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Olympus High

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Tina watched the houses pass by through the bus window, trying to will her headache away. The chatter on the bus was loud, and it was driving her crazy. Her fingers itched to bang some heads together, but she had to learn to manage her anger. She had already been kicked out of a number of school systems, and her mother said this was her last chance before she was shipped off to reform school.

Olympus High was actually a rather exclusive school even though she wasn't the first member of the family to attend. As a matter of fact, she would have probably been the only family member not to attend, but they had all been surprised when she got invitation despite her school history.

"Mind if I sat down beside you?" came a bubbly voice.

She looked up. A short, cheery-looking blonde was waiting for an answer.

Tina shrugged and went back to looking out the window.

It might as well have been a warm invitation as far as the blonde was concerned. "Hi, I'm Abby." When Tina didn't respond with her own name, she continued. "I'm so excited about my first day of school at Olympus High. They're supposed to have a phenomenal drama department. I'm a ninth grader, are you?" Tina responded with a small nod of her head, but she wasn't making eye contact. "Oh, so we'll have classes together. I can't wait. I've heard a lot of stories about Olympus High, but I'm positive that they had to be making some of it up. Do you want to hear one? Well, in the eighties when my mom attended school here, she—"

"Do you ever shut up?" Tina finally said, turning around.

Before Abby could reply, the bus stopped. Tina took a good look at the school. It had a very old-fashioned Grecian look to it with its columns and symmetry as if it should have been a bank instead of a school.

Tina looked at her schedule when she entered the school halls. Science was first on the list, so she made her way to Room 107 and found a seat in the back corner.

On the chalkboard was written in swirling pink chalk 'Ms. Aphrodite' with a heart in place of the usual dot for the i. There were sniggers at the name.

The late teacher entered the room, and it was immediately clear that she preferred pink in more then just chalk. She was dressed in a pink business suit, but it was a weak attempt at professionalism. The skirt, if it could be called that, barely covered her behind. The sleeves of her jacket were a normal length, but her sheer, white blouse underneath made it laughable as her midriff was clearly exposed. Her blonde hair was swept up in an untidy, seductive sort of bun. "Hi, kiddos," she said, sounding like she could have stepped out of the Clueless movie.

There were wolf whistles from some of the more immature classmates, which was pretty much every ninth grade boy in the room.

"Oh, you guys are totally sweet, but we have to get down to business. I got in some major trouble for not sticking to science talk last year. Our first topic of study is light. There are like all kinds of light. There's the light that comes from candles. You know candlelight really enhances the mood, and it can hide any imperfections, so it's a plus, but the most rad form of light is sunlight. When two people go at it under the sun with the sunlight glistening on their skin and sweat rolling off their bodies—"

Most of the class had been rendered speechless, but one timid-looking girl raised her hand, and Ms. Aphrodite reluctantly stopped her lecture to call on her. The girl said very quietly and unsurely, "Is this science?"

"Duh," she said. Then she started her lecture up where she had left off. The rest of the class period only went downhill from there and became even raunchier.

When the bell rang, Ms. Aphrodite had to remind the stunned students that it was time to go to the next class.

A couple of girls walking in front of her were fanning themselves. "I never knew science was so interesting. I've never learned so much in one sitting in all my life," said one of them. "Tell me about it," said the other. "I feel like I could go for a cold shower."

Tina could only shake her head in disbelief at the whole experience. What kind of crackpot school was this?