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Working at the Danville Fire Department

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Working at the Danville Fire Department

As we look over the tri-state area, we hear the distant siren and a faint radio chatter. As we get closer, we see an ambulance flying through downtown, as the siren gets louder and the radio chatter gets clearer.

We go inside the ambulance, as two paramedics are working on a male who's face is unknown, but his hair color is red, and he has a severe head injury.

"BP's 180/100," one paramedic says, "Heart rate's 130." "Come on, stay with me!," a familiar female voice said. "Ma'am, you need to let us do our work," said the paramedic. "NO," the female yelled, "he's my boy-, very best friend, and I promised not to leave him!"

"Alright, just keep out of our way while we work," the paramedic sighed.

Suddenly, lots of beeping came from the device that was tracking the patient's heart rate. "He's crashing!," a second paramedic yelled. "Crap," said the first paramedic, "What the hell happened in there?"

Random scenes are played very quickly in rewind order, ending on the familiar house on Maple Drive. A text appears, "4 hours ago."

Two-step brothers are seen relaxing underneath an oak tree in the backyard of the familiar house.

Phineas turns to his brother and said, "You know Ferb, it feels like we do almost the same thing every day. It would be nice to do something cool for a day."

Just as Phineas finished his thought, three fire trucks (2 engines and 1 ladder for all you fire buffs) with loud sirens went whizzing by the house.

"Seems like the Danville Fire Department has something big happening," said Ferb after the trucks made a left turn a couple of blocks down.

"Yeah, hope they stay safe," said Phineas.

They were looking over the fence, so when Isabella made her way across the street, Phineas waved to Isabella.

"Hey, Isabella!"

"Hey, Phineas. Whatcha doin'?"

"Just watching the fire department go by," Phineas said as he climbed down.

Isabella closed the gate behind her as she entered the backyard, "Yeah, Ginger told me that they have a house fire nearby, and a pretty big one too, if I do say so myself," she said, looking in the direction the fire trucks went, seeing some smoke in the sky.

"Oh, really?," Phineas asked, surprised.

"Yeah, her dad is a chief in the fire department, if I remember correctly," Isabella replied.

"That's nice." Phineas commented, "Well, I don't know what we should yet, but it'll come to me."

After a moment of silence, Phineas said, "Hey, where's Perry?"

Meanwhile, in his secret lair, Perry was already getting his mission briefing from Major Monogram.

"Good morning Agent P." the major said, "For reasons unknown to us, Dr. Doofenshmirtz has bought all of the R-134a refrigerant out there. R-134a is a type of refrigerant that's used to keep the A/C in cars cold. You can find it in cars from at least the 2000s or newer."

Perry just looked at him blankly.

"What? I figured it would better for you to know what it is just in case you were wondering."

Perry just shrugged his shoulders.

"Anyway, make sure Doofenshmirtz isn't using this for anything evil. Good luck, Monogram out." Perry saluted as the screen went black. He hopped onto his hovercraft and flew to the sky and towards the downtown area, but first making a stop at the fire located not too far from his host family's house.

He cringed when he saw how bad the fire was. <em>They're going to need help, soon</em>, he thought. He continued on to head downtown to see what Doof was up to.


Doofenshmritz Evil Incorporated!

As the familiar jingle played, Perry crashed through the window, and he finds himself trapped yet again, this time he was trapped in a glass box with a plastic top that has holes in it, allowing the platypus to breathe.

"Ah, Perry the Platypus, what an unexpected surprise, and by unexpected, I mean completely expected!," the pharmacist/evil scientist yelled at the end of his sentence.

"So, you remember the time I told you I had to be a lawn gnome, right? Well, I also had to be a lawn gnome during the winter. It was so cold, I was shivering."

A young Heinz is seen covered in snow in his home town. As he starts to shake the snow off, we hear a man yell at the child, saying, "Bewege dich nicht!" The child instantly stop shaking and stands in the same position as we first saw him.

"So, behold, the Freeze-inator!," the scientist gestures to a large contraption with a button on top, and many buttons on the control panel .

"With this device and the refrigerant I have collected from across the tri-state area, I will freeze everything in Danville! Then I'll walk in during the chaos and take over the TRI-STATE AREA!," Doofenshmritz yelled at the top of his lungs.


"So, no plans at all? Not even a small one?," Buford asked in disbelief, with Blajeet standing next to him.

"Absolutely no ideas," Phineas replied.

"Wow, that hardly ever happens," Baljeet commented.

Suddenly, the gang heard a car engine turn off and a car door open and close. A man on the other side of the fence said, "Danville Fire Department. Is anybody back here?"

"Yeah, come on in!," Isabella replied. "That must be Mr. Hirano, the chief of the Danville Fire Department," she said to her friends and her crush.

A man wearing a radio belt and a reflective vest that's labeled "Incident Command" entered the backyard.

"Hello Isabella, it's good to see you again," the chief said, "but I'm afraid I didn't come here for the pleasantries. We have a bigger problem to deal with. Take a look in the sky, everyone."

Everyone looked in the sky and saw that the little bit of smoke 2 hours ago turned into a huge pillar of smoke.

"Oh my god!," exclaimed Isabella.

Holy crap!," Phineas said, shocked at how much smoke there was.

"What the hell?," said Buford, seeing it for the first time.

"Yeah," said the chief, "it's getting pretty bad, and the closest department that's available is two hours away."

"What can we do?," Isabella asked, wondering if her friend's dad will let them help.

"Well, from what I understand, you two boys built a tower to the moon in one day," said Mr. Hirano, looking at Phineas and Ferb.

"Yep, that was us!," Phineas exclaimed.

"Well, maybe you guys can help us finish this," replied the chief.

"Finish what?," Baljeet asked, seeing nothing around the house.

As if on cue, a flatbed tow truck starts backing up into the driveway next to the chief car.

"That," responded Mr. Hirano, pointing to a bright and shiny red fire engine. (For everyone who wants to know the tech specs, it's 2017 Seagrave Pumper with all LED lights, not wired however, a 6,000-gallon water tank, and a cab to sit 8 people)

"All you need to do is wire up all the lights, everything else has been taken care of," the chief said, as all the kids stared at the fire truck with jaws dropped.

"Did you say wiring?," asked Phineas.

"Yep, just wiring."

"Ferb, I know what we're going to do from this point of the day on!"