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Learning to love

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Yuuri stood in front of the front door of a beautiful home, taking a deep breath through his nose before exhaling it quickly from his mouth.

Come on come on you can do it, he thought but still, his hand faltered as he reached out for the doorbell. His hand fell back to his side before he tapped his pocket feeling the contents in there. Inside was his new cell phone that Mr. Feltsman had provided him with during his stay to take care of his Omega skater.  

It was huge compared to the flip phone that Yuuri still cherished, nestled right up next to it. There were buttons that you had to press instead of weird touchscreen surface next with equally weird apps that never in a million years Yuuri thought he would understand, had been given to him from his new employer so he could be called easier. Really he shouldn’t complain too much about it just...

Pulling it from his pocket he hit the home button before bringing his contacts up. A thumb hovered over Yakov’s name in there before he closed the phone back up and stared at the doorbell with new determination. No he wasn’t going to back out of this, he could do it. And before he could chicken out he pushed the button hearing the bell ring throughout the house from within by it.

Shit that was loud, but before he could back up and call a taxi to pick him right back up, the door opened to a young teenager with a deep scowl on his face. “What do you want?”

Yuuri hesitated before he took some courage and went with it. “I was hired by Mr. Feltsman to-”

“Fuck you’re another Omega aren’t you?” He interrupted anger radiating in his eyes more as he looked Yuuri over. “Viktor we’ve got another whore sent here.” He said again then he backed away leaving Yuuri there standing in the doorway astonished. Well not quite astonished it wasn’t like this had been the first time he had been called a whore before just it was sudden hearing it from a new person he had just met.

It scared Yuuri a little but he soon realized that this must be the one he was going to have to help learn to be an Omega. A sigh falls from his lips before he stepped inside just a little past the doorway pulling it after himself. Well first impressions were shot it seemed.

As soon as the door clicked shut the wind was knocked out of him as something run up and sent him to the ground before kisses were being licked on his face. His stolen breath was soon replaced by giggles as he petted the dog assaulting him with kisses and heavy panting. “Aren’t you a cutie.” Yuuri cooed giving the dog more pets as they continued to sit on him keeping Yuuri held down on the floor.

But soon their ears perked up as another person entered the room with them. Yuuri’s eyes widened as he saw who it was. Blue eyes stared down at him meeting his own wide brown ones. No it couldn’t be-

“Hello there Yuuri, I’m Viktor Nikiforov but you can just call me Viktor.” Then Yuuri’s brain shut down for a moment everything taking a while to be processed through. So that by the time it did finally start working, Yuuri was already on his feet the smell of Viktor so close and around him, as the other helped pull him back up.

The dog stayed near him as Yuuri’s heart beat faster as he realized that she must be actually Viktor’s dog Makkachin. When he realized that, he also realized Viktor’s hands were still on him expecting a reply by now as the quiet lingered between them. Yanking himself from the others hands Yuuri patted his chest trying to calm down and focus on his own soft scent covered up barely by the scent blockers he had on. Thank god or else terrified and confused Omega smells would probably be everywhere by now. “Ah um yes I’m Yuuri, Katsuki Yuuri.”

A smile was given to him as Viktor let him have his space. “It’s nice to have you here Yuuri. I was getting worried that something could have happened to you when Yakov texted me asking if you were here yet.”

Avoiding the other’s eyes Yuuri focused on Makkachins brown fur instead of answering him. “Yeah it um must of just took a while to get here from the rink.” Before he shut up knowing the excuse was a lame, as he realized they probably only lived about 30 minutes walking distance away from the rink.

“Hmm maybe there was a lot of traffic today.” Viktor finally said but Yuuri knew the other didn’t buy his story from the tone he said it in. “So Yuuri I would love to get to know you more and you, me. How about we go get lunch together?” Then his hand touched Yuuri’s chin making him look up into his face.

Having the Alpha touch him again sent all his hair on end as he locked gazes with the other once more. Face reddening Yuuri quickly backed up hitting the door behind him as he tried to get away fast. Both Viktor and Makkachin looked at him perplexed before Yuuri stuttered out his sudden reply. “Ah n-no thanks I’m good. I-I thought I was just here to help Yuri.” By the end of him talking his words came out as a squeak. “B-besides I’m a little tired…”

“Of course you are! It is quite a long way from the states to here isn’t it?” Viktor nodded his head looking at him with a little worry. How did Viktor even know he had been in America? “Would you like me to show you your room?” Yuuri nodded quickly keeping his distance from the other as he tried to not dwell too much on that fact.

But he didn’t get the chance to keep the distance between them as Viktor took his hand dragging him up to his temporary room while he stayed here. There were two floors he was told as they trudged on, two bedrooms on top with a bathroom to share and the master down below with the kitchen and living area on the ground floor. Also there was a basement with workout equipment and other things for entertainment he could use if he wanted to. It was a lot more he was being provided with than any of the other jobs he had been assigned but Yuuri knew that some of the restrictions of this one made more sense to the situation.

He had been asked if he would be okay to spend a year living with a family to help their newly presented Omega cope. Yuuri usually said no to this kind of request mainly the reason being was he could become too invested in the family and not ever want to leave afterwards. But there was many special circumcises that made him reconsider when he heard them.

One of them was that the new Omega was male like himself. There wasn’t many Omega’s nowadays that had their primary gender as male. It was a rarity that made them stand out even more within the population around them. The last one he knew was just 10 years older than him and had been in a healthy relationship with a caring Alpha when Yuuri had visited him. It made him happy that they had found somebody special just for them but a little sad at the same time when Yuuri was going to be forever alone with his life.

But the other reason that Yuuri had decided to do this special case was that the Omega in question was also a figure skater with a promising career ahead of himself. He hadn’t been told who it was but Yuuri had made deductions as soon as he was told he was being sent to Russia. There were quite a few male figure skaters from Russia in their teens but still not many that still hadn’t presented worked under Mr. Feltsman. Ironically the new Omega also shared his name and now they would share the same living space for the next year too...

Viktor stopped pulling him forward making Yuuri jump out of his thoughts at the sudden change of movement.

“I didn’t go through any of the boxes you sent but I tried arranging the room for you.” And Yuuri thought he caught a blush on the taller’s cheeks but he chalked that up to the lighting up there where they were at. But after noticing that he also came to notice the noise that had started pounding from the door behind them.

“Anyway you made it, should be fine,” Yuuri said looking at the other door and wondering about the person behind it. “Is he going to be okay?” He asked wincing as the music seemed to get louder after he let out his words.

“He’s just doing some more of his teenager rebellion phase again.” Viktor answered before walking him into the new room. A laugh escaped Viktor’s mouth as Makkachin butted pass them to jump on the bed and roll around on it. Like she was trying to put her scent all over it by doing so. Which she probably was since the room held no odor as they went inside. Viktor scolded at her a little bit, letting go of Yuuri’s hand to go up to her soon after.

Yuuri wrinkled his nose back and forth not yet use to not smelling anything at all. His own scent wanted to take over the scent blockers he had on, but Yuuri just breathed in a deep breath before dropping his few bags onto the floor. He could get it smelling better in no time but he wondered if that would be rude to his new host family or not.

Viktor came back to his area dragging the poor Makkachin with him by her collar gently. “I’m sorry about that. I tried to keep it clean and free of foreign smells before you came.”

“It’s okay I like the smell of everyday things and others as well.” Yuuri said avoiding Viktor’s eyes again in lu to look at the new space of his. His eyes widened slightly taking it all in then. “ all mine?” He asked in amazement at the space of the room they were in now.

A chuckle answers him as Viktor lets go of Makkachin to do her thing. “Of course it is. What am I if I can’t provide my new Omega a big space for everything they need.” But Yuuri rejects the words surrounding Omega thinking he probably says that to just about anybody.

But he still needs to thank him for putting up with him and giving him this nice room. “Thank you.” Yuuri says politely bowing down at his waist towards him. Just need to keep it cool, he thought before straightening back up. “I am in your care for my stay here.”

“You're welcome.” Viktor says before unexpectedly grabbing his hand softly and bringing it up to his lips for a kiss.

Yuuri stood there shocked before Viktor let his hand go, now tingling from the improv kiss he placed there. “I’m going to just be downstairs if you need me. I’ll give you the schedule for everything later but for now, how about you take that nap and I’ll let Makkachin keep you company?” He finished moving to the door before waiting for Yuuri’s answer.

A wave of his scent went past Yuuri making him shudder a little at it. It smelt like fresh snow and some sort of flower that made Yuuri want more of. Biting his tongue to stop himself from asking the other not to leave, Yuuri nodded watching the 4 time gold medalist turn to leave him.

The music across from him seemed to dim but still, Yuuri could feel it pounding right along with his heart as he went to curl up on the bed that was way too big for just himself. Makkachin joined him soon after her lovely brown curls coming within cuddling range for him.

“What did I get myself into?” He asked her before everything started weighing down on him making his eyes shut close from sleep that the jet lag was pushing onto him from his day.