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Caught in a Misunderstanding

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He'd called her into his office after she'd questioned her in front of the rest of the team. She didn't give a hoot though. As much as she loved him she also couldn't forgive him. Not after what he'd done six years ago.

"I don't like being questioned in front of my team," Hotch said.

"I'm sorry if I struck a nerve out there," she answered bitterly.

Striking a nerve wasn't as bad as walking out on her when she needed him most. When their child was lying there in an incubator.

"I won't put up with a political agenda."

She sneered, "Politics! Let me tell you about politics! I believe politics makes you conniving and distrustful. I believe can come in and destroy families..." She tried to bite back the tears. "You've met my mother, haven't you?"

"She's a very formidable woman," he answered stone-faced.

"Is it a scandal to have a beautiful, innocent baby that is different to others? A beautiful, healthy child that may have difficulties as it grows up but none the less deserves love and care just like everyone else!"

She felt the tears rise in her eyes remembering that day in the hospital. Remembering how her mother had tried and tried to convince her to have her baby adopted. It was the last day she'd ever seen her mother as she refused to give up her disabled child. She waited and waited for the father to show up but he never did.

"You have a disabled sibling?" he asked confused.

"Yer that's right I have a disabled brother or sister that you never saw," she spat rolling her eyes. "I'm an only child always have been." She got up to leave and when she got to the door added on the verge of tears, "You abandoned us."

She closed the door and he stood up by his window watching her in the bullpen confused. What was she talking about? Did she have a child? It wasn't in her file. Had their child survived? Her mother had said she didn't have a grandchild. Had she really disowned the child rather than the child being dead?

Oh how he wanted the answers but he had a feeling Emily wouldn't tell him. He had a feeling she didn't even want him to know. Was that why she'd glared at him when she first entered his office? There may have been a smile but there was definitely fire and anger behind those eyes.

He'd never forgotten her even if he had tried to move on. She would always have his heart. He just wished he knew what the truth was about their child. Did it survive? Did he have two children?