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“Are we really gonna keep that creature?”
The “creature” in question slept on the floor, curled up in a ball letting out little snores occasionally. Its paws were dirty from the mud outside caused by the torrential rain from earlier, the cause of Namjoon’s wet hair and wet assignments.

“How many times have I told you to bring a folder?”

“I just forget okay!”

Yoongi stared at the husky puppy, visibly smitten but still acting annoyed.

“C’mon, its just a baby!” Namjoon pouted, crouching down to scratch its tummy as it slowly rose and fell.

“Would you want someone to kick Holly out onto the street?” he said incredulously, making Yoongi scowl.

“First of all, Holly wouldn’t run away in the first place. And second-“

“What on earth is going on here?”

Namjoon and Yoongi both whipped their heads around at break-neck speed.


Seokjin stood in the hallway, arms crossed and eyebrow raised. Yoongi laughed as Namjoon tried to stutter out an answer.


“Joon, chill out. All I want to know is why there’s a puppy in our living room, and why my carpet is now full of muddy paw prints,”

He strode towards him and he blushed, apologizing profusely. Yoongi almost fell out of his chair, laughing so hard his gums were on full display.

“So, I was walking home from the library and it started raining and the puppy started following me. I felt bad so I put him in my jacket and I swear I was gonna take him to a shelter later but-“

Seokjin pressed a kiss to his forehead, making him blush even harder.

“You’re so cute Joon bug,” he said as he reached down to pet the puppy, who was now slowly waking up after all the commotion.

“Get a room you old timers,” Yoongi said, huffing from his seat.

“We have a room, you’re just mad that Hoseok has family staying at his place and Jungkook is out of town,” Seokjin snapped back.

Now it was Namjoon’s turn to laugh uncontrollably, flashing his dimples and clutching his stomach.

As he settled down he noticed Jin laying on the floor, cooing at the puppy.

“So, he doesn’t have a collar. I don’t think he has a home,” Namjoon started.

He found out that Seokjin wanted a dog a little while after they started dating. He liked the companionship it gave as Namjoon and was usually busy producing with Yoongi, aka away from the apartment.

“Can we keep him then..?” He looked up at him, stars in his eyes.

“I don’t see why not.” Namjoon said with a soft smile.

Jin smiled and scratched the puppy’s head, giggling as he sneezed.