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Taehyung is nice

Taehyung is too nice sometimes, but nice nevertheless. He can distinctly remember the pride on his parents faces when his teachers would them how kind Taehyung is to his classmates, how willing to share he was. This personality trait followed him through life, he always wanted to be the best example for his younger siblings, classmates, and friends. He wanted to be someone, who no one had any fear when it came to coming to him for help or anything else.

Taehyung is nice, too fucking nice.

He grits his teeth, the headache that began surfacing at the beginning of his shift is now absolutely agonizing. His brain is screaming for the war of thudding on each of his lobes to come to a hault. If he wasn't so hydrated and hadn't taken medicine, he surely would have fainted by now. The August air doesn't help, with an unforgiving humidity and a lack of air conditioning in his family's restaurant. Taehyung had hoped, that the chalkboard outside which displayed the daily specials also saying: Air Conditioning under maintenance, currently does not work. Sorry for inconvenience. Would have slowed the influx of customers that came through today, he was wrong, incredibly wrong.

He looks around the staff, everyone sitting around the tables for a meeting after they closed down and said a pleasent goodnight to the last customers. A meeting he  absolutely does not want to have right now, counting to ten in his head along with deep breaths he looks at his hands for a few seconds, then finally back at the staff.  (He'd never call them The Staff out loud since they are made up of family and close family friends). The last thing he would want to do is let his anger show too much, but Taehyung knows he has to be at least a little assertive.

"What do you mean we ran out of shrimp?" He questions, gripping the silky black table cloth so hard it began to shake the flower center piece. 

"Tae..there was just so many orders." His cousin had said, flinching at the hint of anger Taehyung rarely ever shows.

"I ordered enough to last the week! It's Monday my father is going to kill me if I place another order." He says exasperated, the anger leaving his body only to be taken over by the stress. 

Jungkook, his long time friend and coworker smiles- fucking smiles while raising his hands up in a defensive manner. "I told you that sweet and spicy shrimp was a bad Monday special!" 

His resolve breaks when the room erupts in laughter, his annoying family and friends clapping Jungkook on the back and throwing their white rags at Taehyung who lets his forehead hit the table, which does nothing for his headache. He groans loudly, the laughter still going until his uncle finally steps up and quiets everyone down. "Okay okay, c'mon Taehyung relax. Do you realize how much we made today?"

Slowly Taehyung lifts his head, calculating the amount of money the restaurant must have made by selling the amount of shrimp dishes that they did. Yes, it's a lot he supposes, that doesn't fix the stress that results from dealing with the fish company and their obsession with late deliveries. 

He smiles wearily, rolling his eyes as he sees everyone leaving the dining area and returning to back of the restaurant to leave. "Fine," he says facing his uncle who's still in place "But you're telling my dad and dealing with the fish company." 

"Fair enough kiddo, go get some sleep you worked hard today." 

Taehyung nods weakly, holding his head in his hands and rubbing slowly at his temples. He can feel a pair of eyes on him, specifically big brown eyes that hold wonder and innocence despite how non-innocent their owner is. "You need a ride home Jungkook?" 

"Nah don't worry about it Tae, I'm actually uh- going to head down to that jazz bar again." 

"The slam poetry place?" Taehyung asks incredulously, looking up at Jungkook and tilting his head slightly. Jungkook blushes, swinging his rag over the shoulder and taking fake interest in the carpet. He doesn't answer, but he doesn't need to. 

"Jeon, I don't get your current obsession with that place, trying to fit in with the more niche crowd? You're not going to start wearing beret's and studying French now are you?"

That gets Jungkook's interest and leans over the table, whipping his rag against Taehyung's face. "Shut up! That doesn't even make sense, it's not niche it's cool" 

Taehyung laughs, wincing slightly at his still present headache though the pain is subsiding. "Whatever you say, I just can never keep up with your constantly changing interests." 

Jungkook groans standing up from the table, "I'm young, dumb and hot! I'm on a journey of self discovery I want to experience all life has to offer, live fast die young!" He yells, his hands braced on the table. 

Taehyung is laughing more now, rolling his eyes at Jungkook's miniature rant. "Slow down there big boy. Geez, you get your own apartment and suddenly you're juggling personalities." 

Jungkook laughs at this while untying his apron, "When you were my age you brought your hook ups to your parents house. Atleast I have the decency to eat someone out without praying for my siblings to not come home." 

Taehyung gasped, hiding his face behind his hands and hoping everyone else already left. "It's been four years let it go! Leave my place Jungkook!" 

Jungkook laughs running towards the back while folding his apron, "Oh wait Tae, Yoongi left his backpack in the employee room. He told me to ask you to bring it to him, says he needs it for the morning." 

Taehyung screams and Jungkook laughs wickedly.

Taehyung enjoys driving, no one who has been in a car with him would necessarily commend his skills, but he loves driving. The night air is cool, much more so than the hot day they had suffered today. He watches, the city landcape going past in a blur white, yellow, and red lights. The window's down and his favorite indie artist is playing at the lowest volume. Taehyung was never one for loud, booming music during a car ride. It was peaceful out in a non traditional sense, the city was awake. Not the business men and the construction workers, but the night life. The night life that Taehyung wishes he could still be a part of, if only he wasn't so busy. The music, the sins, the laughters, the memories, the morning hangovers. They all mean something, they all hold a place to the importance of city life. Life truly happens at night, Taehyung believes. Days are slow, days are structured and organized. Nights are fast, nights are gone in the blink of an eye so the next night you know to find any way to possibly prolong it. 

His mind drifts away from his thoughts as he crosses the bridge that goes from the city to suburbs; where Yoongi lives, where his parents live, where Taehyung used to live. It was suffocating, though. Dull, painful, no excitement. Although every month he goes through atleast one struggle week, he doesn't regret moving to the inner city. It's closer to the restaurant is how he reasoned with his parents. 

Taehyung sighs, lifting a hand from the wheel to rub the kinks out of his neck. It's been a fucking long day. He places the hand back on the wheel, quickly glancing at Yoongi's backpack on the passenger seat and cursing the elder for consistently leaving his shit everywhere. Taehyung is tired, he's so tired that he didn't pay attention to the incorrect left turn he took. Taehyung is tired, so tired he hasn't realized he didn't do an assignment for his online courses today, so tired he's still driving on the wrong street. 

However, he's not tired enough to not notice the body that's lying on the ground, the body nearly eight feet away from him. 

Panic rushes through his body, throat burning and spin tingling as he steers to the left hard, while pressing on the break. He supposes himself to be lucky, nothing major happened, but he definitely just tapped a pole. "Fuck!" He pulls away, parking along the street and getting out of his still running car. The first thing he registers is that the body was a man,  a man who's standing up and looking every bit as frazzled as Taehyung must look. 

"Are you fucking crazy?" Taehyung screeches, looking between the man (who seems perfectly fine) and the small scratch on the front of his car. 


Taehyung stares at him for a long minute, the street lamp casting a grainy glow on him, and the moonlight hitting the other side. He refuses to acknowledge the beauty, but he does acknowledge the stupidity. 

"Sorry? Is that- my man you were lying on the fucking ground like a drunk teenager playing chicken! Unless- are you high? Drunk?"

The man steps closer to Taehyung, holding his arms across his stomach. Taehyung refuses to study his features, because that is very far from the point. "No, but I am really sorry. Sometimes I don't pay attention to my surroundings." 

Taehyung licks his lips and leans against his car before turning around and reaching his hand through the open window, taking his keys out of the ignition. "Don't pay attention to your surroundings, huh? Do you often just randomly lay down in the middle of a busy street?" 

"It's not busy." 

"It's still a street." 


"Look I just-" Taehyung sighs, leaning back against his car again. He looks at the man in front of him, really looks at him. He's shorter, though not by a lot, definitely slightly slimmer though. His face is beautiful, black hair parted to the side, v-line face shape with pouty lips. He's fucking sexy. "What were you doing? Trying to like, kill yourself or something?" 

Taehyung's eyes widen at his own words, standing up straight and biting his lower lip, he had not meant to say that, he curses his blunt habits on his friend Yoongi. "Sorry-" 

"Sometimes, not today though. I just do weird shit I guess." 

Taehyung stares again, the man seems to have a playful edge on his tone, though the 'sometimes' is burning Taehyung. He chooses to not think too deeply, supposing the pretty and mysterious stranger has a dark and inappropriate humor. 

"I didn't mean that" The night angel, Taehyung coins, says his words seem to catch up with him. "Sorry if that made you uncomfortable. I really am sorry I wasn't paying attention."

Taehyung nods, swinging his keys in his hands as he stares the man up and down again, he doesn't think his gaze is sexual- definitely curious, though. The Night Angel shifts his feet, seeming to realize Taehyung's heavy staring, the awkwardness doesn't last long- because he begins to stare at Taehyung too. It's innocent, curious, and albeit fascinated. "What's your name?" 

"Gonna report me to the police? Local crazy almost got me in an accident?" 

"More like local cutie just gave me the weirdest night of my life." 

Night Angel looks away, darting a tongue out to lick at his lips before slowly but surely eyeing Taehyung again. "You think I'm cute?" 

"Don't be too flattered, you're still crazy." The man smiled at Taehyung's words, and fucking hell, if that isn't one of the most lovely smiles. 

"Jimin, my name is Jimin." He says and Jimin it's fitting, Taehyung doesn't know how. He knows like ten Jimin's, including one of his cousins. But Night Angel really does look like a Jimin. Taehyung muses that he sets the standards for how Jimin's should look. Sorry cousin.

"I'm Taehyung." 

"I didn't ask." 

His words don't phase Taehyung in the slightest, instead he just smiles. "What would this little event be without burning in remembrance of each other's names?" 

Jimin quirks a brow up, a challenging smirk settling on his pretty lips. "And who says I'll remember this? Who says I don't always spend my Monday nights nearly getting hit by a car." 

"How shocked and apologetic you were, is telling me this isn't a weekly occurence, Jimin." 

Taehyung only says his name because he swears he can taste sweetness when he does. 

"Touchè." Jimin says for the second time. 

They hold eye contact for a bit again, neither one letting the intensity slip. It doesn't break until Jimin sighs, then begins shuffling away and nope, no Taehyung isn't letting go just yet. "Where are you going?" 

"To my apartment Taehyung, despite how it may seem I don't sleep on the streets." Jimin answers loudly, still walking away as he speaks. 

Taehyung does a light jog to where Jimin had walked, standing in front and blocking his way. He seems a bit bigger than Jimin now at their close proximity, even taller than he originally thought. "That's too anticlimactic, I say you let me drive you home." 

"How do I know you're not some killer?" 

"Because I didn't hit you with my car."

Jimin looks at the ground, but Taehyung can see the light shake of his shoulders and can hear the pretty laughter. He smiles to himself, walking around Jimin and turning his back to him. "Hopefully on the ride to your apartment we don't see anyone else randomly laying on the streets." 

"I think I'm unique in that sense." 

The car ride over to his apartment is relatively quiet, the ache for banter is bothering Taehyung. Yet, he's stumped. He asks Jimin which music station he prefers and Jimin says he doesn't care, the most he speaks is to give Taehyung directions to his apartment. It happens to be over the bridge, closer to the city and Taehyung doesn't know how Jimin expected himself to walk there without getting a ride. He glances over at Jimin a lot, taking in his tired appearence- his wariness. 

To describe Jimin and do him justice, Taehyung might need a new vocabulary. There's something nearly magical about him, perhaps not in the wizarding sense of course, but in the sense that once you lock eyes with him, your stuck. You're swimming within an ocean of raw beauty and icy mystery. Taehyung isn't sure how dramatic he's being, but it doesn't matter because it's night time and just like Taehyung has told himself before, he needs to prolong the gifts that night brings him. Jimin, Jimin is an unexpected yet well appreciated gift. 

"It's the building down the street there, the one next to the bagel place." Taehyung nods, driving over and parking behind a delivery truck. "So..this is it?" 

Taehyung braces himself before looking Jimin in the eye, when he does he's met with an emotion that looks pretty akin to regret. 

"Yea, yea I suppose our short story ends here." Taehyung answers, gripping the steering wheel tightly with his left hand. Jimin doesn't leave yet. 

"Short story, yea? Should..we kiss to end the story properly?" When Jimin asks, he actually seems shameful, slightly embarrased yet all at once Taehyung can tell he's not backing down. 

This causes Taehyung to nearly choke on his breath, and if Jimin notices he doesn't react. Taehyung is frozen for a moment, mind whirling in different emotions and questions. Taehyung fucking loves kissing strangers- health issues aside, he likes kissing strangers, likes the thrill it gives him. However, Taehyung had not forseen himself kissing this stranger. Reality comes back to him slowly, if this even is reality because Taehyung is beginning to think he actually did faint back at the restaurant, now this is all some delirious dream. It's real though, the low hum from the radio, Jimin's pretty eyes burning into the side of his face, the warm air, the cars buzzing past- it's all very real. 

A smile slowly takes over Taehyung's face, though he can't stop himself from playing around with Jimin just one more time. "How do you know I'm single?" 

Jimin throws his head back against the seat, groaning and he seems annoyed though the smile on his face when he looks at Taehyung again erases that possibility. "Tae, " Taehyung's stomach twists at the nickname, he hears it everyday from friends and family but Jimin just says it in a way taehyung never heard. "Most single people don't call strangers they nearly run over cute." 

"Most people don't lay on the ground at night." 

No words are said, no joking reply from Jimin because rather than speaking, he leans over the console and capture's Taehyung's lips with his own. It's not a sparks flying kiss, nor is it unbelievably magical or the best kiss Taehyung ever recieved- but it's right. Taehyung doesn't know how a kiss could make sense, but this one does. 

"Goodbye, Taehyung." 

"Goodbye, Jimin." Or Night Angel.


Yoongi isn't the happiest person in the world when Taehyung greets him for lunch the next day, to be fair, Taehyung hadn't expected him to be. He sheepishly holds up Yoongi's backpack and pushes an iced americano, his treat, towards Yoongi as he takes his seat across from Taehyung. The elder grumbles out a thank you, taking a sip from the drink while searching through his bag and making sure that everything is in it's rightful place. Taehyung doesn't take offence, he knows that Yoongi knows Taehyung would never deliberately fuck his stuff up, but Yoongi is a perfectionist and everything needs to be in his order. 

"Taehyung! Look, I know I should have gotten my stuff from the back and I'm sorry that I made you drive to me so late- but, you could have just told me you were too tired to make it." 

Taehyung sighs, running his fingers through his hair as he rolls his eyes at Yoongi's words. He takes another sip from his tea, before meeting Yoongi's gaze. "We've been friends for twelve years, when have I ever lied to you?" 

Yoongi looks at him incredulously for a moment, before snorting and stealing a bite from Taehyung's sandwich. "I can think of like, a million times." 

Taehyung pinches his nose bridge, and lays his chin on the table, reaching an arm out to grab Yoongi's shoulder. "Besides the petty shit, when have I ever lied when it came to you asking a favor of me?" 

When Yoongi doesn't answer Taehyung lifts his head from the table and smiles. "See? I'm serious here! It sounds unbelievable, I know. Yet, it happened!" 

Yoongi tilts his head as he regards Taehyung. Tapping his index finger against the table. "You expect me to easily believe you nearly ran some kid over while he was laying on the ground, then drove him home and shoved your tongue down his throat?" 


"Taehyung you know how crazy that sounds?" 

"T'was a crazy night, I swear Yoongi it was- I don't even know what to say. He was so scared yet brave all at once. It rubbed off on me, I called him fucking cute! God, we should've traded numbers." 

During Taehyung's rant, the disbelief began to drain from Yoongi's face and he instead looked at Taehyung with sympathy. "Why didn't you?" 

"You'll laugh." 

"I will, tell me anyway" 

"It didn't the aesthetic, it didn't fit whatever wild music video shit we had going on." Taehyung explains and they were both right, Yoongi laughs. 

"Dumbass, life isn't always some Milk and Honey poem, Taehyung. If you wanted the boy's number, you should have just asked." Taehyung crumples up a napkin and throws it at Yoongi who catches it easily. 

"You just don't get it like, we were living out something that never fucking happens in real life, I was too caught in the moment. Too caught-  

"Too caught in the aesthetic." Yoongi teases, a wide grin on his boyish face, Taehyung pokes his tongue out. 

"No! Kinda-but, no. It's as if the universe gave me my dream man yet put us in the most impossible to handle situation." Taehyung explains, mentally patting himself on the back for using actual words to better describe what was going on. 

Yoongi snorted again, shaking his head as he drinks from his iced americano. "Just forget about it, it was a once in a lifetime thing." Yoongi says after a few minutes of silence, Taehyung finishing his sandwich in the duration of it. "You're always going to meet weird people, don't dwell on it." 

"You dwelled on me and here we are twelve years later." 

Yoongi laughs so loudly it attracts the attention of multiple people, he quiets down and blushes, looking at Taehyung with mirth still in his eyes. "You stalked me until I was your friend but that's besides the point." 

Taehyung smiles, knowing that Yoongi is technically correct. Taehyung looks at the time and sighs, "I should get to the restaurant soon." 

"Yea, I have a client who's paying big money if I finish this design by six, I'll see you later. No more meeting strange boys, right?" 

Taehyung wouldn't mind meeting a strange boy as long as his name is Jimin and it's the very Jimin he was blessed with last night. "Right." 

They hug and exit the diner going in seperate directions, when taehyung gets to his car he sits for a few minutes, head resting against the drivers seat and his brown hair falling over his forhead. It's hot today, even more so than it was yesterday even his tank top and shorts combination aren't helping to ease the stickiness he feels from the humidity. September begins in a few days and he hopes that the humidity calms down. Taehyung reaches into the glovebox to retrieve the small self fan he knows he has in there. Instead, a piece of notebook paper laying on the ground captures his attention. His brows furrow as he goes to pick it up, the paper folded once when he opens it he see's a single sentance written on the paper. 

How to Continue

The handwritting is pretty, neat, and unrecognizable to Taehyung. He bites his bottom lip in confusion until it hits him that the last person in this car was Jimin. He doesn't remember seeing anything in Jimin's hands so he supposes it could have fallen out of his pocket. Taehyung smiles to himself, he says a loud thank you to the universe. Being the best decision maker quit possibly is not taehyung's fortè, but, he can never say that he doesn't go along with his instinct. And go with his instinct in this case, he shall. Smiling to himself, he tucks the paper into gloveblox and kisses his fingers, then pressed the kissed fingers on the glovebox. "Really, thank you!"

The smile doesn't wipe off his face even as he walks into the mess that is the restaurant that day. It was a long, hot, and busy- which is any summer at Taehyung's family restaurant really. He can't complain though, business is booming at a time they needed it the most and Taehyung's family and himself are counting their blessings. Medical bills, school, regular bills- for some reason at this time they're all adding up the most. Taehyung sacrificed a lot to try and help his family, preparing to take over the family restaurant even though it was never his ideal job; yet he would never complain. It's been four years since he discovered his mother, his rock, was sick. Four years of travelling for hospital visits, four years of changing his career plans to help cater to his family, four years of pain and struggles, but Taehyung tries. He doesn't think he's doing a great job, he doesn't think he's doing the best that he could possibly be doing- but he tries. He's learned to swallow down his insecurities, his anxiety, his problems in general. He's learned who comes first before his own feelings- and the list is too long for him to spend any time worrying about himself. 

It's time to close down, yet the moment the sweet, small woman with a perfect bun and messy lipstick walked in thirty minutes before closing; Taehyung knew the night would be long.

 "Taehyung dear, please tell your mother that I'll be sending over a basket of all my cakes!!" 

"Of course, I will I will-"

"Oh! Please make sure she takes her medicine with a big meal, I know your father is busy but he can surely whip up hearty meals." 

"I'm aware Ms. Len, really I just-"

"Taehyung! You must keep your mother cool in the house yet make sure she gets fresh air outside as well, when my husband was alive I always set the fans on him-" 

In the next instant taehyung proposes that Jungkook might just be a little superhero, his little angel. Taehyung decides to apologize for every taunt he ever threw towards Jungkook.

"Ms. Len," Jungkook says, steering the small woman away from Taehyung and towards the entrance of the restaurant. "I assure you we all take the very best care of Mrs. Kim, I'm sure Taehyung wants to get to her as soon as possible, perhaps allow him to go home now? Please, tell your grand-daughter I said hello." 

Taehyung has to bite down a laugh, the kid is too fucking good. Taehyung watches as old Ms. Len blushes, lightly smacks Jungkook's chest and tells him that she'll surely put in the good word for her grand-daughter and that she thinks her and Jungkook would make a lovely couple. Taehyung waves goodbye to the kind woman (though talkative, very talkitive) and Jungkook locks the restaurant door behind her. 

Jungkook whistles cockily as he dances around the tables, doing some shoulder dances as he makes his way closer to Taehyung, a proud smirk on his face. "I'm good aren't I?" 

"You're awful." 

"Nah, I deserve an oscar."

"You deserve a punch, didn't you tell Wendy Len in school she was a bitch?" 

Jungkook throws his head back and laughs shrugging, "She was the biggest bully, I don't know how someone as sweet as Ms. Len could be related to her." He replies, grimacing at the memory of his high school tormentor. 

Taehyung rolls his eyes, patting Jungkook on the shoulder. "Thanks, I was afraid she was going to force me to drive her to my parents house again." 

"Listen if your mom had some more strength she'd whip the ass of everyone who dotes over her too much." Jungkook says, he's probably right and Taehyung lets out a small chuckle, it hurts though, to be reminded of how weakened his mother has been. Jungkook didn't mean any harm by the statement though, he never would. 

"Jungkook I'm not sure if my mother would beat up an eighty year old, even if she still had the strength." He jokes, keeping the mood light before Jungkook notices a shift.

"But imagine it, like, this skinny tall woman beating up some tiny old woman-"

"Kook, I think you should see someone about these thoughts-"

"But there's a plot twist!" 

Taehyung walks away laughing, "Please shut up." he says, trying to get to the staff room as fast as possible, Jungkook hot on his heels.

"Old granny Len can kick ass too!" 

Taehyung stops when he reaches the door to the staff room, slowly he turns to Jungkook who looks a bit too serious. "My mom and grandma Len aren't some final Naruto battle, creep." 

"Duh, because it'd be a One Piece battle, One Piece is better than Naruto." 

Taehyung ignores Jungkook's opinion as he changes out of the restaurant clothes and back into his regular clothes. It's silent for a few moments, before Jungkook speaks up again as Taehyung gets ready to leave. 

"Wait, Tae I'm sorry but can you give me a ride home?" Jungkook asks, cute smile on his face as if that would still work on Taehyung. (It does, it always does).

"Can't you ask Bogum?" Taehyung questions referring to his cousin on cleaning duty that night, shoving his feat into sandals. 

"He takes forever! Plus, once I get into the car he'll rant about me not being a Christian. I just wanna get home and finish the manga I'm writing!" Jungkook whines, stomping his foot and Taehyung wants to kick him. 

"You're writing a what? Actually, don't answer that just hurry up."

Jungkook smiles skipping past Taehyung and holding the back door that leads to the staff parking lot open for him. He doesn't even know why he always gives Jungkook a ride home when the kid still has the nerve to make fun of his driving. 

At that thought Taehyung pauses, blinking twice and gasping. Jungkook doesn't seem to notice much, just changing the radio station and buckling his seatbelt. Taehyung's mind suddenly zone's in on the piece of paper in the glove box that he knows belongs to Jimin, he remembers on what he decided to do after his shift and well- it's after his shift. He hadn't thought Jungkook would be a factor to take in but, well, shit happens. 

"Maybe slow down, are you trying to kill us both?"

"Sorry, sorry I just realized I have somewhere to be." Taehyung says, fully anxious and his grip on the wheel tightened. He can feel Jungkook slowly looking at him, but he ignores. 

"Where are you going? And so late?" 

"I'm twenty-four mom, I can do as I please." Taehyung laughs nervously, Jungkook is still staring but he decides there are more important matters, so when he drops Jungkook off in front of his building, he doesn't watch as he walks in and instead drives off just as fast as before. 

Perhaps Taehyung can be a bad friend.  

Perhaps Taehyung isn't using common sense at all. 

Perhaps Taehyung just wants to think with his dick for the first time in two years. 

 Where he remembers Jimin's apartment complex to be it quit literally the opposite of where Jungkook's is, because nothing in life can ever be simple and the universe is always playing games with you, always.

As Taehyung drives more into Jimin's neighborhood, he analyses his surroundings. He lives in the more upper end area, where Taehyung lives there's a strip club on every other corner- where Jimin lives there's a bank on every other corner. It isn't even that Taehyung lives in the slums, that's Yoongi. Yoongi loves the slums though, says you'll never find any area in any city that's more rich in pure culture than the slums of a city. "Nothing is ever poisoned with gentrified shit here." He would say, and Taehyung would nod as if he minds. If where Taehyung lived was a happy medium, the more comfortable side, where Yoongi lived was low on the scale, then Jimin lived in posh.

He parks in front of Jimin's building, really staring at it for the first time since the last time he never got the chance. It's beautiful, stainless steel and shiny glass windows. Everything is modern, and Taehyung isn't even sure if he can afford to stare at it. When he gets out the car he makes his way to the front of the building, staring around it and hoping no one is ready to call the cops on him because he's sure he looks nothing less than suspicious. (Even in his jean shorts and Apeach t-shirt).

Someone, a petite yet well put together woman walks past him, as if she can't even see Taehyung and enters numbers into the key pad near the front entrance of the building. A light shines greens, and the glass doors slide open, she walks inside away from sight and Taehyung curses himself. He realizes how ridiculous thinking with his dick was because well, for one he can't get into the building. Also, even if he did it's not like he knows where in this huge modern art some people call a home, Jimin lives. 

He sits on the hood of his blue car, watching as people mill around. Some entering into the building definitely drunk with a partner in their arms, there were two limos that drove past and from down the street he can see an upscale bar that's coming into life as people enter it and others wait outside in a line. Taehyung sighs and kicks at some of the pebbles underneath his feet, stretching he's about to go back into his car, giving up for the night until he sees him.

Him who is walking down the street in a grey tuxedo and shiny black shoes, a polar opposite from the way he was dressed during their first meeting the night before. Him who has completely noticed Taehyung, most likely before Taehyung even noticed him walking down the street. The Night Angel who's face breaks into a wide smile which creases his eyes and he clasps his hands together, coming around and standing in front of Taehyung who's now standing by a fire hydrant. 

"Are we stalking now?" Jimin questions, his voice his silky and comforting. Jimin's voice is the first sip of hot chocolate on a freezing winter day. Jimin's voice is the cool breeze of air you feel near the ocean. 

Jimin is just, Jimin. 

Taehyung doesn't even know his last name yet he believes he's in some sort of love. A funny type of love. 

"Technically I am stalking, I was also out here for nearly twenty minutes. Surprised no one called the police." Taehyung shrugs, scratching the back of his head. 

Jimin hums, nodding his head slowly as he stares into Taehyung's eyes. "I thought our meeting was a one time thing. Unforgettable but impossible to repeat." 

Taehyung smiles slowly, he shrugs again, shuffling his feet. "So did I, but it seems as though our story is a bit different." 

Jimin actually laughs at this, shaking his head then staring at his feet for a few moments. A car drives past them, and down the street near the bar there are screams of joy or drunkess, laughter, and sounds of glass breaking as they drop to the ground. There are strong gusts of winds and if Taehyung cared enough to dwell on it, he'd be quite sure it was going to rain any minute.

"So," Jimin starts, grabbing Taehyung's attention and Taehyung watches with a watering mouth as Jimin loosens his tie. "What made you stalk me?" 

Taehyung digs into his pocket, bringing out the piece of paper and holding it infront of his face. "This, seems you dropped it in my car." 

Jimin laughs once more and Taehyung promises himself he'd train hard to make sure Jimin always laughs because a sound like that deserves to be heard constantly. "You came all this way, stood outside my building, just to bring me a piece of scratch paper?" 

Taehyung doesn't mention out loud that Jimin took the paper regardless and carefully placed it inside his pocket. 

"Perhaps I just thought you were too beautiful to never see you again- I might have just used the paper as an excuse." Taehyung doesn't think he's ever been this brave.

Jimin's face changes, his emotions of humor is gone and replaced with something more..serious. Replaced with the look of a man who's ready to get down on his knees, Taehyung knows, knows because he's seen it many times before. 

Jimin licks his lips, and places hand on his lips as he stares at Taehyung with a smirk on his face. "Stop being too nice, Taehyung." 

"I'm serious." 


Taehyung holds his hands up in defence and smiles, he leans in and ruffles the top of Jimin's hair. "Think what you want." Taehyung says before walking around to his car, unlocking the vehicle. 

He opens the front door, then looks at Jimin who's staring in pure shock. "If you look on the paper, you'll see my phone number and work address." 


"Maybe give me a surprise like I gave you." 

And on that note Taehyung gets in his car, giving the engine life and driving off. Jimin stood in the same spot for as long as Taehyung could see. When he gets to his apartment he jumps up and down on his bed, screaming "Fuck yes!" And mentally celebrating a job well done. 

Taehyung quiets down when his neighbor threatens to kick his door down then kick his ass. 


Taehyung was upset when he didn't wake up to a text from Jimin the morning after that night. He may have been even more upset when he didn't get a text at all the entire day either. However, Jimin not texting or calling Taehyung for an entire two weeks after that night may have taken the cake. It bummed Taehyung out to say the least, his mother noticed. Taehyung always failed at hiding things from his mother but instead of telling her the truth, he just said he was stressed about work and school- which isn't a lie. When he told Yoongi what happened, the man had an epic 'I told you so' fun fest and Taehyung wanted to run Yoongi over. He ended up deciding against telling Jungkook, as much as he loves the younger he knew Jungkook would take this as an excuse to set Taehyung up with random friends. Which- is absolutely the last thing Taehyung would want.

When Taehyung finally did see Jimin again, it was under interesting circumstances (as with all of their meetings, apparently). Jimin showed up at Taehyung's family restaurant on one fine, September afternoon with two other men with him. One was tall, broad and skinny, though very pretty and Taehyung genuinely wondered if he had seen the man on television. The other boy with Jimin was charming, a wide smile and not much taller than Jimin but in general he had longer limbs. Jimin was wearing a suit again, this time a navy blue that did nothing but compliment his body and Taehyung is melting.

Taehyung supposes that attractive people attract attractive people. 

Taehyung watches in shock as Jungkook guides them to a booth, and pride with a splash of longing settles into Taehyung's system when he see's Jimin looking around for something. Probably for him, but anything is possibly. Actually- fuck that, Jimin is looking for Taehyung and Taehyung can't stop the smile that takes over his face. 

"Hello! Welcome to Burbeouse, my name is Jungkook and I'll be your waiter today. Our daily special is our famous Bourbon burger but can I start you off with a drink?" Jungkook is all smiles and charming personality and Taehyung should be proud, instead he should be the one doing that. 

He sighs, as he listens from the side of a wall, he hadn't been a waiter here in years. Taking over the role of manager after he completed his first two years of business courses for online college. It's as Jungkook walks back while holding Jimin's table order in his hand that Taehyung stops and hin and decides to just go with his gut. 

"Stop serving that table." 

Jungkook looks at him like he's crazy, Taehyung is crazy but he's already come to terms with that. "Uh, why?" 

"Because," Taehyung bites his lip and looks around. Things are going well in the kitchen, the stock is fine, there's enough waiters and waitresses on the floor. Things are fine. "Because go take a break, I'll serve the table."

Jungkook eyes widen and he tilts his head a bit, "What? You don't even wait on tables anymore. Besides, I already had my break." 

Taehyung bites his lip and rolls his eyes, shaking Jungkook by the shoulders a bit. "Just give me that last tables order and go do something else." 

Jungkook pushes his hands off him and shoves the drink order in Taehyung's hands, "Weirdo, I'll go help Ara with baking or some shit."

Taehyung knows Jungkook only goes to that station so he can steal the baked goods but he can't seem to care about that too much right now. He looks down at the order and quickly goes to the back to grab the two iced tea's and one water. Letting a big smile take over his face, and carries the tray of drinks with one hand, (yes, he's showing off but it's all for a reason) and walks over to Jimin's booth. 

"The drink you ordered." He says calmly, placing the drinks and straws down on the table without looking at Jimin yet. When he finally does the reaction is priceless and he wishes he could capture it on camera. 

"Taehyung?" He asks, eyes wide and a blush creeping up from his neck then blossoming over his cheeks like someone spilled a pretty pink color of paint on his skin. 

He notices the two other men that Jimin is with staring at him, they look at eachother, then look at Jimin, then burst out laughing. Taehyung doesn't falter. 

"Here I'm Taehyung the restaurant manager." He says with a smile, tucking the tray that previously had their drinks on it under his arm. 

"Huh, this one actually has his shit together, Jiminie." One of the men says, it's the pretty one who looks like a movie star. 

Jimin shoots him daggers and Taehyung see's as the table shakes, then the movie star gasps in pain. Taehyung thinks Jimin kicked him, but Jimin is now smiling at Taehyung. 

"So," Taehyung starts, pulling out a notepad and pen from his apron. "Can I get you an appetizer? Our berry salad is popular, as is our why didn't you call or text me for two weeks." Taehyung says with a big smile. "The latter is pretty salty, might need a refill on that water." 

Jimin chokes on his drink and the other two start laughing. 

"I-I'll take a we told you so Jimin." Says the movie star while cracking up, laughing so hard that he begins smacking their other friend. 

"Please get us an onion ring rack." The third friend says, "For sauce we'll take Jimin is an asshole."  

Taehyung snorts but then immediately feels bad when he looks at Jimin who has a genuine apologetic look on his face. He writed down the onion ring order and smiles softly, "Would you like a side of forgiveness for free?" The two friends stop giggling and look between Taehyung and Jimin completely seriously. Jimin smiles, it's the smile with the creased eyes that Taehyung hasn't seen in two weeks, he feels elated. 

"I'd like that." 

Taehyung nods and walks away, laughing quietly when he hears the next few sentances from Jimin's table which includes:

"What the fuck he's so hot Jimin!"

"And funny! He smiles at you so cutely."

"He's so tall, I bet he has a huge-" 


Jungkook is staring at him as Taehyung passes the order to his uncle, the sous chef. He has a smirk on his face, his arms crossed over his muscular chest. Taehyung just knows that Jungkook look. He knows what the younger is exactly thinking, feeling, and guessing inside of that pretty little head. Taehyung pinches together his thumb and index fingers, than pretends to zip his mouth shut, motioning towards Jungkook. Jungkook just shakes hid head with that same fucking smirk, and he hopes he didn't say anything to Taehyung's younger sister, Ara, because then a never ending reign of questions will begin. 

With the onion ring appetizer in his hands, Taehyung happily makes his way back over to Jimin's table. "It's piping hot so please take caution." He says, settling it carefully on the table and trying not to explode under Jimin's stare.

"Mr. Taehyung, how old are you?" The movie star asks, intertwining his hands together as he regards Taehyung with a look of genuine curiosity. 

"I'm twenty-four," He answers with a smile, "And just Taehyung is fine." 

"Ah so you are older than Jimin," This is news to Taehyung, he'd expected them to be the same age. Jimin doesn't even look that young- he's got boyish cuteness sure, but he still has the hints of being a man present on his face. 

"Only by a year, not that it's currently relevant or any of your business, Jin." Jin, okay Taehyung's got that, so he easily guesses the other friend is Hoseok. 

"It's fine." Taehyung interjects, sensing discomfort coming from Jimin. "Can I get you a main course?" 

 "Two bourbon burgers and I'll have the salmon." Jimin answers, staring into Taehyung's eyes. He feels lost in the stare for a few seconds, before scrambling to write down the order. Suddenly, a question pops up in Taehyung's mind and he knows he's about to word vomit- an obvious display of how blunt he can be ready to reveal itself.

"Jimin did you come to this restaurant on purpose to see me?" He asks before he can stop himself. It makes sense, he gave Jimin the restaurant address, Jimin looked like he was looking for someone when he came in- it made sense and yet-

"No, sorry. I'm glad I came though." Taehyung pretends that it doesn't crush his feelings and that he doesn't feel like an idiot. He knows he's doing a good job at acting because Jimin is smiling softly and Taehyung tells them to enjoy the food and the entreès will be a thirty minute wait. 

For the rest of the duration that Jimin and his friends are there, Taehyung does calm down his antics. He calls Jimin a cutie boy while handing him a refill, but, Taehyung simply can't be at fault for sharing a truth that's obvious for anyone to see. He feels like absolute shit when he watches them pay and gather their stuff to walk out, Jungkook is staring at Taehyung and his dejected face. As he goes to say something, Taehyung walks from behind the kitchen area and runs out the doors towards where Jimin and his friends have gotten to, ignoring the calls of Jungkook. 

"Jimin, wait!" Taehyung yells, grabbing Jimin's arm lightly and pulling his attention. Jin and Hoseok stand in the back with a look of shock and a hint of humor. 

"Taehyung? How can you chase me out here you'll get fired!" He says, slapping Taehyung's shoulder and he just laughs. 

"Impossible, my family owns the restaurant the worse they can do is like- yell at me or some shit I don't care." He explains and Jimin laughs, wrapping his arms around himself. For the first time, Jimin looks slightly vulnerable and Taehyung just wants to coddle him up. 

"Jimin...Jimin go on a date with me." Taehyung poses the question more like a statement, though he should know by now that Jimin is good with words and knowing how go change the mood of things. 

"Taehyung, I-I didn't contact you for two weeks I feel awful, I am awful. How could you want to go on a date with me?" He questions, hugging himself tighter. Somewhere from behind Jimin Taehyung hears Hoseok groan, and from the corner of Taehyung's eyes he can see Jungkook staring at them from  window.

"I told you I forgive you, I forgave you for free too!" Taehyung smiled excitedly. "If you really don't want to go on date with me, don't feel pressured please, just say the word." 

"I want to, really it's just...I'm not what you think I am Taehyung, I'm not...some exciting person who lays down on streets for fun. I make mistakes, Taehyung." 

"I'm an asshole Jimin, I embarrased you in front of your friends. We all make mistakes, I just want to witness them as someone you're dating and not a stranger." Taehyung says "And besides, I never thougbt you were exciting for that, just an idiot." 

Jimin snorts and looks away, biting his upper lip. Taehyung has noticed when he gets nervous, Jimin crosses his fingers, which he's doing right now. 

"Jimin I'm going to pull desperate measures if you don't say yes in three seconds." 

"Taehyung what-"

Okay. Taehyung tends to follow his first instinct during situations, without always thinking them through. Sometimes it leads him the right way, sometimes it leads him to doing some shit that should not be done. 

Some shit like getting down on one knee, grabbing Jimin's hands, and loudly asking him to be his husband. Yes, Taehyung has just done the unthinkable. The fucking un-thought through. 

Jimin is staring in shock, Jin and Hoseok are screaming, Jungkook looks like he's about to faint and random on lookers are clapping including some people who can see them from inside the restaurant.

"Don't worry," Taehyung whispers "By marriage I mean going on a date." 

"Are you fucking crazy?" Jimin hisses, hands still being held by Taehyung's and his face is as red as the roses that line the outisde of the restaurant.

"We both are baby!" Taehyung winks and Jimin sighs, leaning his head back and stares up at the sky. 

"Yes." Jimin says, looking back down at Taehyung with a face full of at least ten different emotions. Taehyung jumps up and grabs Jimin by the waist, spinning him around and planting a wet kiss on his cheek. 

People are clapping inside the restaurant and outside, some passerby's yelling out a congratulations. It's not just Jungkook staring now, Taehyung notices when he looks back at the restuarant, but Jungkook, his sister, uncle, two cousins, and another family friend who works there. Taehyuhg realizes he may have some explaining to do but he can't focus on that now.

"I am not letting you off the hook!" Jimin yells when the crowd disperses and people stop caring. "You're paying for the first one hundred dates, asshole!"

Taehyung just smirks, "You want to go on one hundred dates with me?" He teases, putting his hands behind his back. Jimin smacks his chest and rolls his eyes. 

"Not if you ever pull something like that again!" He says, however Taehyung can tell that Jimin finds humor in this, can tell by the way he struggles to fight the smile off his little plump lips, can tell by the lack of anger in his eyes. 

Taehyung doesn't say anything at first, just pulls Jimin in by the waist and kisses his forehead. "Thank you for agreeing." 

"Yea well, you made it hard for me to say no, besides-" Jimin's words are interrupted by the buzzing of his cellphone, he pulls the iphone from his pocket and sighs at whatever he see's on the screen. "Tae, I need to go but- I'll call you tonight, I swear." 

Taehyung nods and he trusts him, Jimin just smiles and squeezes his shoulder before going back to where Jin and Hoseok still are and disappears from sight with the two men. When he heads back into the restuarant, customers are staring at him and smiling, he smiles back politely before rushing towards the back where almost automatically he's being pushed into a corner by his sister and Jungkook. 

"What the fuck?" Says Jungkook followed by a quick "You idiot!" From his sister. 

Taehyung leans his head against the wall, closing his eyes and smiling sweetly. "I just made the best decision of my life."

Yoongi is not the most pleased person in the world when Taehyung explains to him what had happened earlier. The elder is sitting on his floor, working on a painting while Yoongi lounges on his stiff couch, flipping through different channels without any intent on actually watching something. He came over to Yoongi's the moment his uncle allowed him to leave early, needing to get as far away as Jungkook and his family to as possible to avoid an endless amount of questions. Perhaps, Taehyung should start remembering that Yoongi is family too technically, because an endless amount of questions is exactly  what he's getting.

"I just..don't get why you thought a random fake proposal would be a good idea." Yoongi speaks up, dipping a brush into a gray paint bottle and creating definition to the clouds within his painting.

Taehyung doesn't get it either, and he's aware nothing he says will make complete sense, but he figures he needs to say something no matter what. "I never thought it would be a good idea- it was just an idea."

Yoongi shakes and head and snorts, bringing more definition to the clouds by using pink this time, and Taehyung finds watching the artist paint to be the most calming and fascinating thing. He doesn't reply automatically, so Taehyung turns the t.v off and settles on the ground near Yoongi, taking extra caution so he doesn't knock anything over. When they were younger it used to be like this a lot, just the two of them holed up and doing their own seperate activities while sharing a space. Taehyung believes within the times Yoongi and him didn't speak- those were the times that created the strong bond the two of them have now. Yoongi sighs, leaning back from his painting and stretches out while cracking his knuckles.

"You're really infatuated with that kid, huh?"

"What? Oh..I mean" Taehyung grabs a random piece of paper from Yoongi's art notebook, grabbing a pencil and he begins doodling. "I've only ever met lovers through you or Jungkook, or at the bar. The way I met Jimin was special."

Yoongi nods slowly, bringing his legs to his chest and wrapping his arms around them. "That doesn't mean Jimin is special, Tae."

Taehyung thinks for a moment, not looking at Yoongi as he doodles a suburban street. "No, he is. There's something about him he's so..confused."

"He's confused?"

Taehyung purses his lips, drawing faster as a vision comes to his mind. "Yea like, he doesn't know who he really is..what he really wants to do. He's me, he reminds me so much of me."

Yoongi hums and gets back to his painting, no longer making any more comment on the subject of Jimin. Which, is beneficial for Taehyung because now he doesn't need to sit and contemplate whether everything he did today was a good idea. Jimin had two weeks to contact him and he didn't, so obviously he didn't want to talk to Taehyung No Taehyung is not doing this right now. He sighs and takes a break from his doodling for a few seconds, composing himself and he's glad that Yoongi didn't notice. Taehyung can't sit and let his anxieties manifest. If Jimin truly does not want to be with Taehyung in anyway, he'll find out tonight when he sees if Jimin actually calls him or not.

"How's your mom doing?" Yoongi questions, they must have been quiet for around twenty minutes before he spoke.

Taehyung may not want to talk about Jimin anymore, but this is also a tricky subject. "The same really, she tries to walk more these days- we can all tell it hurts her but..."

"We all know Mrs. Kim is one of the most stubborn woman alive, that's where you got your stubbornness from." Yoongi jokes and Taehyung laughs though he knows the other is definitely correct.

He frowns when the laughs dies down, beginning to draw down to heavily that the point breaks and he has to grab another pencil. "I don't think she'll ever get better Yoongi and I can tell my family is just too full of faith, even Ara." He says, his voice is crumbling and he feels like his body is burning suddenly.

"Hey, hey, Taehyung we won't know unless we just keep going and give all of our time and effort into helping her to get better. Okay?" Yoongi says, moving over to hug Taehyung tightly.

Taehyung shivers slightly before nodding his head, accepting Yoongi's warmth. Any time Taehyung let's his insecurities show, he hates himself. Any time Taehyung remembers he's not as strong as he thinks he is, he hates himself. Nothing can really be done about it, though. After being on earth for twenty-four years you start to figure out aspects of yourself that you know just simply can't change. Taehyung backs away slowly from the hug and gives Yoongi a comforting smile which is returned. It takes all of his strength to will himself not to cry.

When Taehyung gets back to his doodle, he realizes that he had drawn the street Jimin and him met. He doesn't say anything, of course.

Back in the comfort of his own apartment, past midnight he's staring out the window at the heavy rain, sitting on the bench below the window and tapping his finger to the beat of the water hitting the pane. It's during this that Jimin calls him, sounding tired and worn out- but if Taehyung lets his imagination run wild he would say Jimin also sounds excited to be talking to him. They speak for hours, whispering nothingness as if they even need to whisper. As if they aren't in the privacy of their homes. They talk for hours about Jimin's main job, a secretary at a law firm and his side job, a journalist. They whisper about what anime's are overrated, how gross chocolate cake is, their conversation even falls onto politics.

Taehyung finds himself wandering around his small apartment with Jimin's warm voice pressed against his ear. His feet dig into his woolly carpet as he shouts at Jimin "No! I would so not look good with blonde hair." Taehyung then finds himself giggling like a crushing school girl, and leaning against his hallway wall as Jimin says "You'd look totally hot, we should dye your hair soon."

It's good, it's all really fucking good and they decide to hang up when it's past two am, the rain has stopped, and Jimin is dozing off on the other line.

Taehyung had never asked Jimin why the hell he was laying on the road that night. Taehyung also doesn't ask him later that week, when he picks Jimin up for their first date and drives him to a pond near the suburbs where they'll be secluded and able to enjoy the beautiful scenery in peace.

The area's grass is lush and dark green, dandelions, Irises, and daffodils grow in patches in different area surrounding the pond. The pond itself it quite large, a light wood dark stretching out on it- which is where Jimin and him are currently sat. Staring at the water as the moon shines its light onto the water, small ripples from the fish that Taehyung knows take residence within the pond.

"I must say Taehyung," Jimin's voice rings in his ear, wiping the crumbs from his sandwich off his hands and smiling as he turns to face Taehyung. "I never knew you were one for clichès, picnic near a pond after sunset?"

Taehyung looks at Jimin, beautiful Jimin who's dressed so simply yet makes it work so well. "I'm not, I'm one for Taechès, everything I do is unique because I'm the one doing it."

Jimin is quiet for a second and then- he barks out laughing, clapping his hands as he laughs so loud that cute squeaks make their way through. His laughter is so ridiculous and cute that Taehyung can't help but to join in, letting Jimin shove him. "God Taehyung, can you be any more modest?" Jimin questions sarcastically.

"What's the fun in that?" He says, turning his attention back to the water. From the corner of his eye, he can see Jimin take his shoes off and roll his black jeans before dipping his feet into the cool water.

"Why do you run the restaurant the most? If you have older family members that work there?" Jimin asks, curiosity laced throughout his voice as he kicks his feet in the water.

Taehyung sighs, picking at the wood on the dock. "The restaurant was bought and run by my dad's father. He created most of recipes we have today and my grandmother named it. When they passed away, they left it to my father since he's the older son and my mother." Taehyung explains slowly, still staring at the water, though he can feel Jimin staring at him.

"They ran it well for years, helped to make it as popular as it is these days. When I was eighteen, I started at the local university to become a teacher but uh, two years ago my mother was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma it's like, a type of cancer. My father dedicated his time to caring for her so I knew as the eldest child I had to step up too." As Taehyung speaks he can feel Jimin's hands rubbing small circles on his back.

"I changed my university to online classes so that whenever someone needed me I could be right there, I also uh- changed my major to business so that I can be more qualified for taking over the restaurant. My family me allowed  to make that choice, and here we are now." When he's done answering his body is burning the way it does whenever he has to remember the state of the way things are now.

"Taehyung." Jimin whispers, his hand reaching out for Taehyung's and he grabs it. "You're so selfless, it must be hard to change around your life plans."

Taehyung shakes his head, finally looking at Jimin again, the latter regarding him with wide pretty eyes. "I did what I had to do to keep my family happy, you know? What about your family, what goes on in the Park world."

Jimin retracts his hand, looking at the water and Taehyung senses discomfort and automatically feels like he may have done something wrong. "Nothing, just me and my parents any regular suburban family." He says, though Taehyung isn't convinced but he doesn't press the subject.

They fall quiet, lightly slipping on the wine coolers Taehyung had brought along with their food earlier. Still, being in Jimin's presence feels right, Taehyung knows he thought that before. That Jimin feels right. It's calming, simple, Taehyung doesn't feel like he needs to try anymore- he doesn't think he ever really needed to in general.

"Jimin?" He presses and looks at the other when he gets a hmm as a reply, "What did that note mean, how to continue, the one I found in my car."

Jimin smiles, laying back all the way so that he's lying down on the dock with his knees bent over it and his feet still in the water. "Journalism, I wanted to create an article for The Now but, uh, haven't been able to get my mind to figure out the perfect way to write the article."

Taehyung nods slowly before his eyes widen as realization settles in. "That's a huge magazine Jimin, one with all those A-list celebrity covers. The fact you even have the chance to submit your work in is crazy."

Jimin shakes his head, stretching his arms up and putting invisible lines in the air above him with his finger, when Taehyung looks up he realizes Jimin is tracing a constellation. "Nah, the boss at the journalism company I do part time at just owed me a favor because I got him in contact with a good lawyer. My writing isn't good enough to make it on its own like that."

Taehyung lays down next to Jimin, tracing the constellation along with him. "That's the Cassiopeia, I've only ever seen it once before." He says, grabbing Jimin's hand that's tracing the stars and intertwines their fingers.

"You know constellations by heart?" Jimin asks, turning to face him and this time Taehyubg automatically returns Jimin's stare.

"Some, not all, but I know the Cassiopeia, she's rare. When she was a being, she was vein, one of the most vein in Greek mythology. Thought she was the most beautiful woman out of them all, after her death- Zeus put her in the sky." Taehyung explains quietly, reaching up and circling his index finger around Jimin's cheek.

"That's..interesting, maybe she really was the most beautiful and not afraid to say it." Jimin says thoughtfully, small smile on his lips.

"Maybe..wanna know what I think?"


"That even if she wasn't the most beautiful, if she thought that was amazing that's fine. It's okay to think you're good at something, it's okay to take pride in yourself." Taehyung answers, Jimin and him both know that he's no longer talking about Cassiopeia.

Jimin doesn't answer, he doesn't do anything besides lean on his elbow and lower his lips onto Taehyung. He kisses harsh, and Taehyung gives it right back- completely ravishing Jimin's lips. They kiss for a few minutes, pulling eachother's hair and grabbing at their shirts. 

They carry the heated kiss back to Jimin's apartment. The car ride was heated and tense, Taehyung turning the music up louder than he normally ever would as he tried to drown out his own heavy breathing. He tries his hardest to ignore the heat from Jimin's hand that slowly goes up and down Taehyung's thigh that makes his dick twitch. When they get to the building, Taehyung has his arm wrapped around Jimin's waist as he types in 243788, the keypad glows green and the glass doors slide open.

Taehyung quickly learns that Jimin lives on the fifth floor, the second door to the right. His apartment is neat, barely seems lived in. Until Taehyung see's a desk, near a wall by the kitchen. On it is a Macbook, stacks upon stacks of notebooks, and pencils. There are crumpled up papers all over the desk and over filling the trash bin near it. Jimin's apartment is crisp, white, simple and modern; however that little corner near the kitchen says everything about Jimin that Taehyung figured he always already knew. That Jimin is well put together for the most part but there's a part of him- a well tucked part of him that's filled to brim with everything opposite from the majority of his personality that he allows to be shone.

"Sorry I uh..didn't expect you to come over so I didn't clean that mess over there up." Jimin says shyly, coming behind Taehyung and placing his chin on his shoulder. Taehyung leans into the touch and sighs contentedly.

"You shouldn't have to, Jimin, that's where you pour your creativity to. Leave it how you want." Jimin comes around Taehyung's body, leaning up and grabbing Taehyung's face to kiss him again. This kiss is less of rush an excitement, and more lust and sex.

Taehyung revels in it though. He licks into Jimin's mouth, biting on his lower lip teasingly and squeezing his plump ass within his hands. 

"Mmm?" Jimin sounds, moving his lips from Taehyungs' to Taehyungs' neck, his dick is achingly hard and if Jimin were to shuffle closer he'd probably be able to get off just like this regardless of how embarrasing.

"Can I fuck you?" He asks, when Jimin detaches his lips, Taehyung cups his cheeks. Jimin smiles, rubbing his nose along Taehyung's hand.

"Thought I was going to be fucking you tonight, but" Jimin backs away, unbuttoning his jeans and walking away from Taehyung. "Follow me."

Follow Taehyung does, he lifts his shirt over his head as Jimin leads him down a small hallway, he tosses said shirt haphazardly on the ground. Jimin opens his bedroom door and the inside is very cozy, one brick wall that has the bed against it, a queen sized. The surrounding walls are white, littered with different articles and pictures of landscapes and people that Taehyung doesn't have time to focus on. Jimin sits on the edge of the bed and Taehyung gets on his knees in front, pulling Jimin's face down to kiss him again.

"I uh, I have lube but no condoms. So if you're not clean we-"

"I am, I am I swear. If you're not comfortable with me coming inside I'll pull out." Taehyung says, rubbing his hands along Jimin's firm thighs, loving the way they tense underneath.
"Are you clean?"

Jimin nods with dazed eyes, and Taehyung smirks, pulling down Jimin's jeans and throwing them on the other side of the room. Jimin laughs, but Taehyung mutes the laughter when he licks Jimin's left thigh. He licks his thigh again, and feels Jimin's legs wrap themselve's around Taehyung's torso. Taehyung leans his face into Jimin's crotch, darting a tongue out and licking the area, Jimin gasps, bucking his hips up and Taehyung calms him down by holding him in place. Slowly, he peels down Jimin's black underwear, he's purposely being slow and he slides Jimin's underwear down his body, letting them drop to the floor near Taehyung's knees.

Jimin's cock is pink and thick, sticking up against his stomach and leaking out. Jimin looks impatient, though he doesn't say anything- just watches Taehyung with glassy eyes, and a pretty blush on his beautiful face.  The window is open, allowing a September breeze to circle around Jimin's room and Taehyung knows it must be torturous for Jimin's untouched dick, the way the younger shivers gives this away more. 

Taehyung chuckles softly to himself, before he decides to stop letting Jimin suffer and finally leans in, digging his tongue into the slit of Jimin's dick. Jimin hisses, his toes curl and he grabs tightly on to Taehyung's long hair. He doesn't stop there though, he licks at Jimin's shaft, up and down while trailing the tips of his fingers along Jimin's thighs, lightly tickling them. He wraps his lips around the entirety of the cock, sinking as low as he can, nose tip brushing against some of Jimin's trimmed hairs, then he pops back off.

"Taehyung..." Jimin moans, his head is thrown back when Taehyung looks at him. Skin glistening, his black hair is falling back as well, yet some short strands stick to his forehead, his sweat being the glue. Jimin's legs are spread apart, his body proportions are more than perfect, his moans could be used in the background of any song and the song would get five Grammys. Taehyung thinks that right now, right in this moment, the world poured all of it's beauty into the room- and Taehyung was going to enjoy it to the fullest while it lasts.

He leaves Jimin's dick when the younger begins shaking, he also smiles to himself at Jimin's cries of being left like that. "Baby, where's your lube?"

Jimin opens his eyes, most likely previously closing them to will himself not to come. "It's u-under the bed, in the little box if you feel around." Taehyung nods, his right hand feeling around for a few seconds before a box thats a few inches big can be felt under his hand. He opens it, grabbing the lube inside and raising an eyebrow at the three vibrating sex toys. Taehyung decides this box may just have to come into play another night.

"Jimin, can you get on all fours for me?" Taehyung asks, unbuttoning his uncomfortably tight pants and slipping them down along with his underwear, his own cock practically yelling in victory at being freed from it's confines.

Jimin shakes his head, looking Taehyung up and down with pure lust and infatuation in his eyes, he crawls closer to the edge of the bed, and without saying anything wraps his hand around Taehyung's length. He hisses, knees buckling lightly as Jimin works up and down his dick. Precum drips around his head, and Jimin uses it to smooth the friction. Though it doesn't help by a lot, it definitely helps Jimin's actions burn less though regardless it feels amazing- because even when it burns, it burns so good.

"Enough, Jimin..Jimin baby, enough." Taehyung is forced to say much to his chagrin, not wanting to rain on Jimin's parade- quite literally. "Hands and knees."

Jimin obeys this time with a smile, displaying his ass far in the air with his forehead laying against two pillows. Jimin's ass is genuinely crafted by the deities above, Taehyung rubs one cheek, grabbing it and watching as the fat squishes in his hand.

It leaves a red mark and Taehyung can't help himself, he leans down, sucking a hickey onto Jimin's left ass cheeks,  grabbing the flesh afterwards. Jimin moans, shamelessly rubbing his ass back and Taehyung smiles, muttering out "patience."

Grabbing the lube from the side of Jimin's leg, Taehyung squeezes some out onto his left hand, rubbing it between his fingers and he takes his index finger, circling Jimin's rim before slowly pushing it in. "Tae.." Jimin lets out, Taehyung leans down and presses kisses on his spine as he slowly moves the finger in and out, bending the knuckle to help the stretch. "Another." 

Taehyung nods, forgetting Jimin can't see. He kisses his back some more as he adds a second finger, bending them and twisting to help the stretch. Taehyung's dick feels unbelievable tight, the need for friction is overwhelming but he's trying to hold back, wanting to feel the most pleasure when he eventually buries himself inside of Jimin.

Taehyung decides that he's done enough teasing, and tries to actively search for Jimin's prostate. He finds it after a few seconds, and once he presses his fingers against it Jimin mewls, fucking himself on Taehyung's fingers and gripping the sheets tightly while he continues to moan. 

Taehyung adds a third finger while he continues to push against and massage Jimin's prostate. He does it slowly however, giving Jimin what he wants but no where near enough of it. Jimin finally cracks after about a minute of this, "Please, Tae, please fuck me." He whimpers and Taehyung wants to drag out the teasing, wants to see Jimin completely unravel beneath him, but, again that may be for another night because he also is ready to bust at the seams. 

"Turn around, angel." Taehyung says as he grabs more lube, coating it on his cock and hissing as he lathers it around the length. Jimin flips himself onto his back, and Taehyung leans over him to kiss his lips again, moaning happily at the taste of Jimin's tongue in his mouth again. He hooks Jimin's right leg over his shoulder, shuffling closer and then takes a pillow, helping to put it on Jimin's lower back to prop him up. "Ready?" He asks, and when Jimin nods he slowly presses the head of his cock into Jimin's hole, both groaning.

Taehyung holds his breath until he bottoms out, releasing a loud moan at the feeling of finally being inside of Jimin. Jimin's face is scrunched up, Taehyung doesn't see pain luckily, but pure bliss. Regardless, he waits a few moments before moving, and when he does it a slow rock of his hips that have Jimin releasing a guttural moan. Taehyung bites onto Jimin's neck as he pulls away slightly then slams back in, Jimin's body shifting up on the bed and his other left leg coming up to to rest on Taehyung's other shoulder. "Faster" he breathes and Taehyung listens almost automatically. 

He begins to pound into Jimin as fast and hard as his hips will allow his lower body to move, Taehyung moans in Jimin's ear as he licks at random area's around his neck and collarbones. Jimin's moans are high pitched now, curses slipping out here and there while his finger nails claw at Taehyung's exposed back. "Taehyung!" Jimin screams, tightening his hold on Taehyung so much to the point that Taehyung face is forced into Jimin's chest. He realizes the angle he's hitting at is his prostate and tries to give it his all.

Taehyung grips Jimin's thighs as he begins to roughly fuck Jimin in that spot, reveling in the cries of the younger. "Fuck Jimin, baby you're so pretty I'm so close."

Jimin nods and Taehyung figures he's trying to say me too. Jimin hands creeping downwards, grabbing his cock and jacking himself off to the pace Taehyung is fucking him at. Taehyung actually comes first, though Jimin is only delayed by a few seconds. They're both sticky, sweaty, and panting as if they ran a mile. 

Taehyung groans when he pulls out, smiling when Jimin automatically shuffles over to lay his head on Taehyung's chest. "I'm sorry, you must be a mess we should shower." Jimin shakes his head and Taehyung sighs, bending down to press a kiss on his hairline. 

"You sure baby? You're gonna regret this in the morning." Taehyung says, his left hand rubbing circles on small of Jimin's back, trying to ease any tension their previous activities surely may have caused.

"I like having to wake up and clean." Jimin answers quietly, Taehyung snorts and lowers his mouth to bite at Jimin's cheek.

"You're nasty." He teases and Jimin chuckles, flicking Taehyung's nipple.

"Only for you." And Jimin really shouldn't be speaking like that if he doesn't want Taehyung to get hard all over again. "I like it when you call me that, by the way. When you call me baby."

Taehyung hums, fingers caressing all over Jimin's body, to any place he can reach. "Then perhaps I should call you that as much as possible."

"Perhaps, so."


The night at the pond and the time they spent afterwards was a good introduction to what the rest of their September, and majority of October would be like. Things started off slowly, feeling around eachother, analyzing each others emotions and how they feel about different things. They didn't see eachother every day at first, usually every other or every two days. Jimin would stop by the restaurant during Taehyung's shifts or even when Taehyung was just there to do paper work. He'd sit around, just watching Taehyung work and occasionally rubbing his hands over his shoulders when they go too tense. Taehyung appreciated it a lot and always returned the favor.

There were times where he'd pick Jimin up on his lunch break and take him to different places in the city, or pick him up after work and they'd go back to one of their apartments to eat, watch movies, or fuck. The sex was always worthwhile, always fun, always mind blowing. Some nights, Taehyung would sink himself down on Jimin's cock and ride him with all of his might. Some nights, Taehyung would fold Jimin in half and fuck him hard like it was going out of style. Other nights were slow, drawn out kisses, tangled limbs, and whispered promises of things they wouldn't want to discuss in detail in the mornings.

Jimin and Yoongi actually clicked quit well, much to Taehyung's pleasure when he introduced them properly. He thinks it's because they're both creators- Yoongi being an artist and Jimin being a writer. There's something about having a mutual level of understanding regarding the difficult to create content, that makes people like them become friends easily. When Jimin went to work that evening, Yoongi looked at him with a smirk.

"I guess..I was wrong about thinking you should just forget about Jimin in the beginning." Yoongi had said, cleaning the plates from their early lunch.

"Trust me, I know you were wrong." Taehyung smiled, as he tied up the full garbage bag. "He's amazing isn't he?"

"He's..interesting. The way he looks at you though- it's like he can see into your soul. Like he already knows all about you."

Taehyung just shrugged, swinging the bag over his shoulder. "I like him so much Yoongi, it's just that.."

"Just what?"

"Nah" Taehyung walked to the front door, opening it to go to the near by dumpster with the trash bag. "I'm exaggerating forget it."

Jimin and Jungkook's official meeting went a bit more...different, than his and Yoongi's. While Yoongi looked at Jimin with a mutual respect; Jungkook looked at Jimin like he wanted to suck Jimin's dick. Taehyung realizes almost automatically that Jungkook has a crush on the man he's dating. It doesn't necessarily bother him of course, he knows that Jungkook would never do anything, he also knows Jimin would never do anything. Instead, he finds extreme humor and satisfaction in mercilessly teasing Jungkook about the crush.

Jungkook blushes whenever Jimin laughs at something he says, "Kook! You're blushing, see someone cute in here?" Taehyung jokes, pretending to look around the room- that's empty besides the three of them. 

And Jimin kicks the back of Taehyung's leg because of course he knows about the crush, and Jungkook scowls at Taehyung because of course he knows that both of THEM know about the crush. This doesn't stop Taehyung from always cracking jokes whenever the oppurtunity arises.

Although he feels bad, Taehyung holds off on introducing Jimin to his family and Jimin seems to greatly respect it (and also seems relieved). Taehyung's family situation is more "Don't introduce us unless you're getting married" and it can be..stressful. Of course, he's happy to blessed with a family that doesn't focus on sexuality, but being asked constantly when he's going to get married isn't much fun. Instead Jimin introduces Taehyung to his small friend circle, him and Hoseok get along well. The older is a physical therapist, who actually offers to come to Taehyung's family home to help care for his mother free of charge at times. Taehyung nearly cries, he hugs Hoseok tightly with the promise of sending him their information.

Jin and Namjoon are different, more critical and questioning of Taehyung. They seem like Jimin's protectors more than anything. Jin seemed more at ease when Taehyung had first met him at the restaurant, though he supposes that since Jimin and him had become more serious, Jin also became more serious. Namjoon though, a lawyer at the firm Jimin works at is a different case. He has the aura of a nice person, a friendly sweet man, though around Taehyung his eyes constantly say: Don't hurt Jimin or you'll be hurt.

He's the clichè overprotective friend and Taehyung fucking loves it, he always smiles at Namjoon when he sees him, and tends to pack extra food for Jimin to give to him.

"How much do you like me?" The question catches Taehyung off guard, it's late October and colder outside than it usually would be. They're snuggled on Jimin's couch, reruns of some Vietnamese drama on the television. Taehyung bites his lip, peeling back dead skin with his teeth as his hand is pressing massages into Jimin's bicep.

"Taehyung? How much do you like me?" Jimin repeats, eyes shining with insecurities and some type of hope.

Taehyung smiles ever so slightly, taking his hand and pushing back Jimin's now blonde hair ("if I go blonde you do too." "Taehyung I'll kill you if you bring that bleach near me." "Oops, looks like you're going to become a murderer then.") Jimin is still staring at him and Taehyung leans down to kiss him.

"A lot, Jimin. I like you too much." He answers slowly, feeling content at the way Jimin physically relaxed. "I like you so much it's almost scary."

"How is it scary?"

"Because you fucking consume me, Jimin, all I want is you all I think about is..well, you." Taehyung is being as blunt and honest as he can be, laying all cards out on the table.

"Are we boyfriend's?"

"If you want to be."

"That is very much so what I want."

Taehyung smiles, kissing him once more. "Then we're boyfriends." He answers, turning his head back to the television and ignoring the way Jimin's eyes burn into him.

For some reason, November turns into the hardest month. The restaurant has picked up so much speed that Taehyung finds himself always caught up in there. Which isn't that good, because his online classes are piling on more assignments and if he doesn't work harder- he won't be able to get his business degree by the end of December. Jungkook falls sick with the flu, which means Taehyung has to help run the floor along with constantly checking up on his friend to make sure he's okay.

His mother has been getting even more ill lately, Hoseok says she's walking though he's not sure if she should be using her legs as much as much as she does these days. Whenever they tell his mom to stop walking, she doesn't listen, too many times they've had to pick her body up from the ground. She throws up a lot more, it's gotten to the point that they have to lay her on her side so she doesn't choke in her sleep.

Through it all, Jimin's there though. Jimin sits on his bed as he rushes through online assignments. Jimin drives him to and from Jungkook's house. Jimin skips his lunch hours and dedicates his time to being sure Taehyung is breathing and eating during his time at the restaurant. Jimin is just always there for Taehyung and Taehyung doesn't think he deserves it.

Taehyung realizes he's in love with Jimin- in serious and genuine love with Jimin while he's showering on a freezing November morning. He feels the steam and the heat from thr water, he thinks of Jimin's worth. He thinks of the breakfast he just ate before showering and somehow he thinks of how full of happiness Jimin makes him feel. As his finger graze his own chest he, thinks of how no touch will ever feel as pure and soft as Jimin's. Taehyung is completely head over heels for Jimin, he loves Jimin in a way he's never loved any one else in any of his previous relationships.

Taehyung realized he was in love with Jimin too late, possibly.

There was always something about Jimin that he reserved, that he kept for himself and it was obvious for Taehyung to see, shit, it was obvious for anyone who spoke to Jimin to see.   Taehyung had never presses him, never wanted to force or manipulate Jimin into discussing something he quite obviously did not want to discuss. Maybe that was a mistake, maybe it was a mistake, because for weeks Jimin is there for him and then he's not. 

The first week Taehyung tries his hardest to keep his mind in a state of denial. Jimin didn't answer his texts or calls, Jimin didn't visit him or see him at all. Taehyung kept telling himself that they're busy- because in truth they both were. Perhaps Jimin is swamped in work, sorting through hours of paper work at the law firm then going to the journalism company and trying his hardest to get out some new articles. It could be beyond tiring, Taehyung imagines. So, he dives head first into his work as well, setting business deals so that the family restaurant could start catering to different big businesses around the city. He also takes on one more online class, to help speed his graduation.

Jungkook is finally able to work again, however he has to pick up an extra job which cuts his hours at the restuarant and it sucks for Taehyung. It sucks not being able to see his best friend as much as possible these days. Yoongi is there throughout that first week, to help soften the blow of missing Jungkook and Jimin. Whenever Yoongi questions where Jimin is, Taehyung makes some random excuse, that he probably doesn't believe himself and Yoongi surely doesn't believe.

"Jimin is working on two articles right now, we'll hang out next Tuesday."

"Jimin's law firm is under stress from the press because of a big case, he has work hard answering calls and telling people the lawyers are not allowed to speak."

"I think Jimin's sick now like Kookie was, I'll run him some soup after work tomorrow."

Much to Taehyung's chagrin, the excuses stretch on for another week. Which marks two weeks since Taehyung has seen Jimin and he wants to explode. He texts Hoseok everyday, who says that Jimin isn't speaking to him either, that Jimin has done this before and all he needs is time and space. No other explanation and Taehyung simply can not handle that. He goes to the law firm and they tell him Jimin isn't in, he goes to Jimin's apartment and the door never gets opened for him.

When the third week hits without Jimin, Taehyung is beyond fed up. He tries his hardest keep his anger and sadness at bay, not wanting to unnecessarily snap at someone or be mean to them when they hadn't actually done anything really wrong. No, no he hides his emotions until nights when be can go to his apartment and just cry. He cries out his stress, he cries out his pain, he cries out for Jimin. Jimin, Jimin, Jimin.

He doesn't know what he did wrong. Doesn't know how he managed to ruin things with Jimin but it has to have been his fault. Maybe he didn't ask Jimin enough questions. Maybe he didn't make Jimin feel as appreciated as he was. All Taehyung knows is that spending three weeks without Jimin's smile, voice, smell, and over all presence was too much to handle. He misses him but he stop texting Hoseok about it, realizes that if Jimin doesn't want to be around Taehyung anymore then he just doesn't and he'd make contact first if anything.

It's freezing today, Taehyung shivers as he sits in the restaurant office and studies their sales for the week. The window is opened half an inch, only because the damn thing is broken and Taehyung can't get it to close all the way. The heater is on, producing a toasty wave of warm air that encircle the office and keeps Taehyung from nearly getting frostbite. There's ice crystallized on the window sill, small and light flakes of snow drifting down, layering the city and in a cool blanket of white, pristine beauty. Taehyung finds his calm within it. 

" are you?" Taehyung jumps at the voice, turning around in his chair to face it's owner, Jungkook. He's not in his work clothes because Taehyung knows he's off.

"Fine," He lies, turning back around in his chair to record the numbers. "Why are you back here? You should be resting you worked hard this week I don't want you getting sick again."

Jungkook snorts, moving over to sit on the small night stand by Taehyung's desk. "I'll be fine, just wanted to come see my bestie!"

Taehyung smiles and rolls his eyes, taking his pen and drawing a childish line on Jungkook's bare hand. "Look, as much as I love seeing your handsome little face, I'm really busy right now."

Jungkook doesn't say anything, but he does stand up and walk over towards the window, squeezing his fingers through the crack and collecting some of the snow, flicking the small cold substance in Taehyung's face. Taehyung huffs, picking up a pencil and throwing towards a giggling Jungkook's stomach.

"Stop being a nuisance!"

Jungkook's laugh dies down and he walks back over to the side table to sit down. "Tae...I uh-uhm, I know why you took the catering job for tomorrow..the one at Jimin's law firm."

Taehyung closes his eyes and drops his pen, he doesn't look at Jungkook, instead just stares at the laptop in front of him and watches the numbers. He knew Jungkook was going to realize it, as soon as he asked Jungkook to help them tomorrow he regretted it. To be fair when Jimin's law firm contacted Taehyung's restaurant, they offered the most money out of all of the other catering jobs so far, it would have been entirely selfish for Taehyung to turn down the offer in fear of seeing Jimin again.

"It's a lot of money Jungkook, it's worth it." Taehyung answers, picking the pen back up and marking different things down before typing them onto his laptop.

"Hey, no, I'm not like- I'm not like trying to make you feel bad or anything like that. If you see Jimin, I support you talking to him. You need closure, you deserve to know what the fuck is going on." Jungkook says, staring down at this lap and picking at a loose thread on his sweatpants.

Taehyung smiles, it doesn't reach his eyes- that hasn't happened in a while. He ruffles Jungkook's styled hair, the other making quick work to fix it. "Thanks Jungkook trust me, I didn't want our first meeting in three weeks to go like this at all."

"How did you imagine it?"

Taehyung blushes, scratching the back of his necks and bringing his hand over the top of his head, messing up the already very shaggy head of hair. "Just..him coming over and apologizing...but"


They don't talk about it any further, the subject being easily dropped, and Taehyung is thankful for that. When he goes home later that night, he had trouble sleeping, his brain showing non stop images of how tomorrow could go. He figures that there a two bad possibilities; the first being that Jimin isn't even there, the second being that Jimin is there and says he wants nothing to do with Taehyung anymore. The latter is far worst, and Taehyung doesn't want to think about any good that could possibly happen, because that involves getting his hopes up and that's something he just can't do with a situation such as this one.

The morning is long, grueling and cold. Well, for Taehyung. He has three cousins, his uncle, Jungkook, and himself working the catering today. While everyone else was smart enough to really layer up for the weather that day, Taehyung is wearing thin slacks and a sweatshirt. That's it. He's shivering as he stands outside and checks off the food as they load it into the truck. His cousin sits in the back, making sure all of the burners are running smoothly to keep the food hot and his uncle drives the truck while he and Jungkook follow behind in his own car.

Jungkook does't say anything, he doesn't actually even speak and Taehyung is grateful. There isn't much to be said regardless, they both know what this day could mean for Taehyung so it'd be redundant for them to sit here and discuss Jimin. When they get to the law firm, there are janitors holding the back door open for them. The inside is decorated, and Taehyung remembers they're celebrating a long time lawyer retiring.

"Mr. Kim? Hello, I'm Mr. Jensen, the one who ordered from your restaurant and I am so excited to have your food here." He says, reaching his hand out to shake Taehyung's.

"It's an honor to serve you, I hope you enjoy our food and contact us again." Taehyung says, his most professional voice taking over but he kept help his wandering eyes around the building.

"I'm sure we will, please have a great day." Jensen says, bowing his head slightly to Taehyung and beginning to walk away.

Taehyung takes a leap of faith. "Excuse me, do you know of if Jimin is in? Er, Park? He's a secretary-"

"Ah, yes! His office is on the second floor though.." Jensen pauses, taking his phone out and looking at the home screen. "He may be at lunch, are you a friend?"


"O-oh! Oh, then yea he should be on the first floor for his lunch break, you can't really go in the staff room but would you like for me to bring him out?" Jensen asks, smiling at Taehyung and he looks innocent- he knows nothing of what's happening and Taehyung wishes nothing was happening so he could share the same innocent smile.

"Please, just don't tell him it's me- I want it to a surprise." Taehyung answers and Jensen nods, walking towards the direction of where Taehyung guesses the staff room is and he holds his breath.

His stomach burns with anxiety, his palms have gone sweaty suddenly and he can feel his knees go weak. The room feels as if it's closing in on him, and he wants to run away- wants to fuck this whole thing and go back to making excuses on why Jimin doesn't show his face. When Jimin finally comes into view for the first time in three weeks, Taehyung freezes.

His roots have come in a lot, the platinum blonde his hair once was after a date gone wrong with Taehyung is now dirty blonde with midnight roots. He looks tired, his face is paler with purple bags under his eyes and he has small blemishes on different parts of his face that weren't there before.

He's beautiful. He's still so beautiful and Taehyung hates him.

When he notices Taehyung realization, fear, and something else also mixes on his features. He stops walking and Taehyung decides to meet Jimin the rest of the way.

"Huh, wonder who the fuck you are." Taehyung spits, and Jimin flinches- Taehyung realizes thst Jimin has never seen him genuinely pissed and he automatically feels bad. He's still so weak for Jimin.

"Tae...Taehyung oh my god I am so sorry, I am so so sorry." Jimin pleads, his brows are furrowed and he looks like he's ready to faint.

"You're fucking sorry?" Taehyung can't help it, he explodes. He tries his hardest to control his emotions, to keep Nice Taehyung the only Taehyung that Jimin knows. It doesn't work though, it doesn't work because Taehyung has been filled up with so much resent, anger, fear, and sadness that he can't keep swallowing it all down anymore.

"Do you know what these last three weeks have been for me? Pure fucking hell, raw hell. You weren't there Jimin- you disappeared without a trace and I had no idea what the fuck to do. I tried everything but you just weren't showing up." He yells, his hands are gripping tightly at his pants and Jimin begins to cry.

He made Jimin cry, but Jimin also made him cry so he supposes in a twisted ass way they're pretty even.

"P-please Taehyung you can't scream in here." Jimin says quietly, looking around to make sure no one is staring at them. "I'm so sorry, Taehyung I'm such an idiot I regret not talking to you so much I was going to grow up and apologize but I kept getting so scared."

Taehyung sighs and squeezes his eyes shut tightly, taking his hands and rubbing them hashly down his face. "Jimin..Jimin you hurt me so fucking much."

Jimin chokes on another sob and Taehyung can feel the front of his sweater being tugged before a body is pressed against him. "I am so sorry, I'm so sorry I want to explain I want you to understand Taehyung, I do."

"Then why didn't you? Why did you just disappear, do you lack so much trust in me that you thought it better to ditch me for three weeks before talking to me?" He says, not pushing Jimin off his body but not exactly returning the embrace.

"No! No, no that wasn't it I trust you with my life." Jimin says, yet it's said so quietly that Taehyung is lucky he even heard it. 
"Then why, Jimin?" Taehyung says, just as quietly as Jimin had spoken. He feels Jimin hold onto him tighter, as if Jimin might fly away without Taehyung keeping him in place.

"You don't owe me anything," Jimin starts, finally letting go of Taehyung and looking up at him. "But if you'll take me somewhere tonight, I'll be able to explain absolutely everything to you. I'm not begging for forgiveness because I fucked up but.."

Taehyung breathes, looking back into Jimin's pretty eyes, Yoongi's words from all those weeks ago pops into Taehyung's mind. Jimin looks at you like he can see into your soul. At this moment, he can feel and see exactly what Yoongi meant while looking at Jimin like this.

"Okay..okay where do you want me to take you?"


Taehyung is confused when while driving, Jimin directs him to the bridge. The very bridge that interconnects the suburbs and the city area, a bridge that Taehyung drives over every other day. They park in the parking lot that shows up before the bridge on the city side, then walk quietly to a small bench on the middle of the bridge's sidewalk. It's cold out, both of them layered up and Jimin has on a big blue scarf that covers up half of his face. Taehyung would rant about how cute it is if not for the current situation.  They sit in silence, letting the cool hair whip their faces and twirl their hair.

Jimin leans back, staring up into the clear cold sky, and Taehyung watches him, watches the way he blinks multiple times in a row and puffs out his cheeks when he exhaled.  "Taehyung uhm, three weeks ago, was my brother's birthday." Jimin says out of the blue and Taehyung blinks once, twice and then tilts his head.

"You never told me you had a brother." Taehyung points out and Jimin smiles though it's humorless and ingenuine.

"That's because he died two years ago." Jimin says, stretching his legs out in front of him and Taehyung's breath catches in his throat. "He died the day after his birthday on this very bridge and it was my fault."

Taehyung doesn't know what to say, all he can think is to hold Jimin close to him as he pours his heart out and that's exactly what Taehyung does. 

"We were fighting while I was driving him home, he had just turned nineteen and turned into a party animal and all I wanted was for him to take some time to focus on his schooling since he was failing." Jimin says, his body is shaking and Taehyung doesn't think it's from the cold.

"My parents wanted us both to be doctors, you know? Be able to brag about their doctor songs but for me it's always been writing. It's always been about writing and I had interned at the law firm to help me pay for travelling so I can write different stories on the world around me- my parents hated it and Jihyun brought that up." Jimin says, his hands are clutching onto the front of his coat and Taehyung rubs his own fingers smoothly over them.

"He said that if I'm doing what I want, then he can do what he wants. I tried explaining Taehyung, how different it is. How drinking every night can get him killed but he didn't listen, still a stubborn teenager." Jimin laughs lightly, and Taehyung rubs away his new tears.

"While driving, I s-sped up, not wanting to hear any more of what he was saying and just dropping him off as soon as possible. That was my mistake, my selfish fucking mistake." Jimin takes a breath, it's long and it takes him a while to speak again but Taehyung is still holding him tightly.

"Another car was driving down the opposite way but they lost control. Since I was going fast...we collided, the car hit Jihyun's side and he died on impact." Jimin was full on sobbing now and Taehyung felt tears of his own falling down his face. He kisses Jimin's forehead multiple times, holding him close and rocking them.

"W-waking up in the hospital to find out my brother died because of me was a feeling I can never describe, Tae I-I feel it all the time and it eats me alive." Taehyung still doesn't know what to say because this is something he can't relate to. However he just wants to be there for Jimin, as much as he can be.

"Taehyung..I-I for two years I want nothing more than go go back in time and be the one who died in the crash." Jimin says, Taehyung's heart clenches painfully at his confession he his tears come down harder. "I wanted to kill myself so badly, I just- I would run across traffic without looking I'd-"

"Lay down on the middle of street hoping a car would hit you." Taehyung says quietly, the realization finally settling into him and he closes his eyes, when Jimin goes quiet for a minute.

"Yea..Yea. For a week after his funeral that's all I did, but I never fucking died. My parents moved away and gave me all this money to live on my own, they couldn't bring themselves to acknowledge having one kid left so they pretended like they had none. I thought I was getting better. I realized that me dying wasn't going to bring my brother back. Hoseok and Jin helped me a lot, recently uh, helped me a lot." Jimin says, and he actually leans forward, kissing Taehyung's cheek. "Taehyung you make me so happy and I'm so fucking sorry I broke your trust."

"It's just..when we were younger we always made plans for Jihyuns twenty-first. We were going to travel, to go on this r-roadtrip. It hit me so hard that morning, baby I am so sorry. I called for a two week vacation at work and I just sat around my apartment and cried and...contemplated things I shouldn't have. Every morning hurt worse and I heard your knocks, Hoseok's, Jin's, Joon's but I just didn't have it in me to answer you all." 

"Last week I had to go back to the office, or I wouldn't be able to pay rent. Every day I wanted to come to you Taehyung but I just- didn't know what the fuck to say. I still don't, I'm just so so sorry." Jimin cries and Taehyung shakes his head, kissing him anywhere he could reach and not once letting go of Jimin.

"'ve said enough, baby it's okay. I'll forgive you as long as you swear to always stay open with me, okay?" Taehyung nods and Jimin nods his head hastily, bringing up a hand to cup Taehyung's face.

"Baby..I don't know your brother but I know you,  so I just want to say that he'd probably want someone as amazing as you to forgive yourself. I know you're an amazing older brother, I'm sure he loved you a lot." Taehyung says, rubbing Jimin's shivering back when a car drives past and pushes cold air towards them.

"I always loved him so much, I still do but Taehyung, forgiveness..that's not something I forsee happening anytime soon." Jimin says, and Taehyung nods he can understand that.

"It's okay, it's okay if it doesn't happen tomorrow or in ten years, or even in fifty. However, I think it's just something you deserve."

Jimin doesn't say anything, just looks up at the stars in the sky. He smiles, this time it's real and Taehyung had missed it so much that it makes him smile. Their faces are both still tear stained and red, Taehyung think he may look a mess but he's positive that Jimin looks beautiful.

"Do you remember the constellation Cassiopeia? You told me her story on our first date." Jimin says after a few minutes of silence between the two.

Taehyung nods, "Yea of course, I'll never forget that night."

Jimin smiles wider as he continues to stare into the sky, "I wonder if my brother got his own cluster of stars up there."

Taehyung looks up, staring out into the shining night sky and smiles broader. "Anyone who didn't get their full chance at life are in the stars, they're watching us and helping to influence how things go."

"Maybe Jihyun brought us together that night."

Taehyung thinks back, thinks about how he hadn't even meant to take the street that led him to Jimin. He lets out a little laugh, Thank you, Jihyun. "Yea, maybe he did." 

Taehyung can confidentally say that he doesn't really know how he feels about marriage, but, he knows how he feels about Jimin and that feeling is very- very strong. For his fathers birthday in January, he finally brings Jimin home to celebrate and introduce him to his wild and large family. He's happy, to see how well Jimin get's along with his brother and sister, laughing when ever they tease Jimin about his height or how much of a baby face he has. Taehyung can tell that his family likes Jimin, he can definitely tell for more reasons than his aunt pulling him into the kitchen and saying, "I like Jimin more than any other loser your brought here." And Taehyung laughs and Jimin blushes when he tells him the news.

Right now though, Taehyung is in the living room with his sister, cleaning up their dad's birthday decoration as Jimin and his mom speak privately in the kitchen.

"What do you think mom's saying?" Taehyung asks, helping his sister peel the tape off the wall, he loves Jimin and he knows his mom like him but, she can be..intimidating to say the least, more so than his easy going father.

Ara shrugs, sticking the peeled tape onto Taehyung's sweater. "Who knows, probably like 'take care of my son' you're stressing too much Tae, why are you so worried?"

"I'm not!" He lies, taking the tape of his body and throwing it into the trash bag near the couch.

"Liar! What? Something about Jimin you're not sharing, is he a stripper?" Ara asks, Taehyung gasps and picks up a pillow from the couch to hit her in the face.

"Shut up he's not." Taehyung defends quickly, then he thinks for a second "He should be though, he's so hot he'd bring home mad money."

"Ugh, Taehyung you're gross."

Their banter is interrupted when Jimin appears from the kitchen, Taehyung looks at him with a smile which automatically drops from his face when he notices tears in Jimin's eyes. His heart drops to his stomach and he drops the trash bag, walking over and grabbing Jimin's face. " what-"

"No, Tae relax" Jimin laughs loudly, throwing his head back and wiping the tears from his eyes. "Everything is really, really okay."

Taehyung sighs out in relief and smiles, "Wow, okay false alarm. Why are you crying then?"

Jimin leans up and kisses Taehyung briefly on the lips, both of them forgetting that his sister is in the same room. "She said she trusts me with you more than anyone else, that I obviously make you happy."

Taehyung appreciates his mother so much, she is the number one person in his life. "Mother's intuition is always right."
They decide to stay at Taehyung's parents house for the night, his mother not wanting them to drive into the city so late even though Taehyung has made the short trip a billion times, at many different hours. He agrees regardless, kissing both his parents goodnight and taking Jimin to his childhood bedroom for the night. Neither can sleep though, just whispering sweet nothings into each other's ears for hours and pressing innocent kisses on one others lips. In the early hours of the morning, Taehyung tells Jimin to dress as warm as possible, before they both slip away outside into the cold.

"Taehyung! It's freezing I can't think of one good reason to be out here!" Jimin says with mock anger, staying close to Taehyung for body heat as they stand outside.

"We never come to the suburbs to just enjoy the area anymore." Taehyung says, and he's right. Yoongi moved closer to the city and the only reason Taehyung ever comes down here is to help his mother out.

"We can enjoy it when it's not below freezing!"

"Dance with me." Taehyung demands, ignoring Jimin's statement and grabbing his gloved hands. He spins them around, Jimin screaming when he nearly face plants because of a patch of ice.

They laugh and after a fee stubborn seconds Jimin moves with Taehyung, dancing along with him. Their only music is the sound of a whipping wind and their breaths coming out in pants from the cold and physical activity. They dance for five minutes, the cold air forgotten as they got lost within one another. Taehyung leans down and captures Jimin's lips with his own, before saying what he's been wanting to.

"You know I love you, right?" Taehyung asks, though his tone definitely phrases it more as a question.

Jimin nods, "Yea, I just hope you know I love you just as much if not more."

Taehyung beams, kissing Jimin's nose. "Good, glad we've got that covered." He goes to lift up Jimin, ready to carry him back to the warmth of his parents house but they end up falling on the snow and Jimin complains for an entire day.

Taehyung doesn't mind.

The following weeks brings great news for Jimin and when he tells Taehyung, Taehyung's chest swells in pride for his boyfriend. Jimin's article had been chosen for The Now and it was going to be published in one of their spring magazine's. Jimin keeps trying to downplay it, saying he was just lucky or it was a short piece that doesn't deserve too much hype. Taehyung can tell Jimin doesn't mean it, he hasn't read the article because Jimin never lets him read his work early, but he knows that Jimin had worked on that article for longer than he's known Taehyung- no matter how short it may or may not be. Taehyung is so proud of Jimin that the only way he knows how to celebrate is by helping Namjoon throw him a suprise party.

Using the spare key to his apartment Jimin had given him, Taehyung enters with Namjoon, Jin, Hoseok and even Yoongi and Jungkook. They decorate the apartment, setting out food and a cake all while Jimin is away at a work shift. It's Taehyung's job to pick Jimin up from work, he stays quiet during the ride while listening to Jimin ramble about his day. He's buzzing with excitement during the drive, smiling way too wide when Jimin is talking about one of the lawyers at his firm taking on a murder case. Jimin cries, because of course he does. It's in a phase, first fear at opening his apartment door and seeing a group of men loudly shouting different things (Taehyung told them before be left tl just say "suprise" but). Then it's shock and denying that he deserves such a party, lastly it's pure happiness and tears.

Everything goes off without a hitch, Jungkook dropped on cupcake on the floor but they can survive with that. They eat, drink, laugh, this id the first time their entire group of friends really spent time together and Taehyung thinks it should happen way more often. Taehyung also thinks that Yoongi and Hoseok are getting along too well, when he tells Jimin his boyfriend laughs and warns Taehyung to not tease them (He never disagreed though, so Taehyung considered that a win.)

Later that night, when everyone says goodbye and Taehyung is left alone with Jimin, Jimin is quick to show Taehyung how much he actually appreciates the party. He pulls Taehyung's pants down as he's cleaning in the living room, forcing him to sit on the couch as he sucks his dick dry. Taehyung comes with his hands digging roughly into Jimin's hair and with a shout of Jimin's name.

He returns the favor of course, once they get into the bedroom. Taehyung lays Jimin across his lap, letting the other thrust his cock between Taehyung's thighs as Taehyung presses a vibrator against his prostate. Jimin comes with tears streaming down his face and Taehyung doesn't think about taking a picture, instead he actually does. Taehyung thinks the picture of Jimin's fucked out face, dark hair over his forehead, with tear tracks and twinkling eyes could win an award. Jimin forces him to delete it.

After showering and slipping into the warmth of Jimin's bed, Jimin turns around in the spooning position they're in, so that he can look at Taehyung's face. "Hey."

Taehyung kisses Jimin's cute nose, and lightly pulls Jimin's soft tendrils. "Yes?"

"Our love story is interesting, isn't it?" Jimin whispers, leaning his head into Taehyung's touch.

"Yea," Taehyung agrees, leaning up on his elbow so he's slightly hovering above Jimin. "Yes but so are we so I suppose it's fitting."

"I'm in love with our love story." Jimin says, looking up at Taehyung with his big eyes. "I'm in love with you."

 "I love you more, baby."

"Must you always one-up me?" Jimin asks and Taehyung unattractive cackles. Leaning down go kiss Jimin. "Always." He says.


It wasn't a shock, not at all. Taehyung's mother had been deteriorating for a long time. When Taehyung's father called him during the early hours of the morning to tell them his mother passed away in her sleep, Jimin was worried when Taehyung didn't cry at first. He himself had even cried, Taehyung's mother was genuinely such an amazing woman. He held Taehyung in his arms for hours that day, the family restaurant had been closed down for the week. Jimin knows Taehyung like the back of his hand, he knows Taehyung's insecurities and how well the elder hides emotions. Jimin knows very well what it feels like to have someone close to you die, so all he could do was be there and support everyone as much as he can.

Seeing Jungkook sobbing at the funeral broke his heart, he knew Taehyung's mom was like Jungkook's second mother. His right hand was being tightly grasped by Taehyung while Jungkook held onto his left. Yoongi held himself up well, though Jimin could tell how much it hurt him as well. While Taehyung was giving his eulogy, his sister sat closer to Jimin, he smiled at the girl, wrapping an arm around her thin frame.

The entire event was everything that Jimin fears; death, sadness, pain. He fought through it though, because if he couldn't then there's no way he could help Taehyung. Jimin wasn't surprised to see how full the funeral was, full Taehyung's family, friends, of customers he has regularly seen at the restaurant. They all had something good to say about Taehyung's mother, all had a happy memory and as they share their light hearted and funny stories he sees Taehyung smile. Sees Taehyung laugh, and shake his head at antic his mother has done he probably didn't even know about.

In a way, it reminds Jimin of Jihyun's funeral, of all of Jihyun's friends who had something absolutely hilarious to share. Jihyun...Taehyung's mother they're both people who shined a happy light on others in their lives. It hits him, that although they were both taken much too early- everyone blessed enough to know them will only ever know them as amazing and genuine people. It causes Jimin to smile through his tears, and he feels some weight suddenly get lifted from his shoulders. He can physically feel his body finally relax, in a way it hasn't been in two and a half years.

Later on, well after the service back in Taehyung's apartment, Jimin holds Taehyung as he cries quietly and he tells his boyfriend all the thoughts that crossed his mind. "My mom, she really was such a good person."

Jimin nods, pressing kisses against the top of Taehyung's blonde hair. "Yea. She was and she raised amazing children, she made everyone happy, she gave all the love in the world to her husband. She had a good life Taehyung."

Jimin's other half nods, hugging himself tighter against Jimin and he smiles. "Yea, I just wish-" Taehyung chokes up a bit and Jimin tries his hardest not to cry again. "I just wish I could have done more."

"Baby, no. Taehyung you changed your life around at the news of your mothers death. You sat with her for hours making sure she felt better, helping her go to sleep. Your sister told me you would sleep to her. Tae, you did everything in your power to help her. This isn't anyone's fault." Jimin promises, rocking his shaking boyfriend.

"It just fucking sucks Jimin."

"It does baby, it does. But you gave her all your loved and she loved you just as much back. Now, she just loves you from a place without pain." Jimin says meaningfully, rubbing circles on Taehyung's back. 

"I hope she's a constellation now." Taehyung whispers and Jimin smiles, he loves Taehyung so fucking much.

"I bet she is."

Jimin sighs exhausted as he lays his head against Taehyung's bedroom window. It had taken many more hours for his boyfriend to fall asleep, and it's been like this for the last week, understandably. He looks back at the elder, before standing up and taking the heavy blanket off Taehyung's body then replacing it with a sheet and turning the air conditioner up higher. He knows Taehyung sweats too easily, and the April air is unforgiving this year. Jimin frowns, when he spots the funeral paper on Taehyung's nightstand. He hides it quickly, so it doesn't have to be the first thing his boyfriend sees when he wakes up. 

Jimin doesn't know if he can ever describe his love for Taehyung and do it justice. It's a ferocious fire that burns in Jimin's chest, it's not a scorching painful heat but a calming, warm and cozy one. Everything that Jimin does he does with Taehyung in mind, and he can't complain about it one bit. Taehyung had become his rock, his diary, his love, his heart- just his everything. Jimin regrets his weak moments in life, regrets all the harm he tried to cause himself after Jihyun's death. Yet, he's realized without all the pain and struggle he never would have been able to meet Taehyung. Would have never seen his tall, goofy knight in shining armour.

Taehyung is the love of Jimin's life, the once in a lifetime type of love and Jimin is going to hold Taehyung close to his heart for as long as it beats.


Taehyung is looking through old photobooks one morning in mid May. Smiling and running his fingers along a photo of his mother carrying Taehyung's sister when she was a baby with a naked toddler Taehyung hanging upside down in his fathers arms. Taehyung laughs when he figures its one of those pictures that his uncle snapped in the middle of their wild family antics. He closes it, putting it in the cardboard box along with some other family moments. Moving to Jimin's apartment was an easy choice, his lease was almost up and the idea of waking up next to Jimin every single morning was too tempting.

Taehyung looked down at his bracelet as he continued to pack, smiling at the silver chain his mother wore everyday for fifteen years- the one that is now his. It hurts sometimes, when he remembers she's gone. There are times he has to stop himself from crying when the feeling and memories become too much but, he's coping. He has amazing friends and a large family that's always there to help him through his pain. Seeing his father smile for the first time in a long time last week, helped Taehyung so much as well. He loves his dad a lot, and he probably suffered so much but his father stood strong for the Kim family. Taehyung always did say his dad was a superhero when he was younger, maybe he was always right.

Then there's Jimin his sweet, beautiful Jimin who stood by his side through it all. Never leaving him, never leaving his friends or other family members. Lately, Taehyung doesn't think that marriage is that iffy of an idea. He laughs to himself at the thought of Jimin with a ring around his finger, walking down the aisle to meet Taehyung and promise eternity.

It really isn't that bad of an idea.

An hour later, when Taehyung gets a text from Jimin he's about finished packing and preparing to put it all in his car. It's a link, a link to the magazine Jimin wrote for. It dawns on Taehyung what the link is, he hastily opens it and right in front of his eyes is his Jimin's article.

How to Continue

By: Park Jimin

Whether it's expected or not it always hits you the same way. It hits you with the power of a large wave crashing over an unsuspecting plot of land. A tsunami of emotions such as; pain, confusion, sadness, regret, denial and the list goes on. My own wave came fast, like the speed of light one moment I had a younger brother and the next moment, I just didn't. It's possible your wave came slowly, a creeping feeling of awaited doom and then- it crashes down and you're drowning with no way out of the water.

The first question, many people who experience the death of a loved one asks themselves is "What now? How do I live without them anymore." It's difficult, of course. It's challenging to realize that something so ingrained in your daily life has been permanently removed. The one thing, you need to tell yourself is that while they were removed, they weren't erased. Humans are put on this earth and many of us don't understand why. Different religions give us different answers, science tells us procreation it all varies depending on who it is that you speak to. The one constant, that can be absolutely known for sure is that once put on this earth, you've left some sort of mark.

Whether you made your parents feel loved and needed for the first time, perhaps you gave someone a tattoo, helped build a building, helped to take over a business. There's an endless amount of things you could do but, I gaurentee no matter what, you and your loved ones implanted some mark on the world that can never change. That's where the first step of learning to continue after death comes from, remembering that whatever that person did- it was something and if you feel hurt after their death then they touched your heart at some point.

Again, a person can be removed but never erased. That love they gave you, the endless love you felt from them will never be erased. It will never go anywhere, dear reader. Someone special to me, once said that when someone who wasn't able to live their full lives die, they're turned into constellations. I want to expand upon that beautiful statement and say, that they also live through you. They will always live through you, because you're the one who contains an endless amount of memories and feelings.

Some may say that no one really dies, that immortality already exists through the power of emotions and memories. I may have to agree, if you want to continue on with life, cherish and remind other of the lives your loved ones lived before death. Share their stories, share their love, share their laughter- through that, you are sharing the biggest part of them. Along with that, in a way they will always exist and you will always feels complete. Good luck on your journey to continuing. 

Taehyung is sobbing as he continues to reread the piece. He can physically see Jimin, feel Jimin, hear Jimin while he reads it. He's not sure how many times he read it when there's a knock sounding on his door. At first he thinks it's Jungkook or Yoongi to help him with the move. But no, it's Jimin. It's always Jimin.

When he opens the door Jimin kisses him passionately while wiping away Taehyung's tears. "Did you read it baby?"

"A hundred times," Taehyung says through ugly sobs. "Maybe fifteen the lines are blurred."

Jimin laughs and hugs him tightly. "Was it good?"

"It came from you...everything from you is good, you're so fucking good." Taehyung says and Jimin beams at him, a pretty little blush on his cheeks.

"Perhaps my next writing piece should be on our story?"

"You'll need to wait a long time for that." Taehyung says, finally closing the front door and pushing Jimin in front of it lightly.

"And why is that?" Jimin questions, kissing Taehyung's cheek.

"Because our story is going to continue forever, our own version of forever."