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"Be a good brat, you little shit."

Izuku stiffled a giggle when the boy rolled his eyes. Still, Katsuki faced the impending forehead kiss from Mitsuki with as much dignity a six-year-old could carry. It was a double date night for their parents, to celebrate the rare times that Hisashi was present in the country. Izuku didn't mind, since his mom would be glowing with happiness for the next day after tonight.

"Bye, auntie." The woman grinned at Izuku and gave Katsuki one last swat at the back of the head before leaving. Izuku made sure to lock the double doors, and then turned to his charge with a large grin.

It was just Izuku and Katsuki now.

Katsuki was gripping an All Might action figure in one hand and an Endeavor figure on the other. His brows were scrunched together into something fierce, and there was a strange intensity in his bright red eyes.

It unnerved Izuku a little bit, but he quickly brushed it off as something like curiosity. Probably.

“So, what do you want for dinner, Kacchan?” The sixteen-year old leaned down, meeting Katsuki’s gaze. “There’s still curry. But if you don’t feel like it, your mom said we could get some take out.”

Katsuki was silent, staring as long as intently as possible at Izuku. It looked like he wasn’t even blinking, and it was getting the teenager a little worried.

It took Katsuki some time to recognize him, only remembering Izuku when the teen mentioned the blonde used to call him deku at four. Probably because he doesn’t remember the times Izuku visited before starting middle school. He used to visit a lot during his elementary years, but as Izuku strove to get to UA – well, that meant more time spent on studying.

Sure, Izuku was quirkless beta and had long given up on his dreams of becoming a Pro-Hero, but that doesn’t mean he can’t help people in some capacity. Besides, getting accepted into UA’s Gen Ed meant a lot of opportunities of getting into a good college, which also meant a lot of opportunities and places where Izuku could help people.

“Curry’s okay.” Izuku blinked, Katsuki’s tiny voice bringing him out of his reverie. He grinned at the boy, who nodded like having curry for dinner was a fact of life.

“Great, come on. Let’s eat, Kacchan!” The beta began padding to the kitchen when he felt Katsuki’s tiny hand grab onto his pant leg that almost sent him tripping into the wooden floors. Izuku slowed down and patted the explosive head of blond, amused as Katsuki tried swatting it away.

Mitsuki-san’s curry was perfectly seasoned, and the spice was strong enough to give a kick but not burn. Izuku barely finished his plate when Katsuki poked him for seconds. By the time the beta teen was washing his dirty dishes, Katsuki was already on his fourth plate.

Which was a little worrying because what if Katsuki threw up? What if Katsuki ended up with an upset stomach? Or food poisoning! Was this normal for Katsuki? Should he call Mitsuki-san? But that would be disturbing their date night… but what if calling for an ambulance would worry her more? What should –

“Done.” Izuku took the plate and plastic chopsticks with a sheepish expression. Katsuki still had that too serious expression on his face, that the teen was genuinely worried his face would be stuck like that for the rest of his life.

With dinner done, dishes taken care of, and curry stored inside the fridge – it was just a matter of tiring Katsuki out for bed.

Which should be easy. It was a good thing Mitsuki-san mentioned that Katsuki loved All Might and that was why he bough a few DVDs and video games about the Number One Pro Hero. Getting Katsuki to chose what he wanted to watch wasn’t that hard either, he just went along with whatever Izuku suggested as good.

Izuku then found himself sitting leaning attentively on one side of the couch, Katsuki on the other, and a tray of popcorn and packets of fruit juices between them. Even if Izuku had seen this featurette tens of times ever since All Might debuted two years ago, he never got tired of watching it over and over again.

The volume wasn’t turned up that high so that in case Katsuki had questions, he wouldn’t miss it.

“All Might’s pretty cool,” the blond said right in the middle of the climax, eyes glued to the screen. The teen grinned at the awe he could see reflected there. Wasn’t Katsuki’s quirk ‘Explosion’? With a quirk like that, Izuku wouldn’t be surprised if the boy wanted to get into heroics. “I want to be like him!”

“I believe in you, Kacchan.” The beta then turned his attention back to the television when the blond nodded eagerly.

Half an hour later and All Might’s grinning face cheering the audience on, the movie ended and that was when Katsuki was beginning to yawn and rubbing his eyes.

“Want to watch another one?” Izuku stood up, dusting the imaginary dust from his clothes. Katsuki shook his head. “Okay, bed time then.”

When Izuku offered to help Katsuki bathe, the boy refused citing that he was a big boy now and not even his parents helped him anymore, which was fine with the teen. Same with brushing his teeth.

It was half past nine as the beta helped the blond get into All Might themed PJs before getting to bed.

“Hey, Deku-nii,” Katsuki murmured. His All Might blankets were up to his chin, and he was clutching a stuffed rabbit underneath it.

“Yes, Kacchan?”

“I’ll be the number one hero and we’ll get married together!”


His silence must have soured the boy’s mood, because he was very much awake and no longer sleepy. The blond pushed the blankets off and scrambled to his feet, glaring at Izuku too seriously for it to be a joke. Well, it was a little hard taking Katsuki seriously since he was in All Might PJs standing on his All Might themed bed.

"What." Izuku said to the six-year old, who now had a faint dusting of pink on the boy's cheeks.

"I said, I'm going to be the number one hero and I'm going to marry you!" Katsuki declared with a determined glint and an expression far too serious for someone his age.

It was… kinda cute. Also, wow, it was a little flattering to be someone’s childhood crush.

"Oh, alright." Izuku found himself trying to stifle a giggle at Katsuki's promise. "I'll hold you to that, then, Kacchan."

The blond boy huffed, placed his hands on his hips in a gesture reminiscent of his mother. "You're not taking me seriously! I swear, I'm gonna make it fucking happen!"

"Kacchan! Swearing is bad!" Izuku scolded, but the smile threatening to overcome his face took away all the seriousness in his tone. "I know your mom likes to swear, but that doesn't mean you have to."

"You have to promise not to marry anyone because I'm going to be your husband!"

Izuku couldn't help it. Katsuki's just adorable with his childhood crush. Eventually, the boy will probably grow out of it and would start dating a classmate or someone close to his age once he reached the time when he's curious enoguh about sex and romance.

"Okay, I promise." Izuku blinked when Katsuki nearly punched him when he thrust his hand forward, waiting for Izuku to shake it.

"You promise? Cross your heart and hope to die?" Katsuki's scowl was impressive, but the baby fat and smushed cheeks just made him adorable.

"Stick a needle in my eye," Izuku agreed with faux seriousness and shook the boy's hand. For a kid, Katsuki sure has a surprisingly strong grip.

"I'll be the number one hero and Deku will be my wife!"

Izuku choked.




Cram school was a special kind of hell.

This wasn’t Izuku’s first cram school; but preparing for college was another kind of evil entirely different back when he was in elementary and middle school. Preparing for UA was difficult and nightmarish; but it had nothing on preparing for Med school.

He still babysat Katsuki-kun, just… not all the time. Cram school was difficult and as the school year passed by, babysitting the blond boy became rarer and rarer to the point that the teen only saw Katsuki-kun once a month.

Hell, it even felt like Izuku saw his parents once a month.

Hisashi still visited every now and then, and often tried to stay as long as possible during the summers and winters. Izuku tried not to feel guilty for his dad having to take up more responsibilities just to support his schooling in UA, but he really couldn’t help it. More responsibilities meant less time spent talking over Skype or vacations.

Then there was cram school.

Even if Izuku hated it, he had to do more than better so that he could at least find a career option that paid high enough so that his dad wouldn’t have to work abroad anymore. He just had to grin and bear it.

Except, he couldn’t exactly.

Because he was going to be late.

All because he forgot his work book at home, had to get it back, and was now running to the building and apologizing profusely to anyone he bumped into. It was pretty embarrassing, but Izuku had no time and he –

Just crashed into someone.

“Sorry! Sorry!” Izuku went on, picking up his books, panicking because he only had two minutes left before classes began. He really wanted to stay longer and apologize, but he already had his things stacked haphazardly around his arms before he took off running.

“Come back here you dickwad!” More curses followed. A quick glance and Izuku stumbled when he found himself staring at a taller teen with spiky blond hair and purple eyes. “You better get me another unicorn frappe, or I’ll punch you in the fucking nuts!”

“Eight pm!” Izuku winced, but that was probably the least he can do to make it up to the poor soul. “Cram school!”

“You fucking better!” Came the angry reply, and the teen could only heave a sigh of relief as he finally entered the building. “I’ll be waiting you dickwad!”

It was hard concentrating during class, as Izuku’s mind drifted back to the blond with a sweet tooth and a foul mouth, wondering if he would really wait for Izuku outside just for another serving of the rainbow-colored drink. Of course, the beta would have preferred that the guy decided it wasn’t worth his time and left instead.

The teen really tried concentrating in class, but the whole incident won’t stop bugging him. He practically flew out of seat once cram school finished, and Izuku had to shyly wave a few of his cram buddies off just to check if the other teen would really be waiting outside.

“Hey! You’re two minutes late!”

So much for wishing him gone.

“Hi,” Izuku greeted, scratching at the back of his neck. “We just finished – so uh, hi! Sorry about that, I didn’t mean to bump into you and there’s a Starbucks down the street...”

“Fine.” The stranger rolled his eyes.

“Great!” Izuku tried to laugh it off, but it came off as nervous coughing. “I’m Midoriya Izuku.”

“Tch. Akatani Kumori.”




“Do you have your pencils?”

“Yes, dad.”



“Notebooks? ID? Hat? Ne, Mi-chan, do you – “

“Dad, I’m going to be fine.”

Mikumo rolled his eyes as Izuku continued to fuss over him. Izuku couldn’t help it.

“Alright, but be careful, okay?”

“Sure thing, dad.” Izuku grinned and pressed a kiss on Mikumo’s forehead. His son swatted him away, embarrassed at any sort of affection – even at home. “Bye.”

“Bye!” One last kiss to the forehead, and Izuku let go. Mikumo rushed away, nearly tripping on the genkan, before heading out the door.

With Mikumo gone, it was time for Izuku to work.

Technically, he was on the last day of his two-week leave, and there were still a lot of things he needed to do in their new house.

A two-storey house was big for a single father and his son, and there was the issue of bigger bills – but this house was closer to work and was miles better than his old rundown studio at the shadier parts of town.

And it’s safer for Mikumo, which was why Izuku wasn’t really complaining much.

There were still a few unopened boxes in their living room – clothes, books, and various toys – and Izuku had yet to take care of those.

Bracing himself for a busy day ahead of him, Izuku padded back to the living room.

Sorting through the boxes and storing their contents took longer than Izuku expected it to be. And rather tiring too. Running up and down to gather the boxes had him winded after two hours, and he had to take a short break before continuing.

Hours passed and Izuku finally slumped down in the living room couch, a pitcher of lemonade and a slice of strawberry shortcake on the coffee table, and all the empty boxes already stacked and hidden in the broom closet for future use.

The house smelled new and of pot roast Izuku put in the slow cooker. It was a little quaint and rather cosy, trinkets and other projects lining all surfaces.

Save for one area.

Taking a deep breath, Izuku turned to the alter placed unobtrusively at the farthest corner of the living room. Akatani Kumori’s portrait grinned mischievously, startlingly bright against the dark frame and black ribbon –  a splash of life where there’s otherwise none.

“Hey, we made it.” Izuku smiled gently at the still image, can still feel pangs of grief lodged deep in his chest. It’s been six years, some of the pain had dulled, but it was during moments like these when it felt fresh and sharp. “It’s Mi-chan’s first day in a new school, and he’s already independent. Won’t even let me tie his shoe laces or help him dress. Says he can do it all on his own.”

He let out a loud sigh, looking up at the ceiling. “I wish you were here to see him now, Kumo-chan.”

Izuku felt lost in that moment, unsure how to move forward, wondering if he was doing enough for Mikumo. Things were never easy to begin with, and it was at times like these that the beta felt overwhelmed. He was expecting things to become more difficult as Mikumo grew older, and it was hard to do what he can to protect his son without hovering too much.

The pitcher had a ring of moisture at its base, and Izuku should really get to it.

With another heavy sigh, the beta leaned forward and grabbed the plate and fork next to it. The strawberry shortcake was a house warming gift from his mom. She helped with moving in, and then played a little with Mikumo yesterday before going back to her apartment.

The shortcake tasted exactly like Izuku remembered it to be. Not too sweet, tart, and fresh.

Izuku was halfway through eating it when his phone began to vibrate inside his pocket.

Weird, the hospital knew he was coming back tomorrow so there was no reason for them to call. Couldn’t be his mom either, since she was at the Bakugou’s and were preparing dinner to welcome him and Mikumo back to the neighbourhood.

He grabbed the device and blinked.

It was Mikumo’s school.

Worried, Izuku answered.

“Good afternoon. I’m Sugita Shintaro, Mikumo-kun’s homeroom teacher.” Was what greeted Izuku right away. He blinked. “Is this… Midoriya Izuku?”

“Yes, speaking. Is there something wrong?” The beta returned the plate back on the coffee table carefully before standing up. Did something happen in school? Right on Mikumo’s first day?

“There has been a situation, and your son was involved in a… disagreement. Oh – no need to worry! It’s nothing our school nurse couldn’t fix.” Still, Izuku couldn’t find himself sighing in relief. He needed to see Mikumo for himself just to be sure. “He isn’t in trouble, but we would still like to speak to you.”

“Alright, I’ll be there in a few. Thank you for informing me.”

“Apologies for the inconvenience, Midoriya-san – and thank you for taking the time to listen.”

Then the call ended.

Anxious, Izuku rushed to his bathroom to take a quick shower. Wouldn’t do talking to Mikumo’s teacher smelling like sweat.

Mikumo’s school was just fifteen minutes away by foot. Izuku made it in ten.

It was a regular run of the mill public school, with an enormous campus for middle school and high school, and various areas for different sports and clubs. It wasn’t hard finding the elementary department building, and Izuku was practically rushing to where he guessed Mikumo’s classroom was supposed to be.

Izuku used to be a student here, and he was glad that nothing changed much for the last twenty years.

The man breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Mikumo’s classroom, slowing down as he neared.

Then froze.


Izuku’s mouth went dry. Katsuki’s voice was deeper and smoother, practically a purr. There was a wicked edge growing on his lips, and it sent a shiver straight to Izuku’s spine.


At eighteen years old, Katsuki was already at Izuku’s height. His shirt hugged his sculpted body, sleeves clinging to his biceps and his trousers tight his powerful thighs.


Then a broad grin spread across the young man’s face, stalking forward like some sort of predator and Izuku was his hapless prey. A shudder ran down Izuku’s back.

“It’s been a long time, huh?” There was a strange glint in Katsuki’s red eyes that sent heat straight down to Izuku’s groin and – no! Bad Izuku! He’s not about to pop a boner right in the school where his son attended! “How are you doing, sensei?”

Izuku tried not to squirm. Even if his pants felt tight.

“You’re fine – I mean! Do m – I’m doing fine, Kacch – Katsuki-kun.” Fuck, wouldn’t do calling Katsuki by his old nickname. That would earn Izuku a lot of strange looks. “A little glad that Pros help in every way they can – gives us a lot less to worry about when we get the patients.”

Izuku was the adult here, but it certainly felt like Katsuki’s making fun of him. The little shit.

“So! What brings you here? Feeling a little nostalgic?” Izuku avoided the younger man’s gaze, too self-conscious and a little awkward. He was also a little intimidated by the blonde’s physique and wondering what it would feel like to run his hands over Katsuki’s toned pectora – No! Bad!

Before Katsuki could answer, the door to Mikumo’s classroom slid open. A middle-aged man coughed and then motioned for them to get in. “Ah, I was getting a little worried. You must be Midoriya-san.”

“Ah yes, I am. What happened?”

“It’s ah, a little complicated. Come in, you too, Bakugou-kun.”

The blond grunted, motioning for Izuku to come in first. The beta nodded and stepped inside.

There were a few changes to the classroom – newer desks, chalkboard, and AC unit. Other than that, it was the same classroom Izuku attended during his childhood.

At the very front was Mikumo, arms crossed and sulking. Next to him was probably Katsuki’s clone at six years old. Except, this mini Katsuki was chattering away a mile a minute with the sunniest grin on his face. Which was a little jarring since the Bakugou Katsuki in Izuku’s flashbacks was an angry and foul-mouthed delinquent that liked punching people.

It was mini-Katsuki that noticed them, his bright red eyes widening in delight. “Katsu-nii! Look! I made a friend! His name is Mikumo, but I call him Yamikumo cuz he’s like grumpier than a raincloud. And is that Yami-chan’s dad? Hi! I’m Natsuki!”

There was an ugly bruise forming in Natsuki’s cheek.

“Hey dad,” Mikumo grumbled, turning towards the door. Izuku was pretty sure he brushed his son’s mess of a hair over his forehead, so why was it covering one eye now? “Can we go home now? I’m getting pretty hungry.”

“Not yet, Mikumo-kun. I still need to talk to you and your father about a few things.” The teacher cleared his throat. “Natsuki-kun can go home.”

“Eh, it’s fine. These two are supposed to be at my parents’ house, we can wait.”

“Then I would like to ask the two of you two wait outside. This concerns Midoriya-san and Mikumo-kun only.”

“Tch. Fine. Come on, you little brat.” The smaller Bakugou made a happy noise and practically leapt out of his chair. He rushed towards Katsuki and began clinging to his leg.

“See ya later Yami-chan! You too, Yami-chan’s dad!”

Katsuki rolled his eyes and began marching away, easily lifting Natsuki without any hint of being bothered by the added weight. Izuku tried not to stare.

It felt too soon when Katsuki slid the door close, and the beta braced himself and turned towards his son’s teacher with a concerned smile. “What happened?”

At his periphery, Mikumo sunk lower in his seat.

“Midoriya-san, you do know how certain people of a certain… secondary gender behave, correct?” Mikumo’s teacher began as he sat down, resting his fingers on his chin. “Especially when it comes to a certain other gender?”

“Well… being vague hardly helps. I would prefer if this is about Mikumo being an alpha, I would rather that you would be straightforward in regards to this matter.” Izuku smiled blandly. “I’ve seen a lot of things, physiology and biology are hardly something to be shy about.”

“I see… well.” The other man cleared his throat. “See, Bakugou Natsuki-kun is an omega and well – he just presented a few weeks ago and had been the subject to some… unsavoury behaviour.”

Izuku frowned. “He’s being bullied. Or harassed? If that’s the case, then why is my son in trouble then?”

The man let out a light laugh. “I’m sorry, your son is hardly in trouble. In fact, we would like to apologize to you and Bakugou-kun for the inconvenience this has caused. We found your son defending Natsuki-kun from harassment, and the alphas involved were already suspended and have to undergo therapy to keep this from happening again…

“Alright, your son may be in a little trouble, but that is because he responded by using his quirk in public of getting a teacher or any other capable adult. We know that a lot of kids these days want to be Pro Heroes, but we can’t really condone that kind of behaviour. He has detention for the whole week.”

A slap on the wrist then. Izuku could live with that. It could be worse. Except, Izuku would have preferred that Mikumo didn’t get into trouble at all.

“Is that all, then?”

“Oh – there’s also the matter of your son’s records. There’s been a few issues with his old elementary and….”




Katsuki was looking forward to dinner that night.

After school, the alpha was quick to hit the showers and brushed his teeth twice to be sure. He also took care not to sweat on the band t-shirt that he knew accentuated all the good bits, and the jeans he got was designed and made by Best Jeanist. Sure, he hated the bastard for his elegant shit or whatever, but Katsuki had to admit – the man made some damn good jeans.

The hag asking him to pick Natsuki up was a little annoying, especially after everything Katsuki did to be as presentable as possible – but hey, if his little brother needs to be picked up from school, whatever. How that boy was a cheery ball of sunshine compared to the infernos that were Bakugou Mitsuki and Katsuki – Katsuki will never know.

The walk to Natsuki’s school didn’t take long, and Katsuki was pretty much steeling himself to face a bunch of shit-faced alphas. His brother just presented, and if he’s getting harassed – well, there was hell to pay.

Before he could even get in, a faint scent reached the blond – one he instinctively knew as beta – familiar and soothing, and that had him turning.

Katsuki froze for a millisecond, drinking in the sight of the boy – now a man – that used to babysit him when he was younger. A childhood crush that never faded away – in fact, it was something that grew deeper as Katsuki matured and grew older.

“Deku-nii?” And Katsuki wanted to slap himself. The first thing he does to show Deku – Izuku – that he had matured and was a far cry from the kid he used to babysit, was call Izuku the same childish nickname he used for years instead of using his actual name. Well, there was a first time for everything.


Katsuki couldn’t stop frowning, but the hint of red that began from the tips of Izuku’s ears spreading to his neck had to mean something. He grinned.

Izuku flustered around, probably not realizing he was waving his arms around like a distressed chicken.

“It’s been a long time, huh?” Six years since they last saw each other. If Katsuki wasn’t mistaken, didn’t Izuku go to medical school? The beta was probably a doctor now. “How are you doing, sensei?”

For a twenty-eight-year-old man, Izuku was fucking adorable. He shifted on his feet, practically vibrating with energy.

If Izuku said anything else, it went in one ear and out the other. Katsuki practically paid no mind as Izuku began to chatter on. The alpha can only stare intently at the older man’s lips – they were a little dry, but not quite chapped. And was that cream at the corner of Izuku’s lips? Katsuki certainly wanted to lick it, find out what the older man tasted like.

His musings were cut off my Natsuki’s teacher opening the door and pretty much kicked his brother out. There was just one kid, and one sniff confirmed that the boy was alpha and… smelled like Izuku?

If Katsuki wasn’t mistaken… Well, he wasn’t, he checked Izuku’s social media, he knows that head of purple anywhere – that was definitely Mikumo. The brat looked a lot like his dad in a lot of places – similar hairstyle, freckles everywhere, soft cheeks – definitely Izuku’s kid.

Natsuki chattered on, even as his homeroom teacher kicked them out. Katsuki kept half an ear on Natsuki, and when he mentioned something about a bunch of alphas trying to pull his shirt off to see if they could get to his scent gland – that had Katsuki seeing red.

“– but then Yami-chan appeared and went whoosh!” Natsuki waved his arms around while doing jazz hands. “And they all flew away like paper! Turns out Yami-chan’s quirk is Push! He can push anything stuff away when it’s within the range of his arms when he pushes them – which he told me and it sounds hard, but cool! Kinda like Auntie Inko’s but goes the other way around and bigger!”

Well, that was good that Izuku’s son defended him. Except, Mikumo used a quirk in public – sure, laws were a little lighter now compared to before, but Mikumo’s probably still in trouble. “One of the meanies throw a rock at him though, but the nurse already put some cold stuff there and it’s looking better!”

“Ah.” Katsuki patted the tiny blond. “Now, I need to you to tell me the names and faces of the assholes that tried to bite you so that I could murder them and their parents.”

“No need, Katsuki-kun.” The alpha blinked. He didn’t even hear the door slide open. Izuku was smiling at him, all squinty and bright, and Katsuki could pretty much feel his knees going jelly at the intensity. “They’ve all been suspended and are supposed to attend mandatory therapy.”

Katsuki huffed out an annoyed breath. “Not good enough. Should be teaching these brats not to do that kind of thing in the first place.”

Izuku gave him a look that Katsuki translated he silently agreed, but probably let the matter drop. That and Katsuki was feeling smug and proud of himself for not cursing in front of Izuku’s son.

Said son was giving Katsuki rather… weird looks. It was definitely not a crush, but it wasn’t hostility either.

“So,” Izuku beamed, but he wasn’t looking at Katsuki. If anything, it looked like he was hiding his flustered face. “Shall we?”

The alpha smirked and slung an arm around the older man. Izuku actually “meeped”, proceeded to get redder. The older man was on the slim side, and about an inch or two shorter than Katsuki. In a few years, the blonde’s absolutely sure he’ll outgrow Izuku. “Sure. The hag and dad are dying to see you again, Izuku.”

Heat shot straight down to Katsuki’s groin when Izuku shivered. If saying Izuku’s name always got Katsuki this kind of reaction, well….

This was going to be a fun night.