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The One-Shot Saga

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"Are you sure he's being kept here?"

Sabine very nearly sighed aloud. Ezra always seemed to ask questions in the thick of combat. Admittedly, it was a good question. The intel they had receive all pointed to her father being kept in the facility they were currently in.

The only issue was that the facility itself had a large quantity of troopers defending it, as well as what remained of the Imperial Supercommados.

The death of Tiber Saxon had clearly thrown Mandalore into further chaos, with various clans uniting together to oppose the Saxon loyalists.

Clan Wren was one such clan. The second they had heard the possible location of the Alrich Wren they had mobilized what forces they had.

The second Ezra had heard about the mission he had volunteered to assist, knowing how important Sabine's family was to her. Despite the fact they had just survived one suicide mission, Ezra didn't seem too bothered about joining what was likely to be another one.

And for that Sabine was grateful.

Unfortunately, the facility itself was too heavily guarded for a full frontal assault, and Clan Wren simply did not possess enough firepower to deal with the situation themselves.

So they had put out a call to possible allies to help them.

At the time, Sabine would have admitted that she doubted anyone coming, especially considering how tarnished the Wren name was, no doubt thanks to her own work.

So when a small detachment of Mandalorians claiming they were of Clan Kryze had agreed to help, Sabine had been incredibly grateful. Clan Kryze was legendary. Once they had ruled all of Mandalore, before Maul that was.

Sabine still didn't trust the Zabrak, even if Ahsoka did. His past was too clouded, and she would watch him every second she could see him.

But now Clan Kryze willing to throw their lot in with Clan Wren, and Sabine certainly wasn't going to question.

And so they had planned their assault. Clan Wren and Fenn Rau, supported by Bo-Katan Kryze would assault the front of the facility, drawing away as many guards as possible, creating an opening for Sabine and Ezra, who in turn would sneak into the facility mostly undetected.

And it had worked. Under the chaos of the raging battle outside, Sabine and Ezra had flown in with Jetpacks, landing atop the station and making their way inside.

Only to be immediately greeted by a squad of Stormtroopers.

The two had gone to work instantly, working in tandem to defeat them. In the time they had fought beside one another, Sabine and Ezra had created a style of fighting.

Ezra would deflect, and Sabine would assault.

The very image of Jedi and Mandalorian, side by side in battle was one that eons ago would have been unthinkable.

Now however, there was no one she trusted more with her life than Ezra Bridger.

"He's here Ezra, we just have to get past the welcoming committee." Sabine replied to Ezra's earlier comment, blasting a pair of troopers in the process. At the same time, Ezra sharply twisted his own wrist, pivoting his emerald saber in precise arcs, reflecting fire back at the troopers, and scoring a hit.

Mere moments, after the battle began, it ended, the smell of carbon scoring being the only thing filling Sabine's senses, even beneath her helmet.

The telltale sound of Ezra's blade extinguishing was then heard, and the young Jedi turned to throw a smirk in Sabine's direction.

"That was easy."

Sabine shook her own head in response to Ezra's statement, before replying.

"I wish you wouldn't say that."

Ezra chuckled in return, before his eyes began to dart around the room, scanning for any more threats.

"Think we got them all before they could sound an alarm?" Ezra inquired once his sweep was complete.

Sabine merely nodded in confirmation from where she was now. A nearby terminal held everything she needed. Prisoner details and locations.

Cycling through various pages of prisoners, many of whom had the word 'executed' next to them, Sabine found the one she was looking for.

"He's in cell block four, room three."

With that she set off down the hallway, Ezra right behind her.

Rounding a series of bends, and being forced to deal with another pair of guards in the process, the two young warriors found themselves in another long hallway, one labelled as cell block four.

Slowing her pace, Sabine began to make her way down the hallway, checking the doors to the cells as they passed by.

And then a voice called out.

"Face me traitor! Single combat!"

Sabine's head snapped forward in an instant, taking in the individual before her, one that was dressed armour that resembled Stormtrooper armour, but was clearly made from Beskar.

An Imperial Supercommando.

The commando held what appeared to be an electrostaff in his hands. How he had acquired it Sabine was unsure. All that mattered was that single combat had been challenged, and she possessed no melee weapon to counter the commando's electrostaff.

And then she felt Ezra nudge her from behind.

Glancing back at the young Jedi, Sabine nearly gasped at what he held out for her to take.

"Kick his ass."

It was rare for a Jedi to give their lightsaber for anyone else to use, let alone someone who wasn't able to manipulate the force as he could.

But right now, here Ezra stood, the hilt of his weapon held out for her to use.

Beneath her helmet, Sabine locked her eyes with Ezra's, making sure he knew what he was doing.

In response, Ezra nodded his head and further gestured for her to take his saber.

So she did.

The hilt was heavier than she had expected, much different from other swords she had held before. But then she supposed that was the point. The lightsaber was a legendary weapon, one that was no supposed to be easy to use.

Even if Kanan and Ezra made the blades look easy to use, Sabine knew just from testing the weight of the hilt that she was at a disadvantage.

And then she pushed the ignition switch.

Bright green light erupted from the emitter, producing the deadly emerald blade that Sabine had seen time and again covering her back.

Only this time it was in her hands, not Ezra's.

The hilt felt heavier now the blade was ignited. She twisted her wrist side to side briefly, testing the weight and movement of the blade as she did so. She would have to adapt fast to this unique weapon, even if she didn't quite understand how it worked.

"It feels like it is alive!" Sabine murmured to herself despite the situation, her voice full of awe. She may not have been able to touch the force as Ezra was, but even she could feel the power of the blade now in her hands.

"I know what you mean." Ezra replied, having overheard Sabine.

Gripping the hilt in her hands tightly, Sabine pivoted to face the Supercommando, and crouched into a ready position that felt comfortable to her.

Across from her, down the hallway, the commando did the same, the two ends of his electrostaff sizzling with lethal purple energy.

It would take more than one strike to take her down, but if a strike got through, no doubt the disorientation that followed would cause her to lose the duel.

And then the commando charged, rotating the staff in his hands into a vicious upwards arc.

Sabine was forced to evade backwards, bringing Ezra's lightsaber up to deflect one end of the staff, before attempting a counter attack of her own.

The commando responded in kind, pivoting his own body weight in a way that allowed him to shift the staff to block the lightsaber strike, before unleashing a flurry of his own against Sabine.

Backing off slightly again, Sabine altered her grip slightly on the lightsaber, taking a defensive posture, and began to deflect the series of fast paced strikes that were coming her way.

In the space of a few seconds, the commando span and twisted his staff in all directions, launching attack after attack against Sabine, forcing her back and into a corner. It was clear that the commando hoped to overwhelm Sabine, forcing her to weaken herself through defence before her finished her off.

And with no training with a lightsaber prior, it was looking grim for Sabine.

Her back to a wall, she ducked under a swing of the commando. Before forcing her own body forwards, colliding with the commando, who was sent sprawling to the floor.

Sabine too found herself careening forwards into a roll, shifting her own body weight to allow herself to stand back up and pivot to face the commando, who now was also on his feet.

Sabine seized her opportunity, swinging Ezra's saber in a horizontal movement, aiming for the chest of the commando.

Clearly anticipating this, the commando evaded out of range, before preparing to unleash his own series of strikes.

But Sabine got there first, pushing the offensive with the lightsaber, swinging in with vicious untrained arcs, favouring power over control.

If Kanan was present, she was sure he would be reprimanding her.

Perhaps she should ask Ezra for some lessons.

Assuming she survived that was.

The sound of energy crackling against itself flooded her hearing as the emerald blade connected and struggled against one end of the electrostaff.

Both combatants attempted to overpower one another, pushing their weapons against each other. The twin ends of the electrostaff offer the commando a speed advantage, but it would only take one blow from the lightsaber to down him.

The strain of the fight began to get to Sabine, as the commando pulled back and span the staff again, clashing it against the lightsaber and entering into another lock.

And then he played dirty.

Sabine had no time to react as the commando lifted his knee with rapid speed, colliding with Sabine's stomach and knocking the wind out of her.

As Sabine attempted to regain her footing, the guard lunged with his staff, the purple energy colliding with Sabine and sending bolts of electricity coursing through her armor, shocking her into submission.

Releasing a sudden cry of agony, Sabine felt the lightsaber slip from her grasp viciously, bouncing off a nearby wall and coming to rest out of reach of her hands.

And then another blow came, this one the staff itself smashing into her helmet, cracking the visor and sending her sprawling to the ground on her already bruised stomach.

Groaning to herself, Sabine attempted to push herself back up, only to have the boot of the supercommando come down on her back and pin her to the ground.

Glancing around, desperate for anything to use against the guard, Sabine spotted the hilt of Ezra's lightsaber, just out of reach.

She couldn't reach it. She was going to die.

Above her, she heard the supercommando recite some Mandalorian rhetoric about honour and loyalty, declaring her a traitor and not worthy of wearing the armour she sported.

She would have listened to him, were it not for the odd sight before her.

The hilt of Ezra's lightsaber began to shift ever so slightly, angling itself so that it could slide directly into Sabine's waiting hand.

And then, with a speed unmatched, it flew towards her free hand.

Despite the strange turn of events, Sabine seized the opportunity, her hand tightening around the hilt of the lightsaber as she pushed the ignition switch, before pivoting her arm and hand behind her.

The sound of the blade erupting into life, followed by the dying scream of the Imperial Supercommando was almost like music to her ears.

She heard the corpse slump behind her twice, indicating that she had evidently cleaved him into two pieces. Pushing herself onto her back, she sat up and saw she was correct. The blade had passed right through the waist of the commando, eviscerating him.

And then a hand came into her view.


Reaching up, she grasped the offered hand and allowed her Jedi friend to pull her up.

Once she had regained her footing, she passed the saber back to Ezra, before removing her helmet to inspect the crack in the visor.

"Knew you could do it." Ezra spoke cheerfully, before slugging her arm gently, returning to the usual banter that made up the core of their relationship.

"Thanks for the help." Sabine replied, a smile on her face. It was part of their code that they would save each other when the time came. "I'm going to start owing you one soon."

Ezra laughed before moving off to search for the cell containing her father.

"I thought we were even by now Sabine."

This time Sabine chuckled.

"Not even close Bridger."


After a few minutes of searching the level, they had found the cell.

Ezra had backed off, stating that he didn't want to intrude on a family reunion, and honestly, Sabine was grateful. She had no idea how this reunion was going to go, considering the way she had left in the first place.

Steeling herself, Sabine reached out and thumbed the control panel for the door, which slid open in response.

Stepping into the cell, Sabine spotted a single figure seated on a bench. He looked worn down and beaten, even malnourished. Clearly he had not been treated well by his captors.

And then the figure glanced up, his eyes locking onto Sabine's and widening in surprise.

"Sabine? Is that you?"

She very nearly choked up at the sound of her father's voice. She had missed him, more than she had ever imagined.

But she couldn't get emotional. She had no way of knowing how he would treat her.

Instead, she stepped further into the cell, coming to stand before him.

"Yes father, it's me."

Alrich Wren studied her for a moment, his eyes following the contours of her armor, admiring the pieces and the artwork upon it.

And then in one swift move he jumped to his feet and wrapped Sabine into a tight embrace.

"My daughter, how I have missed you."