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Army of Angels

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"Thank you for hard work!"

Kuroko Tetsuya along with his partner Kagami Taiga bow to the brunette sitting behind her desk, her smile is wide an quite suspicious—if one knows her well enough, they'd understand what her smile feels like. The angel Aida Riko claps her hand together seeing the pristine report in her desk, luckily things went smoothly today, unlike most days.

She looks up at the two employees, the taller and bigger built is an angel of passion, Kagami Taiga. The angel came from an average family, his mother a cherub and his father a seraph. His fiery red hair and intimidating height added to his seemingly perpetual frown borderline glare often is mistaken for features of a demon decent. Standing beside the red head angel is his partner, the hybrid Kuroko Tetsuya. Unlike Kagami, the teal haired, soft-spoken, blue-eyed hybrid is often mistaken for a pureblood angel. Though his physical appearance takes after his angel decent, his powers rely mostly of his demon decent.

At first no one thought the two polar opposite can work together in peace, Kagami didn't have control and had too much power, he intimidated anyone who comes close to him while Kuroko often desired to stay in the background. However, they were proven wrong quickly when the two in a span of three days became one of Teiko's formidable partners in the field.

After the Great War, angels and demons found them almost no purpose, mankind become too independent and rarely ever asked for help—both from God and the Devil himself. It didn't take long until both parties were left with no tasks to handle. So God lit an idea, a new movement, instead of taking care humans, God focused on their creations, the universes and realms created by them.

Demons and angels started to work together to control and maintain the balance of the realms by securing the mankind's creations. Their ideas are sealed and contained if they pose threat to the realms, and reinforced if possible, and that is exactly what Kagami Taiga and Kuroko Tetsuya do.

There are some angels and demons who decided to take this job instead of the conventional ones, but due to high difficulty the numbers of the employees are not big enough. The job demands a partner basis work as well, mankind creations tend to have quite a power depending on how much a human puts their mind into it. Every unit require one angel and a demon at least, the angel acts as the Reinforcer while the demon acts as the Restraint—if needed.

Well there are special instances when those two roles may be switched—like Kuroko and Kagami.

Thinking about it always seem to induce Aida a migraine, though Kagami is an angel decent he can be quite passionate about things and ends up using more of brawls than actual reinforcement, meanwhile though Kuroko wields the power of a demon he rarely ever use them and seems always to resort to reinforcement believing that humans are rational creatures and if properly addressed to can change. The confusing structure of the two's partnership often caused quite a problem, it is either they finish the job or they argue before it is even done. However, despite numerous disputes between the two, whenever they were given the chance to switch partners they would refuse.

"How is it?" Aida asked as he takes the report and read through them, "Any difficulties?"

"All is well Aida-san," Kuroko answers, his cold and monotonous voice would remind anyone of winter, "If you do not count the part where Kagami-kun nearly broke the neck of the—"

"It was a frustrated and perverted old man, he tried to smother you!"

Here they go again, Aida almost rolls her eyes. She shouldn't have asked knowing this is definitely where all of this will lead. Aida looks at the two, no matter how they say they don't care what happens to the other on the field their actions contradicts their words.

"You could have just talked to him, surely he will listen to reason, he's a creation of mankind and I'm sure he has the same rationality as his creator."

"How can you talk to him if he's licking your face?!"

"That is an exaggeration, which certainly did not happen."

Kagami groan loudly, Aida could only smile awkwardly. The brunette wonder if it's bad that she seems to have gotten used to this. Knowing their bickering won't probably end until a few more minutes, Aida gets up from her seat and walks to get herself a cup of tea. She hums idly trying to block the two's noises from getting in her brain.

Well she guesses she has to be thankful that the creation is only nearly broken and now contained safely thanks to Kuroko. A broken creation is more tedious especially if it wasn't life-threatening, she would have written an unnecessarily long explanation if that happened. She turns around to look again at the two, surprise, surprise they're not done yet. She takes a sip from her tea and watches them, whenever they're at each other's necks, they seem to forget about the rest of the world which is really romantic if it weren't the fact that Kagami looks like he'll snap the hybrid's neck at any given time.

Oh. Aida smiles, she notices the brief twitch of the teal haired hybrid's eyebrow, she knows him long enough to know what will happen next—


Aida could only shake her head, the idiot angel should have known not to piss of the teal haired hybrid. Kagami crouches on the floor nursing his side that Kuroko just jabbed, Aida is starting to think that this punching, jabbing, kicking and sudden aggressive explosions are innate to demon decents even if they look quite unsuspecting.

"Damn it Kuroko you—"

"You deserved that." Kuroko says, "I am merely stating that we could have done it without having to resort to violence."

"Wasn't that violence you did to me just now?!" Kagami says groaning.

Despite Kuroko small and petite form, he can inflict pain if he puts his mind to it a trait that stems from his demon decent. Kagami looks up from his position, Kuroko looks back with his seemingly never changing expression, his beautiful blue eyes betrays his actual intentions. The angel curses the fact Kuroko can look so gentle and calm as a demon and he a proper angel seems to give everyone a chill in the spine.

"Good morni—"

Everyone turns to the doorway when the door slams open and a familiar loud voice greets them. Aida feels a sweat drops to the side of her face, this scene is starting to become a routine in her office. Standing there by the door is the angel Takao Kazunari, one of the toughest Reinforcers and veteran of Teiko Reinforcement Unit.

Takao skips towards the duo, he's one of the few who believed the two's partnership will work out. His smile never seems to fade no matter what situation he's put into which is why a lot of them are suspicious of him—not to mention the fact that he loves to play pranks on them. The raven haired angel is said to have come from a large and long line of angels, they were quite close to the archangels during the time of Great War, and once even held a high position in leading the angels against the demons.

But the story of war has long ended and Takao Kazunari just loves the peace.

"So is this you two's new kink?" Takao says as he kneels beside Kagami.

The red haired angel blushes to the tips of his nose and moves away. Takao laughs and turns to Kuroko to greet the hybrid to who greets back politely.

"The hell Takao!" Kagami exclaims, "Stop with those stuff."

Takao chuckles and turns to face Kagami, "What stuff?"


"He meant the teasing." Kuroko says with a sigh, "Kagami-kun has a feeble heart he may not be able to take them."

"Kuroko you bas—who's side are you on anyways?!"

Kuroko blinks and simply shrugs making Takao laugh. The raven haired angel walks to Kagami and pats the angel's shoulder—a sarcastic gesture of comfort which he probably didn't need from the angel right now.

"Cheer up!" Takao says, "You two were just really close recently and I just suddenly felt like teasing."

Kagami shrugs Takao's hand and stands up. Takao follows his suite and grins before walking towards Aida. Kagami doesn't say anything and walks beside Kuroko, their earlier dispute now forgotten. The two watches quietly as Takao say something in a low voice, if it was a secret or confidential matter, the raven haired angel would have asked them to leave but he didn't. Kagami watches quietly and notices Aida's expression change to shock.

Takao chuckles and moves away, "Well it's nearing Halloween anyways, and there's Kuroko-kun surely it'll be okay."

Kuroko blinks and tilts his head to the side. Takao and Aida looks at him.

"What is it?" Kuroko asks.

"Well it seems like a new recruit is coming to the department." Aida explains as she glances at Takao.

Takao hums in agreement.

"Isn't that good." Kagami says crossing his arms over his chest, "After all, during Halloween we become busier with mankind's creation. Sometimes I hope they don't create too much horror ideas during Halloween."

Takao chuckles, "Well you can't tell them not to—it's free will anyways."

"What do I have to do with this?" Kuroko asks.

Takao's smile disappears and he sighs, a deep sigh. Takao is one of the Head of the Placement Unit which facilitates most of the pairs and sends each to their specific tasks.

"Well you see this new recruit is quite troublesome." Takao admits.

Just thinking about it, Takao braces himself for more trouble ahead. He walks towards the pair and stops behind Kuroko. Kuroko doesn't move and remains facing ahead.

"I don't really want to deal with him but it can't be helped!"

"Why, who is it anyways?" Kagami asks, "Sounds like a creep to me."

Takao nods vehemently at Kagami, the gesture suggests to Kagami that Takao and the new guy doesn't seem in good terms.

"Did you do something to him?" Kagami asks suspiciously.

"N-Not really, but you see this guy came from a military family, his father, grandfather, and great great grandfather fought for the Great War and most of them were high ranking officials during then. His family is quite known for being rigidly maintaining their all angel pureblood." Takao explains.

"So…like a—

Knock knock

Takao feels a shiver run up his spine, okay, maybe he didn't anticipate it would now. Takao hid behind Kagami as Aida opens the door and greets the new guests.

Aida blinks at Kiyoshi Teppei, the towering angel smiles to greet his former partner. Aida returns the gesture before her eyes are quickly caught by the very noticeable mop of scarlet locks. The brunette moves out of the way and allows the two to come in while she follows with her gaze the young angel beside Kiyoshi.

His presence dominates the room, Aida notices. His scarlet hair is bright like the color of sunset and blood oranges, though he isn't as tall as Kagami or Kiyoshi his presence equals the two angels.

Mismatched eyes quickly fall to the raven head hiding behind Kagami.

"Hello Takao-san."

Shit, Takao curses. Well it can't be helped, he thought as he moves to show himself, he smiles and waves to the young Akashi, his red hair is just like his mother's while his mismatched eyes just goes well with their family's frightening reputation. He is young compared to many of the recruits—probably except for Kuroko—however his power and aptitude surpasses most of them. It is no question why Teiko would take him in despite his personality.

"W-Well hello Akashi-kun, you've grown quite handsomely." Takao says awkwardly.

Akashi Seijuuro chuckles which instinctively made Takao and Kagami flinch. It sounds more like a maniac's laugh more than a genuine joyful one.

"It's been a while, yes." He takes a deep breath before continuing, "I apologize, it seems that I may need a new partner."

"Yeah, that's why we're here." Kiyoshi says.

Takao does his best to smile, actually, he knows that. He was surprised to hear a recruit coming over to his office and begging Takao to change his partner or at least let him resign, which doesn't happen very often. When Takao answered he'd look into it, the poor angel cried and resigned right then.

Kiyoshi smiles and gestures to Akashi, "This is our new recruit, Akashi Seijuuro, he will be working in our unit from now on."

Kuroko bows his head in greeting not even batting an eye.

"Welcome Akashi-kun."

Akashi is quiet for a moment before he starts to speak again.

"I almost didn't recognize you, Tetsuya."

Kuroko straightens up and looks straight at his cousin's familiar mismatched eyes. It has been a while since they last saw each other, and Kuroko had to admit he was quite very young last time he remembers.

"Y-You know each other?" Kagami asks.

Kuroko nods to answer his partner's question. It finally make sense, this is perhaps what Takao meant when he said he may need Kuroko's help. Looking at his cousin, he guesses the trouble he brought is his personality which probably hasn't change since he last saw him.

"Ah, I'm glad." Akashi says, "I thought this place has nothing but lowly demons."

Kagami frowns at that, he turns and looks towards the scarlet haired angel. His anger quickly seeps through the air.

"Could it be you brought me here to meet Tetsuya?" Akashi asks with a smile, he reaches towards the teal haired hybrid, "I'm glad you pick the—"

Akashi's eyes widen as Kagami grabs Kuroko and pulls him to his back before the scarlet haired angel could ever touch the other, the angel of passion stares with hostility at him. Akashi blinks and slowly something clicks to his mind. He chuckles and looks at his cousin who is passively looking at the angel in front of him.

"Don't worry." He says, "I'm not interested in hybrids."

The term earned Kuroko's attention, the teal haired hybrid stares at his cousin with a frown. Instead of appeasing Kagami, the red head only grew more furious. He lets go of Kuroko and charges towards the scarlet head angel—

"Stop." Takao says putting an arm out between the two angels.

Kagami clicks his tongue and moves away, he's not supposed to hurt an angel especially inside their own building. Kuroko walks to Kagami's side and puts a hand on the other's arm, he shakes his head assuring the angel he is alright. Kagami sighs and relaxes himself.

"Kuroko won't be your partner unfortunately." Takao says.

Aida walks towards them and nods in agreement.

"Kuroko is arranged to be Kagami's partner unless one of them requests otherwise." Aida explains.

"I wish to be teamed with someone competent enough to match me." Akashi says, "I cannot simply accept anyone you will give me."

"We know." Aida answers, "Don't worry we have at least one employee that has no partner until now."





Aida quietly walks Akashi to the Horror Zone, the young angel seems to live up to his reputation, even looking at him one would certainly know he came from an affluent family. Kuroko explained that Akashi's mother is his mother's sister, they were ultimately cousins. However unlike the angel of dusk, Akashi's mother, the angel of winter, Kuroko's mother fell for a demon. The Akashi family always brought their children to the principles held by their predecessors.

The Akashi family traditionally are soldiers and leaders, they prioritized the purity of their bloodline and the power that passes to each, it's not surprising that each generation becomes more and more powerful.

"Ah, we're here." Aida says.

The brunette opens the door and gestures for the young recruit to follow her.

"Furihata-kun are you busy?" Aida asks the figure sitting crouching on the floor and fixing a small containment box.

The figure stands up and faces the two. Brown locks disarray and sticking everywhere while soft mocha eyes stares back at Aida. Blinking, the small hybrid quickly bows to greet them.

Akashi frowns, he's not just a demon-angel hybrid…he's—

"Furihata-kun, this is Akashi-kun he'll be in your care from now on."