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It Almost Seems Glorious

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“It’s not fair,” she half whines. “I was about to ask you to marry me but you had to go and do it first!!”

Thank fuck.

It takes Maggie a minute to restart her heart and redirect her thoughts to the fact that Alex wants to marry her too. She literally hunts murderers for a living, but that’s nothing compared to the sheer terror of a moment ago.


“My answer has always been, and will always be, yes,” Maggie says, carefully nudging Alex’s chin until she can properly connect their lips, all thoughts of pancakes and coffee forgotten.

“Well in that case, I think it’s only fair if I say yes, too,” Alex says when they break apart.


Maggie laces their fingers together and leads Alex back down the hall to their room, digging through the back of her closet before emerging triumphant with a ring box.

“It’s gorgeous,” Alex breathes, as Maggie carefully opens the box and slides the ring on Alex’s finger. It’s a platinum band with a few small inlaid diamonds that will comfortably fit under Alex’s work gloves, and, as Maggie soon finds out, is extremely similar to the one Alex picked out for her.


They both burst out laughing when they realize Kara had basically advised them on matching engagement rings.

Years later, and she’s still meddling.



They end up eloping.

Maggie doesn’t care much for the whole white wedding thing, and Alex wanted something small on a beach. They both get what they want.

Eliza and Kara are going to be furious with them when they get back, but for the moment, they’re newlyweds on a beach and Maggie can’t bring herself to care about much of anything that isn’t her wife.

Her wife.


She thinks back to all the heartache that got them here, and in the end, it almost seems glorious.