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Chapter 1: Smoke

This is going to be a reader insert, so when (y/n) comes up put in your name/hair color/eye color etc. Reviews and suggestions drive me, and criticism is always welcomed.

There will be SMUT in this work. If that’s not your game please leave now. 

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Chapter 1

It had been a while since you last had a dream. The vivid details of ensnared limbs and sweaty bodies, damp silver hair tickling your skin in primal hushed movements as you try to keep quite. Pale silken skin pressing into yours as your core tightened like a too tightly wrung string strummed to the point of snapping.

Bright rays of light assaulted your eyes as you sighed heavily out of your nose, brought close to consciousness and slowly waking up from your delirious sleep induced state. It had been so long since you've actually dreamt, and of course your silver haired Mr. Mysterious pops up the first chance he gets. If only that could be the case in waking reality.

"What the hell." You raise your hand to run through your thick hair, fingers lightly tangling at the ends from your messy bed head bringing you from your grogginess.

It had been 11 years.

11 long years since Riku had disappeared from the island on that dark, stormy night. 11 years since you had last seen those aquamarine eyes gaze upon you in your most vulnerable state, hungry and clouded. You were both young then, new to adult experiences, curious and eager to learn every detail, every crevice exposed until there was no mound, no inch left untouched.

You leaned up, pulling your knees to your chest and wrapped your arms around them gingerly. Sighing heavily you rested your head lightly on your knee, reaching for your phone lying hidden underneath your pillow. Kairi had texted you twice.

'I need a dress for my date tonight, are you free?'

'Scratch that, I know you're free.'

Your phone chimed again, ringing through the silence with a quick chirp. Glancing at the obnoxiously bright digital screen you rolled your eyes as you fell back into your bed, relaxing into the feathered haven.

'I'll be over in 5.' You sighed and tossed your phone to the side, huffing as you pivoted and lifted yourself off the bed.

You reached into your closet pulling out a black tube dress, some black thigh high socks adorned with 3 rings of white on the top and your favorite warm fuzzy black jacket. Quickly dressing, you sat on the bed and laced up your combat boots.

There was some shuffling outside your window, turning your head you saw Kairi as she lifted open the glass and maneuvered herself in. This was a very fond habit she had of sneaking into your studio ground level apartment.

"Hey ya bum." She laughed and scratched the back of her head as she stood up straight from her mangled stance.

"Hey Kairi." You sighed, feeling yourself smile at her innocent cheerfulness.

"So I need your help picking out something to wear tonight, he's a super high profile investor and I'm looking to score big this time!" She chimed, pulling out her phone.

"I met him on Zumble, here check out his pics." She pivoted the phone towards you as she pulled up his profile and swept through photos of an attractive older man. You glanced at his features, he was hot.

"When's the date?" You glanced from the phone up to her, your eyebrows raising slightly in admiration. She laughed and pulled the phone back to her chest.

"Eight tonight at the Destiny City Grill!" She squealed in excitement. It was a high profile restaurant at the top of the largest high rise in the area. You leaned back on your hands into the bed and flashed her an excited smile.

"Lets get started then." You smirked, grabbing your keys as you stood up. Your tall slender frame overshadowed her tiny petite form as you walked out of your apartment towards your car, Kairi following you close behind.


You had shopped for 2 hours, finally finding a dress perfect for the occasion. Kairi was standing in the dressing room area looking at the pink cloth in the mirror, her body twisting to check herself out in different angles.

"This doesn't make me look fat?" She glanced at herself putting her hand up to her chin daintily as she puckered her lips in the reflecting image.

You looked up from your phone, giving her a once over. "It looks phenomenal on you."

She smiled, twirling around. "Yeah?"

You smiled, setting your phone down. "10/10 would smash." You tilted your head back and laughed as she giggled heartily. Kairi grabbed the edge of her dress, fumbling with the hemline suddenly becoming hesitant.

"I wonder what Riku and Sora would think if they saw me like this." She mumbled under her breath.

Your heart clenched for a moment at the sound of his name. 'Riku.' You thought. You had tried so hard to push him out, commit him to the darkness of the night both he and Sora disappeared. You tilted your head down, your hair covering your eyes so you wouldn't expose your worry.

"They would say you look lovely." You lifted your face and smiled brightly at her as she turned around and nodded, walking back into the fitting room.

As she disappeared behind the door your mind had drifted to the last night you saw your closest childhood friends. They had disappeared without a trace, it had been chaotic as if the world had been trying to collapse on itself into darkness. You remember taking the row boat out to the island after you had waited with no avail for your two friends to come home to safety in the storm. The memory was still vivid. You were huffing as you pulled your old worn down row boat to shore, you could see them speaking to each other as thunder rolled in the distance. Riku was holding out his hand, Sora standing before him looking troubled. You remember letting go of your boat before it was safely grounded onto the shore, desperate and running towards them. Then everything went black. You leaned your head back sighing yet again.

Your mind drifted back again to the last night you and Riku had spent together. Everyone had been adventuring on the island, gathering supplies for a destined journey. The fruit of your efforts laying in a pile next to the raft landed near the Paopou tree island. Everyone else had tired and started a campfire off in the distance, but the two of you had remained to watch the sunset, waiting for the meteor shower that night on the Paopou tree. You smiled lightly to yourself, recalling the tender moment.

Riku rested his back against the tree, arms crossed against his chest. You were leaning back on your arms as you gazed at the sky beside him. Both of you stood watching the starskcape anticipating the fall of the first star.

"Have you ever thought about what your heart desires?" He paused and looked at you, his eyes shifting from the sky. You quirked one brow, thinking deeply at the question.

"Well, a lot of things. I think it desires new places, adventure, the people I care about being happy" You leaned back, your legs dangling back and fourth as you exposed your childish innocence. "And love." You said.

His eyes searched you quizingly. "Love?" He said.

You slowed the sway of your legs, turning to him. "Well yeah, it's the heart…isn't the heart meant to love?" You asked, gazing at him. He closed his eyes, smirking as he leaned a little closer to you. Your heart froze in your chest, you had had close contact with him before this, but never in an intimate setting...talking about love.

"And what do you know about love (y/n)?" He smirked, expecting you to be stumped. Aquamarine eyes glanced between your (y/c) orbs and the darkening sky.

"W-Well I know a lot!" You said defensively. You puffed you chest out trying to hide your anxiety on the subject. Of course the one you've come to fall in love with would be the one asking the question, what's fate without irony right? Your stomach knotted twice over as he laughed and leaned his face closer to yours.

"And how's that (y/n)?" You could feel the heat pooling in your face, slowly making it's way into the center of your legs as you could smell his musk from the proximity.

"Have you ever been in love?"

"L-l-like I'd tell you!" Breath hitching in your lungs, you stuttered lightly as you answered him. You scoffed, trying to flush away the foreign strange feelings going on in your nether regions. Riku sported that ever so infuriating sexy smirk, pivoting himself from leaning against the tree to positioning himself in between your legs resting them neatly on his sides. He lifted his hand and lightly caressed the outside of your thigh. Your breath hitched in your throat, you could feel the heat pooling into your face and your stomach as your heart quickened. His pale hands rested on you, his thumb rubbing small circles as he raised his aquamarine eyes to look into yours. Your heart melted the moment you made eye contact, your insides becoming liquid putty.

He leaned forward, whipsering into your ear. His breath was hot and sent shivers down your spine. You had moments of wondering what it would be like to feel his lips against yours, imagining his face on all the romantic love comedies you had watched secretly without your parents permission.

"Would you want to show me your heart?" His thumb rubbed in circles, invigorating the sensitive flesh of your thigh. You squirmed as you could feel your folds dampen from the sensation. You had read about this so many times but yet had you experienced it, and now that you were face to face with the one being subject to your affection you didn't quite know what to do with yourself. He let a chuckle be released from deep in his chest as he saw how rosy your face had become, your breath coming out in small puffs of white in the chilly island night air. You turned your head slightly as he nestled his mouth into the crevice between your neck and your shoulder.

"I-I-I could." You spoke softly, your eyes clouding over as his lips placed small kisses along your neck. He hummed to himself deeply, inhaling your scent as his lips gently applied more pressure to your sensitive crevice. Your head tilted back as you felt his hot tongue dart out caressing your electrified skin, trailing his way up your jawline. He leaned back, reaching his hand up to your chin to direct your face toward his. He smiled. It felt like time had slowed, he was leaning towards you and then the next moment his silken lips were on yours, his tongue brushing against your petals asking for entry. You glanced at the night sky as a single shooting star signified the start of the meteor shower, your lashes fluttered shut as you felt him deepen the kiss, mind preoccupied with more invigorating hopes. You felt his hot warm muscle gently sliding along your lips, moaning softly as you obliged giving him absolute passage. His tongue darted into your mouth seeking company with your own, the two twirling in a lubricated steamy dance. You moaned into the kiss as you could feel him search your mouth, making note of every dip, every detail available to him as if it were his last mission. Riku pulled away lightly, a thin string of saliva connecting your lips. His face had a soft flush, were his eyes darker? Your stomach churned as you saw the insatiable hungry look hiding in his ocean pools, excitement lighting your nerves afire.

It was damp and humid out, your clothes and body were sticky and hot but that didn't keep you from feeling the hard member pressing into your thigh as Riku leaned back in and assaulted your mouth. You moaned into the kiss as you instinctively rocked your hips into his. He leaned back as his breath hitched from the pressure of your hips, a blush spreading across his face. He paused, closing his eyes as he lowered his head into the crevice of your neck to mumble something shyly. It was adorable and completely unlike the Riku you knew growing up.

"I don't want this to be something you'd regret (y/n)" He sounded strained, as if he were holding back a rabid animal from attacking his most precious person. You rocked your hips into him again as a forgiving signal, welcoming the chaos that he promised. Your hands reached up into his silver locks, pulling him back in for a kiss as the last of his restraint snapped.

It felt bigger this time as he pressed into you for the kiss, his hard member nudging eagerly into your soaking cloth covered core. You lifted your arms over his shoulders, his hands rubbing up and down your sides. You could feel he calloused fingers slip under your shirt, years of his rough swordplay with the island boys did well for your sensitive skin. His fingers nimbly began work on massaging your right breast as he grazed your nipple with his rough pads. Your head lurched back as a strangled moan escaped your throat, the small touch sent electricity through your body right to your slick sex. You quivered and moaned desperately into the kiss, his hand reaching behind your head to pull you closer for capture. He pulled back as his breath hitched, you had ground your hips into him yet again as your body begged for more of its own will.

"F-Fuck (y/n)" He crashed his lips back into yours as he reached his hand down to massage the soaking cloth covering your sex, his thumb rubbing circles on your sensitive bud. You choked back a moan as your back arched, your mouth forming a perfectly shaped 'o' as you ground your hips desperately into his hand. His digits worked your sopping core as they nimbly pushed the drenched fabric aside, burying themselves in your warmth.

You felt his breath hitch against your neck as your walls clamped down on his fingers, a sharp twitch coming from his member pressing against your leg.

"Riku!" You mewled. A shock pulled its way through your abdomen as he pumped his fingers into your warmth, his thumb still rubbing dexterous circles around your sensitive spot. You opened your eyes in bliss, staring at the night sky streaked with beams of light. Was it shooting stars you saw or the bliss of the moment? Only God knew. Your (y/c) orbs widened as his fingers hooked and hit your sweet bundle of nerves, making your back arch into his touch as if it would break at any moment. Your poor sex was fondled and pounded away mercilessly as he nuzzled his face into your neck, a primal growl escaped his lips as you reacted to his merciless touch. Panic hit you as your stomach tightened up like a tense coil ready to snap.

"R-Riku stop! I-I have to p-pee!" You cried as you felt your body tightening, something on the brink of spilling over. You arched your back as panic and pleasure washed over you, his long pale fingers assaulting your most delicate areas. He grunted and smirked into your neck as he quickened his pace. A heat spread through your body, the pleasure rocking you and electrifying every nerve. You're mind panicked as you could feel yourself letting go, you grabbed onto him desperately sobbing as a hot liquid released from your cunt spilling out onto his hands in a liquid mess. Your eyes rolled into the back of your head as your body laxed, Riku catching you with his other hand.

"A-Ahn!" You quivered. Your body involuntary convulsing as hot juice continued to squirt out of your folds in spurts darkening the sand in between you two and drenching his hand. Riku grunted in pleasure as he continuing to pump his digits into you in his assault on your continuing orgasm, his strong toned arm holding you in place on the Paupou tree. Your body laxed, drool slowly finding its way down a small trail on your mouth. Riku pulled away from his assault on your neck, admiring the mess he made.

"That's my good girl." He smirked, eyes clouding over as he pressed the tip of his member into your already sensitive core. You whimpered as he grabbed the thin cloth separating your two sexes and ripped it off. You tilted your head back, hearing a faint zip. Your eyes gaze downward as he pulled out his member, impossibly thick and long.

"Is that going inside me?" You looked at him wide eyed, your mind still somewhat fogged from your first orgasm. He chuckled and kissed your forehead, rubbing the tip on his length along your entrance.

Your head jerked up as you heard the loud bang of the dressing room door, your face hot and flushed from your reminiscing. Kairi took one look at you and raised an eyebrow smirking.

"Whatcha doin there?" She chided, a giggle hiding behind her smug expression.

"N-Nothing important." You dismissed the taunt, hand raising to run your fingers through your locks. You had to cool off. You looked at the dress Kairi was holding motioning towards it with your chin.

"Are you ready to head out? I've go work at 7." Kairi nodded and walked to the cash register, with you following close behind her scrolling though your phone. You had to do something to take your mind off him, so you whipped up your favorite game 2048 and started swiping away.

Kairi walked out of the store, her bag containing her dress for her date hanging lazily from her small hand. You followed close behind. Your peripheral vision guided you from bumping into anything as you continued to swipe at your game.

Warm air rushed your face as the automatic doors opened and exposed you to the blood painted sunset. Both of you made your way to the car, motioning your shift into gear and heading to Kairis house.


'6:30 pm' Your dashboard read. You had made it to work on time with extra playtime to spare. You pulled your car to the edge of the parking lot, putting it in park to get out and watch the sunset as the last hours of the day faded from the sky. Your (y/c) orbs gazed at the setting sun, moving to rest lazily on the waves playing a game of tag in the sand far below.

You worked at a comic shop, your fascination with sci-fi had been insatiable the moment you saw your best friends swallowed by a cloud of darkness. This was the closest thing you could find since no science came even remotely close to explaining what had happened that night. A warm puff of air escaped your lungs as you sighed heavily, hand raising to press against your forehead. All this time and nothing? Not one single clue to what had happened, even after countless hours of obsessive research. A frown worked its way into your brow, your mind familiarly running over every bit of information you've gathered so far.

"Nothing..." You raised your head to gaze back at the ocean, a faint black rim lining your vision.

'Wait what?'

You shook your head, blinking your eyes a few times as you looked at your surroundings. Nope. Everything else was perfectly visible. You looked back to the spot in front of you, brows furrowing as you leaned away from your car to walk towards the shadow. Slow at first, then quickening your steps as you came to realize this was similar to the black mist you saw that night. Cautiously, you raised your hand to feel the texture of the familiar black mist that haunted your dearest memories.

Ice. It felt like your fingers were frost bitten. You jerked your hand back reflexively as the pain tingled your digits. Your eyes widened as the smoke took a solid form, rushing you to encompass your entire body in winter.

Is this how you were going to die?

Is this how he felt?

You took one last look at your work as your vision slowly faded. You wouldn't be making your shift.


Darkness overcame you.

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Chapter 2

After all this time?

Your body was frigid. What had happened? You tried to wriggle your fingers, your digits uncommunicative. The feeling of ice encompassing your limbs and fingers. Your thoughts were fogged my a black mist, oh so very familiar with the smoke of the night your two closest friends disappeared. Your thoughts scattered as you felt yourself floating in the void, zoning in on a particular night of walking home from your day of ventures on the island with your friends. A soft smile splayed across your face as your mind flashed back onto one of your sweet memories surrounding your three closest childhood friends, your icy environment lost to the moment.

Sophie, Tidus, Sora, and Kairi paced eagerly towards their destination on the island in front of you two, chatting incessantly of their new goals accompanied with the idea of new worlds. You had lingered behind, your thoughts also resting on the idea of a new world and all of its wonders. Sora laughed heartily at a joke Tidus made, shyly glancing back at you as if he were still making sure you were there. You smiled back at him, his grin was contagious. You couldn't help but smile back as you scratched the back of your head, shy from the immediate attention on your persons.

Riku shuffled in his steps beside you, hands in his pockets as he continued to be lost in deep thought.

"A new world entirely different from our own." He pauses to glance at the setting sun, his silver locks catching the pastel beams in their magnificent prisms. He looked at you and smiled as you both slowed your pace from the group ahead of you.

"There are so many possibilities" you mummer, your mind racing as you tilt your head up to gaze at the same setting skyline painting the shore.

"What a difference we could make in the hearts of others, we could set our own destiny!" You continued smiling brightly, flashing your most hopeful grin towards your wise friend. A small splash of sand sprayed your path as you excitedly walked in the same direction as the group in front of you, Riku's steps mimicking your own.

He smiled even wider. That bright hopeful smile, where his eyes closed in complete and utter hope as he nodded his head. He glanced towards the path ahead of you, his mind wondering.

"Imagine the change, someone like you, or I could make in a different world." His smiled lowered as he lost himself in thought, the corner of his mouth shifting into a sly smirk. He slowed his pace slightly, reaching his hand out of his pocket to intertwine his fingers within your own. It was comfortable, like a warm blanket on a chilly night. He glanced at you, flashing a blinding grin full of all his future hopes.

"Imagine the difference we could make together." His intertwined fingers squeezed your own tightly as if to emphasize the impact of the statement he was making. You tilted your head towards him to glance at his profile. You paused in young wonder, this entirely different being shared the same mindset as you. Your same goals, your same dreams. You shifted your gaze to the sand flicking off your feet as you strode along the path.

"Yeah, together. All of us, always." You flashed a bright grin in his direction, catching him off guard. He paused a moment in his tracks, a light blush spreading across his features as he ducked his head away from you to hide his rose tinted cheeks. His hand lightly rugged on yours as you stopped your pace, glancing back towards your friend as his hand pulled on your continuing form. Your head cocked to the side questioningly.


His face was still turned to the side, hiding his young and vulnerable expression from you. The group of your friends continued to retreat into the distance, a pair of sky blue eyes watching you worriedly. You stood there waiting, confused as to why your friend hesitated to continue on along with the group.

"What about just me and you…what if it were just us?" He turned his head towards you, his aquamarine eyes shifting nervously towards you as his hesitation became more apparent. You sighed, a smile encompassing your lips as you used your free hand to reach over and tuck a stray strand of his silver locks behind his ear. A soft smile crossed both of your faces as you accepted this gentle form of his insecurities you know he'd only expose to you. Your young heart soared.

"Just us?" You laughed softly, your hand falling away from his face. "Well, we'd conquer the world." You leaned forward and pressed your lips to his cheek in an encouraging gesture.

His laugh chimed through the night, complimenting the lull of the waves.


The frigid cold was penetrating deeper into your core as you felt yourself drift even further from the reality you called home. Where was this? Is this how Riku and Sora felt when they were swallowed by the darkness that night? You could feel your face form into a scowl as you thought of how alone and isolated they might have felt at such a young age. What had ever happened to them? Had they dissipated into the darkness as you felt you were doing right at this moment? They were so young, so full of life, of hopes and dreams. You felt the scowl spread to your forehead as it deepened, your sorrow for your friends ripping through your thoughts. Why was life so unfair? They were so bright and full of hope, so caring and wise. Was dissolving into the pointlessness of nothing their only future?

Your mind scattered again as the cold ran through you. So many jumbled memories surrounding your existence, so many moments defining who you've become.


The sun warmed your cheeks as you lie in the sand next to your friends. You took a deep breath of the fresh sea air as the waves lulled you into a relaxed state. The lukewarm foam of the waves was nipping at your feet as time passed all of you by. A soft, troubled sigh escaped the oh so very young brunette lying next to you. You cracked one eye open to glance at him, a soft grin playing across your face.

"Somethin’ wrong Sora?" You chided.

Sora opened his blue pools as he gazed at the tropical sky above you, his expression far away from where you all lay.

"I heard my mom talking about love" He huffed. "I just don't understand what it is." He wriggled in his spot frustrated, a small wrinkle furrowing in his young brow. He lowered his hands from underneath his head to rest on the belly of his white, blue-rimmed shirt.

"Love is when you decide to devote yourself completely to another person." The young silver-haired blonde chided from your left, leaning upon one of his elbows to glance over you towards your younger friend. Your eyes darted towards him. Your young mind scoffed, what did he know about love? You frowned. 'But then again, what do I know about love?'

Sora seemed to chip up, leaping around and tumbling over to hug you, Riku and Kairi.
"Then I love all of you!"

You all laughed heartily, grabbing onto him as the moment of happiness lingered.


If the cold overtaking your body wasn't enough, then the frigid wind now aiding in your lowering temperature wasn't helping. You could feel the change in the shift of the air as it ran past you, your temperature dropping. You were moving, flowing towards an unknown destination in the darkness. You tried flexing your hand again to no avail, your body refused to respond. The scowl continued to splay across your face as you shifted at a higher speed through the dark depths of nothingness. Your mind raced a mile a minute, where on earth could you be going? Just a moment ago you were waiting to start your shift at your normal job, and now all of a sudden one of your many questions finally found validation in existence at this exact time? The irony. After years of searching for the black nothingness that swallowed your dearest friends, it shows up out of nowhere and transports you to god knows where.

Your mind drifted once again towards your dear memories, a happy distraction from the pain the impeeding cold was bringing on.


It had been the morning you realized your true feelings.

You had fallen in love with Riku. His inquisitive and ever questioning mind, his wise nature, and intuitive perception of his closest friends, his insecurities.. You loved all of it. It had been confusing and frustrating in the beginning, but as you slowly began to research and question your feelings, you began to understand the depth of your hearts desires.

It was an exceptionally sunny day. You, Riku, Sora, and Kairi were walking towards school as per your usual morning ritual. The usual chatter continued on, taking a turn towards crushes thanks to Kairi's egging on.

"So do you guys have a crush on anyone?" She giggled cheekily, her knuckles coming to rest daintily over her mouth. You took a moment to glance towards Riku, trying to hide your line of sight under thick lashes. He continued to walk on, deep in thought as his school bag was slung over his right shoulder.

"Well, I kind of have someone in mind." Sora laughed shyly, scratching the back of his head as his school bag swung lazily by his side. Kairi gasped dramatically.

"Who is it?!"

You looked past Riku at Sora quizzingly, curious as to who your sweet brunette friend had a crush on. He smiled sheepily glancing at you quickly, only to close his eyes and laugh nervously as a tinge if red creeped its way across his cheeks.

"Well, it wouldn't be a secret crush if I told you, now would it?" He laughed heartily, trying to hide his nervousness. Kairi huffed, crossing her arms.

"You're no fun Sora." She leaned forward to glance across her previous target to focus her sights on Riku.

"What about you Riku, do you like anyone?" She chirped, a light blush staining her cheeks.

You darted your gaze towards him, your heart beating with anticipation. Did he have someone that he had a crush on? Were all hopes lost? Could he like Kairi or Sophie?

Riku sighed, slinging his bag down from his shoulder to start swinging lazily at his side.

"I can't really disclose that to you right now." Riku darted his eyes over towards yours, smirking so only you could see. "I have to be sure she likes me too."

Your heart leaped into your chest as you felt him quickly grasp your hand within his own, letting go too quickly for your own liking. Were your legs giving out? This has to be a dream right? This kind of thing only happened in love novels and Shoujo Manga. Riku chuckled beside you as your face burned up to the resemblance of a tomato.

The sun was just exceptionally warm that day.


The drastic difference of the warm island sun versus your current icy darkness gave you a headache. Were memories supposed to be this vivid? You squeezed your eyes shut tighter if they could possibly be any tighter as it is. You felt your body continue to sift through the darkness traveling towards an unknown destination if there even was a destination. For all you know, this could have been a death sentence for your friends and very much the same consequence for your own future. Your heartbeat slowed, remembering the day after their disappearance. There was so much pain, so much sorrow.


You had finally come to realize your feelings for Riku, you had finally taken a step forward in the right direction. Only to have your reality ripped right from your very grasp in a matter of minutes.

Your room was a mess. Your belongings lie scattered along your floor as you wailed into Kairis' arms, tears streaming down both of your cheeks.

"They were right there, but I couldn't help them!" You sobbed yet again into her small form encompassing your own. A hiccup racked your lungs as another cry escaped you. "I couldn't save them...if only I had gone sooner!" You buried your tear-streaked face into her pink dress as you quivered uncontrollably.

Kairi shushed you, her hand gently petting your (y/c) locks soothingly. Her arms grasped you tightly as she rocked the both of you back and forth. Your redhead childhood friend grasped you tighter as a sob racked her own body, your long arms wrapping around her waist desperately. If there were a time that Kairi had truly shown her strength, it was then. Your respect for her had grown from that moment.

"There was nothing you could have done (y/n)." She shushed. Her own tear stained cheek came to rest upon your head, nuzzling your hair into her skin comfortingly. "You did everything you could…"

You lifted your head and cracked open your puffy red eyes to look up at her, more tears pouring from your (y/c) orbs. "But it wasn't enough Kairi" Another sob wracked your body. "If…if I had gotten there sooner I could have at least tried to stop the smoke. Maybe that would have changed things!"

Kairi looked at you, a soft and sad smile playing across her features.

"I know (y/n), it's still not your fault."

You buried your head back into her chest, sorrow wracking your body with continuous sobs.

"I love him Kairi." You mumbled repeatidly into her tear soaked chest.

"I love him, but now I'll never be able to tell him!" Your body convulsed again in sorrow, clutching her pink zippered dress in your now destroyed room.


The taste in your mouth was bitter, salty just like the taste of tears. You had tried so hard to forget that day. The day after everything happened, the day you lost a part of your most precious self. Both and you and your best friend had changed, losing a part of who you were along with your friends.

The cold was starting to feel a little more comforting, numbing almost.

The wind began to pick up even more than before, you could feel gravity start to pull at you as you floated toward a final destination. Your head began to tip backward, you felt yourself plummeting downwards towards an unknown location. Finally, your body was starting to respond to your commands. You opened your eyes as you tilted your head back to see your landing point. There was so much darkness. Darkness, and the moon. It was bright and beautiful, its pale rays reflecting on the odd black shapes lining the coast you were fastly approaching.

You could see the shimmering water line approaching at a steady pace, you inhaled as you braced for the impact of slamming into the said water.

It came as a crushing sensation, a rushing sound through your ears as the impact forced the air from your lungs. A large cloud of bubbles floated up from your sinking form towards the surface as you quickly sank deeper from the weight of your fall. You could see the beams of moonlight reflecting through their many spheres. If your breath had not already been taken away, it surely would have been at this point. The sight was unforgettable, if this was your last moment you wouldn't quite mind.

Your body drifted numbly in the water as you watched the odd form of bubbles slowly retreat up towards the surface. The surface with air. Oh...right, air. You wished you could muster the strength to pull yourself up out of the depths, but you were so tired, and the sight from below was so beautiful. Maybe drowning in an unknown place wouldn't be so bad. You smiled softly, smirking at your own sense of melancholy.

As you drifted deeper into the water you heard muffled panicked voices from the surface, followed by panicked splashing heading in your direction. That's confusing, you were sure that you hadn't seen anyone along the shore. However, darkness holds many surprises.

A pair of strong arms wrapped around your waist, pulling you close to a firm and solid chest. You glanced up, your vision foggy from the water. It looked like beams of moonlight had decided to follow you into the ocean, floating softly around your face. Had you finally gone crazy?

A strong force pushed you upwards, your body still pressing into the chiseled chest of your unknown moon boy. You broke the surface, gasping for air in unison with your savior. You glanced at his face, it was pale, just like his moonlight locks. They had a black cloth covering their eyes. You scoffed. 'How stupid.'

You scrutinized his face, slowly gaining recognition from his chiseled jawline and high cheekbones. This had to be a dream right? Riku was surely dead. If he wasn’t, he would have found a way back to you by now. You had to make sure though.

You reached your hand around the back of his head as he swam the two of you towards the shore with his free arm. Better do this now while he's distracted and incapable of defending your advances right? You steadied your resolve and yanked the black cloth from his eyes, gasping in shock as his aquamarine eyes glared at you in annoyance.

"Took you long enough (y/n)." He gave that all-knowing smirk, lowering his eyes to look down at your dumbfounded expression.

It was your Riku.

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Chapter 3


"Took you long enough (y/n)."

You gaped your mouth like a fish out of water, disbelief, and shock fighting for dominance over your current expression. Riku pulled the both of you through the water, a satisfied smirk resting on his face as he glanced down at your shocked expression. He chuckled, oh so characteristically, at the look on your face. He was still smirking.

You finally found your train of thought, the warm water pulling along the two of you with every stride he took you towards your destination.

" that really you?" Your (y/c) orbs brimmed with fat tears as they threatened to spill from your lashes. You weakly reached one of your free hands to push a strand of his silver locks behind his ear. This was an act that had become ritual between the two of you in your most tender moments, you missed it dearly. You could feel his stride fault for a split second as he looked down at you affectionately.

"Who else do you think it'd be you dummy?" He laughed, glancing back at the shore. His face was so close to yours, you could feel his strained breath graze your skin softly as he pulled your exhausted body through the waves. His eyes glanced back at you, holding a small moment of tenderness.

"I missed you (y/n)..." he trailed off. A huff of air escaping his lips as his taller form began to reach the bottom of the seafloor. You felt yourself being hoisted up princess style as he lifted the two of you from the water, slowly sifting his way through the oncoming waves. "I wasn't sure if I'd ever be able to see you again.." His aquamarine orbs closed for a moment, only to quickly reopen and glance down at you as he squeezed you tighter against his chest.

"Riku, I missed you too ya dingus." The fat tears that were threatening to spill from your waterline began to pour down your face as you laughed into his chest. Your hand lightly gripped the fabric of his top, he was really here. Riku was alive! You spun your torso in his arms as you wrapped your limbs tightly around his neck, nuzzling your face into the crook of his neck and shoulders. The shift in balance threw his footing off, both of your forms tumbling backward into the dark sea. Saltwater rushed your face in a frantic splash, but you didn't care. Riku laughed lightly, shaking his head at your antics as he reached his hands around your form and held you tighter.

"Riku" You pulled your face back and leaned in to kiss along his high cheekbones. "Riku.." Your soft lips trailed down his jawline, planting a trail of utterly affectionate kisses along his features. You chanted his name, again and again, afraid if you stopped, this moment would disappear forever. You could feel his hand move to the back of your head, capturing your locks in a tight hold as he directed your plump lips towards his pale ones. They were oh so warm as he crushed his mouth into yours desperately. His cool facade slipping as he desperately pressed your frame into his own. You lashes fluttered closed as you felt his warm tongue lightly trace your lips, asking for entry. You obliged greedily, allowing him to plunge himself into your depths and explore the wet cavern of your mouth. You brushed his tongue lightly, hesitantly at first, as he coaxed a breathless moan from your chest. He wrapped his warm tongue around your own in an erotic, invisible dance taking place between the two of you.

His free hand trailed up from his earlier position of supporting your legs to grab your rump, grinding your hips into his. A sharp hiss escaped him as you gasped in unison from the shock of pleasure assaulting your core. He retreated from you, a thin line of saliva connecting his lowering mouth to grasp your soft lip in between his teeth. He pulled lightly on your lip, eliciting a hot moan from you. Your lashes fluttered open as he let go, his eyes opening to glance down at you.

"Now where'd you learn how to kiss like that?" He chuckled, squeezing your ass playfully.

"You, ya dummy!" You laughed along with him as you playfully swatted his chest. Your hand rested there, pressing into the soft zipper lined fabric.

"But...that was a long time ago." Your fingers clasped his vest tightly. "I looked everywhere for you."

You glanced down as your lashes fluttered over your wet (y/c) orbs. "I came after you two that night, I saw both of you be consumed by black smoke! You disappeared right in front of my eyes, and I couldn't do anything to stop it." Your (y/c) hair fell from its resting place behind your ear as you shifted your head back to look into his sea green eyes. "I've searched so long looking for an answer to what happened that night. There was absolutely nothing, I couldn't find a way to help you."

"But after all this time you're finally here, right in front of me." You continued as your grasp loosened on his vest.

"Where have you been Riku?" His expression softened, a sad smile pulled at his pale lips.

"I've been trying to save our home from darkness." He shifted his hand to rest it on your lower back. "But that's a conversation for later, looks like you've got someone else who's also excited to finally see you." He turned his head towards the shore, flashing a bright smile at the quickly approaching form. You turned your head towards the sound of splashing, your eyes lighting up as you see your favorite brunette spikes.

"(Y/n)!" Sora shouted finally reaching you. He leaped into the air to tackle the two of you in a hug. "What are you doing here?! I missed you!" He laughed heartily as he rubbed his cheek against yours, squeezing both you and Riku tighter. He pulled his head away to look at you confusedly. "But really, how did you get here?"

Riku nodded. "I was wondering the same thing myself."

You shifted back, blushing as you realized both boys were grasping your thighs tightly in anticipation.

"I was just heading to work after spending the day with Kairi, I was looking at the ocean and a black rim appeared out of nowhere." You closed your eyes as you began to furrow your brow, thinking back to the moment. It felt like time had passed by so slowly in the darkness, reliving so many moments took a toll on your mind. "It began to take shape into the same black smoke that took you guys that night, I couldn't help but run towards it hoping I could find out something about what happened."

Riku glanced at Sora, a serious look passing between them before they turned back to you. "So you passed through a doorway?" Riku asked.

"Doorway?" You questioned.

"What you saw was a doorway created from darkness between worlds." Sora said.

"But what I don't understand, is why it appeared after we sealed the doors." Rikus brows furrowed in concentration. "What's even more odd is how it led you here.." he paused. "Not that I'm unhappy to see you." Riku added. Sora nodded enthusiastically beside him.

"Wait, wait." You shifted your hips to get a better look at the two of them, Riku blushing lightly as your position of straddling his hips became more obvious. "So that was a doorway? This whole time I had thought you two might have died." You rested your hands in the water. "What I felt was so painful traveling through the two have been going through hardships all this time haven't you?"

You could see Riku lower his gaze as Sora rubbed the back of his head.

"Well, it sure was hard. But we made a lot of friends along the way. We've gone on awesome adventures too!" Sora beamed, raising his other hand to intertwine his fingers behind his brunette locks. "And's finally over. We saved everyone, but we're stuck here and don't know how to get back home." He smiled sheepishly in your direction, you could see the sadness he was trying to hide behind his usual grin.

"There's a way, we just haven't found it yet." Riku chided. "There's always a way." He smiled, intelligence sparkling in his eyes as you turned to gaze into them. "But for now, let's head back to the base and dry off." Sora nodded, pulling his arms away from the two of you to retreat towards the shore. Riku reached his arm underneath you to support you as he maneuvered the two of you back up again. Your legs were still wrapped around his waist, the movement of standing up causing a pleasant sense of pressure between the two of you. You could feel his breath hitch, a moment of hesitation crossing his face when it was time to set you down. You giggled a streak of playfulness wiring your body. You intentionally wriggled your hips as you wrapped your arms around his shoulders to steady yourself. A soft grunt escaped his chest, he looked down at you amusingly as you unwrapped your legs from him and set them into the water.

"So, you have a ‘base’ huh?'" You questioned as you shifted your way through the water ahead of Riku.

He followed closely behind you, watching your every move. "When we got here, we explored the area. There was a mansion further back behind the rocks." He lifted his eyes and looked at the shore. "There wasn't a single sign of life, but somehow a stone mansion was left perfectly immaculate as if it were waiting for us all this time." He chuckled. "Makes you wonder what the hell this crazy world has up its sleeve."

You smiled back at him, catching him off guard as he was shuffling through his deep thoughts. He huffed amusedly as the two of you reached the shore along with your friend.

Sora looked to his left, his bright smile flashing in your direction. "Boy, do we have a surprise for you!" He grabbed your hand suddenly and bounded off ahead, dragging you along by sheer force. Your two forms weaved in between dark rocks as the white sand slowly turned into lush dirt. You two came to a clearing, your breath escaping you as you saw the said mansion Riku spoke of.

It was beautiful, the white marble seemed to capture the moonlight as if it were trying to become the very moon itself. It glowed softly, a gentle radiance emitted as you all walked towards the entrance. You looked around and noticed the beautiful gardens surrounding the house, foreign plants sweeping up into high spirals to tower over small ponds as they reflected the moonlight. It was beyond the term of otherworldly.

Sora used his free hand to open the oversized entryway doors, pulling you into the pure white foyer. He turned around and looked at you as he stepped back and let go of your hand. He lifted both of his hands in a triumphant gesture. "Ta-da! What do you think?"

You giggled at him, your arms crossing under your chest as you looked around. "It's so beautiful Sora." You looked around the beautiful lobby, there were grand staircases on each side of the room. Both entirely white marble. Your gaze turned to Sora as you noticed your usually chatty friend had gone quiet. His eyes were wide, a dark blush spreading across his face as he stared at your chest. "U-uh, uhm.." He timidly pointed towards your torso.

You looked down and realized what he was staring at. Your white button-up work blouse was completely see-through, the top few buttons must have popped off when you fell into the water. Your cleavage and lace bra were left exposed, the positioning of your arms adding a plump lift to your glistening mounds.

You could feel your face heat up as you started to scramble your arms in an attempt to cover yourself. A rustle sounded in your ear, a black cloak resting over your frame. You could hear Riku chuckle right beside your ear as his hand slipped around your waist.

"Let's get you dried off and.." he trailed off as he repositioned his cloak to cover your chest again. "Cleaned up, shall we?" He lowered his hand and grazed your soft rump lightly before resting it on your lower back.

"We'll be in my room Sora." The brunette blushed heavily as Riku led you up the stairs and to the right, setting off in his own direction to the left.

A/N: Okay, so question. I'm not sure if you've picked up on this, but my lil perv heart wants a three-way romance so bad. Obviously, Riku/Reader will stay as the main theme...but living with two boys in a deserted mansion? C'mon, any type of dynamic could happen! Anyways, please leave your comment and let me know if that's something you'd like to read. Thank you lovelies!

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Chapter 4

Good Girl

You were led gently by Rikus' towering form, his hand guiding you as it rested on your lower back. The pristine white walls reflected the soft moonlight let in by the glass ceiling, giving an otherworldly glow to your surroundings as you both walked down the hall.

"This place is beautiful, how long have you been here?" You asked. His large hand rubbed your back as he sighed.

"It's hard to tell, weeks,'s all flowed together." You bit your lip at his response.

"Weeks, months?" You laughed. "You've been gone for 11 years.." You looked up at his tall form, his height towering over you more than you remembered. "You've grown Riku." You smiled up at him, a soft blush painting your cheeks. Aquamarine orbs glanced down at you, a silver eyebrow quirking up above his matching silver locks.

"So have you." He smirked. "I didn't think it was possible for you to become even more beautiful...soaking wet or not." Riku winked playfully, guiding you through a door to your right as you felt your face flush a hot red. You two had been secretly seeing each other before he disappeared, him showering you with affection when you were alone together wasn't out of the ordinary. It had just been so long since you had been touched. His warm skin was something you ached for, your moments together haunting your dreams on exceptionally dark nights.

The ceiling in his room was huge, rising high above the white bed and miscellaneous furniture placed around the room. There were tall windows lining the back wall behind the bed, stretching from the floor to the towering ceiling above. Riku rested a gentle kiss on your temple before he parted from you, retreating through a doorway to the left. Your eyes followed him, the sound of a faucet being drawn soon followed. You made you way over to the doorway, as your eyes wondered across the rooms contents.

"There's running water here?" You asked, eyes casually taking in your surroundings. Your (y/c) orbs landed on his topless form as he flexed to take off his shirt, his firm muscles gliding perfectly underneath his pale white skin. Your breath hitched in your throat. Had he always been that ripped? He threw the shirt down into a pile on the floor to join his discarded pants. He stood there in his boxer brief clad glory, resting his hands on his hips lazily.

"Running water, clothes, food, a garden. It's like everything was prepared for someone to live here." He turned around and shut off the faucet, the large circle shaped tub filled with steaming hot water. He turned to face you, a smirk playing across his lips as he made his way over to you. You gulped loudly as he moved his face inches from yours, pressing his lips against your ear. "Now let's get you cleaned up like a good girl."

His nimble fingers unbuttoned your blouse as he kissed along your jawline, sliding your shirt down your arms to be discarded in his growing clothing pile. He nuzzled his face into the crook of your neck is so familiarly as he inhaled you scent deeply.

"I thought of you every day (y/n)." He continued nuzzling your neck, planting small kisses in between words. "Everything that's left of me is yours." He reached around your back and nimbly unclasped your bra, he gently glided it down your arms adding it to the pile of sopping wet clothes. "I've waited so long, hoping I'd finally be able to come home and tell you everything I've always wanted to say." You panted as he pulled back from his assault on your neck, taking in your nearly bare form. You looked to the side, shyness overcoming you. His strong nimble fingers grasped your chin and pulled you to look up into his eyes.

"You're everything that's beautiful in the world (y/n). Please..I don't ever want to lose you again" You could see the vulnerability in his eyes, pleading for forgiveness of his absence. You gently smiled, leaning forward to wrap your arms around him as you pressed your body against his. You had spent your life since the day he disappeared trying to find him, to reject him now would be rejecting your entire existence since the day they both disappeared. Your mouth nuzzled into its familiar place inbetween his neck and shoulder. You sighed as his scent filled your senses, familiar and warm. “I know..” Your eyes closed as you breathed out or your mouth heavily, the condensation dampening his skin. His arms clasped you tightly, pressing you into him desperately. Your eyes snapped open as you felt a large bulge pressing against your stomach. A very large bulge.

Riku loosened his grip around your body, he lifted his hand to tangle into your locks and grasp firmly. Your head was pulled back as you looked into his eyes, his lips crashed down on yours with loving force. You moaned into the kiss as he twirled his tongue around yours, dominating your mouth. It was dizzying, your knees buckled from the heat of the kiss. Riku let go of your hair, reaching down to grab your plump ass and pin you up against the wall. You wrapped your legs around his waist obediently, rocking your hips into his. A strangled groan escaped his chest into your mouth. You could feel his manhood press firmly against your folds, electricity surging through your body as a soft gasp escaped your lips. He ground his hips into you, leaning down to capture your mouth into another warm dance. His heart beat wildly against his chest. You could feel it as he continued to rub his clothed length along your covered sex.

You felt his hands firmly grasp your ass as he pulled the two of you from the wall, slowly walking your forms to the tub. You clenched your legs tighter around his waist as he stepped into the steaming water, lowering the two of you into a sitting position. He leaned back allowing you to adjust your legs to rest on either side of him. You paused, looking down at both of you. He was still clad in his underwear and you in your pants. His eyes watched yours as he noticed your train of thought and smirked.

"Stand up for me (y/n)." He looked down at you firmly, his commanding but gentle tone sending shivers down your spine. You fumbled, the water sloshing around your long legs as you stood up. "Now let's take care of these, shall we?" He chided, pulling down your pants and underwear in one firm yank. You lifted each of your legs so he could guide your clothes off your feet and toss them into the amounting pile. You blushed heavily as he stared at your sex, leaning forward to plant a soft kiss against the front of your folds.

"What a good girl." He purred. Your legs felt like putty, but his strong arms quickly grasped your behind to steady you as his tongue darted out planting long, hot strokes along your core. A breathy moan escaped you as a jolt of pleasure rushed through your stomach. One of your arms rested against the wall, the other tangling your fingers into the back of his head. He pulled away, still seated. A long trail of saliva connecting his tongue to your sex. He raised his eyes to look at you, silver lashes hooding his sea green eyes. You felt his hand slowly glide to grasp under your right thigh, lifting it to rest on the side of the tub. "Like this." He said. Your slick folds were exposed to his gaze, the steam and cold air sending shivers down your spine.

He steadied you with one of his hands, maneuvering his other to lightly stroke your slick sex. Your back arched into the air as your grasp on his soft silver locks tightened. His fingers plunged into your heat, hooking towards your core to hit that oh so sweet bundle of nerves along your outer wall repeatedly. Your breath came out in pants, you could feel the heat gathering in your core as it tightened. A moan escaped your lips. "A-ah" You shifted more of your weight against the wall on your arm, your legs coming even closer to putty. You looked down to see his eyes watching you intently, a blush spread across his face as he continued to stroke your g-spot. His eyes sparkled with mischief as he darted his tongue out, leaning forward to assault your clit with that warm, slick muscle.

The sight was erotic enough to draw you closer to the edge. Your back arched as if it would break. You could feel the electricity of each stroke along your walls, the pulsing of your bud with each firm lick of his tongue. A tight coil began to form in your core, winding up like a too tightly wrung string. You rocked your hips into his assault, feeling yourself come undone.

"Riku, I-I'm gonna!" You gasped as he quickened his pace, snapping his eyes up to watch you as you came undone. You could feel the explosion of pleasure as you overflowed, electricity coursed through you as you convulsed around his fingers. A low growl vibrated from Rikus lips around your sensitive bud as he felt your walls continue to squeeze tightly around his fingers. You tilted your head back, your eyes rolling into the back of your head.

"A-ahh Riku, I’m gonna-!" You moaned loudly, your body riding out the waves of pleasure as Riku greedily lapped up his reward. He pulled away, a thick string of your love juices trailing between his chin and your sex. A gasp escaped you as you came down from your high, his fingers slipping from your wet folds. You huffed as you supported yourself against the wall, feeling regretfully empty.

There was a slosh of water beneath you that caught your attention. Riku has lifted his hips up and was sliding his boxer briefs down his legs nimbly. Your eyes just about popped out of your head. He was huge! Much bigger than you remembered. His thick cock bobbed in the water against his stomach as he turned to fling his drenched underwear into the amounting clothing pile. You continued to to look at his appendage..weapon? with a tie between excitement and wonder. You heard him chuckle as your eyes darted away from his sex to look at his amused expression. He playfully patted the top of the steaming water.

"Come here kitten." You blushed at the old nickname. You nodded your head slowly as you weakly lowered yourself down onto your knees, your still dripping sex resting right above his fully erect member. Your breath was coming out in pants as you looked up into his eyes, his gaze resting on your own. He searched your eyes questioningly, looking for any form of hesitation.

"Is it alright?" He whispered. If you hadn’t been so close you would have missed those small words of confirmation. You nodded, happy tears prickling your eyes. You had finally found him again, your heart was soaring. Of course it was alright.

"I want you to know, the way I feel about you has never changed, not one single day." He raised his hands to rest on your hips tenderly. Those words gave you so much hope. The two of you had originally agreed to start practicing intimacy together, but your feelings had developed into so much more than that over the years that passed by. There were moments that you felt those precious three words would slip from his mouth, but there were always interruptions. The world playing a game with your hearts.

You nodded, reaching your arms up to rest around his strong shoulders.

"Me too." He smiled cheerfully, leaning his forehead to rest against yours. Your eyes crinkled lightly when you smiled, shedding one of the tear drops resting in your waterline across your blush tinted cheeks. His calloused pale thumb reached up to wipe it away, he leaned his head back to watch as he then positioned his thumb to rest over your lips. You happily parted them to suck on his thumb as the salty mix of your tears and juices filled your mouth. Hooded aquamarine eyes watched you intently as you began to twirl your tongue around his thumb. You could see him bite his lip in anticipation, his face had never looked so erotic.

You began to spread your legs, pressing his tip against your entrance. His breath hitched loudly as he jerked his head back, a loud thump echoing through the tiled walls as it bounced against them. He gently pulled his thumb from your mouth to grasp both hands on your hips, slowly guiding you down onto his length. A jolt a pain ran through your entrance as his girth stretched you to the brim. You closed your eyes, baring through the pain as you sheathed more of his length inside you. It felt like you were being split apart. You darted your watering eyes up to see Riku intently watching you, his breath coming out in rasps as his blush deepened. His jaw clenched, their muscles bulging as you slid him completely inside of you.

"God, i-it's so tight." He leaned back against the tub more, lowering you to press your breasts on his muscular chest. His lips pressed against your temple in a loving kiss. “Are you alright (y/n)?” You could feel his heart beat along with your own. You nodded your head against his chest as you wriggled your hips on his sheathed member. His hands gripped your ass firmly as you felt his body flex his length into you, your eyes and mouth snapping open as his head penetrated into your womb.

"Aaah! Riku!" You moaned his name as his hips snapped back only the slam his entire length into you again. Your ass bounced with each thrust, the water began sloshing along your bundle of nerves every time he pulled out of you. You arched your back into him, digging in your nails as you gasped from the pleasure assaulting your sensitive bud and g-spot.

"F-Fuck, your taking my dick like such a good little kitten." He grunted into your ear as he continued pounding mercilessly into your sopping core. His strong hands released your rump, reaching up to grab your waist tightly as you felt him burry his face into your hair. His angle shifted, hitting your ball of nerves with every pounding thrust. You felt your core tightening up, the water sloshing between your pelvises along your clit with his every thrust.

"Aah, I'm gonna cum-" You felt his pace quicken manically, cutting you off. A gasp escaped you as you felt his head begin to penetrate your womb with every thrust. Your stomach tightened as you felt your pleasure overflow, your walls squeezing his thick cock as you rode out the waves of your orgasm.

"I'm coming." You moaned loudly, his thrusts hitching your voice.

"Ungh, g-good girl." He gave a breathy moan as your walls continued to spasm around him. "That's right, cum on my cock." Your hips jerked as he continued to pound into you, your hot juices spilling onto his length. He gave a strangled grunt as his hips jerked wildly into you, he squeezed you tighter as you felt his muscles tense. You knew he was at his limit. The head of his cock continued penetrating your womb, his seed exploding as it filled you to the brim. A soft gasp brushed against your ear as he slowly twitched inside you, emptying his last spurts desperately as he squeezed you closer. You nuzzled your face into his neck as you panted completely satisfied, your vision now white.

A few moments had passed, Rikus grip on you had loosened so you could rest your head on his chest. Your breathes echoes against the walls in a chorus as the water lazily settled around you. You closed your eyes for a moment, enjoying the sound of his heartbeat as he tenderly strokes his fingers through your hair.

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Ch 5. Recollections

The sun warmed your skin as the wind tickled your cheeks playfully in soft breaths. Riku walked in the sand beside you as the others treaded along their path ahead, sky blue orbs frequently glancing back to keep track of your form behind them.

“So..” Riku started, his voice trailed into the wind. Your head turned to him as you gave him your undivided attention. He turned his head away from you to gaze at the setting sun to your left, his orbs watching the waves lazily creeping up the sand only to retreat a moment later.

“Have you noticed anything different with Sora?” He asked, shifting his gaze up towards the setting sky.

“No?” You said confused, your eyes wondered back up to the group ahead containing the said subject, only to lock eyes with a certain pair of sky blue orbs. They widened and glanced away quickly.

“Is he okay?” You asked worriedly as you turn back to see Riku watching your face intently. His expression was unreadable as he stares at you.

“Yeah, he’s just been acting different...” He trailed off, turning his gaze downward to watch the sand flicking along with his steps deep in thought.

“How so?” You chided, curiosity and concern clouding your observations.

“He’s just different when you’re around. It’s like he’s...distracted or something.” Riku huffed, his shoulders slumped visibly as he continued on beside you. You saw his well hidden insecurity breaking through his tough exterior, but for what reason, you had no idea. You smiled softly as you accepted him and his worries, reaching for his hand to squeeze it tightly.

“We’ll just have to help him focus then!” You chime, an oblivious smile dawning your expression as you squeezed his hand tightly for a second time.

He lifted his eyes, his expression softening.

“Heh, I guess you’re right.” Aquamarine orbs gazed ahead of you to meet their sky blue opponents silently watching you.

You followed his gaze to see Sora staring at the both of you. His bright eyes darted to look into your own, then down to your intertwined hands. For a second, a brief second, you could have sworn you saw a pang of bitterness resonate within them.


Soft puffs of warm air shifted the loose strands of hair falling over your face, tickling your nose as you slowly came to consciousness. You shifted slightly as you began to wake up, a rock solid body entangling your own as you tried to wake from your sleep. Your eyes jolted open in a panic only to see a soft and pale masculine face, it filled you with a sense of familiarity as you realized the last 24 hours weren’t a dream.

You had finally reunited with Riku and Sora.

You smiled softly, relishing in the serenity of observing his peaceful sleeping expression. You lifted your hand to tuck a stray strand of his moon blessed locks behind his ear, he hummed contently and snuggled his face deeper into the pillow, squeezing you snugly against his chest. He mumbled something into the pillow about how ‘you can’t eat a horse with a fork dummy.’

You laughed softly, careful not to wake him up. Your thoughts drifted to your dream, recalling the moment between the three of you. Recollections jumbled in your head, you had to have imagined that bitterness you saw in Soras eyes. It just didn’t make sense, it was a dream after all. Dreams never make sense right?

‘Right.’ You thought. As if on que, your stomach grumbled angrily signaling the fact that it hasn’t really been fed in two days.

‘Better get some food..’ Your inner mother chimed.

You shifted your weight onto your other side, carefully lifting Riku’s arm from its position of wrapping around your waist as you crawled out of bed. You looked back to see him retreat even further into the blankets, nuzzling his face impossibly deeper into his pillow. Could he suffocate himself at this point? A pang of worry shot through you at the thought, you quickly dismissed it as paranoia.

You lifted yourself from the bed and trudged groggily over to his dresser. You quietly pulled open the drawer and shifted through his clothing to find a pair of grey sweats and a tank top to wear. You nimbly pulled the clothing over your form and silently left the room, careful not to wake your slumbering moon lit prince.

The halls echoed as your bare feet padded along the corridor, resonating your path as you explored the mansion. Down the hall to the left, down the stairs, through the entryway to the left. You smelled the food before you heard the soft sizzling of breakfast. The kitchen was close by.

Your feet and sense of smell guided you to the room containing the tantalizing smell of a promised meal. The kitchen. It was beautiful, filled with bright windows on just about every wall, a small nook where a table and a few chairs spread out welcomingly, and your favorite brunette humming to himself as he worked over a pan of temptingly delicious food. You made you way to stand behind him, your head hovering over his shoulder as you chimed in his ear.

“When did you learn how to cook?”

Sora jolted upright, his shoulder bashing into your chin. He quickly moved the pan off the heat as he turned around to see who the intruder was.

“(Y/N!)” His sky blue orbs widened in surprise as a blush spread across his face. His expression quickly turning to concern as he reached for your jaw.

“G-gosh are you okay?” He panicked. “I’m so sorry, are you hurt?” He gabbed your jaw tenderly as he inspected you, tilting your head from left to right in a motherly fashion. “I didn’t mean to hurt you (y/n).” He loosened his grip as his lips puckered into a pout upon further inspection of your wound.

His expression was comical, like a puppy that had just been told he was a bad boy. A giggle began bubbling in your stomach, surfacing into a charming laughter as he stood back, a shocked look spreading across his face. You couldn’t help it, you started doubling over laughing even harder than before.

“I-I’m fine Sora” You laughed again, interrupting your previous statement. “You didn’t hurt me at all ya dingus.” You lifted your head up and wiped a cheerful tear from your right eye as you looked at him reassuringly. He lifted his hand to scratch the back of his head oh so characteristically, doubt plaguing his expression as he looked you over.

“I dunno, I bonked you pretty hard there (y/n). Do you need some ice?” He sounded oh so guilty. It was adorable.

Your eyes widened in realization.

“You have ice too?”

He cracked a smile, his laughter filling the room like sunshine on a gloomy day.

“Yeah! We have ice, a garden, clothes, hot water, everything we could hope for!” His expression changed, his brow furrowing. “It’s kinda weird actually.” His hand dropped from its usual position behind his head, falling to rest on his hip curiously.

“We’re still trying to figure all this out, it doesn’t really make much sense.” He shrugged his shoulders as his hand fell from his hip. “I’m just kinda going with it I guess!” He beamed a contagious smile, you felt yourself reflect one right back at him.

A sense of nostalgia flooded over you, your childhood friend was standing here before you, helping you hold onto the memory of his bright optimistic self. It was almost as if they had never disappeared that night.

Sora’s eyes fell to look toward the ground before darting back up to meet your own gaze hesitantly. His right hand lightly clutched into his pajamas nervously.

“Y-you look really good you know.” His eyes squeezed shut as he blurted out his word vomit. His tanned hand clinched tighter into his pajama pants.

“You’ve grown up.” He said. His cheeks were dusted with a light pink, and you could have sworn you heard the word ‘beautiful’ muttered under his breath.

You suddenly come to the realization that the small tanned boy you knew growing up wasn’t so small anymore. His frame towered over your own tall one at least a few good inches. You blushed lightly at the realization of your friend becoming a man.

‘I wonder what else has grown?’ You thought. A blush creeping onto your face at the sudden realization. Sora raised his eyes to look into you, gathering your flustered expression as his eyes widened in realization.

“U-uh!” He fumbled his hands adorably, turning back around to tend to his cooking as his ears turned a tomato red. “I made breakfast!” He turned around and beamed a wide toothed smile at you, trying to make you more comfortable. He wriggled his eyebrows playfully.

“You hungry?”

A quick thought crossed your mind. ‘Maybe for more than breakfast.’

You snapped back from your thoughts, ashamed that you would think that way of your childhood friend. Especially when you finally reunited with Riku. A tinge of pink reappeared across your cheeks as you nodded your head shyly. Sora beamed another one of his indisputably perfect smiles at you.

He ushered you over to the table surrounded by bright windows, fixing your plate and proudly serving it with the most heroic pose he could muster. The brunette spun around and made a beeline over to the stove to fix two other plates, bringing it over to unceremoniously plop down next to you with. He dug in ravenously.

You both took a moment to shovel food into your mouths, relishing in the deliciousness. You set your fork down for a moment, relishing in the fullness in your belly. Sora continues chewing the food in his mouth, eyeing you from across the table questionably.

“What?” You ask, a glint if mischievousness in your eyes.

His eyes widen slightly over the act of being caught.

“Nothing.” He mumbles with food in his cheek like an adorable hamster, looking to your left.

You wait for the word vomit that you know is coming patiently.

“Y-you just look really pretty is all.” He puts another spoonful of sautéed vegetables in his mouth.

A blush creeps across your face as your stomach warms. You notice the broadness in his shoulders, his lightly bulged biceps as he shovels food into his mouth. Had he always been this tan and built? Your mind went into a confused frenzy.

As if on que, your silver haired prince walks in, chiming in a delightful glee.

“Sora, you can cook?”