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All Living Things Must Feed

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All Living Things Must Feed




"I must confess
I’m addicted to this
Shove your kiss straight through my chest
I can’t deny, I’d die without this"
In this Moment – Adrenalize


Her nails dig into Helena's skin, piercing it, drawing blood. There's so little space between them, so few barriers, but Helena reaches up and yanks at her shirt, tearing it. Her chest heaves with every labored breath she draws, pushing her skin against her lover's feeding slit.

She still merely rests it against Helena's body, her golden reptile eyes eagerly watching the woman squirm under her.
“You aren't hungry enough, are you?” Helena manages to speak through clenched teeth, and she smiles.
“I am always hungry.” Her feeding organ latches to her skin, but she doesn't start yet. “I merely enjoy drawing things out.”

Helena makes a noise, halfway between a strangled moan, and a frustrated sigh.
Her tone makes the Wraith shiver pleasantly, the desperation. She has no interest in making her beg, but pushing her to the edge of disregarding her pride is something Ivory can't help but doing each time she finds herself in this situation with Helena.

Smiling, she leans down to her, keeping herself upright by pressing her palm harder against' Helena's collarbone, and nips lightly against her lower lip.
Helena stirs violently, her fingers tangle in Ivory's hair as she pulls her into a kiss. A sharp jolt of pain draws a surprised noise from her – Helena's fangs had torn her tongue open, and a metallic taste fills their kiss.

Feeling her arch against her touch, Ivory finally gives in to her hunger, connects to Helena's system and begins drinking her life force. It courses through her body, Helena's essence, almost as if it was pushing into her by its own volition.
Ivory breaks the kiss, rests her forehead against Helena's, and hisses.

She's fed on humans before, but it never compares to this. It's pure adrenaline, rushing through her veins, pure bliss clouding her vision, making her whole body shudder and tremble.
Helena tugs on her hair, pulling her in further, and she feels lips against her throat, a brief sting of pain as a pair of fangs tear into her skin, but it quickly drowns in her ecstasy.

Again, Ivory hisses, and her legs clamp around Helena's thigh.

“I highly doubt they'll take me back after several centuries, Helena.” Ivory declares over the sound of running, water, as she rinses dried blood off her feeding hand.
“You did say, most Wraith were desperate.” Helena responds, leaning against the doorframe, apparently not really minding her own blood on her chest, or Ivory's still sticking to her chin.

“I did. Many Hives are without Queens, but that doesn't mean that they'll just bow to my reign like that.” Ivory clarifies.
Her and Helena are mostly naked, and partially covered in blood, bite wounds and clawed open skin already having healed. Ivory's hair is damp, and clings to her back; she's had Helena wash the blood out of it, before it could dry.

“I don't think this is the only reason you're putting this off.” Helena's lips are curled into a crooked smile, which elicits an exasperated groan from Ivory. “You just don't want to leave this ship.”
Turning off the faucet, Ivory proceeds to meticulously dry her hand, gently patting the water off the slit.

“It may have something to do with the fact that I have never truly been a Queen.” she admits, speaking slowly, as if she's carefully weighing each word. “I was torn from that life shortly before taking my throne. I'm an inexperienced child, for all they know.”

She flinches briefly, feeling a touch, without having seen Helena move, but relaxes as soon as she finds her standing behind her in the mirror.
Her hands trail off her shoulders, down her arms, and finally settle on her hips.

“You can just admit that you're frightened.” she hums against Ivory's neck, and she feels herself leaning into her embrace.
Helena's hands wander further south.