much longer.”

The Omega in Negan cried out to feel some sort of affection from Rick, anything at all but he knew he wasn’t going to get it. So he simply laid his head back and closed his eyes. If Rick was refusing to interact, then he would do the same.

Rick was right, it didn’t take long. About ten minutes or so later, Negan felt the Alpha’s knot begin to loosen and go down. As soon as he was able to, Rick jerked away from him, immediately standing and beginning to dress. He only stopped long enough to undo Negan’s hands. 

Negan sat up much more slowly, watching Rick with a weary expression.

He hated that seeing Rick all anxious to get out and leave him bothered him so much. It shouldn’t matter. He’d gotten what he needed, he didn’t have to suffer through his heat alone and now it was over, taken care of. Things could go back to normal.

But what if it happened again? Would Rick be even less accommodating than he had been this time?

He decided not to dwell on it. After all, it didn’t really matter. He’d at least gotten to be with Rick once, that was more than he’d had before. Even if things weren’t the way he wanted, even if his feelings for Rick weren’t returned, he at least, for a moment, knew what it felt like to be Rick’s mate. And he’d get to see him again, three times a day, just like he always did.

Though, when the cell closed and the door to the room slammed shut, it felt awfully final.