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Fushigi Yuugi: Tsuriawaseru

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Fushigi Yuugi: Tsuriawaseru
By: Maeleana & Date Eryne

Disclaimer: Neither Eryne-chan nor I own Fushigi Yuugi or it's associated characters. We do own two of the OC's though.....the rest are owned by others.

Author & Co-Author's note:

Mae: I'm baaaaaack!!!!

Eryne-chan(chirpchirpchirpchirp): Why am I here?

Mae: my dear, sweet, bestest friend are the co-author.

Eryne-chan: I don't remember signing a contract......Seiji!!! Did I sign any contracts to Co-Author with Mae????

Date Seiji(((From Yoroiden Samurai Troopers a.k.a Ronin Warriors))coming out with a folder): did.


Mae(smiles hiding the empty bottle of Wild Turkey): that we're all here.......

Seiji(raising eye):.........What is the purpose of my being here?

Eryne-chan(taking his arm and starting to walk away): There is no purpose for you being here but there is purpose for you being elsewhere my love......(cat-o-nine-tails and fuzzy handcuffs behind her back, leading him out)

Mae:..............^^'..........I really need to keep her away from my muses........anyway on with the story......


Introduction: Some Fairy Tales Are Real


Footsteps pounded through the halls of an ancient palace, followed shortly by several others. A figure darted into a room as others stopped just outside the closed door, "How could we lose the Queen???"

A second voice answered, "You're the one who taught her to hide herself Puck."

Puck sighed, "I didn't think she'd catch on so quickly, after all she was raised a mortal, Coyote."

Another set of footsteps approached, and a third voice spoke up, "She's not in any of the gardens or the courtyards, and the Seelie and Unseelie courts haven't seen her..."

The frustration in Puck's voice could be heard as he sighed, "Thank you Gruagach, I..............wait a minute......has anyone checked the mortal realm?" The beings outside the door exchanged looks then disappeared in various manners.

Evelier waited a few moments then heaved a sigh of relief, sure it was fun to have all the magick of Avalon at your command, but if she had to sit on that stupid throne and listen to the different courts argue about petty things, like who got to use the swamp that week, any longer she would go insane and hurt someone. Evelier mentally cursed herself, again, for not asking Puck all the laws before she came to visit that first time....but that was another story altogether.* Eve, as her friends called her, decided to conjure a scrying orb to see what her friends were doing, she only really cared about three of them, since they were the ones closest to her. She decided to check on Artesa first. Tesa, was a demi-goddess and Amazon Warrior, and she looked it, she was trim, blonde, nimble, albeit a little flaky, and had the appearance of a vivacious sixteen year-old.

Focusing the orb clearly Eve could see Tesa leading her newest 'lover' into a secluded glade.......yep time to check on someone else. The scene in the orb shifted to a thirteen year-old girl sitting in front of a computer, blue eyes glittering as she was destroying aliens. This was Tesa's younger sister Teran who was full mortal. Teran was also blonde but where Artesa was lithe Tera was more solid due to the fact that she still had some of her baby fat. Eve decided to change the scene before she got depressed, traditionally technology didn't mix with all, but what Eve wouldn't do for just a few hours on a computer to chat and read some fics. The orb focused once more, this time on a forest.

There Eve saw the elegantly dressed, turquoise-eyed, and fair skinned Tailtu. Her scarlet tresses flowing free, she was sitting at the base of a huge tree. Tai was talking to the kodama, or tree spirits...............oh how thrilling..............Tai was fifteen and very connected to the earth. Eve sighed and banished the orb, there had to be something to do.

She started to look around the room she was in, it appeared to be a library, but one she'd never been in before. Pausing to look herself over in the mirror that was propped against one shelf, Evelier removed her crown and shook out her sable locks. Her gown was an iridescent mingling of gossamer threads, and rainbow mist that swirled with her every movement. Evelier flexed her shoulders, it was still surreal that she now had large butterfly-like wings. The wings matched the gown, but, like the Fae themselves, tended to be invisible in the mortal world.

Sighing, Eve walked to one of the shelves and picked a random book. "......It would be in a language I can't read..." she said looking at the cover, then opening the book itself to see if there were any pictures that might tell the story. "Whoa....", Eve blinked as the words changed before her eyes to a language she could read, "This is the story of four girls who will make their dreams come true after they come to possess the seven stars each of: Suzaku, Byakko, Seiryuu, and Genbu. The Story itself is a spell. These girls will bring balance to the world and new hope to their stars....." Eve whistled quietly, "Man it would suck to be in that kind of position...." She barely finished that thought when the book began to shine brightly.

Evelier had closed her eyes, and cursed herself for invoking the wrath of Murphy*, so she failed to notice the four colors shoot out from the book and then back in, taking her with them.




Mae(holding up a sign that says 'Notes: ')

Beytra:........will you quit with the mute act!

Mae:....Fine......first Evelier's story is really weird, see on Avalon the law states that if you challenge the Ruler and win you become the new ruler until someone defeats you. Evelier didn't know that and got PO'd at the past ruler, Oberon, and 'beat him' after which she was informed 'Congratulations you're our new Queen' and since then she's been in training.

Beytra: And like you she's on drugs.

Mae:......Bey......she's my chara.....

Beytra: Point made.

Mae: Second the "wrath of Murphy" is a reference to Murphy's Law, which states "If anything can go wrong it will" A variation of it is, if you say 'what else can go wrong' everything will.

Phil: And that is Mae's lesson for today. Please come again to learn something new.