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Break The Ice

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Simon made his way to the museum. He was all geared up in his black “leather” pants and jacket. The material looked like leather but it wasn’t. It was specially made for him by Clary. It was bullet proof and highly flexible.


Simon knew that he was going to raid the museum tonight. There was a new exhibit with priceless jewels, and priceless jewels were his favorite. Simon made his way into the museum, and no one was there except a few security guards who suck at their job.


Good I beat him here. Now we wait.


Simon had been following this thief for months. He was waiting for him to just get caught already, but this thief was good. Too good. He never left a trail only blurry images caught on surveillance cameras and ice. It was quite clear that this thief had powers, and Simon didn’t think it was a fair fight. How could the cops compete?  


So Simon decided to follow the thief and track him. He had Clary made him a suit and a mask, and here he was waiting for the man of the hour to pounce.


Simon could feel when the thief entered the museum. The temperature in the entire museum dropped at least 40 degrees. It was freezing. Simon hid in the shadows as he heard the security guards being tied up and gagged.


Simon watched him walked towards the main attraction of the exhibit. A priceless emerald necklace that belonged to Cleopatra. Simon observed the man. His whole body looked like it was made of ice. The inner comic book nerd in Simon screamed Iceman, but Simon knew this was no Iceman this was no hero. Yet it didn’t stop Simon from noticing how well built the man was. The thief’s icy abs were on display he was clearly shirtless. He only wore a pair of leather pants and boots. His face and hair was all ice as well. You couldn’t see his eyes. His features were there but it was impossible to guess what he looked like without the ice covering him.


As the thief reached for the box around the necklace Simon walked out casually before speaking up, “Is it me or is it really cold in here?” The thief turned around and shot out a blast of cold in Simon’s direction until Simon was covered in a block of ice up to his neck.  The thief walked towards Simon slowly.


Simon groaned internally as he thought to himself. Goddamn! He should not look thissexy!


The thief walked up to Simon and dragged an icy finger along Simon’s jaw, “And you are? I know no security guard can be this pretty… and this uniform you’ve got on. Yummmm…” Simon scrunched his eyebrows in disbelief, “Um you can’t even see my face so how do you know I’m pretty? And are you really flirting with me man??”


The thief chuckled and Simon could see the frost breath leave his mouth. It was fascinating. The thief dragged his finger over Simon’s lips, “Yes you are wearing a mask, but I can see your lips and I assume someone with such beautiful lips must be beautiful everywhere….”


The thief turned around and walked towards the necklace, “Anyways. Back to what I came here for.” Simon grinned as he shook his head, “Underestimating me? Big mistake.” Simon eye’s glowed purple and the thief turned around to see that the block of ice surrounding Simon was glowing purple from within. The thief’s eyes widened as the ice began to crack. Simon smirked, “Breaking ice is my specialty.” In that moment the ice around Simon cracked and flew towards the thief.


The thief reacted quickly and pulled a wall of ice up to protect himself. Simon grinned as a purple force field surrounded his fist as he walked towards the wall of ice. With one punch Simon had the wall of ice crumbled to the ground. The thief fell to the ground.


With his hand still glowing Simon placed his hand a few inches away from the thief’s chest. Simon began to walk and drag the thief along with him without even touching the thief. The thief struggled he tried to grab onto Simon’s hand but the purple force field around Simon’s hand wouldn’t let him.


Simon kept walking down the museum hallway. The thief grew sharp swords of ice on his feet and hands, he dug the ice into the floor in an attempt to save himself. Simon was pulled back for a second and the thief smirked up at him. Simon arched an eyebrow before he effortlessly lifted his arm straight in front of him ripping the thief from the ground leaving holes in the ground where the thief had dug his ice into. The thief’s eyes widened in shock as Simon floated off the grown and flew them to the end of hallway and slammed him into the wall.


The wall cracked from the pressure and force that Simon had used to push the thief into the wall. Simon smirked, “I didn’t catch a name.” The thief chuckled, “I go by Bone Chiller.” The thief took a deep breathe before he blew a blast of below zero air onto the force field around Simon’s hand. Simon looked down to see the force field had become a frozen ball. The thief punched through the iced force field with his rock solid ice fist. Simon fell to the ground from the force of the punch.


Bone Chiller landed on his feet as he winked at Simon, “My turn.” Bone Chiller used his right hand to ice up the floor in the hallway and he used his left to lift Simon up by his hair till he was on his knees, “You look good on your knees, pretty. I’ve had dreams like this but none of those boys were this cute.” The thief lifted Simon up to his full height with his left hand and used his right hand to freeze Simon’s body once again. The thief added an extra two layers of ice, “Won’t be that easy to get out this time.”


Simon struggled as he saw Bone chiller lean in closer. The thief’s lips were right near Simon’s left ear, “I didn’t catch a name….” Simon couldn’t help but chuckle, “I don’t really have a name.” Bone Chiller hummed, “Well then, I need to get going. Until next time.” Simon watched in awe as the ice around the thief’s lips melted to reveal a pair of pink juicy lips. Bone Chiller leaned in and placed a kiss on Simon’s lips. Simon moaned in shock before he began to respond eagerly. This Bone Chiller really knew how to kiss.


Simon could feel the thief smirking into the kiss. It didn’t take long for tongue to get involved. Two battled for dominance. The thief pulled at Simon's hair pulling out a dirty whine from the novice hero. Bone Chiller pulled back at the sound of police sirens, “I swear I’ll never stop stealing if you come to stop me every time.” The thief gave Simon one last kiss before he slid down the hall behind Simon leaving him all alone. Simon groaned as he focused on his powers. It took a second for his fists to glow purple and ice around him to crumbled into pieces. Simon flew to the closest exit as he cursed himself.


Goddammit Simon! You first night as a superhero and you let the villain get away! Not only do you let him get away but YOU FREAKING MAKE OUT WITH HIM! I mean he was a really good kisser… and I’d honestly do it again… NO! Cut that out Lewis!