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Aika Helps Her Juniors!

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During a free study period the next day, Koneko and Gasper excused themselves from class. They went to the hall for the second year classes, passing by several classrooms until they arrived at the bathroom. Gasper, when he attended class, had worn his girls’ uniform yet used the boys’ restroom, so he could talk to Issei on how to strengthen himself. Stepping into the girls’ bathroom made him shiver. Everything made him shiver, but this time felt shockingly different. There was nobody along the sinks, and all the stalls but one were empty. Yet he felt the gaze of a pair of eyes. Someone had detected his presence.

“Is it a demon?” asked Gasper.

“She’s an ordinary human. No supernatural powers. Issei speaks highly of her, even though he’s annoyed by her presence at times,” said Koneko. She knocked on the closed stall.

“Do you have an appointment?” asked a voice on the other side.

“Kiryu, it’s me,” said Koneko.

“Ah, Tojo!” said the voice excitedly. “Come into my chamber.”

There she was, sitting on the toilet like a queen. Her white, frilly panties were down to her ankles. The last drops of urine falling into the toilet were swept away by a flushing noise. Her legs were open, exposing a patch of orange-red pubic hair that was on par with Rias’ stately bush. She was wearing glasses and had her hair tied up in twintails. She was one of the most infamous students in the second year. To those not involved the underworld’s games, she was the fireball of Comiket.

Aika Kiryuu.

She twitched her nose and adjusted her glasses, looking at Koneko and Gasper.

“You’ve brought me a magnificent cock,” said Aika. “I don’t normally do my ratings in the girls’ bathroom, but they’re not usually hidden beneath a skirt and a pair of panties.”

Gasper peeked his head out from behind Koneko. “Kiryu?”

“You don’t need to be shy, Gasper. I’ve heard all about you. The school shut-in,” said Aika. “You’re so cute. Come on. Step forward and lift up that skirt. I can’t get a proper assessment if you’re hiding behind your girlfriend.”

Koneko blushed bright red, and stammered out an answer. “That’s... not. I mean, Issei. It’s complicated. Shut up!”

Gasper stepped forward and lifted up the hem of his skirt. The bulge of his penis was visible underneath his panties, his balls just barely concealed by the soft fabric. Aika didn’t have to look far to examine his package. She adjusted her glasses, and looked at it from a slightly different angle. Gasper was sweating profusely, nervous about the judgment Aika would confer on him.

Aika looked up with a wide smile. “Holy cow, you are packing an impressive thing,” said Aika. “Definitely a grower than a shower. The way your limp dick hugs your balls looks adorable, but when you get worked up, the girth of that is better than Kiba’s. It’s not as long as Issei’s, but it’s slightly curved in a way where it would hit all of a girl’s sweet spots. You can give the ladies some mind-bending orgasms, young man. The way your balls are nice and soft is cute as well. They fit your body perfectly. It’s one of the best cocks I’ve seen.”

“You... you mean it?” asked Gasper.

“Say, Tojo, you won’t mind if I give him a quickie while we’re here?” asked Aika, stepping off the toilet, not even bothering to pull up her panties.

“If it’ll make Gya feel better,” said Koneko. “I’m watching you to make sure you don’t try anything funny.”

“It’s not like he’s going to fuck me. Just a quick blowie, maybe a titfuck,” said Aika. “Your face is so cute and your cock is wonderful. Oooh, I can’t believe I’m jealous of the first year girls. Come, come, sit down.”

Gasper took a seat on the toilet. It was still warm from Aika’s butt heat. Gasper felt uncomfortable at first, but slowly grew used to it. He pulled down his panties, exposing his limp cock to Aika. Aika bent over near the seat, leaving her butt waving in the air. Her pussy still smelled faintly of pee, and the smell was only stronger now that it was closer to Koneko’s nose.

“That is a beautiful uncut cock,” said Aika. She unbuttoned her shirt, exposing her breasts to the cold air of the school bathroom. They weren’t as big as the girls of the Occult Club, but they were more than a handful, especially compared to Koneko’s petite form standing directly behind Aika.

The sight of Aika’s chest made Gasper’s cock throb with anticipation. It jerked itself around as it began to engorge, blood flowing through the veins. It stood up between his legs, exposing his pale red cockhead from his foreskin. Gasper barely had time to react before Aika wrapped her lips around his glans, gently sucking on the tip to draw out his sticky precum from within.

Gasper had never done this before, and began to soften inside Aika’s mouth. His half-chub, covered in saliva, popped out of Aika’s mouth with a soft flop.

“Too much for you?” asked Aika.

“I don’t know,” said Gasper. “My balls were getting cold.”

Aika let out a knowing, girlish laugh. “I love balls as much as I love dicks.”

Gasper had a small bush of pubic hair right above his shaft, but his balls were smooth and hairless. All the easier for Aika to plop them into her mouth and start rolling her tongue around his testicles. She continued gently stroking his saliva-drenched cock with her hand, teasing him back to the strength of his full erection.

“You’re really good,” said Gasper. “My penis feels... so hot!”

Aika didn’t say anything, continuing to roll his balls around on her tongue. As this was going on, Koneko bent down and looked up Gasper’s skirt at his ass. It was a cute, cushy butt that looked to have more volume than hers. Even Issei had privately expressed admiration for it. The thought of getting close to a butt in a bathroom made Koneko briefly reconsider, but she wanted to see it again. That cute look on Gasper’s face when he orgasmed.

“Excuse me. Kiryuu, Gya,” Koneko said. “I’m gonna tease his butt.”

Aika released Gasper’s sack from her mouth. She looked towards Koneko with a devious smile. “Excellent! Gasper, I’ll swallow whatever you can give me.” She wrapped her breasts around his cock. His penis vanished between the valley of Aika’s cleavage, with only the tip of his glans poking through her soft bosom. Aika licked the precum off the tip, making Gasper squeal with delight.

Koneko grabbed Gasper from behind, caressing his knees. Gasper had always thought her hands felt like cat paws, soft and squishy to touch. Her tongue was rough and coarse, which made for a sharp contrast to Aika’s smooth handling of his penis. Koneko slowly circled her tongue around Gasper’s butthole, poking the tip through the entrance until she had located his prostate. It wasn’t very far in, and Gasper gave out a reverberating moan when Koneko’s tongue touched his spot.

“Why in there?” asked Gasper.

“You’ve got a cute butt,” said Koneko.

Gasper squirmed around inside the bathroom stall. Koneko, her skirt lifting up in excitement, showed off her panties to anyone who might be walking by. Aika sucked Gasper’s penis intently, coming close to putting the entire thing, including his balls, into her mouth. Koneko’s tongue pressed hard into his prostate, and Gasper shot a thick, creamy load into Aika’s mouth. Spurts of cum coated her throat and the roof of her mouth. Aika pulled away, leaving a cum-colored trail of saliva linking Gasper’s glans and her lips.

Koneko released her tongue from Gasper’s ass. He panted heavily, enjoying the quiet moment after another powerful orgasm. Aika chewed the sticky cum inside her mouth, savoring its flavor before swallowing most of it in one loud gulp. She was close enough that Gasper could smell his semen on her breath.

“The gap between your panties and your dick makes me even hornier. Don’t be so shy. You’re the kind of man who treats women kindly, and your cock’s great,” said Aika. “Tojo, have you two fucked yet?”

Koneko blushed wildly. “What? No. Besides, I have a crush on Issei...”

Gasper knew it, because he also had a crush on Issei. They stood in awkward, red-faced silence. Aika knew the deal with the Occult Club, and got a brilliant idea. She decided to put it into action, but first, a little me time.

“I’m gonna masturbate, so... thanks for the dick! Later!” said Aika, closing the door to the stall, leaving Koneko and Gasper outside. They walked back to the club room, holding hands and unsure of what to say. When they entered the club room door, Koneko noticed that the edge of Gasper’s skirt was being pushed upwards by another throbbing erection.