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Bangtang GAYS

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Before we start, quick introductions!


Kim Seokjin:

Occupation: Hosts a famous cooking show titled “EatJin”, and is in charge of his family restaurant.

Age: 26

Knows: Everyone!

Doesn’t know: No one!

Other info: In a relationship (starting off) with Jungkook and Yoongi, Yoongi’s sugar daddy. Found Yoongi through a sugar daddy/baby website and they fell in love.



Kim Namjoon:

Occupation: Studies music at university, underground rapper RM, helps Jin out at the restaurant.

Age: 24

Knows: Jin, Yoongi, Jimin, Tae, Jungkook

Doesn’t know: Hobi (Knows- but isn't friends with him)

Other info: Best friend who has been MAJORLY crushing on Yoongi, calls him kitten. Majorly awkward most of the time,most normal person in the chat tbh (other than the fact that he is a low-key furry).


Park Jimin:

Occupation: Owns a dance studio while at the same time studying dance at university, teaches kids-teenagers to dance.

Age: 23

Knows: Tae, Jin, Namjoon

Doesn’t know: Jungkook, Yoongi, Hobi

Other info: Is a (not so secret) fan/stalker of Yoongi’s instagram, and everyone except Yoongi and Hobi know. Will fight Hobi for Yoongi, is lowkey a fuckboi. Acts cute but is secretly very toppy/dom in bed. Yoongi’s dom #3.


Jung Hoseok:

Occupation: Owns and works at his own dance studio.

Age: 24

Knows: Jin, Jungkook

Doesn’t know: Namjoon, Yoongi, Jimin, Tae

Other info: Highkey a fuckboi, also a fan/stalker of Yoongi’s instagram, will fight Jimin for him. Yoongi’s rich (kinda sugar?) daddy #2.


Kim Taehyung:

Occupation: Studies photography at university, works at a local coffee shop.

Age: 23

Knows: Jin, Yoongi, Jimin, Namjoon, Jungkook

Doesn’t know: Hobi (Knows- but isn't friends with him)

Other info: Rich and spoiled who likes to spoil Yoongi. Yoongi’s awkward dom #2 who is a MAJOR exhibitionist with a size kink. Best friends with Jimin, is lowkey jealous of Jungkook and Jimin’s dom smoothness.


Min Yoongi:

Occupation: Instagram model, successful song producer, underground rapper Agust D. (PAST Sugar Baby)

Age: 25

Knows: Tae, Jin, Jungkook, Namjoon

Doesn’t know: Hobi, Jimin

Other info: Tsundere baby boy in denial, brat, cocky asf and yet v insecure sometimes. Walking wet dream cute asian twink. Lowkey (highkey) loves being bossed around and humiliated, spoiled asf.


Jeon Jungkook/Jeongukk:

Occupation: Helps out Jin at the restaurant, studies dance at Uni, helps out Hobi at the studio sometimes.

Age: 21

Knows: Namjoon, Hobi, Jin, Yoongi, Tae

Doesn’t know: Jimin

Other info: Lowkey possessive, Yoongi’s DOM #1, bit controlling, is v shy outside of headspace. Young but v experienced in dom/sub community. Likes when Yoongi acts out b/c gives him a reason to punish, tiny bit sadistic? Humiliation kink (on Yoons)- VERY DOM. Cocky asf around Tae.