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Far from Glory

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It wasn’t the work one would choose the to do. But you didn’t have much of a choice. Your parents had left the country leaving you with a debt to pay with you being their family after all. While it wasn’t a ridiculously high amount (20k Gil) but it was enough that you were forced to take up a less than glorious job to quickly gather the money.

Working in a gloryhole cabin.  Every day you would go to a place situated in one of the alleys of Insomnia in the richer part of the Crown City  where there would be a staircase leading down into a building. You would talk to the person at the reception and get the key to go to your spot.  It was a small booth which was small enough that when you would bend over your ass would touch the other side when having your hands on the wall.

There was a couch against the far wall you could sit on while waiting for a customer to stick their dick through the hole on the on your left, there was a box of wet naps, a towel and a washcloth on a table near the sink that was on the wall   of the door you used to come into the cabin. The booth was completely sealed to protect the identity of the girls that worked there. The walls went from the ceiling to the floor the only way one could look in was through the holes clients put their cocks through and that was against the rules. On the left next to the hole was a screen showing if the client paid after they made use of the booth, once they paid the door to their booth was open and they could leave. If they didn’t pay the door wouldn’t open until security arrived to drag them into a containment cell.

Setting your bag down you undressed, putting a blue house robe on before taking place on the couch playing games on you cellphone until you heard the door of the client open and shut, a cock coming in through the hole. “ Show me what you got slut.”

Frowning you shook your head.  Of course your day would start off with the type of customer you hate a lot. The type of customer that treats the girls that work there like nothing more than flesh puppets to be used and tossed. Nothing more than sacks of fuckmeat.

But money was money, so you placed the robe on the couch before bending over rubbing your folds against his cock, slowly easing him into you, as his cock was quite slim you kept going until he was fully sheathed inside of you. You could hear him groan from behind the wall as you began to move feeling him slightly thrust into you.

“ Yeah that’s right bitch, take my cock!” He thrust in harder feeling you meet his every thrust “ Fuck yeah! “ You felt his cock twitch a little after about five minutes of him roughly thrusting into you. “ Gonna fill you up! Gonna fill you real good and knock you up with my kid. Take it! Take it bitch!!” just before he was about to come you pulled away feeling him come on your back.

“Hey! You weren’t supposed to pull away from that!” The man banged on the wall. “Next time you better not do that shit again! “ He paid and left clearly not happy. Not like you cared as the choice who you’d let shoot their cum inside you or not. They didn’t make it a requirement thank goodness.

The rest of the day you were lucky enough had customers to get clients that weren’t assholes like that guy. You had some

You heard a soft knock on the wall. “ Hey babe,  I’ll be in your care let’s have some fun.” A deep voice spoke from the other side. The chuckle that followed shot a tingle right into your core. This man sounded really hot. You heard his belt being undone only for him to grunt a few minutes later ”Hey babe. I got a bit of a problem… it’s ..not going to fit in there in that little hole. Don’t know what the average size is but you should ask to make it a tad bigger…”

“ Are you that big?” In your mind you wondered how big exactly he was going to be if he was that big. Even though it was against the rules for the clients to look through the hole the girls had free reign. So as silently as you could you bowed down to look only to have your jaw hit the floor at the sight. To say the guy was big was an understatement he was probably the biggest you’ve ever seen both in girth and in length. It wasn’t even fully hard yet. It throbbed slightly.” Hello? Did you hear me?”

“Oh yeah, sorry usually clients don’t want to talk so I didn’t think you really wanted me to answer” You got back up. “ Well fuck this big boy isn’t going to go down with just jacking off though…” The man sighed.” Guess I’m stuck in here for a while I guess. “ You heard the frustration in the man’s voice. Bending over again you tried to get a better look at the man, your eye travelled upwards as much as the hole allowed. He didn’t wear a shirt giving you a good look at his abs and the Astrals he was ripped. The word Beefcake didn’t even describe it, you tried to see his face but the hole was situated too low to see his face.

“Uhm just a moment sir!” You quickly got a pen and paper writing down a note saying; I’ll be done in about five minutes, wait outside by the bakery if you, ‘need help’ . The man grinned reading the note. “ Alright babe thanks.” He left whistling the entire way. Hearing the door close you quickly got dressed gathering your things before almost running out of the facility.

“ Oh god Oh god, I can’t believe I’m actually doing this. But his cock oh my Astrals…”  Your face was turning every color crimson remembering how big it was. You wanted that thing inside you like yesterday the moment you laid eyes on it.  You praised the Astrals that he didn’t come in earlier.  “ Guess I’m actually doing this.. 

The bakery came into view but no sight of the man.” Guess he didn’t come. “ You frowned a bit sad. “Of course who would come when you never saw the person’s face…” With a sigh you turned around to leave only to run into someone’s chest. “ Woah there babe, careful. “ A pair of arms wrapped around you as you stumbled backwards due to the impact.” I gotcha babe”  

Somewhat steady on your feet now you looked up at the man. “ S-sorry about that” You apologized at the man and when you looked him in the eyes you felt your heart almost stop. When he put you back down you got a better look at him only to realize he  was the guy you were going to meet.

“S-so you did come…”You felt the blood rush to your face, you already saw most of his body but  you had never seen his face and Ifrit’s Fire if that man didn’t have the most beautiful pair of eyes you ever saw. “Hmm?” The man raised a brow not getting what you were talking about. “ Have we met?”

“ I uhm.. well you said it didn’t fit right?” The man’s facial expression changed from confused to realization. “Oh..” His eyes gave you a once over, a smirk forming on his lips “ So you’re the babe on the other side? Damn. So you want to do this at your place? Or at mine?” Well at least the guy got straight to business. “ Mine but before we go may I know the name of the man who’s name I’m going to scream?”

He laughed and nodded. “ Gladiolus, Gladio is fine and you?” You shook the hand he held out to you and introduced yourself. “Pretty name for a pretty lady.. well lead the way.” With a nod you linked arms with him and walked him to your house. The entire time your brain was processing that this was really going to happen. This ridiculously hot man was going to fuck you stupid with that weapon in his pants that he called a dick. “ So baby girl got any rules I need to know? Safe words?”  You were slightly surprised at how his way of addressing you got a tad more intimate once he was in you house. “  Yes, no hardcore bdsm, no scat or watersports, bloodplay is a big no as well as is fisting. I think that should cover it.. as for safe word Kupo” Nodding he walked back over to you placing his hands on your hips before pulling you onto the bed. “What about you?  Any rules?”

“Nothing to add baby girl” He nuzzled your neck before slowly starting to kiss down your neck. “ Gonna make you feel real good.” His hands slowly slipped under your clothes, slowly pushing your sweater up  and over your head and tossing it somewhere in the room. Smirking he ran his hands down your sides taking in your curvy figure, you could hear him chuckle as he stripped the two off you of your clothes.

“ Oh wow” Was the only thing you found yourself able to say when you saw him fully naked.  Adonis in human form. “ Like what you see baby girl?” He grinned, dropping his pants. “ Like doesn’t even properly describe it. “ you laughed as he shimmied down, hoisting your legs up on his shoulders his tongue delved into your core. He thrusted and twisted it inside of you and gods  did it feel great that man was a godsent with how skilled he was. “ Oh gods! Gladio! “ Your hands shot to his hair  tangling your fingers in his hair. You tried to squirm but he firmly held onto your legs “Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” Your back arched off the bed.

The combination of his tongue inside of you and his facial hair gazing past your clit made your orgasm build incredibly fast.” Gla…Gladdy I’m gonna..aah c-cum!” With trembling legs you came hard from his ministrations. His fingers joined his tongue now brushing past your oversensitive walls as you were still coming down from your high. Two of his thick fingers thrust themselves inside of you alongside his tongue as he lapped up the torrent of your essence that was still gushing out. “ You taste real good baby girl.”

Smirking he sat up against the headboard of the bed pulling you onto his lap. “ Ready for me to rock your world baby girl?” You nodded feeling the head of his massive cock press against your entrance slowly sliding in as his hands guided your hips down slowly for a moment only to slam your hips down moments later, your stomach bulging from the size difference. You gasped your head falling back from the feeling of being stretched that much. After a few hard thrusts you found Gladiolus quickly flipping the two of you over so you were with your back on the bed now, his body firmly against yours and one arm around your waist while the other held onto the headboard for leverage as he continued to relentlessly jackhammer into you.

“Fuck yeah you’re tight!  You like this? Like my cock destroying your tight pussy?” He grunted into your ear feeling your nails dig deep into his back. “ That’s it baby girl! Take daddy’s cock!”  The entire bed shook and hit the wall from the sheer force Gladio was thrusting into you with. Fueled by your moans and seeing how your body reacted. Your stomach bulging everything he thrust in due to the size difference and the fact that his cock was just Massive to say the least you trembled underneath him. “ Fuck you feel good around me! Could do this all day!”

“Ah.! Gladdy! “ His cock pushed against your sweet spot time and time again while pressing down on your body. “ Come on tell daddy how much you want it.” Gladiolus smirked seeing your pleasure riddled face.  “Come on baby girl” He stilled within you.” Tell me and I will give it to you. “ He was enjoying the whine coming from your throat as you tried to move your body to get more friction but to no avail as Gladiolus was holding you down on the bed. “D-daddyyyy please give it to me!” He had given you mind blowing pleasure and you wanted that great finish only he could give you know. “ Please!! “

With a big grin on his face he continued to jackhammer into you” Gonna fill you up!” He groaned feeling you clamp down on him again. His cock twitched and you felt yourself be filled up with every thrust. Your abdomen swelling with every thrust. Eventually he stopped moving, his cock still balls deep inside you and still some of his cum was pouring out between the crevices as it was too much to even fit in your body.” Goddamn baby girl. You took my cock like a champ..” He grinned, pecking you on the cheek before pulling out followed by a torrent of cum coming out of you.

“ I aah.. Can’t …move…” You panted as you passed out. Gladiolus could only laugh.” Don’t worry baby girl, daddy’s got you…”

Waking up the next day you found yourself in bed. You and the bed were both cleaned up and a paper on the nightstand. Gladiolus was gone though. Picking up the note you read it.

Hey baby girl.

You were great last night. Wouldn
’t mind filling you up again.
I figured you won
’t be able to move properly for a while so I cleaned up for you.
My number
’s at the bottom so give me a call when you need someone to treat you right.
Later baby girl

Your Daddy

With a smile and a sigh you laid back. For once you were happy to be in the line of work you were in. Or else you would’ve never met Gladiolus and boy did he rock your world. If it wasn’t for him you wouldn’t have found out you had a daddy kink.

“Guess I should give him a call in a couple days..” You smiled as you laid back.

Far from glory your were but life had glorious moments like these.

The end